Politico: Trump’s ’24 Game Plan Is To Run Against The Hawks

Donald Trump is trying to win me back.


“Donald Trump is settling on a simple foreign policy pitch in his second bid for the White House: Want World War 3? Vote for the other guy.

Over the past week, Trump has assailed President Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan. He has said he could end the almost year-long conflict in Ukraine within “24 hours,” but without any indication how, and suggested sending tanks to the country could spark nuclear war. He has railed against China and called Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a “globalist.” …

Those close to Trump’s campaign operation say he plans to try and paint himself as an anti-war dove amongst the hawks. They believe doing so will resonate with GOP voters who are divided on, but growing wary of, continued support for Ukraine in its war with Russia. …

“Trump is the peace president and he’s the first president in two generations to not start a war, whereas if you look at DeSantis’ congressional record, he’s voted for more engagement and more military engagement overseas,” said a person close to the Trump campaign, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe internal discussions.

“Trump is the only person who has said no more funding for the Ukraine war. I haven’t heard Nikki Haley say anything like that… Pompeo or Pence? Where do they stand on Ukraine?” …”

As always, foreign policy is what it is going to come down to for me.

I would never vote for someone like Nikki Haley, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence or Lindsey Graham because of my isolationist views on foreign policy. Donald Trump empowered all of these Reaganites in various ways in his administration and I was furious about it at the time. It could have been a lot worse though with this faction of the Republican Party actually at the helm in the White House.

The case for Trump in 2024 is that his foreign policy record looks a lot better in retrospect. Trump didn’t start a war with Russia and spend over $100 billion dollars on it. The issue wasn’t on the table either in the 2020 election. Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, John Bolton and the rest of the Reaganites would continue to “Stand With Ukraine” and fund the war and continue Joe Biden’s foreign policy.

As for Joe Biden and the Democrats, if I had known in the 2020 election that Joe Biden would start a war with Russia and every single Democrat in Congress would repeatedly vote to support it, I would have voted for Trump and MAGA Republicans as the lesser of two evils. I didn’t take the threat or the possibility seriously enough because a war with Russia wasn’t on my radar screen and seemed unlikely at the time. I now regret letting the insane Russiagate crowd back into the White House.

It is true that Trump sent Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. It is true that Trump caved to neocons and imposed sanctions on Russia. It is true that he caved to Senate Republicans on withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan. It is true that he assassinated Soleimani. It is true that he tried to overthrow the government of Venezuela. All of that pales in comparison though to what Joe Biden has done with Ukraine and Russia. Trump was also impeached by Congress over a phone call with Zelensky.

In the likely looming contest between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, the war in Ukraine will be the decisive issue for me. Ron DeSantis is going to have to publicly take a position on the issue. If DeSantis is for Standing With Ukraine like Nikki Haley and Mike Pence, then I will rule out supporting him. I’m currently on the fence. I would rather move on from Donald Trump, but I don’t trust Ron DeSantis and I have no interest in the also rans.

In the 2020 election, I was so angry with and blackpilled on Trump that I wouldn’t even consider voting for him as a lesser of two evils. Now, I have changed my mind because of how the Biden presidency has played out. Trump can now say he kept us out of a war with Russia and he got rid of Roe v. Wade. He also didn’t set out to erase the Mexican border. Trump’s first term was largely a failure, but his goals were different. He wasn’t trying to dismantle immigration enforcement or start World War III.

Anyway, it is amazing that it has come to this. Who would have thought two years ago that we would be spiraling into a hot war with Russia because of “democracy vs. autocracy” rhetoric?


  1. If its even possible for Trump (or any other Republican) to win the presidency in 2024, there is absolutely nothing they can do but be scandalized and stonewalled into irrelevance by the deepstate/media, just like Trumps first term.

    There is no upside to winning in 2024. Participation in a system that you know is rigged against you is high cuckery.

  2. Until one of these politicians, I don’t care which one, starts to talk specifically about Anti-Whitism and White Genocide I’d rather stay home on selection day. “Conservatives” always distract us with all kinds of other issues, but if Whites have no future stake in America why should I care about them?

  3. He’s pulling the con again. He could have done something when in office to throw sand in the gears of the neo-klown war machine being built in Jewkraine, but (as always) he deferred to his Talmudic Satanist Son-in-Law. No sale, Cheetohead. Completely disown Jared and your airhead daughter who converted to Satanism and maybe we’ll think about it … for a New York minute.

  4. Trump running against the Neo Conservative J war hawks, the Dick and Liz Chaney military Industrial complex will piss off the American Religious Right Christian Zionists that just do everything the Js, AIPAC want – somehow this will bring Jesus back sooner and in the mean time it lines their $ pockets with AIPAC contribution, Military Industrial stock portfolios.

    Lisping Lindsey Graham keeps getting re-elected in South Carolina and he’s a flaming queer that got outed for using his tax $ payer salary to pay for DC homo prostitutes.

