Trump Announces Robert O’Brien Is His New National Security Adviser

Meet John Bolton’s replacement as National Security Adviser.

It’s the hostage negotiator that Blompf sent to Sweden to liberate A$AP Rocky from prison:

“(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump said Wednesday he’s naming hostage negotiator Robert O’Brien as his new national security adviser. Trump tweeted the announcement from California, while on the third and final day of a West Coast fundraising swing.

“I am pleased to announce that I will name Robert C. O’Brien, currently serving as the very successful Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs at the State Department, as our new National Security Advisor,” Trump said. “I have worked long & hard with Robert. He will do a great job!” …”

What are his views on foreign policy?

Let’s find out:

It is pretty much Make The American Empire Great Again.

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  1. Another good shabbos irish goy enters into the administration. Hes basically going to take the same route as Bolton and who’s to say Bolton isn’t somewhere behind the scenes but still on the team?

    Trump shuffled the zog deck but its still the same cards being played, hes trying to get a better image for elections so he gets rid of Bolton hoping wignats and amnats will vote for him again. We already know zognats, qanontards and boomertards will vote for him no question about it

    • Especially the Qanon crowd who are completely blind to the con-man zionist Trump scheme. You can show these MAGAtards confirmed evidence and they’ll still dismiss it. I’ve been banned posting comments on many of their YT channels showing the evidence especially the zionist jew aspect. It’s also strange many of these channels are still alive and monetized while others have been memory holed. The two party system is a sham, they are on different roads but destination is always the same. RIP Amerika when Wilson gave our money system away on Dec. 23 1913 to these zionist bankers who we are not allowed to question or audit. We’re just a rotting corpse that hasn’t been buried yet. We are never going to get out of this especially with Amerikas latest threat, us White males northern or southern.

  2. sounds like another Catholic, but nevermind the overwhelming amount of Catholics in the federal government since inception until now. nevermind the pope’s immigration policies and all the other anti-White policies.

  3. The “President” is nothing but than a Puppet of the Neoconservative dominated Republican Party. However I really don’t care about Conservatives, Cuckservatives, and Neoconservatives anymore. It’s all the same thing in my opinion. The Republican Party has done nothing but put this country into a downward spiral. Everybody knows the Nationalist community was making great progress when Obama was President. Same goes for Gun Rights organizations and others. The Confederate Flag had bigger support than ever under Obama. Why? Because everybody knew that Obama was the enemy of White People. All the Republicans and Trump did was steal the grassroots support for the Alt-Right and Nationalist community and put Trump in the White House. The Republicans did the same thing with the Tea Party, used it, and the Tea Party was done. The Party of Abraham Lincoln will never be the party of the South and White Nationalists. Deo Vindice !

  4. We all knew whoever Blompf appointed was going to be a zionist golem. Sheldon Adelson’s shekels demand total obedience to Zog.

  5. The civnats think more mexican and black Christians will vote for trump to make up for the loss of pro white votes, that’s the dragon they’re always chasing in the snow. Their capitulation to the mexicans and blacks just make trump and the cucks look weak, particularly to the voters they’re trying to woo, no one wants to back a weak horse in a race. So the civnats peaceful assimilation dreams will come smashing down into a nightmare.

    IMO the pro-white vote rather then staying home and not voting, to take your revenge on Trump, the deep state etc you’ll probably need to collectively vote democrat to ensure your swing vote matters. Had pro whites used this message from the out set, you may have been thrown a policy bone form the establishment. It’s the only power you have as a small minority voting block, which is getting larger with every, red, black and white pill distributed.

    Funny really all the cucks, deep state and Trump needed to do for a 2020 reelection, was secure the southern borders with Mexico, being that did not happen in the first 10 days of Trumps presidency via military intervention, it was obvious he was dud and a con, unfortunately. Instead Trump, cucks and deep state were hoping the illusion of propaganda would convince the normies progress was being made , hence the various psychological operations, Q being the most obvious. Really it’s working on the normies, but not the pro-whites, that is why Trump, cucks and the USA’s greatest allies are trying to demotivate you to stay home, so your potential of 3 to 5% of the voters don’t swing the election. It’s going to be close anyway with the worsening demographics.

    Swinging the elections from republican to democrat would be very destabalising for the bankers, Israel, the globalists in general, as there is a schism between these groups for all to see now. This schism would create economic policy swings that would make it harder for the insider parasitic investors to continue to make the profits they seek in expanding the empire. Swinging pro white votes could slowly crack this anti white empire.

    The more things change the more they stay the same. eh. The pro white vote may not change things rapidly, it could make it very difficult for the parasites.

  6. On the other hand again

    “Robert O’Brien was a Rotary Scholar at the University of the Free State (Frree State=one of South Africas provinces) in South Africa and he speaks fluent Afrikaans.”

    Found this message on Dr. Dan Roodt (Pro Afrikaans Action Group) twitter account.

    Is this a chance? There is always a worse alternative for South Africa:

    Re The Daily Stormer and Andrew/Andre Anglin – I am amazed and at the same time disappointed. But it is difficult from my location as a non-USA resident to have access to such in-depth detail.

    • I read in an Afrikaans facebook (Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party/National Conservative Party – a micro non-govt organisation) entry that O’Brien just was an exchange student who completed a few law modules and that the Boers must stop with uninformed disinformation, like creating hope where it does not exist, for example by calling him a Boer.

      It looks like some white South Africans are clutching at any straw for help. It is a psychological issue. I can sense there understandably is a huge mental health problem with plenty of people but I won’t blame them – what are they supposed to do?

      Most cannot emigrate. There still is a sizeable proportion whites left who will have to fight it out on their own.

      Video by another patriotic ex South African on the dire situation over there. Lots of them are still fast asleep and in a state of denial. Sounds like the old Rhodesia.

      • Perhaps he has deeper roots with the old South Africa, but may not express these feelings, who knows. This made me think:

        “O’Brien is reported to have met his wife while at the university, and lists Afrikaans as a second language on his LinkedIn page.”

        I know South Africans, when they left for the UK or USA or Europe, who became political turncoats against their own people’s traditions after a while. It could be the effect of indoctrination that made itself felt. I know of one person who used to lobby for the very right-wing now largely disfunct AWB (Afrikaner resistance movement) and when they migrated to Europe after a few years they became heave anti-Apartheid and pro-Mandela.

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