Brian Stelter: Slogans Make You Stop Thinking

I don’t think it is super complicated, Brian.

White parents are opposed to the teacher’s unions indoctrinating their kids in Wokeism. CRT isn’t taught in K-12 public schools, but that is a dodge. It is like saying Catholic or Calvinist theology isn’t taught in Catholic schools when kids are being taught lessons based on Catholicism or Calvinism.

Note: Isn’t the “insurrection” a misleading slogan?

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  1. “Diversity is our greatest strength”
    “We’re a nation of immigrants”
    “Everyone bleeds red”……

    Not slogans.

    • @Arrian you took my comment. The right has idiotic meaningless slogans the left have blatant lies which become instilled propaganda. If I was Stelter I wouldnt be calling for an end to slogans but he is also correct. Policy has been reduced to slogans for the majority of people

  2. I bet this fat bulb head will have his kids in all White private schools or all jewish schools when they’re old enough.

  3. Why can’t the imported Musloids make themselves useful by obeying Koranic commands about what to do with Jews?

    • The Arab Moor Muslim invasion and occupation of Spain (700 years) is considered a golden age for the J*ws. Je*s have traditionally working with Arab/Turk Muslims against White Christians especially White Catholic Christians.

      We wrote about this strange fact of Muslims and Je*s working together against Whites throughout history, it’s only been with the creation of the Je*ish Israeli ethno state in 1948 that there have been wars, tensions between Muslims/Arab and J*ws.

      It’s no accident that Barack Obama came out of nowhere to be promoted President of the Untied States by J*wish political king makers David Axelrod, Obama’s chief of Staff was IDF veteran Rahm Emmanuel. Rahm’s father was in the J*wish anti British terrorist group the Irgun.

      When asked by some worried pro Israel Js wasn’t he worried that this half Black guy with the Muslim name Barack Obama was going to be anti Israel, bad for the Jews.

      He replied:

      “Relax, my son is Obama’s Chief of Staff – what do you think he’s just the butler”.

      Muslims and J*ws vote the same way in Minneapolis, London England, DC and California – they vote anti White.

  4. @ Brian shelter, ” slogans make you stop thinking”, uh Brian, ” SOAP MAKES YOU STOP STINKING,” DUH !!!!!!!!……………

  5. Brian “Dickhead” Stelter has a point. That is why the Democrats are so successful with their dishonest slogans. They don’t want gullible White people thinking and their colored auxiliaries with their 75 IQs can’t think.

    Slogans like the Jan. 6th (so called) “insurrection”, the “White Supremacist” (sic) rally at Charlottesville, the Russiagate hoax etc. are a way of shouting down any critical examination of their warped ideology and blatant lies. Their slogans are a substitute for thinking which their dullards aren’t good at anyway. Their best dishonest slogan is of course “white Supremacy” when really their problem is “Colored Inferiority” and the 100 Lb. chip they all carry on their shoulders all the time.

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