SPLC Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally: (Montgomery, AL – May 9th)


In February, the SPLC filed a lawsuit in federal court in an attempt to get a US federal judge to strike down Alabama’s ban on gay marriage.

The League of the South will protest the SPLC’s attack on the Southern family and the traditional Christian definition of marriage at SPLC headquarters in Montgomery, AL on Friday, May 5 at 11:00 AM.

This rally will publicize the cause of Southern Rights which is the right of the people of the Southern states, not unelected US federal judges, to govern themselves and make their own laws in their state legislatures.

The SPLC, a multimillion dollar hedge fund that masquerades as a charitable “civil rights organization,” will no longer be allowed to trample on the will of the people of Alabama and other Southern states without public opposition.

Note: I assume the date of this event might be changed to Saturday for more people will have the opportunity to participate.

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  1. I’d say he was suffering. I also tend to see him as over reaching.
    But if you scour through the speeches he actually sounds quite humorous and down to earth. no worse than any imperialist or revolutionary in his peer group.

    His speech on the inauguration of the Degenerate Art Exhibition is both funny and accurate. It’s not unlike a bloke in the street mocking presentious artist folk. He should
    have been stuck in an art college after the war.

  2. Mosin, psychology and psychiatry are not “Talmudic sciences” any more than biology is Christian. The care and treatment of the insane was going on centuries before Sigmund Freud ever hung up his shingle. A quick survey of the history of psychiatry shows almost no Jewish involvement until the early years of the 20th century. Most of the MD’s in psychiatry were French, German, or English. A simple web search would have told you this, but your mind is made up before the facts are in.

  3. Capt John, are you referring to Foucault, mentioned in your previous comment, or to Jung?

    BTW Foucault was educated by Jesuits and became a psychology instructor, worked at a psychiatric institute and immersed himself in Freud, etc. — and hated both anti-Semites and ‘homophobes’ — while he committed serial abomination with composer Jean Barraque and others. With his partner Barraque, ‘Together they pushed the boundaries of the human mind, trying to produce their greatest work; making heavy use of drugs, they engaged in sado-masochistic sexual activity’. Indeed our White people are greatly benefitted by the care of ‘The Talmudic Science’.

  4. ‘A quick survey of the history of psychiatry shows almost no Jewish involvement until the early years of the 20th century’.

    Creativity of a new science (one the Peripatetic didn’t know) might not be Their gift, but only since Freud and the others got involved and began developing the science, the ‘care and treatment of the insane’ has finally come to fruition, right?

  5. I know about the fellow.

    The start of crime n punishment was pretty interesting.

  6. “A quick survey of the history of psychiatry shows almost no Jewish involvement until the early years of the 20th century.”

    Mosin probably thinks the mentally ill (schizophrenics, manic-depressives, etc.) are possessed by the devil and should be burned at the stake.

  7. Rudel, I know you don’t believe in what you call ‘bronze age myths’ but most world cultures consider demonic possession and mental illness as two different things. “The Reality Of Mental Illness” by Kroll and Roth gives documented evidence that contrary to Mosin and NYYankee, that mental illnesses were considered real by all cultures since ancient times, and was considered totally different from demonic possession. If Mosin does believes demon possession is the cause of all mental illnesses, he’s not only out of step with modern science, but out of step with the traditional wisdom of world cultures on this subject.

  8. ‘No Jews were involved’:

    Dalton, the article you cited indicates this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibn_Khaldun is generally considered to have been the first sociologist, an Andalusian Spanish and Yemeni (probably Yemeni Jewish) descended ‘Muslim’. ‘Prolegomena’ is the Greek title for his opus, but he wrote in Arabic (and probably also Hebrew on the side) and he was not ancient (fifteenth century).

    ‘Mosin probably thinks the mentally ill (schizophrenics, manic-depressives, etc.) are possessed by the devil and should be burned at the stake’:

    Someone here always advises: ‘Always ask yourself, what would Vlad do?’!

  9. ‘If Mosin does believes demon possession is the cause of all mental illnesses’:

    But don’t you belong to the cult of the Exorcist?

    ‘HS’s 5th of November celebrations are going to be replaced by Eid and Ramadan if his fellow Saxons don’t reproduce themselves more than the Muslims do’:

    Don’t you belong to the major cult that requires CELIBACY (except you can fornicate secretly with the same sex, or even the opposite sex if accidental offspring are aborted or hidden) which means ZERO reproduction?

