Matt Walsh: Whites Are Trending Toward Extinction In the United States

A few quick points:

1. First, we are deep in a crisis era, not normal times. Elites have fragmented. The country is deeply polarized. The civic order that was established after World War II has decayed beyond the point of no return. Taboos are rapidly eroding. Norms are being tossed aside with each passing day. The overwhelming majority of the population was born after World War II and no longer remembers it.

2. Second, we exited the red pilling / metapolitics stage years ago. We are now in a mass radicalization phase. Partisans are now rapidly moving to opposing poles. The middle ground is vanishing.

3. Third, metapolitical change happens slowly, then rapidly. John Dewey, William James, Franz Boas and their ilk had been at it for decades, but their views only became ascendant and then hegemonic during the Great Depression and World War II era. The liberal victory in World War II over the Nazis cemented their views as the cornerstone of the new order.


  1. “Why is no one talking about it?”

    Because people have been instructed, by those who are alien to them, that they are never to talk about this; that, if they do, they are every shade of evil.

    And so … it is almost never talked about.

    • “Because people have been instructed”

      ‘instructed’ my a..
      They have their livelihoods ruined, Rick Sanchez, Jimmy the Greek and thousands of others. The hammer is dropped on them, along with an anvil.

      “Dire warning Adams says Biden’s inaction on migrant crisis will ‘decimate’ NYC” …….NYpost
      …….well duh !

      • @Arrian…

        Yes, a hammer has been dropped on some, but, on most, there has been no hammer, and no anvil, just a steady whisper.

        I do not want to let White America off the hook – we have accepted all these things, when we did not have to.

        We have been sheep.

        That’s the bad news.

        The good news is that Sheep can transmute to wolves or beers, in the spiritual sense, if they so choose.

        More good news : I do see a good amount of our brethren doing that, though, while admittedly not as much as I wish, discussing White Replacement, Jewry, and a whole host of other topics that, for my whole life have been taboo,has begun to take center stage.

        More good news is that the coming year, two, or three, is not going to be the kind to make it easy to continue to be asleep.

        • Ivan,

          I hope it is not condescending to believe that whites should have more babies. In Mexico and the United States even the poor if they want can have lots of babies and the State will take care of them if they can not.

          Am I mistaken in this?

          It is also true that whites helped bring this situation on yourselves by being naive and fostering equality which sooner or later would be used for anti-white purposes. As for non stop immigration? It’s purpose is obvious.

          Naturally non-whites and non-christians will take advantage of your foolishness. I am not being soft on them but none of this could have occurred if your people had 10% of your traditional fiber.

          Non-white societies operate simply. We never voluntarily go against our own kind. Can you or anyone else come up with major examples where we have?

          My comment is not gloating and no intended insult is being rendered.

          • @Cristina…

            Absolutely, we ought have more babies!

            There is nothing condescending or gloating, on your part, to suggest this, at all.

            That said, it is very expensive to have babies in this country – because it suits the politicians to leave it as it is.

            No thought, whatsoever, it given to Whites having and raising babies, much less any American.

            The Chamber of Commerce is much more content bringing in your kind, and every other kind, to be indentured and slave labour – all the while their conspirators, The Looney Antifa Left and Judeo-Bolshevik professors, lecturing us Southerners about our ‘evil slaving history’.

            That said, we could increase our baby total significantly and we still could not outpace the determination of the Chamber of Commerce, Organized Jewry, and The Democrat Party to bring in tens of milllions of non-Whites.

            New England has played a big part in this, too, but, I see signs that, with all sorts of non-Whites flooding their states, they may be having a change of heart.

            You see, this situation has no solution that does not involve deporting tens of millions, and to get that there has to be secession.

            I hope you understand this : The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government, run for the benefit of the WEF, has no intention of leaving this country White, which is why they cannibalize every aspect of our culture – to leave us putty in their hands.

            So far their strategy has worked brilliantly.

            I see signs, however, that a backlash is on the way, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

        • Pfizer sterilized most dumb white women with their fake vax to cure pandemic that never existed in the first place.fortunately OC ripped off a lot of the real stuff and “sugar water” was what most people will never hear about this because the candlestick CEO was in on it. He made more money,which is the Achilles heel of all the wall wailers

    • The true shades of evil call us evil, and sadly we let them get away with it. Is there even a shred of decency in our enemies? No, I don’t think so.

      • @Roland….

        No decency in our enemies – not a shred, as you say.

        Worse yet : there is not much decency in many of our so-called friends whom we elect to serve us.

