Blood Tribe / Goyim Defense League Hold Rally In Altamonte Springs, FL


Yeah, we have been having this debate for a while.


The takes are still coming in …


Banning the ADL is the moderate position.

Mainstream conservatives like me, Matt Parrott, RAMZPAUL and Angelo Gage aren’t associated with this Blood Tribe.


I don’t know what to make of this.

The usual shit talking and conspiracy theories have already started.

A few thoughts …

1. I think I see at least one person I know.

2. This is nothing out of the ordinary. Groups like this have always existed. They come and go like the WCOTC or NSM or TWP or Atomwaffen. It is like smashing a drop of mercury with a hammer. Someone always fills the void because there is a constituency for this type of politics.

3. In my activist days, the goal of our activism was always to attract likeminded people to our group or to push what were then fringe views into the mainstream. We succeeded. The boundary between the rightwing mainstream and the fringe has shifted in response in recent years. Today, it seems like everything but the Jewish Question and Neo-Nazism has gone mainstream. Groups like Blood Tribe, Goyim Defense League and the National Justice Party are all focused on these issues. Nick Fuentes has to talk about how Hitler was based because Turning Point coopted all his other talking points.

4. If we have pushed nearly everything EXCEPT the Jewish Question and explicit Neo-Nazism into the mainstream, we should pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. We can talk about nearly everything that is important now without looking like a bunch of weirdos.

5. As this was happening in Florida, Elon Musk was floating the idea of putting up a poll on banning the ADL on Twitter. The taboo on even that issue is crumbling.

6. Ron DeSantis is a massive Israel cuck and I worry that these guys are putting a big target on their backs. I don’t buy the idea that it was just a pure coincidence that they ran into Laura Loomer.

7. Finally, I see no need to attack these guys or to call them feds. By going out there and holding events like this, it only further normalizes the rest of us. It makes us appear more mainstream.

Mainstream conservative commentators like me and Matt Parrott (LOL!) have our own lane.

Note: Everyone knows my opinion on the war in Ukraine.


  1. “What is the fringe these days?”

    Those who are trying to act like everything is grand – as if it were still 1963.

  2. I could be wrong, but that dog looks like a Red Heeler ACD with maybe a bit of Border Collie thrown in. Based dog.

  3. White Boy Summer is eternal.
    All groups are always infiltrated by glowie sissies from the cess ridden sewer swamp.
    Plan accordingly.

  4. “no need to attack these guys or to call them feds.”

    I won’t call them feds, but I will call them misguided.
    99% of Americans aren’t ready for NS regalia.
    They may enjoy the attention of shock , but it won’t advance our goals.

    • @Arrian…

      As per usual you are on target and smarter than most of The Right.

      Right – anyone wearing NS regalia, or any other signs that are commonly taken for ‘Satanic’, (such as being covered from head to toe in tattoos) and you will attract absolutely no one to your cause, but, repel them like flies.

      The only people attracted to such a display are those who already think like they – oh, let’s say 1/100,000th of the populace

      It’s emotionalism of logic – the very same kind of thing which is inspiring Volhynian and Galician Western Ukrainian Nazis to fight for The Jewish World Order against their White Russian Gentile Brethren.

      No wonder Mr. McClellan is there – a strong and faithful White Man who has not got much by way of hale analytical processes.

  5. Are we finally to a point where people will admit that Enoch is a Jew?

    I know, I know, I’m the one here who is always throwing cold water on the JQ. But that is because of the destructive autism that results from the neurotic obsession people have over it, which can never contribute positively to an organic White Identity. Exhibit A being the cringelordism on display here with these groups.

    The only thing worse than this autism is that its being fueled by crypto Jews like Weev and Enoch, who are at the heart of the dysfunction that obliterated and made irrelevant the Alt Right. Whether deliberately or not is really beside the point. The dishonesty surrounding all aspects of this topic is POISON to White Advocacy.

    Set aside the probability these people are Feds, they absolutely glow in the dark. I won’t have anything to do with it.

    Not all Whites can be saved. If they too are quislings to yet more crypto Jews LARPing as White, then I hard disavow.

    Ostracism is something our race has been unable to engage in for generations because of Jews and their quislings. Its only fitting that Jews and quislings are the first ones shoved out the airlock now that Starship Whitey has managed liftoff, despite all their efforts to sabotage it.

