White Rabbit Radio: Mainstreaming White Advocacy


To recap:

1. We need to take advantage of the Elon Musk gift horse to rebuild our network on Twitter in 2023 and 2024. We don’t need to put all of our eggs in the Twitter basket though in light of past experience.

2. We need to push White advocacy fully into the mainstream. This means destigmatizing White identity politics. It is not enough to be anti-woke. We need people to take the next step and identify as explicitly pro-White. We need to normalize Whites standing up to defend White interests.

3. We also need to take advantage of recent shifts in public opinion to get more people who share our views elected in swathes of the country where our views have become relatively popular. We need to take as many easy wins as possible. Why aren’t we doing this?

In case you were wondering, this is my opinion of what we ought to be doing. All three of these goals are realistic and achievable. Relitigating World War II history should be left to historians.

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It has been nearly a year since I was last on White Rabbit Radio. In my last conversation with Tim Murdock, we celebrated the mass radicalization of Trump supporters. We have a lot to discuss tonight starting with the optics of Kanye identifying as a Nazi while wearing a gimp mask on the Alex Jones Show. How on earth did that get past his communications director Nick Fuentes?


    • “rebuild our network on Twitter”

      Will the stupid goy learn not to use incendiary words ?

      You can say anything, so long as use the right terms.

      LEARN IT !

  1. Gimp? Like the Pulp Friction gimp?
    Bwahaha! Nice Elmo voice there MC Triple Paren.
    This is a make it look like Nationalists are loony tunes psyop.

  2. @HW I see you are making the rounds on podcasts again.

    This may be a bit impromptu but would you like to go on my show at some point?

    Me and Keith Alexander would love to get you on. It’s been long overdue on my end.

  3. White Advocacy is the goal. Deprioritize the JQ. Its not getting us anything that just advocating our interests doesn’t, without the baggage and faggotry of circus Kanye.

  4. >… Hunter Wallace discuss the future of White advocacy

    How do you engage in ‘White advocacy’?

    A related and still unanswered question about a claim you’ve repeatedly made: How are you ‘pro-White’?

    Of course the background to these specific questions is that it’s hard to see (for me anyway) how someone who has renounced White Nationalism, i.e. who’s willing to accept the subjugation of Whites in their own lands and nation states by a majority population of hostile racial aliens, can be engaging in ‘White advocacy’ or be ‘pro-White’.

    For a people, a distinct racial/tribal group, which Whites are, subjugation is, and throughout human evolutionary and social history has always been seen as, the worst possible outcome, and accepting such racial conquest is entirely contrary to the struggle to acquire and maintain secure living spaces that has characterized all of human existence.

    Maybe you’re hoping to negotiate the best terms possible for white racial capitulation?

    • Exactly.

      You are conflating “pro-White” with “White Nationalism” which makes no historical sense.

      “Pro-White” simply means identifying with your race and having a positive sense of White identity. White Nationalism often deludes some people, but not all, into imagining that all White people are somehow on the same side simply by virtue of sharing the same racial ancestry. It is based purely on race and ignores longstanding cultural and historical divisions between Whites.

      Here in the Deep South, our culture was based on a racial caste system for three centuries. The South has always been a multiracial society. Racial differences were understood. It was normal for blacks and Whites to identify with their race. White Southerners have traditionally had a high degree of racial consciousness. White supremacy was the normal system of race relations, which is to say, Whites were in charge and governed themselves and political rights were reserved to Whites. Racial tension has usually been low. Also, Southern Whites have been acutely aware and bitterly reminded throughout our history that other Whites in other parts of the country and across the world DO NOT SHARE OUR RACIAL VIEWS.

      Throughout our history, the challenge for White Southerners has never been dealing with blacks. It has specifically been a hostile population of other White people who are libtards who are concentrated in the Northeast who have been bent on destroying our laws and subverting our culture and elevating blacks over Whites. These people come from a guilt-based culture and have a negative sense of White identity and are dragging the entire country down with them, not just on race, but on a whole range of issues. Were it not for them, any problem we have blacks could be easily dealt with. The same is true with immigration and fixing the border. We have open borders because large parts of the country want open borders.

      You are not living in reality. In the real world, Whites in the Deep South and conservative Whites in other parts of the country don’t face racial subjugation by blacks or minorities. The problem is that White libtards are far and away more hostile to us than any other group in the country. They are the ones who created and maintain the present system and who have aggravated it and made it worse. They are the ones who elevate blacks over Whites. They are the ones who support the Great Replacement because they believe they will politically benefit from it. Whites ARE NOT a tribal group. There are at least two groups of Whites with one group bent on destroying and degrading the other.