        In the end, however, we must blame ourselves for being so weak, as to put up with this for decades.

        Even now, still many people asleep.

        Good news, however, many are leaving that state.

        • Ivan,

          Thank you for replying to me. I have no problem with deportation of illegals in any country. As long as the deportees do not face immediate unjust starvation and murder by their own country. Invading another country merely for a better way of life—more money is not morally acceptable.

          The aliens look pretty hefty to me as a general rule. If they absolutely need money then give them a pittance and send them on their way.

          • @Christina…

            You’re very welcome, Young Lady.

            Yes, all deportations ought be done with the greatest of kindness and gentility, wherever cooperation with the law allows such.

            Those deported with the umpteen zillions of illegals are the politicians and corporatists who brought them here.

            They ought be sent into exile with their citizenship status permanently revoked, for all the damage they not only did to us, but, to all those who came here with false hopes.

            All the best to you and yours!

  2. It’s over now it’s not a matter of if but when. In the future dystopia it will be Chinese overlords and AI ruling over a dysgenic population

  3. All the world is in a big crisis but i agree with you Brad that USA is in a greater crisis than other countries. I remembered the other day th words of Luther Pierce about Civil/Racial war…….. All people who theorized civil or racial war, they said it takes a triggering event. Now, i’m NOT wish for a war but what event was more auspicious to trigger a civil or racial war than the BLM riots of 2020? My opinion is that this idea of the war will never happen because during the riots of 2020 (that was the moment) nothing happened except some clashes between BLM and left-wing extremists and some far-right militias.
    I repeat i don’t wish for a war but if in that occasion nothing happened why it should happen now?

  4. If you do a google search of “the great replacement”, you got hit with nothing but sites by anti-hate groups calling it a racist conspiracy theory.

    Let’s put aside the fact if the idea is racist or not, is it true? If it’s not true, they don’t seem to explain to the contrary or debunk it. Why is almost every Western government, except maybe Hungary, eager to flood their country with legal and especially illegal immigrants from mostly the third world? Some people believe it’s because non-Whites tend to vote liberal 2 to 1 no matter who they are or where they go. So you can see how those on the left would have a political incentive to allow as many immigrants as possible from the third world.

    I’m not racist, I don’t hate any particular race. But I respect other people’s right to freedom of association. Having open borders is bad even if you support as much diversity as possible. All the human trafficking, drugs, and crime which come from an unvetted, open process which leads to social decay. Diversity is like salt. It’s good for you but too much can kill you.

    • “I’m not racist, I don’t hate any particular race.”

      Racist doesn’t essentially mean hating a race, it’s just the acknowledgement that there are racial differences and different races have different attributes, but we’re not allowed to acknowledge that simple fact.

      We’re forced to suspend the most simple pattern recognition.

      “Don’t think goy, we’ll do that for you.”

      • @Arrian…

        “Racist doesn’t essentially mean hating a race, it’s just the acknowledgement that there are racial differences and different races have different attributes, but we’re not allowed to acknowledge that simple fact.”

        Amen, Brother!

        I respect every race and nation on this planet, but, I’ll be switched if I am ever going to say that we are equal, or that anybody’s land ought be made a hotel for the rest of the world.

        Any American who suggests any sympathy for anti-racism, diversity, or open borders, I immediately view as gullible and profoundly brainwashed.

        This is where I will have to swallow to vote for Trump again – as he not only allowed tens of millions of babies to be given unstudied unsafe vaccines, he did less than nothing to stem the tide of White Replacement – he considering it a great achievement to having furthered it legally.

  5. These things happen when the descendants of Europeans assign altruistic traits to Long March comrades and races who laugh at such features.

  6. If Walsh really cared about this issue, he would stop taking little green pieces of paper, to be Renfield for the vampires, and find employment in a pro-white organization.

  7. It needs to be asked, why does Matt Walsh care about whites? And if Matt can not answer the question truthfully and convincingly, then his motivations for making such proclaimations must come under suspicions. Why do you care Matt?

  8. >mass radicalization

    In 2017, if someone had told me that in 2023, Steven Crowder and Charlie Kirk would be far to the right of Richard Spencer, that Matt Walsh would be talking about “the extinction of the white race” in those exact words to millions of people, and that Mike Cernovich would be praising Franco on Twitter, I would have laughed in their face. What a timeline.

  9. ” Europeans assign altruistic traits to Long March comrades”

    WHITES are stupid that way.
    They project their concepts onto other races.