    I’m done even being tangentially identifiable with people like this. We won the optics war. I’m just a normie now, and its comfy here.

  6. I also hate the “this is just like that Jew, Mike Enoch,” dumb trope that never dies. I’m so tired of all of that weird paranoia and everybody is a Fed or Jew or both.
    Enoch was married to a Jewess before he solidified his political views and has been split for like 6 yrs now, lol.
    It just makes folks seem like they can’t get past 2016-17.
    Also, I recognize two ppl in the above media. One is a huge troll, the other Im not sure.

    • It’s pretty simple. The government has unlimited resources. The general public is getting close to finding out about jewish supremacy. So of course almost everything is a fed/jew psy op. If you are tired of it, leave. Things are just getting started.

      Nothing Enoch does involves going after jewish Wall St. In fact, his inner circle had Goldman Sachs employees. Jewish Wall St. doesn’t deserve to exist. Period.

      • “Nothing Enoch does involves going after jewish Wall St”

        Wrong !
        He’s spoken extensively about Fastow at Enron.

        • I am going by what they have posted at the njp website. Warren Balogh mentioned that Mike doesn’t want to go after the banks. Feel free to post any links of Mike going after Wall St. I am interested. I don’t listen to TRS paywall material.

    • I do give Enoch and NJP lots of credit for their work in exposing the Ethan Liming murder. Some of their work stands on its own merit, no doubt. I am a gen x guy who got screwed over in 2008. My politcal agenda precedes the millenial alt right in accordance with my age, and anybody who takes the focus off of jewish Wall St. is fucking me over, by definition.

      • @ps_Mike,

        Are you on Telegram? If not, please download the app directly from their website, and not from the Apple or Goole stores that ban most pro-White channels.

        Once you do that, go to Mike Peinovich’s Telegram channel, Erick Striker’s Telegram channel, and Warren Balogh’s Telegram channel, and search within each of those channels for the keywords BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street.

        Spoiler Alert: All three NJP leaders do expose jewish wailing wall street.

        Just saying.

  7. The “Freikorps Unite” video is too well made, and well timed to not be a gay op.

    The part about H,T.’s aunt wasn’t convincing. If this information was so easy to access, why wasn’t it revealed a year ago when GDL was making headlines. Also, GDL’s flyers are accurate in regard to the diabolical jews involved.

    Anyone that has actual authentic evidence that Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, make your case with facts, or STFU.

    FYI, Peinovich was just on Tim Murdoch’s “White Rabbit Radio” podcast. Do you really believe that Tim Murdoch would give a jew or Fed a forum on his show? Iirc, not even POS Richard Spencer who knew Peinovich has called him a jew, nor has David Duke to the best of my knowledge.

    Btw, I don’t believe that NJP is attempting to be an NSDAP-AO. They certainly have NS sympathies, but they aren’t throwing Romans, or waving Swastika flags at their pro-White rallies in defense on White victims of non-white violence.

    • I don’t know anything about Handsome Truth. I’m not familiar with him

      I was just laughing at the fact that any time anyone does anything at all it always starts conspiracy theories and shit talking

      • HW,

        I wasn’t addressing you specifically, but addressing other commentators, and that specific video posted on Freikorps Unite’s” X/Twitter account.

        I will say that Lucas/Angelo Gage seems to have a personality disorder. He is like a bull in a China shop. Gage couldn’t even get along with Cultured Thug or anyone else on the DR. I won’t fed jacket him, but he isn’t a valid source for much of anything, except USZOG’s war for israel.

        Handsome Truth does the Omegle stuff like Gypsy Crusader, Catboy Kami, and Brandon Martinez do or once did. Though, H,T. does attempt to redpill people on the JQ/JP that are open-minded enough to listen to something they were told was verboten since birth.He also tries to inform potential mudsharks to the dangers of getting involved with blacks.

        • He also tries to inform potential mudsharks to the dangers of getting involved with blacks.

          He is actually very creative and quite funny in the ways he goes about this. Probably the average reader he would cringe, but he has a better of idea of how to reach his target audience than the typical angry blowhard who posts on sites like this.

      • “laughing at the fact that any time anyone does anything at all it always starts conspiracy theories and shit talking”

        This is where the jwz have it all over us.
        They have many generations of deeply devoted ppl who have shown lifelong devotion to their cause, from childhood to death’s door.

        They KNOW who can be trusted,
        they aren’t worried about malicious interlopers.