    ‘When that happens, he and his buddies will be able to put out all the night soil their guts can excrete’:

    Talmudic ‘anal fixation’: They spread or spray it over Palestinian villages and even into Palestinian houses, to punish and drive out those evil Muslims and indigenous Christians.

    ‘Your self-righteous comments on PTSD are heartless. I suppose you would criticize a soldier who got one of his limbs blown off in battle because he didn’t have enough training. convection, and righteous indignation, eh Pharisee’:

    Your brand of Global Endless Warmongering is just what caused White soldiers and mercenaries to go on those Global Crusades in the first place, where some of them become crippled for life, or completely dead, and can no longer reproduce — not to mention the MILLIONS of Muslims and indigenous Christians who are made homeless, crippled or dead, in all the nations your Romano-Talmudo Crusaders invade. It is not ‘heartless’ to tell the truth about this.

  10. Mosin probably thinks the mentally ill (schizophrenics, manic-depressives, etc.) are possessed by the devil and should be burned at the stake.

    Instead of elevating them to positions of power?

  11. Mosin, if there’s anyone who has a hang up about feces, it’s you. Two of your last posts mentioned this repugnant subject.
    “Cult of the exorcist.” We are the ‘cult’ that has taken care of the lunatics (the Biblical word for the mentally ill) since ancient times. Look up Gheel, Belgium and St. Dymphna.
    Celibacy is only required of priests in most rites. Some rites allow the priest to marry BTW, you and you kind are always bitching about our big families. Make up your mind, will ya!
    My “brand of endless warmongering?” Hey sonny, the last time I looked, the Popes were trying to cut down on the warmongering over there. The Muslims have always been at war with the Christians since the beginning of their cult. And if it wasn’t for the occasional crusades against the Muslims, the indigenous Christians you claim to care soooo much about would have been wiped out years ago.

  12. The Mind of Winston Churchill
    The Mind of Joseph Stalin
    The Mind of Roosevelt

    Would a German profiler in 1939 have predicted they’d all be allied in 1944 and out to turn Germany into a Rump and then carve it up into zones of control?

    Would the Germans have published it if they commissioned a study?

  13. ‘Celibacy is required only of priests’, NOT of nuns or other ‘religious’, now?

    It’s not really required of either, in practice, as long as they don’t produce viable offspring.

  14. Mosin, I meant to put nuns and religious in, but I forgot. BTW, I see you are still in a Maria Monk frame of mind. Pity.

  15. “Yemeni (probably Yemeni Jewish)”

    “he wrote in Arabic (and probably also Hebrew on the side)”

    Just like your totally discredited, disproven, and laughable assertions (for which I have provided ample rebuttal in the form of real biographical research of distinguished Columbus scholars based on contemporary sources) that Christopher Columbus was in any way a Jew; here you go again with you making the same silly, unsubstantiated claims about a Muslim scholar.

    There are Jews in Yemen therefore a Muslim from Yemen must have written in Hebrew (although there are no extant Hebrew texts or even references to Hebrew texts from this scholar) yet you insinuate that there are.

    Where is your proof? Where is your intellectual honesty? Where is your integrity? You have none. Just more slanderous bilge.

    You are a disgrace to all right thinking men and women. Stop posting lies.

  16. ” ‘Always ask yourself, what would Vlad do?’!”

    Mosin, due to your spreading of heretical religious views he would probably put a pike up your ass and let the the crows pick apart your carcass.

  17. He probably WAS of Jewish descent, Rudel. Most of those medieval ‘Arab’ Muslim philosophers and scientists were of converted (‘reverted’) Jewish or Christian backgrounds, and some of the former lived dual lives. For someone who claims to love science, you are too conventional-minded. Second-rate academics are also like that.

    Re: ‘Vlad’: The Orthodox prince would have had to impale himself, since he was already a heretic himself, according to the infallible pronouncement of The Vicar of Christ; but he concentrated on immorality — making examples of robbers, liars, fornicators, etc. and would not have hesitated to punish an atheist such as yourself, who denies the resurrection and Deity, etc.

  18. Dalton, for every Maria Monk there are a dozen genuine cases. I’ve heard first-hand stories, not just reading material. It’s the nature of the cult.

  19. “Probably of Jewish descent” doesn’t cut it, Mosin. The man himself said he was an Arab. Even some of the Arab historians who doubted his Arab ancestry never said anything about him being Jewish. And the claims against his Arab descent didn’t happen until hundreds of years after his death. Pay attention to the primary sources about Ibn Khaldun’s life (his own account) rather than speculations by later historians, who are hundreds of years removed from the events.

