Radical Time

I have been absent here for the past two weeks.

It was early June which meant it was family vacation time again. We went on a two week road trip out West last summer. We went up to St. Louis to visit my wife’s family this year.

While I was on the road, Donald Trump was indicted by the Justice Department and was arrested in Miami on federal charges. This is the second time that Trump has been arrested this year. I predicted that Trump would be indicted by the Justice Department back in 2021. I expected it would happen shortly after the midterms. It took a few months longer for Alvin Bragg and Jack Smith to make their move, but we are pretty much where I expected we would be, which is in the middle of the Revenge Tour with Trump running against Ron DeSanctimonious while facing federal and state charges.

As someone who has been a radical for over twenty years, I am just bored by the spectacle. These people have been going after Trump like Captain Ahab pursuing Moby Dick for seven years now. The “walls have been closing in” for the entire Trump era. We all knew that it couldn’t have ended any other way. I don’t really feel that strongly about it. I became disillusioned with Trump way back as January 2017.

If I set my feelings about Trump aside though and look objectively at the situation, the incumbent president of the United States is using the Justice Department to take out his likely rival in the next election. It is difficult to exaggerate how radical and unprecedented of a move this is. Even though it feels like nothing is really happening, we much further down the road to the inevitable crisis. It is frustrating to be a radical because we are all in a hurry and history doesn’t happen on our preferred timetable.


  1. This is what they want………. us tired and bored, hoping that one day we will surrender and leave them all political and social space. I too was much more interested in politics before 2020, especially in the years between 2011 and 2019. The Brexit, Trump’s victory, Salvini’s victory, the global right that seemed to awaken under ISIS attacks and the woke left. Then COVID changed things a bit and everything seemed more boring.

  2. The illegitimate regime threw us some bones with a few slap on the wrist charges for Hunter who will walk like SBF.
    The COV-LARP was the reset and societies too stupid to exist will be put out of misery.

  3. I wonder if a “lone nut” would come out of the wood work if “necessary” to take him out. And what would happen then? MK-ULTRA can work in mysterious ways.

    • TW,

      Both Zion Don and RFK Jr. Trannies are already mentally ill with a propensity for violence.

  4. I never supported Trump because I always knew his character. Disloyal fag. I don’t even want to say he doesn’t deserve this – but it is bad for the country, if that is even a relevant criterion anymore.

    If I were an innocent person I might ask why the jurisdictions where Trump and his supporters are under indictment are New York, Miami, and D.C. Why a January 6er would ask for a bench trial in DC? Why wouldn’t he want a jury of his equals?

    Such a joke country which would abandon its decent white people to vicious African barbarians masquerading as jurors.

    But why was Trump’s base of operation New York and Miami in the first place? He thought he could use the Jews and burn them before they burned him. He tried to out-sneak the Jews.. Should have picked our side and stayed on it. You can always win if you don’t care what side you’re on. Fail at it like Trump, and you’re just a loser twice over. And that’s what 2024 will prove. White nationalists should only bind their fate to men of genuine morality, and it was obvious from the beginning Trump could never live up to that.

  5. The American ppl should overwhelmingly vote for Trump, just to put a thumb In the eye of this obviously politicized persecution.

  6. Screw this narcissistic, egotistic, backstabbing, spoiled brat of a buffoon. Fool me once…..

    Glad to see this place is back, HW. Hope all is going well for you.

  7. In the old days American Presidents went to Indian Reservations and dressed up like Indians. Today American Presidents go to Israel and dress up like Jews.

  8. I supported Trump with reservations, and it’s very chilling what is happening now, but not really a surprise. There isn’t much pretense to a democracy anymore, and the obvious tactic is keep Trump in court forever, and eventually the “normal” GOP candidate will bring back business as usual…of course he won’t win, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is crushing any kind of outsider.
    I assume if Trump really becomes any kind of threat, the system will just say the hell with it and kill him. Ditto with RFK Jr. Enough people will shrug it off it it means a return to “normal politics.”
    I’m just not surprised. In May, 2017, Harold Covington wrote; “Trump’s first 100 days was pretty much as I predicted it would be; he flailed and he floundered, and eventually the Zionist wing of the globalist movement as represented by Jared Kushner brought him more or less under control…He dropped his promise to prosecute and imprison Bill and Hilary Clinton for their crimes and breaches of human decency, which is what lost me insofar as he ever had me at all.”
    And if Trump loses, what’s next?
    “There will be a massive left-wing purge from the internet, from American political and social life, and from the pop culture of anyone and anything even remotely to the right of center. Anyone who had anything to do with Trump or his election will be placed before some kind of Nuremberg-style kangaroo court and burned at the stake…the public punishment and abasement of White males whose minds are not under control will become even more state policy than it already is… The “mainstream” liberal media MUST restore its monopoly of thought and information, that’s priority number one…”

    Hunter, I live in St. Louis and would have been glad to buy you and your family dinner. I hope you enjoyed your stay here. St. Louis is described as a shithole, but there are some good parts, and let me (and us) know of any impressions you had.

    • dargason,

      I am glad you are still here.

      I liked your reference to democracy. I realized the first time I was exposed to the concept of modern democracy was that the key point was that—-it really does not exist!

      I write that because the body of people never get to vote on the important issues or they are overridden by courts or the corrupt legislative body. Would the populace ever have supported being replaced with non stop immigration? Or integration.

      Or all those statues removed by mobs and supported by city councils. Far easier to corrupt and intimidate a few politicians than the mass of citizens.

      Sometimes direct democracy is superior to republican institutions. I might also add that I immediately noticed that no article in mainstream US media ever had whites in the right or blacks in the wrong. That is obvious agenda since no race could ever be always wrong or always right.

  9. I don’t understand why anybody on the right wants Trump back. He had two weeks to give his supporters who were arrested on January 6 pardons, and he sat on his rear and did nothing This lack of concern for people who went out on a limb for him is breathtaking. I understand some of them are still in jail, solitary confinement for trespassing. Our enemies are sick fucks, and are capable of anything terrible. We should not forget this.

  10. dargason,

    Once you asked me to review a movie. Well you have to remember that I am Catholic and pura blanca and pagan Indians elicit no sympathy from me. I support Cortez not the Aztecs.

    I am also against the Mexican Revolutions which were anti Catholic and anti white. In 1922 one year after the Marxist Revolution the rebels got rid of racial classifications and attacked the Church to such an extent that until a brief Conservative victory in 1990 it was against the law for a priest to wear his priestly garb in public.

    So I have no use for liberals, communists, and their supporters.

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