      • HT is more troll/attention seeker than serious operator with a measured sense of what needs to be done.
        I don’t even mind that, because it’s none of my business and I don’t engage with it.
        I look at him & Gypsy Crusader and some of the older alt right folks from 2015-16ish like Fascist Lemming as just jokesters without a throttle or deep concern about our ppl.
        I will also say Gypsy Crusader got screwed by law enforcement for nothing.

  8. “7. Finally, I see no need to attack these guys or to call them feds. By going out there and holding events like this, it only further normalizes the rest of us. It makes us appear more mainstream.”

    Unlike the 99% of the times when people are sperging out,calling anyone out in public doing confrontational pro-White advocacy,I fully believe that the majority of these guys in particular ARE Feds. I’m just stating my personal opinion.

    The thing that I think clinches it for me is that they’re supporting the stupid Ukraine war,which is a jewish racial vendetta against Russians.

    Ukraine is led by a jew.

    The “Nazis” in Ukraine are agents of the U.S. State Department by dint of the fact that they are waging war on Russia on behalf of and with the financial and other support of the U.S. State Department.

    The U.S. government is not above deploying “Nazis” to accomplish their thoroughly jewish goals.

    These guys do make us look a lot more reasonable and sane IF people will take the time to listen to us in order to distinguish us from them. The problem is….they won’t do that. That is the reason why the government puts guys like this out there. What will happen is they will deploy these guys to annoy and terrorize the gullible goyim and then use them to recruit unwitting low IQ idiots to promote this. Then,they will spring the jaws of the trap and clamp down on everyone doing this sort of thing.

    This is a perennial trick of theirs. They do it over and over to cull our numbers.

    The strategy is kind of a double bluff. If we go along with these Ukraine-promoting feds,then our group is duped into becoming useful idiots for the establishment.

    If we call them out,then it causes infighting,which drops our numbers and slows recruitment for legitimate opposition to globohomo. We need to get to the point where we all recognize what’s going on with these gay ops without having to be told so that no one reacts the way the state department wants us to.

      • ick- Iposted this when it was being SCREAMED on the [sic] ‘Jewsmedia’ that folk on Zelensky’s side in the UKIE war were “REAL NOT-SEES!!!!” (Yeah, it quotes AAnglin, and I know how many of you feel about him, but there you are. People can change, due to God’s sovereign grace.)

        Begin Paste
        “But is this REAL ‘Nazism’?… or merely SATANISM, USING Nazi symbols and terminology? Controlled Opposition/Finkelthink stands to gain (again) another decade or more of spurious legitimacy, by DUPING the People. Including the young, most of all…..

        Look up the Article “FINKELTHINK on read-right dot com.

        Then, read the linked article and ask yourself the question: WHICH GODLESS RACE stands to benefit from this (((Propaganda)))? Or, more simply (((WHO))) rules the West/Ukraine, today?

        There is your REAL Answer.

        “I don’t really want to belabor a point I’ve already made, but Azov is a branch of the same “neo-Nazi” satanic cult as Atomwaffen. Atomwaffen was publicly exposed – mostly by me – as a literal satanic death cult that was killing cats and sacrificing goats, as well as having sex with trannies, in order to get power from demons. This was all confirmed on Discord links.

        All Satanism, for those who do not know, is effectively a form of Judaism. All of it is based on Jewish Kabbalism, including the demonology and the systems of ritual torture and killing to invoke demonic forces. You will find that everywhere you look if you look into Satanism – Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, or any of the modern new age occultists all draw their “secret knowledge” and “ritual magic” back to Jewish sources.”

        I think Anglin realized something a few years back, and his defense of Trad Christianity is growing week by week. Is he a Christian? Not yet. But he did say this, about the Alt-Right FWIW.

        “ I dumped the Alt-Right as a whole, as it turned out that basically everyone involved in the leadership was some kind of [federal] informant. Overall, I’ve chalked this up to the wages of a political movement that is not explicitly Christian.” – A. Anglin,


        I myself, have managed to come to a place, where I now believe we ALL need to read Mein Kampf, and UNDERSTAND AH, if not adulate him. He is just a mere man, and his witness is now a hundred years old. WE NEED TO MOVE ON- use Hitler’s insights, if necessary, but, like even Matt Parrott said in his substack column, not be stuck in ‘bad optics.’ (lol- that phrase!)