      Look at Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, those people try to dominate the state by aligning with the blacks in Milwaukee. In Minnesota, they align with the blacks in Minneapolis. In Illinois, those people align with the blacks in Chicago. In Michigan, those people align with the blacks in Detroit. In Missouri, those people align with the blacks in St. Louis. And so on it goes. Some White people are pro-White and have a positive sense of White identity. Some White people are anti-White and have a negative sense of White identity. The problem with White Nationalism is that levels and obscures key differences between Whites.

      This “small problem” is a thread that runs through all of American history whether it was the Civil War and abolitionism or Reconstruction when the Constitution was changed at gunpoint or the destruction of Jim Crow in the 1960s or the destruction of the border and “trans” and Wokeism in our own times. Anyway, I don’t use the label because I don’t share the fantasy that all White people, especially those with a negative sense of White identity, are somehow my political allies or ever will be.

      • >You are conflating “pro-White” with “White Nationalism” …

        Actually it does make ‘historical sense’, in the most basic way as I outlined above: in the context of human evolutionary and social history — the racial (tribal) struggle to take and hold secure living space.

        Rather than ‘conflating’ anything, I see being a White Nationalist as the most basic form of ‘pro-Whiteness’ — even as a prerequisite: because one cannot be ‘pro-White’ in any meaningful sense, or in the most meaningful sense, if you are willing to accept that current white populations, as well as the civilizations built by their white forebears, will both fall under the control of hostile, non-white racial aliens.

        >somehow my political allies or ever will be

        Honestly, you keep repeating the same unmanly bullshit over and over again, while ignoring all counterarguments, including evidence — I have now answered this many times.

        How many non-whites are your ‘political allies’? — do you have an estimate of that? — maybe some percentage for each non-white ethnic group? — also, as I have asked a number of times: where is the evidence of good will toward Whites from non-whites?

        If you have any intellectual integrity at all, which I increasingly doubt, you will answer the above questions.

        It is absurd to write about ‘libtard’ Whites not being your ‘political allies’, while disregarding the fact they are your racial kin, and effectively ignoring the open hostility toward ALL Whites evinced by non-whites, who will, unless something is done to stop it, soon be in the majority, whereas Whites who are ‘libtardy’ enough to worry about are, and always will be, a distinct minority of Whites.

        Like I said: you are innumerate — you see a distinct minority of ‘libtard’ Whites as more of a menace than a majority of hostile racial aliens — it’s truly bizarre.

        You are also intellectually bereft and dishonest — I completely eviscerated your recent nonsense about ”White coastal libtards ruling California’ (link), and being responsible for the reparations bullshit there — here is more info about California: in 2008, Californians voted to ban homosexual marriage (link) — unfortunately, as so often happens in the US today, the ‘will of the people’ was voided by an unelected court, which is why homosexual marriage was legal in California before Obergefell.

        • Goodbye.

          I’m tired of going around this in circles with you.

          This is exactly why I dropped the term: it conflates race with nation, levels all cultural and political differences between Whites and lazily implies that all Whites are politically on the same side on the sole grounds of racial kinship.

          I’m tired of being told that people who are violently opposed to us are our somehow our friends, not our open enemies, because they are our “racial kin.” Maybe they are biologically related to us, but they identify and champion those who are not.

          • >Goodbye.


            >I’m tired of being told that people …

            I’m not telling you that ‘libtard’ Whites who are ‘anti-White’, or vote ‘to make things worse’ (there are some) are your ‘friends’, I’m telling you that THEY ARE A MINORITY — a rather small minority of Whites — they are a manageable problem — your belief that HUGE numbers, or even a significant number, of Whites are ‘anti-White’ or vote ‘to make things worse’ is innumerate nonsense and JUST PLAIN FALSE — whereas there is little debatable about the fact that non-whites are racially hostile toward Whites (not necessarily violent; not yet anyway, but there are many ways to do harm other than violence), and will soon be the majority — I see no genuine good will at all for Whites coming from non-whites.

            And for a change, just answer the fucking questions.

            A fate that awaits all Whites in all white countries:

            link90 year old English woman is devastated by what her nation has turned into, says she sees no White faces on the busses anymore.

          • I am somewhat younger than you, but we are in the same generation. I was born in a borderline, ethno-state not unlike Japan. Within my life time I saw it transformed unrecognizably; yet what is even worse is the actual political tyranny of this antifa-state. And while some Jewish organizations did play a very negative role in it, especially if we account for trans-Atlantic influence, the majority of it was done by GoodWhites in the leftists political parties, or the Merkel “conservatives” and also the church organizations under GoodWhite control. Some of the most vicious anti-whites, radical leftists and open border activists, were blond and blue eyed native Germans.

