Poll: Trump Would Defeat Joe Biden In 2024

As I said this morning, the most likely scenario at the moment is that Joe Biden flat out loses to Trump in 2024 and it is not even close. Independents have turned on the Democrats.

The Hill:

“More voters would back former President Trump than President Biden in a hypothetical match-up if the 2024 election were held today, according to a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey released exclusively to The Hill.

Forty-eight percent of voters in the survey said they would back Trump, compared with 45 percent for Biden. Another 8 percent were unsure.

The results were evenly split at 46 percent among women, while men backed Trump by a margin of 50 percent to 43 percent. Biden won urban voters by 20 percentage points and suburban voters by 4 percentage points, but Trump romped among rural voters by 33 percentage points. …”


The Harvard / Harris Poll?

Joe Biden is losing that one too? Wow, you know it is bad.

Forget all this happy talk about voter suppression and Trump stealing the election which hinges on this being a close race. There is no reason to believe he would have to.

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  1. 2016 Trump : The flight 93 election
    2024 Trump : The Snooze button election

    He is a proven failed leader and incapable of changing the direction of the country

    The boomers just want Trump back in office so they can go back to sleep and think happy thoughts for 4 years as their world decays around them.

  2. No more Blormpf.

    We’ve had enough.

    Destroying this Orange Fraud and keeping him golfing in Florida is critical.

    Just thinking about the Orange Fraud brings feelings of revolting disgust within me.

    One of the worst things is how he abandoned all those arrested on false pretenses by the FBI for 1/6.

    People close to me kept getting daily emails from his campaign to donate to challenge the election fraud.

    Where did all that money go? He could have donated it to a defense fund for the 1/6 defendants.

    He did nothing but enrich himself.

    He deserves much worse than he’s gotten so far for his criminal betrayal.

  3. At the rate we’re going there may not even be an election in 2024, due to some “temporary emergency” or whatever.

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