    If one right, opposing these endless Neo Con J wars, and shifting the topic to defending our Southern border does play well with the White GOP Base but then…. the Js can and will get some rock and roll, country music celebrity like Ted Nugent, Hank Williams Jr, Toby Keith to do sable rattling to “Get Putin, Like we got Hitler and Saddam Hussein”.

    You think this horrible J neo Conservative war mongering “Over there” more White brother wars lying shi*# wouldn’t work but it still sadly does with the Amurikun NFL Negro Felon Legaue TV addicts.

  5. “because of my isolationist views on foreign policy”

    Damn right !
    We have enough domestic problems without sticking our noses in other peoples affairs.

    As I’ve said before, Trump was a blocking pawn, someone to keep the insane Demoncrats from working their will.

    If a demoncrat had been pres. and made the the vacant supreme court appointment, we’d be in a world of s***. That alone would have justified his presidency.

    We are far from having good leaders, but let’s not open the gates of hell with a bad ones.

    • We have been in a world of s*** for many decades. Some people seem think that this country was still Leave it to Beaver land before Obama’s first term. I’m old enough to know better.

  6. > If a demoncrat had been pres. and made the the vacant supreme court appointment, we’d be in a world of s***. That alone would have justified his presidency.

    We are far from having good leaders, but let’s not open the gates of hell with a bad ones.

    I see your point and even kind of agree with it but have to ask: What’s best for white people (excluding shitlibs who are lost to hell)? The blocking pawn which only serves to keep the evil empire from completely collapsing, or to just stand back and let it collapse altogether. Why keep the fraudulent racket afloat? There’s little if anything left to conserve. It should be evident by now that the system is not reformable. Let it burn to the ground. The ‘conservative’ idiocracy who worships ‘muh Izrael’ and will gladly kill Christians at the command of rabid war-mongering jews is not going to face the hideous reality until they actually feel the pain. Trump’s tossing his loyal supporters under the bus after 1/6/2021 and the pardons of every black gangsta and Jewish swindler Jared could name on short notice doesn’t even rise to the level of a blocking pawn.

    • @ Exalted Cyclops – re “let it collapse altogether.” When you find yourself, and your loved ones, without food, water, electricity, medical care, civil order, money, shelter and subject to death at the hands of roving, raping feral negros you may think differently about that. We are all extremely vulnerable to extinction in a collapse scenario.

  7. At least he’s no CCP RAT POS but his time has passed.
    Thanks for buying us some time DJT and some of us even used it wisely.
    The third rate female Leticia Lavrentiy Beria wannabe in NY will make sure he has no chance to run again?

  8. Both Trump and DeSantis (along with all the notorious scumbags in Congress), Dementia Joe, Cackling Kamala and all candidates for President will fall all over themselves to slobber over Our Greatest Ally if they attack Iran. Can there be a grain of doubt in anyone’s mind over that?

    Such an attack will set the world’s oil supply on fire and probably put an end to GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire as the USD goes close to zero in purchasing power as the Fed cranks the printing press to eleven. Not one White person in ten is prepared for this and zero out of ten colored people. Twenty five dollars/gallon for gasoline would be a bargain under those circumstances.


  9. Based on my past primary votes for Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul and support for isolationism it looks like I will probs vote for Trump.

    I dislike how he treated Sessions and that selling NFTs bit was horrible but that stuff is not nearly as bad as the Democrats running up inflation with outrageous spending or allowing Red Zeppelins to freely roam America’s skies.

  10. Trump gets played by anyone.

    Trump has shown, at best, to persist with the status quo.

    Afghanistan ? Status quo.
    Syria? Status quo.
    North Korea? Status quo.

    And any attempts to shake up the Status quo have been detrimental.

    Iran? Worse.
    Ukraine? Worse.

    I’m done voting for the lesser of two evils.

    No thanks.

  11. Trump wanted to give billions to Platinum Americans in a desperate bid to win their votes. No doubt that bad advice came from his genius son-in-law like so much of the other bad advice Trump got. The bruthas stiffed him anyway. Good for them.

  12. “Trump’s ’24 Game Plan Is To Run Against The Hawks ”

    That’s wise, for it will pull in some of the Left and many more Independents.

    That said, I agree with Donald Trump Jr. : — if the voting processes of Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are not soon straightened out, it’s hard to see any GOP candidate strategy overcoming the multi-layered strategy The Democrats at have at finding votes where they don’t exist.

  13. Dank meme spotted-Skeptical third world child stating why didn’t Fang Swalwell, Pelosi, Shumer, Schiff, report any CCP balloons under Trump.

    Ancient Chinese Secret-Gweilo Qiqiu aka the White Ghost balloon


  14. Biden was always going to open the borders. I don’t understand how people didn’t know that. He said he would in so many words. Many on the right said voting was a waste of time. Then came the immigrant surge and made those people look foolish

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