            When it came to the demographic change/great replacement, I could talk with almost anyone about it: Italians, Chinese, even assimilated Turks and a few Jews within the AfD circles. There was only one person who reacted with vicious and utter hostility even to the news that I had been dangerously assaulted by “diversity” and that was a distant relative and libtard voting for the Green party.

            The Euro New Left denies tribal power, especially within the USA, which is dishonest, but US white nationalists deny fundamental ideological differences among whites, which is delusional. Furthermore, historically our experience was that white English and white Americans allied themselves with Zionism and even Stalinism to destroy our country and murder millions of our people, then occupy, brainwash and effectively enslave them. While non-white Turks and Japanese fought to the death on our side.

            To this very day Germany is occupied and tyrannized, largely also by white Americans. This explicitly includes almost all American “conservatives”. As long as the American Empire exists, Germany will never be free. I know that now. And if it wasn’t for the American South I would consider the USA, not just its Empire, as the most evil and demonic creation in human history. But when it comes to being invaded, destroyed, murdered and occupied by your other fellow whites, for certain “values” and so called “democracy” the South does know a thing or two about that.

            (not ArminiusMaximus on counter-currents btw)

          • The same problem is found in all Western countries. France is another example. White leftists block all attempts by nationalists to take power and stop immigration

          • Arminius gets it. eah is being disingenuous. HW gets it for his own regional level. Eah starters he cherrypicks to narrow the shitlib category to those actively marching with Antifa and BLM, then pretends that the suburban Karens and PMCs with BLM signs and Jewkrainian flags are really only interested in “competent governance” by which I suppose means Repukes along the lines of Romney, Lady G, Jeb Bush at al, though the Karens and their ilk vote D-jersey at least half of the time. He also totally ignores how Jews and their shitlib allies totally control education from primary schuls to doctorate programs. Schools are nothing more than shitlib serminaries which turn even young Southern Christian Nationalists into Church of Woke converts (something HW tends to ignore), a la Wolfe’s book I am Charlotte Simmons.

            As I mentioned on the California thread, eah is absolutely correct in dispelling the retarded notions about diversity as ‘natural conservatives’ – routine talking points of both Chamber of Commerce cucks and Evangelicals. Poor metric as it is, the best Repukes ever get from the manufactured race called “hispanic” is 40%, heavily skewed that way by the large Cuban cohort in FL. As LBJ correctly predicted, the D-jerseys will have the negro vote locked up permanently absent some ‘black swan’ kind of event. California is a one-party state where whites are a minority whose diversity-dominated legislature passed the reparations commission bill and will no doubt follow up with full-blown reparations. It became that way trough the suicidal beliefs of the whites there when they were a majority.

            Eah also mentioned that a measure to enshrine the racial-preferences failed recently, which actually runs somewhat counter to his overall argument as whites are only 37% of CA population (though likely a higher percent of voters) who are heavily skewed to shitbbery. This measure was something of anomaly because it was probably helped along by the Asian vote – as Asians are often the victims of the Orwellian-named “affirmative-action” rackets in academia. White shitlibs, who are only rarely poor, don’t suffer from the racket as much since they can buy their way into the Church of Woke seminaries and frequently staff them – which offers a free ticket to the woke indoctrination camps.

            A white shitlib is one who denies the great replacement, denies the active discrimination against whites, denies black crimes directed against whites (ironically most white victims of black criminals are shitlibs, who typically double-down even when family members are butchered), denies Jewish animus, and above dearly all holds onto the total myth of “equality” – a utopian notion which has acquired the status of a religious dogma with the majority of whites – even Evangelical Christians.

            As can be seen, this is a much larger group than eah’s cherry-picked example of John Brown type fringe radicals. It also should be admitted that there is accordingly a larger number from this group who might be persuaded to move away from Woke dogma than with the fringe types. I would say the important point to keep in mind is that a large number of whites have been infected – often by other whites – with a pernicious kind of quasi-religion which will only lead to their extermination. Facts and figures don’t work against this until the spell is broken. The disorder is present in every single white country. South Africa is the perfect example of the progression. Even today with all of the farm murders, the Calvinist Protestant Boer prefers to hire black farmworkers despite the fact that it is always the black farmworkers who either kill them directly or allow the killers entry. There’s nothing more costly than cheap labor in the long run.

          • @ Exalted Cyclops DECEMBER 5, 2022 AT 12:12 PM

            >Arminius gets it. eah is being disingenuous.