        This sort of CRAP is just that…. CRAP. H.T. is too OVER THE TOP, and while his flyers, and street evangelism is valid, these, too, are OVER THE TOP. But this LARPING is just DOG SH*T on parade. HW, I believe you are right. All of this needs to be given a wide berth, whether FEDs or just INSANE LARPERS= i.e., ‘self-hating Jews.’

    • FBI never lets off. Their purpose is to justify more draconian laws against all of us.

      That isn’t their only purpose.
      I’ll argue that a higher priority is to implode any potential political movement that is outside the two party system.
      They worked with organized crime to destroy both the Kkk and the German American Bund.

  9. First of all, what’s with the damned tattoos, especially on the face? I just never get that, and is a mark of true barbarism. Then, this guy is an ex-marine. Miles Mathis says this would be an immediate red flag, as almost of these strange groups have military backing, use military in their rallies, and operate near military bases.
    Miles even argues jan. 6 was an Air Force intel psy-op, and Ashli Babbit, the woman killed, was former Air Force, and Miles argues she’s still alive somewhere.
    Remember, he also argues the Manson killings were a set-up; Sharon Tate’ s father was military intelligence. The massacre of that school in Florida? One of the students who escaped had a father in the FBI. Coincidence?
    The Ukraine thing is also a giveaway, but a lot of National Socialists still support the “Aryan” struggle against Russia, like the National Alliance. Some groups let ideology take the place of sound thinking, as Andrew Anglin recently noted.
    It is pretty easy to spot these false fronts. Just look at things. Also, the feds, like everything else about the system, is losing their grip. They’re still dangerous, but flabby.
    They’re Mitch McConnell with a loaded gun.

  10. > Blood Tribe’s leader Christopher Pohlhaus, a leader of the Nazi rally in Orlando today says he would vote for Biden over Trump in 2024 because Biden is sending rockets to Ukraine.

    So this Nazi who wears a Swastika supports Golobo-Pedo, whose ostensible leader the retarded ventriloquist-dummy Joey Shitpants wants to send more weaponry to the Globo-Pedo puppet regime in a fake-country (Jewkraine or New Khazaria, whose chief-puppet is ugly Jew whose chief ability is playing Hava nagila with his dick on a piano) over Cheetohead the shabbas-goy who fellated Jews for his entire term as teleprompter-reader and twittermeister.

    I realize it all gets a bit confusing but Mr. Polhaus is either totally retarded (always a strong possibility) or on the payroll(s) of FBI, CIA, MI-6 and/or Mossad. The one demographic whose survival you can be damned certain he’s not working for are the white zeks living in Globo-Pedo’s massive open-air gulag for goyim. Polhaus also reeks of gefeltefisch with his attitude towards Cheetohead. The latter hapless clown, regardless of what lies he spews nowadays, did nothing whatever to even slow-down the buildup of the Zio-NATO military machine in New Khazaria and never failed to fellate the Schlomo-schlong – but they all hate him regardless.

      • “unironically support Ukraine because of Azov”

        Azov, who are being fed into a Russian meat grinder in service to jwzish overlords.

        • @ Mr. Griffin, Arrian, and Exalted Cyclops…

          Great points – all of y’all.

          It is so sad, and beyond ironic that those from the Western Ukraine, Galicians and Volhynians so adore Nazism, yet, serve Jews to the point of getting themselves blown away.

          When I despair at the ridiculously duped point of views of my own White Southern People, and I look at the Western Ukrainian Nazis serving Jews, and The Jewish World Order, I suddenly think we are not quite so bad – maybe.

          At a certain point we have to stop blaming Jews and blame ourselves for being so ridiculous.

      • Azov was entirely funded by the Jewligarch Kholomoisky until recently – when (((Blinken))) and (((Nudelman’s))) State Dept started pumping in the fake-money from Murika. Neo-Nazis who support Azov are either so literally retarded that they make the we-wuz-kangz folks look like Wakandan rocket-engineers or they’re yet another op run by Globo-Pedo-Schlomo. Either way they need to sign up for Uncle Schmuel’s International Legion for New Khazaria and jump into the meat-grinder ASAP. They can then earn their fully deserved Darwin awards with Kosher Klusters – thus improving the white gene pool. Krusty the Klown can hand their awards out at the memorial services. Jewkraine was once the “breadbasket of Europe”. Now it’s just a chop-shop for Jews who want to make big cash on body parts. Never see any Jews getting blown to bits over there, do you?