  20. ‘The man himself said he was an Arab’:

    What else would he claim to be? Egyptians claim to be ‘Arab’, everyone turned Arab not to resist or going along with the Muslim tsnunami.

    I don’t want to waste more time on this subject. It was interesting, but I’m done with it now. Those who don’t want to see or learn for themselves will follow whatever the mainstream authorities want them to believe about everything. All else is ‘conspiracy theory’ thinking….

  21. I can’t be bothered right now to read through all this drivel, so sorry for not responding other than to say that I never said there weren’t mental illness, Dalton. I said the only ones that were *real* and recognized historically, prior to the advent of Big Pharma, were schizophrenia and manic depression.

    You claim anyone that doesn’t agree with you is mentally ill, which pretty much sums up my point about the concept of mental illness as non-genetic. It’s up to whoever has to power and is a political power struggle.

    If MD’s give empirical scientific evidence for their diagnoses, where is it for the psychiatrists?

  22. NYY, you’re still touting the mad liberation BS. You’re distorting history as usual. Nearly every form of mental illness we have today was known years before Big Pharma became a major player. The drugs that we have today didn’t start coming on the market until the 1950’s. They may not be perfect, they do have side effects, (but so does every other drug or medicine to treat other diseases or illness), but I know that they enable many people, who in years past would have been locked in a padded cell or wrapped in a straitjacket, to lead nearly normal lives in their communities. Why folks like you want to wreak that amazes me. You wouldn’t take a crutch away from a cripple, but you’re against giving a crutch to a crippled mind. Sad.

  23. Please proffer some evidence about this alleged list of mental illnesses.

    Most psychopharmaceuticals, or whatever they’re called, have been designed within the last 40 years. It’s quite rare that drugs like Thorazine are used anymore.

    You refuse to answer how it is that MD’s are required to proffer empirical scientific medical evidence of a diagnosis but somehow psychiatrists are not. If they are not required to justify a diagnosis with science, why can’t I simply diagnose people…or someone’s five year old?

    I cited NJ Case Law to prove that only manic depression and schizophrenia were considered real mental illnesses before the 90’s. You so far have offered nothing. Unfortunately the psych system has destroyed most of the literature which existed prior to the 90’s which would have noted that violent behavior occurs in the mentally ill at lower rates than the normal population. Yet today all allegedly violent behaviors (or even the suspicion that a person may be capable of them) are considered a form of mental illness, and an excuse to intern and drug someone.

    I guess there should be no prisons but only mental hospitals, and that we should all be drugged for having the urge to slap a rude person, etc.

    If a psychiatrist cannot prove a mental illness through science, how can it be disproven? Can a person be cured of one in the way they can be cured of pneumonia or typhus?

  24. ‘I guess there should be no prisons but only mental hospitals, and that we should all be drugged’:

    NYYankees and other women on this blog display more good sense than many of the men on this blog. Dalton’s ideal mainstream ‘conservative’ utopia would require a drug for every deviation from mainstream normality. They could even re-enslave the Negroes with the right pharma to create more ‘immense wealth’. Yes I know, ‘What paranoia! There’s a drug for that….’

  25. Hunter, the signs in Richmond yesterday left the message vaguely stated in my opinion. For Montgomery, what do you think of having signs that clearly state the message and link it to Southern nationalism? Maybe one sign saying “Marriage is between a man and a woman” and another saying “Southern independence”?

  26. Mosin you’re outright lying about my stand on psychiatric drugs. I never said that there should be a drug for every so called deviation from mainstream normality. I made it quite clear that people who suffer from psychotic malfunctions (hallucinations of the senses), or extreme behavioral problems that can’t be controlled by willpower alone (PTSD, dissociative identity disorder, borderline) should receive drugs as a part of their treatment if it is appropriate. IMO, Rudel is right about you, “You are a disgrace to all right thinking men and women. Stop posting lies.”
    NYYankee, it’s obvious you have a strong streak of paranoia in you. That comment that the psych establishment destroyed most of literature showing mental patients have a lower incident of violence than the general population is sheer paranoid fantasy. In fact most of the remarks you have made over the last few days reek of it.

  27. “That comment that the psych establishment destroyed most of literature showing mental patients have a lower incident of violence than the general population is sheer paranoid fantasy.”

    What!?! You mean you don’t believe that tens of thousands of medical professionals are in on the conspiracy?

  28. “What!?! you mean you don’t believe that tens of thousands of medical proffesionals are in on the conspiracy?” I used to, but I take a pill for that now. ROTFLMAO!