            LOL — gets what? — what is there to ‘get’? — either one is honest (and numerate) enough to admit that a minority of problematic Whites are a manageable problem compared to a majority of hostile racial aliens in control of government (like in California, where they are pushing reparations), or one isn’t — there is nothing else to ‘get’ — NOTHING.

            >HW gets it for his own regional level.

            Yeah, wow, quite the convincing argument he has there: right where he lives, in his neighborhood, everything is OK — I already dismissed the anecdotal comments he repeatedly makes about his own locale as unrepresentative of, and irrelevant regarding, ongoing national political and demographic trends — the question is more general, and more generally about the future, especially the future living conditions of, and risks for, Whites as a subjugated minority.

            And aren’t you the guy who wanted to set ‘libtard’ Whites on fire? — yes, you are — so just shut up and fuck off, you cretin.

          • Yep.

            The manageable problem which 1.) went to war to abolish slavery and passed the Reconstruction amendments, 2.) created our federal civil rights laws and destroyed segregation, 3.) integrated the public schools, 4.) opened the borders, 5.) relentlessly fights to thwart all attempts to do anything about our problems and 6.) has recently devolved from MLK colorblind antiracism to extreme “woke” antiracism.

            As for California, it is the way it is today because the people who live there wrecked it. Those same people migrate to other states – Colorado, Arizona, Nevada – and bring their shitlib culture and politics with them and wreck those states too.

          • >A fate that awaits all Whites in all white countries: …

            I should have added ‘if they’re lucky’:

            linkPolizisten am Tatort in der 4.700-Seelen-Gemeinde Illerkirchberg südlich von Ulm. Hier zog sich der Messermörder nach dem Verbrechen ins örtliche Asylbewerberheim zurück.

            This morning a man from Eritrea who lives at a home for asylum-seekers in their small town stabbed two German girls, one 13 y/o and the other 14 y/o, who were on their way to catch a school bus — the 14 y/o is dead.

          • @ Arminius DECEMBER 5, 2022 AT 12:42 AM

            To this very day Germany is occupied and tyrannized, largely also by white Americans.

            Mein Gott, noch ein Besserwisser, der angeblich alles über Deutschland weißt — ehrlich gesagt, Sie haben selbst doch wahrscheinlich keine Ahnung von Deutschland — hingegen kenne ich mich da ja ein bisschen aus.

          • @ Hunter Wallace DECEMBER 5, 2022 AT 4:20 PM

            There are not enough Whites left in California to make a difference even if they bloc-voted for Republicans — which they won’t of course.

            I do not doubt, and would not dispute, that Whites in California, a big majority of whom are urban or suburban, are more liberal leaning than Whites in most other places.

            Who was Newsom’s opponent?

            If I still lived in California, while I would not have voted for Biden, I would have stayed home rather than vote for Trump.

            But thanks for inadvertently confirming what I said: Whites, even Whites in California, vote for Democrats; they are not ‘anti-White’, and in fact vote against policies seen as ‘anti-White’ when they have the chance.

            As I suggested, you need to ask yourself why Whites in California, who tend to be more educated and earn more money than average (link), tend to vote for Democrats rather than Republicans.

            But then that’s a question that practically answers itself:

            SOURCES: McConnell Caves to Pelosi, Schumer, Allows JCPA Media Cartel Bailout Bill to Be Included in Defense Package

            Remember that liberals are more likely to want power and vote than conservative-minded people, who just want to be left alone — an attractive and appealing GOP politician could win support, I have no doubt of that, but there are far too few of them — the GOP today has a very serious, and understandable, image problem.

          • California illustrates my point.

            In 2018, 2020 and 2021, exit polls show that a majority of Whites in California voted for Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden. In the recall election, 61% of Whites, 62% of Hispanics and 61% of Asians all voted to keep Gavin Newsom in power as their governor. There was no racial divide in the recall election. This is what politics is like in a state which you insist that Whites are being ruthlessly repressed by non-Whites. Whites vote for Democrats. White libtards rule the state.


            I couldn’t find any exit polls for Gavin Newsom’s reelection in the 2022 midterms. He won 59.2% of the vote in 2022 compared to 61.9% in 2018. In both races, a majority of Whites in California obviously voted for Newsom though. Just as they voted for Joe Biden in 2020.



            White libtards who vote across the board for anti-White policies are the reason why the state is considering paying $569 billion dollars in reparations to blacks who are a whopping 5.7% of the population of California compared to 25.9% of the population of Alabama.