    • “Totally retarded (always a strong possibility) ”

      Overdriven by passion and underdriven by reason and experience.

      I can understand his fervor, but he’s letting his passions rule over reason.

      • @Arrian…

        You’re a very level-headed and clear thinking person.

        Your understanding is deep, so, even when I do not share your point of view (unusual) I still can respect your reasoning.

        Only to sorry more are not like you.

        What a nation we would have!

  11. Who stands with me?
    I’m not going to wear a swastika in public, but I’ll never accept Laura Loomer as anything but a parasite.

    • I’m pretty content to accuse them all of being Feds and Zio shills, without presenting any evidence, because they are acting like it and its the safe bet.

      Loomer is a looney toon. If they want to try and exploit eachother for attention, then hopefully none of them survive.

      If there’s anything we should have learned from the Alt Right, the only thing that motivates these grifters is attention, and they will destroy everything to get it.

      • There have been people like this dressing up as Nazis and doing marches since George Lincoln Rockwell’s time. I am pretty sure there were even groups before Rockwell who were doing this. Jerry Springer used to have people like Boneface on his show in the 1990s. It is nothing new. Just a perennial fixture of our politics.

        • “. I am pretty sure there were even groups before Rockwell who were doing this”

          The Bund in the 1930s, years before American went to war, were wearing NS uniforms, 10,000s.
          Also, the Silver Shirts in Southern California wore NS uniforms, 1000s of them.

        • As a follow up to my earlier comment. Nazism is now almost exactly 100 years old. We need to be able to INVESTIGATE IT FULLY, neither fearing it (as Jews still do) or idolizing it fetishistically (as these crazies do). Here’s a quote from a new UNZ article, that pretty much sums up that point, in different words:

          “National Socialism as a political, social, cultural, racial and spiritual ideology began to be applied in Germany in the early 1920s. It came to leadership of that nation first with the appointment of Adolf Hitler to Chancellor on January 30, 1933, but more fully after the German parliament the Reichstag’s vote of 82% for the Law of Plenary Powers (termed informally the Enabling Act) seven weeks later on March 24. The National Socialist German Labour Party (NSDAP. I use the translation in Leon DeGrelle’s book Hitler Democrat[1]), which referred to it as The Law to Rescue the German People From Poverty and Misery, was granted full leadership of the nation by the other parties, excluding their own political parties from influence. The rest, as we say, is history widely distorted by almost 90 years of primarily Jewish ongoing war propaganda and atrocity stories.”

      • I think it’s quite possible that they’re adrenaline junkies just doing it because they like the shock value. They’re not going to go mainstream and they’re not serious vangaurdists overthrowing the Government and living a life of crime either.

        However it’s possible that there are some feds mixed in there.

    • Imagine this:

      You have to use force to defend yourself, a loved one or your property from some POC. If the DA or prosecutor can produce a photo or other NS symbology they can turn a self-defense case into a hate crime issue.

    • I don’t see anything wrong with wearing a swastika in public. If it’s done right,I suspect that you could make it really funny. For instance, being the subject of a hyperventilating judenpresse smear campaign about “growing Nazi violence and terror” for wearing a swastika shirt but looking otherwise friendly and wholesome while cleaning spilled oil off of sea birds or giving out food to the homeless or rescuing kittens. That would be a hilarious bit that I suspect at least 40% of Americans would give a pass to.

      The problem is wearing a swastika while giving endorsements of the zog agenda unironically. That either makes you look retarded at best or funnels recruitment towards a self-defeating goal.

      If we all push in one direction,we can bring the corrupt temple of evil down. We proved that in 2016. They didn’t believe that we could do it and most of us didn’t believe we could do it before we did but it happened but we made the walls shake.That scared them. That’s why they put thousands of us in jail.

      Electing Trump ultimately didn’t do what we thought it would do but it did do something else. It proved something that they have been trying to gaslight us about for generations.

      We have political power.

      The only thing that stops us from winning this today is lack of a clear agenda,lack of a schwerpunkt,and the outright refusal of like 60% of people on this side to come together with everybody to push in the same direction until we accomplish a goal.

      We don’t have to all like each other and sing kumbaya. All we have to do is all do the same thing until we accomplish a certain task and then go our separate ways and filter into our own things. Hell,it’s probably better if we do that.