  10. Too little, too late.
    Matt Walsh is about 6 decades too late.
    We should’ve been having this conversation back in the 60s when LBJ opened the floodgates to the 3rd world with his immigration act.
    The few people that wanted to have this conversation like David Duke were sidelined/shafted.

    White Christians as a political entity are dead in the west.
    Conservatism will live on, but it’ll play 2nd fiddle to liberalism and progressivism.
    It’ll be a broad, ecumenical, global conservatism, not just for conservative Christians but for conservative Muslims, conservative Hindus and conservative Buddhists too, all races and religions will be welcome, so long as they’re not fundamentalist.
    White Christian nationalism may live on in eastern Europe for decades or centuries more, I don’t know, depends on how civilization develops, but it’s already over for the west, dead and buried.

    Rich guys like Matt Walsh are insincere, they just care about money and their families, guys like that, they don’t give a damn about working class white Christians, in fact he probably hates them.
    What guys like Matt Walsh are really saying is, keep voting right so I can get my tax cuts.
    Matt Walsh is a social Darwinist who hates and wants to kill the poor, that’s what modern conservatism really is, maybe that’s what it always was.
    I see through these guys now.
    From now on I’m voting for whoever promises me the most money, which means I’ll be voting for the green party.
    I don’t give a damn about any of that woke crap, one way or another, it doesn’t affect me, I’m just in it for me, like everyone else.

    • @Karl Logan,

      The only Eastern European “Christian Nationalist” nations that may survive decadence and decay in the 21st century are those that do not join NATO (e.g., Serbia and Russia). The rest will be forced to swear allegiance to globohomo, and the Kalergi Plan.

    • @ Logan,

      Lothrop Stoddard wrote a book about the problem back in the 1920s – a century ago. Few whites read it then – when they could have actually done something about it. Most whites have become exactly what their Kosher-Nosetra overlords wanted: a docile, stupid, trusting heard of cattle dazed by Satanic spells slouching down a soft-easy road towards their extermination. Hell even Kalergi was openly writing about the great replacement back in that era. If the Austrian painter or his followers wanted to make a difference, exterminating Kalargi, his offspring and all treasonous white elites would made a serious dent in the overall plan. If doing Schlomo’s bidding had a higher fatality rate than farming in South Africa did, ambitious whites wouldn’t be selling out their own so willingly.

  11. Thank you, Matt. Now name the jews, and the White Gentile traitors responsible.

    Oh, never mind. Walsh is the same Catholic cuck that referred to Magnus Hirshfeld as a German that promoted “gender transitioning” in Weimar Deutschland.

  12. Hunter, explain how you think the elites have fragmented. It seems like they are all in lockstep with the zionists and their anti-White neo-liberal agenda.

    Who are the factions? I’m not seeing this.

    • Do you not see that it is so bad that everything from weaponizing the intelligence agencies to multiple impeachments to lawfare to censorship to prosecution has been used over the past six years to get Trump? This is light years away from the consensus politics of the 1950s.

      • “weaponizing the intelligence agencies to multiple impeachments to lawfare to censorship to prosecution ”

        So very (((NKVD)).

  13. Just blame whites, themselves. We’re incapable of credible counter measures, and can’t cobble together a united team that agrees on everything. One disagreement over some minor, non core issue……and goodnight.
    If a couple of people who post here are anything to go by, we’re never going to get wheels turning. Their immaturety and belligerence is disappointing. While we argue and fight over nothing, the Jews and Left are taking our countries.
    The true threat to something is usually internal, rather than external.
    It’s not Tyrone that’s your biggest threat…….. it’s Jim Bob who mocks everything you say.

  14. Walsh is a liar and a charlatan. He has said the transgender movement was started “by literal Nazi scientists”. It was German jews who started it. The “Nazis” burned their papers and shut down their Institution. Typical “conservative” misdirection.

  15. Looks like another alt right site run by the FBI.what a joke this country is.stupid idiot white people like you made it possible,thanks for fucking nothing

  16. Matt Walsh may not be perfect, but he’s fundamentally on our side. I heard his monologue about white extinction on AM radio in metropolitan Los Angeles. It was a great presentation actually. The open discussion of these issues is a good thing. Yes he works for Ben Shapio-stein, blah, blah, blah. That being said, he’s moving things our way.

    • @Don…

      Agreed – nobody is perfect. Our Founding Fathers certainly were not..

      A lack of perfection cannot be a criterion in appreciating someone who is a patriot.

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