            Why is California, which was never a slave state, considering paying reparations for slavery? Is it because of the Hispanic and Asian vote? No, 38% of Hispanics and 39% of Asians voted to recall Newsom. Hispanics and Asians don’t vote as a racial bloc like 89% of blacks in Alabama who voted for Joe Biden. If Whites in California had any racial solidarity at all, it would be easier to dominate the state than Whites in Alabama, but they don’t because there are so many White libtards.


          • @ Hunter Wallace DECEMBER 5, 2022 AT 3:57 PM

            >the people who live there wrecked it

            Immigration ‘wrecked’ California — when Whites were a large majority, it was a great place to live: I ought to know, I was there — immigration is a federal matter, and residents of a state cannot control who comes to live there, whether legally or illegally.

            Pete Wilson, a Republican, was governor throughout the nineties — during that time, Proposition 187 passed and was then voided by the courts — also affirmative action was banned — but by then the writing was on the wall: Proposition 187 was famously called ‘the last gasp of white America’ by an Hispanic lawmaker — demographic change was dooming Republicans (and Whites), albeit a nominal Republican (but more a celebrity) like Schwarzenegger (he slept with his maid for fuck’s sake) was also able to win two terms.

            And as part of a general ‘white flight’ from California, aging, more conservative Whites took the money and ran by selling their vastly appreciated homes, which left a disproportionate number of younger, liberal Whites behind — but young people, including Whites, are typically more liberal everywhere.

            I realize your brain is stuck on this white ‘libtard’ meme, but honestly you often overdo it and make a fool of yourself — you come across is a bit of a simpleton.

          • HW:

            The manageable problem which 1.) went to war to abolish slavery and passed the Reconstruction amendments, 2.) created our federal civil rights laws and destroyed segregation, 3.) integrated the public schools, 4.) opened the borders, 5.) relentlessly fights to thwart all attempts to do anything about our problems and 6.) has recently devolved from MLK colorblind antiracism to extreme “woke” antiracism.

            As for California, it is the way it is today because the people who live there wrecked it. Those same people migrate to other states – Colorado, Arizona, Nevada – and bring their shitlib culture and politics with them and wreck those states too.

            EAH lame response:
            > Remember that liberals are more likely to want power and vote than conservative-minded people, who just want to be left alone — an attractive and appealing GOP politician could win support, I have no doubt of that, but there are far too few of them — the GOP today has a very serious, and understandable, image problem.

            What is your notion of “an attractive and appealing GOP politician could win support” of arrogant power-hungry white shitlibs (basically indistinguishable from Jews) in some third-world dump like California?? You mean like Mittens Wormney or Mitch McConnell (who you were just bitching about). Why would shitlibs bother to vote for some worthless POS like McConnell when they already have someone like Newsome who represents their exterminationalist views even better? You’ve totally lost the argument. You endlessly attempt to reduce the 40% of whites whose religion is shitlibbery by cherry-picking for those who on the extreme end like BLM or Antifa. You’re basically lying about the numbers and extent of the problem. California stands as proof that HW’s position is correct. Whites were the majority there as recently as four decades ago. Shitlibs – like the Jews in Visigothic Spain – are the ones who hold the gates open for the invaders. So being the evil parasites (useless eaters) they truly are, they pack up their carpetbags and move on to another place to despoil.

            The absolute worst enemy we face are treasonous whites. Not all that different than from 1861 at the end of the day. They had no problem invading and destroying a whole section of the country who dared to disagree with their pseudo-moralistic jihad and imposing a brutal military occupation on the place for a dozen years thereafter. The treasonous white made entrenched Jewish power possible. You see the same damned thing going on with the Judeo-Nazis in Jewkraine.

          • @ Hunter Wallace DECEMBER 5, 2022 AT 5:51 PM

            >White libtards who vote across the board for anti-White policies

            As I have said and shown, ‘anti-White policies’ are rarely on the ballot — Democrats are on the ballot — when white people have a chance to vote on specific policies (via ballot propositions) that are reasonably seen as ‘anti-White’, e.g. affirmative action, they vote against it — Whites in California voted to ban affirmative action in 1996, and very recently also voted to uphold that ban.

            I dealt with the reparations nonsense already — that is being driven by non-whites (in a state with a majority non-white population): the bill to create the commission was introduced by Blacks, and passed by the legislature, which is controlled by non-whites — the commission is controlled by Blacks — obviously Newsom signed it, but even if he hadn’t there were enough non-white votes to override his veto — Whites no longer control CA politically — also, I have no doubt that given a chance to vote on it, a majority of Whites in CA would reject reparations.

            You are like a broken record: you repeat the same falsehoods (about Whites voting for ‘anti-White policies’) and easily refuted stuff over and over — it’s childish, almost infantile — a kind of weird obsession — what’s up with that?