  29. ‘you’re outright lying about my stand on psychiatric drugs. I never said that there should be a drug for every so called deviation from mainstream normality’:

    My comment was hyperbolic obviously, but exactly on target. I never said: ‘YOU SAID’, but only that your apparent ideal Mainstream ‘conservative’ nation (you are a MAINSTREAMING ‘conservative’, not WN) would be bound to have even MORE behavioural medication, since that IS the present, mainstream trend, very evil but you never mention or object to it. Even many young children are on psychiatric meds constantly to control their ‘deviations’. You not only NEVER OBJECT to this trend, but also ridicule NYYankee’s objection, calling it evidence of a ‘paranoia’ (that is, presumably, treatable?) — which is related to your defense of mainstream white-and-Talmudic coexistence and ridicule of those who ‘blame the Joooos for everything’ — and to your mainstreaming ‘conservative’ SILENCE on the IMMENSE theft crimes of Fed and Global Banking — and to your defence and promotion of mainstream Roman Babylon. Furthermore, you use anti-Muslim fear mongering to support the Crusades and the present mainstream ‘Endless War’ — and support or acquiesce in the New Southern Nationalist DEMONISATION OF WHITES originating north of the Line (as ‘Yankees’ or ‘Damnyankees’) as the main enemy of Southrons – and their celebration of African Negro (‘farm machinery’) enslavement to ‘create immense wealth’ (for a few elite Whites and ‘good southern’ Talmudists) in the glorious ‘Golden Circle’. None of this is falsehood. All of this is verifiable by searching your comment history.

  30. What you manifest Dalton is a neurotic compulsion to control other people. Once a cultist, always a cultist…

    Anyone who thinks they can give a drug – a medication – for an illness that can’t be commodified biologically is clearly nuts and paranoid. Mostly, you are an emotional weakling.

  31. Not paranoia but Mainstream authoritarianism, which is opposed diametrically to our ‘conspiracy thinking’. But ‘They’ could develop an effective treatment to control our disease, ‘conservativeconspiracytheoriosis’….

  32. Mosin, it’s obvious you’re paranoid and hysterical about certain things.
    If a child has a psychiatric illness, he/she should receive medical treatment for the problem, just like they would for any other illness. You don’t seem to believe that they’re real. Talk to some parents who have a mentally ill child sometimes, and unless your ideological dogmatism prevents you from seeing reality, you will learn the reality of mental illnesses. Contact http://www.nami.org and attend a few meetings to educate yourself.
    You bitch about me wanting to mainstream WN. Well man, unless we get our ideas out to the public at large, how do we stand a chance of winning? You can’t hide ideas under a bushel basket and expect to win.
    The rest of your comments is the typical word salad that the more sane commentators on OD have come to expect from you.

  33. NYYankee, the history of medical science shows the there were a lot of illnesses and diseases that had unknown causes. That didn’t stop the medical profession from trying to treat or cure them. Psychiatry, like any other branch of medicine, isn’t perfect, but to allow a poor soul to wallow in a psychotic episode that could injure or kill them, without some kind of medical aid, is cruel and heartless. Attend some meetings of http://www.nami.org and learn some compassion.

  34. Re: ‘typical word salad’:

    Expressions like ‘paranoid and hysterical’ are Talmudically psychologising ‘word ersatz food’, in contrast to healthy, nutritious ‘salads’ of typically White language.

  35. ‘You bitch about me wanting to mainstream WN’:

    You would Mainstream and Romanise it right out of existence.

  36. “neurotic compulsion to control people”. Actually, I have a desire to tell the truth, so OD readers won’t swallow the BS you and Mosin are peddling about mental illness and other subjects. The more I read your silly scribblings, the more I’m convinced you have brought into an extremely paranoid worldview. Your support of Susan Lindauer, who’s mentally ill, and has acted as a foreign agent is a clear indication of your paranoia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Lindauer

  37. I had not heard of Lindauer before. I suppose you also consider Edward Snowden probably deluded or mentally unstable — and anyone else who alters the ‘mainstream’ trajectory or threatens to drive out the Moneychangers and overthrow their tables is necessarily sick-minded, in need of ‘humane assistance’ (treatment)?

  38. Re: ‘Snowden…’he’s a traitor’:

    There you go again! You’re far to the Mainstream side of even most Tea Partiers. But those TPs who hate Snowden are mostly innocently ill-informed, not cold and calculating propagandists.

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