Glenn Beck: Who Was Craig Robertson?

Who was Craig Robertson?

  • A Boomer with far right politics
  • A fed poster on Facebook
  • A gun enthusiast and collector
  • An elderly, obese man in poor health who walked with a cane
  • A nice guy who was well liked and respected in his community

I’ve met countless people like that over the years in rightwing politics. With few exceptions, they are harmless. They are why I moderate the comment section and mostly for their own sake.

Note: The obvious exception was Glenn Miller. I never met him, but dismissed him as an alcoholic blowhard.


    • @Hugh,

      So true. Mormons are without peer in being the most enthusiastic henchmen in USZOG’s alphabet intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

      Is the snake swallowing its

      own tail?

  1. A little off topic but you should do an article on this:

    Best Buy might be one of the wokest companies right now. They are banning White people from applying for their management program and won’t let Christians display crosses at their Geek Squad offices but it’s ok to plaster LGBTQ paraphernalia all over the place.


  2. Rule by intimidation.

    “You don’t like us, but you will fear us.”
    Government NKVD, KGB, STASI style.’

    • @Arrian.

      Dark triad personalities to be sure fill the ranks of NSA, CIA, DHS, FBI, IRS, ect.

      Machiavelli would be proud.

  3. Hunter,

    I’ve got a short blog in draft mode ready to go that presents the very similar events at Ruby Ridge 31 years ago, almost to the exact anniversary.

    Please look it over, I’ll post tomorrow unless I hear “nay”.

    Thanks brother.


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