          • Here I want to explicitly say that I have never denied that a fraction of the white population is a problem — a serious problem — in part because their problematic views and behavior is combined with a greater will to obtain and exercise power than you typically find in more conservative people.

            This is also recognized in Germany:

            Deutschlands größte Gefahr sind Deutsche

            In an article headlined with ‘the greatest danger to Germany is Germans’, the author writes:

            Denn die einzige reale und zugleich größte Gefahr droht unserem Land von innen, nämlich von einem Teil der Deutschen ohne Migrationsgeschichte.

            The only real and the biggest threat to our country comes from within, namely from a fraction of Germans without an immigrant background (Biodeutsch is a common term).

            Germany is unique in that a widespread consciousness of ‘Holocaust’ guilt is enforced (also legally) by the political and media establishments — but it’s also the same as in every Western country in the sense that perhaps more than anything politicians seek to demonstrate their moral fitness to lead by showing obeisance to anti-racism and other liberal pieties — meaning what they have to say about other policies and governing philosophy is less important.

            This is true regardless of party affiliation — Merkel of the nominally conservative CDU is the one who suspended the Dublin Accord and let in all the migrants in 2015, reportedly because she was worried about the ‘bad optics’ of pushing back thousands of non-white migrants at the border.

            Also, Mitch McConnell recently pompously proclaimed that ‘white supremacy’ has no place in the GOP, i.e. white demographic surrender is official policy of the Republican establishment.

            All of this is enforced by the media.

        • EAH
          Diese Seite ist nicht für Weiß. Sie können daran sehen, wie er versucht, die Leute mit den Antworten zu frustrieren, und wie die Idioten gelobt werden. Man muss sich fragen, wie es möglich ist, online zu sein, weil alles Gute verboten ist.
          Kanye ist mehr für Weiß als er.

      • “White Nationalism often deludes some people, but not all, into imagining that all White people are somehow on the same side simply by virtue of sharing the same racial ancestry.”
        ^^I know of no White Nationalist who thinks that “all” White people are on our side. They quite evidently are not. This is a recurring mischaracterization by the author of this website.

        • The narrative of White nationalism is that White people are brainwashed by Jews. The implication is that they just need to be convinced that they are wrong and then they will be on the side of White nationalism. But this denies the the facts of biological differences within race, the fact that most Whites are simply subhuman libtard garbage.

          • That’s an interesting aspect of white shitlibbery which needs more exploration. There is a certain amount of evidence for it, but how much is innate versus what they have been taught from infancy?

          • We all grew up with the same propaganda they did. Libtards take to it like fish in water because it matches their inborn predilections.

            Having an inborn susceptibility to accepting libtard indoctrination makes a person just as worthless as if they were simply born libtards, IMO.

          • >The narrative of White nationalism is that White people are brainwashed by Jews. The implication is that they just need to be convinced that they are wrong and then they will be on the side of White nationalism.
            Exactly. I am not at all denying that Hollywood and the ADL are extremely hostile. Yet, I watched thousands of Hollywood movies and had a very bad case of German guilt until a decade ago. I went through a leftist dominated education system, too, after all. Yet I was still able to entirely reject multi-culturalism and mass-immigration. Looking at our youth data for favored parties: “indoctrination” lasts about a decade. 17-25 the Green party dominates, 25-35 the strongest party is literally the AfD. Old so called center parties are DEAD and don’t even break the 10% margin. There’s some truth to the meme “Today, if you are young, you are either a Tranny or a Nazi”. There is not just the biology of the races, there is a biology of the right and the left, too.

            White nationalist assumptions also go further and assume that you can somehow show whites “The Greatest Story Never Told”, etc. and then they will “wake up” from their “brainwashing”. People who mostly before didn’t even care about their race/volk at all, or even worse are very liberal whites who literally HATE their own race. It is A LOT easier to get normal people to oppose the great replacement and leftist hegemony than to believe “Hitler was right!”. And unless your goal is primarily to create a concrete Nazi society, which isn’t mine, this strategy makes no sense at all. And quite frankly, if you believe that you could actually turn the USA into a 4th Reich you live in a dream world, to put it mildly. Of course one would wish a less “theological” and objective, neutral historical image of the 3rd Reich, but that comes after you have power and can define the culture and academia top-down.

            The answer to the accusation “Oh, so you are a Nazi then and want to kill the Jews!” is simply “No.” and not “1488 GTK RWN!” or alternatively “The left are the real racists.” Media shock campaigns can be useful to wear out weaponization of Hitler and the six million, but that will always remain at media and culture war level. Concrete politics exist independent from hyper-reality.

            We all have a right to our homeland and to live according to the ways of our forebears. This cause is moral, it is righteous, it is sound and it doesn’t demand any further justification than our own desire. And if white leftists oppose you, by their own decision, then more often than not because they WANT to, not because they were brainwashed. All the Hellstorms and Europa The Last Battles of the world cannot change that. If actual conservatives had reconquered academia or the media decades ago, everything would be different, but you also wouldn’t need Neo-Nazi stuff then either.
            Sooner or later we need some kind of peaceful separation from anti-white people, including other many whites, along the lines of the peace of Westphalia. If they WANT to live in multi-cultural, modernistic, atheistic slums then their will be done. But people like us who want to live in mono-racial, traditional nation-states where religion and morality actually play a normative role, we must find an effective way to actually exercise a way to get this reality. And unless there isn’t an actual separation by state and laws, the federal government or EU super-structure can still crush you. No matter how based and trad your local place is for now. Peaceful separation is possible and nationalists don’t need to get more radical, but more effective.

            For sixty years now both Neo-Nazi larping and Conservacucking, which is indeed planned systemic failure, have totally failed. And I am also not so impressed with the Nouvelle Droit or Nazbol stuff. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the NJP isn’t going to make Ranch-Dressing-Man American Führer X and also Lauren Boebert or de Santis aren’t going to make the South Rise Again. Putin or XI are also not coming to save Western nationalists. The most realistic proposition for an American Republic instead of an American Empire, for example, still remains Pat Buchanan. At least on this level people need to pic up, improve on it and bring it into the 21st century.

            To popularize this, white and ethno-nationalists do not need to get even more radical, or even more intellectual for that matter, but get a lot better at defining and understanding their target audience, then crafting great public relations material. Which very, very few people are good at. Notable exceptions are of course Devon Stack or Lana&Hendriks older high quality YouTube productions. Radicalization is often overcompensation for impotence and ineffective strategies. And worst case you get a Tarrant or Roof or Balliet… Animate peoples fantasies, passions, desires, hit them in the feels, capture their subconsciousness. Bring them to want what you want, to be with you and aspire to be like you. We need people who do not just want to tear down, but positively create. People with a vision that millions of people actually want to share. – I remember in 1989, when all of a sudden millions of East-Germans took to the streets with a unifying desire for freedom and end of this system, all the Stasi with its fearsome apparatus, the millions of informants by then and all the KGB, the entire Soviet Union with all of its might and nuclear weapons couldn’t stop that anymore. There needs to be a positive, resonating message that nationalists can give and share with the world. If you have that, you will have success.

            If only “Ye” had stayed low for a while longer and had patiently used his enormous funds to create actual counter-cultural, right-wing institutions. A BILLION for American media to the right of Fox News would have made a huge impact. Or not even more right-wing, just genuine and not anymore of the gatekeepers and limited hangouts. Imagine Devon Stack producing feature documentaries with the budget of at least independent films and where all your favorite media could broadcast. Link it with Gab, fund Rich Houks legal defense for activists, employ journalists like Brad or Pedro Gonzalez or even Beattie with all the funds they need, fund lawfare against anti-white discrimination, make a white mother fertility fund, fund pro-life organizations. Connect people groups with expertise and experience and use your enormous fame to popularize it. Connect with European nationalists and their media. By all means, let Mel Gibson produce big budget productions again! He and Shia could realize their movie about the Rothschilds then. There’s just so much that could have been done… There are so many creative and talented people, especially in America, who were censored and deplatformed and burned out. But oh well, you gotta take what you get now.

            To oppose leftist ideological hegemony and finally the great replacement is not unrealistic. Looking at where nationalism, both in the civic-patriotic form and explicit ethno-nationalism were ten years ago, much progress has already been made.

          • The narrative of White nationalism is that White people are brainwashed by Jews.

            I’ve never heard the term ‘narrative’ in regard to White Nationalism — there is no ‘narrative’ — its most essential element is the basic, innate drive that in a tribal (ethnic) rule or be ruled world, Whites not be ruled by non-whites — this has deep roots in human social and evolutionary history.

            In seeking to explain the (as somehow measured) low in-group preference of Whites, which in its most extreme form does manifest itself as support for ‘anti-White’ social policy (‘pathological altruism’), some White Nationalists point out that the prevalence of this behavior is a rather recent phenomenon, and quite reasonably suggest it is due to anti-racist propaganda coming from the media and entertainment industry, where Jews do play a prominent role — academia is also a source of this ‘brainwashing’.

        • Agreed Astrid. For some reason he is under the delusion that white leftist civilization wreckers would be tolerated in a White ethnostate.

      • My compliment’s too the host of this sight, You explained the Southern/Sane white people everywhere viewpoint, Honest and clear and easily understood, that is leadership, that is the voice of the Southern Intellect, All the men and women of the U.S. senate, put together, couldn’t have payed it out any better than that..

  5. > Whites in the Deep South and conservative Whites in other parts of the country don’t face racial subjugation by blacks or minorities.

    That’s not exactly true. Eah was correct about California (as it stands now). Whites are already a subjugated minority there and the reparations bill will be passed there not by whites but by the Dem coalition of Mexicans, Asians, Blacks and Jews – all non-whites – plus some shitlib whites. This disaster came about because most whites – once a majority there – drank the shitlib koolaid. Where eah goes off the rails is his repeated assertions than shitlibs are a tiny minority of whites. That is true in the south (for now), but not elsewhere. Education from primary school to Universities is basically a shitlib factory for whites stupid enough to send their kids there.

    The present state of California as a white-minority state proves him wrong about this because the white there enabled the invasion to take place – essentially voting themselves into minority status. Many fled once it became obvious that they would be soon subjugated, but their voting patterns in their new states indicate that they’re still hooked on Rev. Jones’ equality koolaid. Most of the remaining whites are rabid shitlibs who enjoy their endless virtue-signaling like pigs rolling in shit. It will be highly amusing once the reparations bill is enacted by the POC legislature. Maybe Con-Ye can start to rebuild his fortune with some reparations bling.

    > In Missouri, those people align with the blacks in St. Louis.

    Not really. Shitlibs in suburban St. Loius (and KC) do, but most of MO is a lot closer to AL in character.

    > In Illinois, those people align with the blacks in Chicago.

    This state is an example of Sam J’s excellent point about some SC decisions a few weeks ago. The downstate of IL is sick and tired of being ruled from Chicago. 23 Counties have signed petitions to secede from the state. The whites in the downstate counties (the southern 2/3 of the state) are much closer in character to those in MO and KY. University towns are of course always Church of Woke strongholds, but shitlibs are largely confined to such enclaves. Chicago and its surrounding counties are the big problem in IL, which is a de-facto one-party state largely thanks to them – in combination with the Chamber of Commerce cucks ruling the nominal “opposition” party.

    • White advocacy requires agreement on what “White interests” are. If that becomes conflated with standard Republican party boomercon BS, which it has been by many in “the movement,” including on this blog, then it’s DOA. There is no future for Republican BS in the USA. Nobody under the age of 60 cares about it, and trying to tie it into whiteness is a losing strategy for numerous reasons.

      • Agree, and you can see them trying to resurrect the whole voting thing again. It doesn’t matter if anyone believes the last prez election was altered or not. All voting is suspicious. Sure, the government has touched SS and many other things, but they won’t touch the votes? Very hard to believe!

          • If he runs, and no one better, yes! But voting is a scam. The powers that be will not let anyone against them run, it’s all controlled, so I doubt he would be allowed to run.
            But if he DID get in…it might be what the system needs. It’s been a constant revolving door of the same sell-outs over and over, and the country gets worse.
            If Trump gets in, everything will get worse, just like with Biden. More and more “immigration”, and more pandering to the left.

          • Voting is a scam.

            And yet, you are going to vote … for a mentally ill black rapper in a gimp mask. Ok!

          • That’s not very Christian. He’s a big Christian, you know?
            I’d only vote for him as support for the cause.
            Bet you’ll vote for Trump when he runs!

          • In fairness, Trump would actually have a shot at winning. Not a good shot, but he would still have a chance.

        • To Hunter

          So you’d vote for Trump just because he could win?? Really?
          He didn’t do a thing for us the first time around. It’s all talk talk talk.
          Doesn’t the stranglehold chokehold that the tribe has over our nation bother you? Trump is more than in bed with them. That’s not even a question.

          Life is not on the computer.

      • Yes. Repeating a failed action over and over in the vain hope that it will somehow work this time around is literal insanity. Obviously some out-of-the-box thinking is needed.

        • The white movement doesn’t even belong to these “conservatives”. Most people are listening to people who aren’t worried about the religious aspects or the Fox talking heads. They just talk and talk.
          But when people like Musk or West do something, they complain like babies.

  6. Getting our views further and further into the mainstream should be the name of the game. Things have been very interesting lately with the “Jews” being mentioned more and more. Trump running again will probably spark a Civil War in the Republican Party which will make people even more extreme in one direction or another. It’s getting very interesting now. Deo Vindice!

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