      We should all be able to agree that the government which is literally militarily occupying half the country and has since 1865 and has completely discarded the contract it had with the other states and got them signed on to a bunch of weird gay, brown/black tranny,pedo shit where they’re governed by a mixture of kabbalah and communism instead of what they were promised when they signed up is our enemy or if you prefer adversary or opponent.

      Ergo, legally and peacefully preventing them from doing anything that they think is really important for them to do until they either collapse from their own incompetence or come to the table to make a deal with White people should be our goal.

      Ergo,peaceful non-violent resistance to all levels of U.S government everywhere at all times should be our strategy. None of the people in the government are our friends. With this in mind,you should move from one objective to the next to the next. Start with the easiest ones. If someone else is already on it,join in and give it a push just like the jews do. Blacks wanted free money and access to White women. Jews wanted reliable enforcers. Jews didn’t care about black Snivel Rights but they saw that there was energy behind their demands,so they joined in and managed them to make sure they got what they wanted because they both wanted to hurt Whitey.

      There are plenty of areas where you can hurt jews this way too,by giving your energy to something that is an obstacle to their agenda or an annoyance to them but which on the surface has nothing to do with you. Help someone build a chicken processing plant next to a jewish golf course or whatever. You have to look out for what’s going on in your area.

      The tactics are irrelevant. They don’t matter. You decide what tactics you want to do and don’t argue about it,especially in public, with other people. Keep things casual and uplifting to keep morale high.

  12. Nazism is dumb anyway.
    Sometimes I think Nazism itself is a psyop.
    it’s cartoonish, like something out of the MCU.
    Totalitarianism is for dumb slaves who want to relinquish all their rights to an autocrat, someone they don’t know personally who may betray them.
    The rest of the world is doing ethnonationalism without totalitarianism.

    To me Hungary is thee example of what white nationalism should look like, a mix of individualism/rights and collectivism/duties, tradition and progress, capitalism and rightwing socialism.
    Nazism is a boneheaded cult with 0 room for individuality, grassroots organizing and organicism.
    It’s 100% top-down, it makes everyone into a dumb automaton.
    It’s also ahistorical, anti-tradition, the autocrat and his clique redesign and remake society overnight according to their whims.
    Nazism is hyperprogressive and futurist, it’s just a rightwing progressivism.

    Part of what distinguishes white people form other races is our individuality.
    But of course individuality too can be taken too far and exploited, which’s what our modern neoliberal world order is.
    Neoliberalism, like Marxism, oughta be rejected, hopefully neoliberalism will fall soon, like Marxism before it, and be replaced by a sane, rational white nationalism instead of the one-dimensional idiocy and lunacy of Nazism.

    For every action there tends to be a reaction.
    The extremes the Nazi revolution went to gave credence to the extreme egalitarianism (in theory) and extreme individualism of Marxism and neoliberalism respectively.
    White people have yet to find their footing in this modern and postmodern industrial and postindustrial world.
    We need moderation instead of swinging from one extreme to the next.
    Moderation is not the same as the today’s status quo, the contemporary status quo in the west is itself an extreme, extreme hedonism and materialism.

    • At that time, Germany needed an autocrat to crush the very real danger of Bolshevism, after what happened in the Bolshevik takeover of Bavaria.
      It took an iron fist to crush the tyranny of communism.

      Really, for the dangerous circumstances in central Europe, the NS was quite tolerant.

      Consider the times and the circumstances.

      • That’s a fair point, I wasn’t considering that, I’ll have to study history more and give things more thought.
        While Nazism is not ideal in my view, under certain circumstances it may be necessary.
        It’s not necessary for Hungary, at least for the time being, they have a white ethnostate without going to extremes.

        • Hungary is in the process of being chewed up and spat out. They do not have strong enough forces to prevent their descent into Globohomo.
          That’s why you need something like NSDAP.

    • Yeah, let’s go with your retarded and cringe colorblind compassionate liberaltarianism. It’s easier for Joe and Jane normie to swallow, but provides nothing in the way of White self-defense and White survival.

      All roads lead to Hitler, or they lead nowhere.

      • You can be a white nationalist and prefer a mixed economy to libertarianism without being a Nazi.
        Viktor Orban is doing it, Hungary has representative democracy, some civil liberties and human rights, yet it’s also a white Christian ethnostate and the individual has duties to uphold, he is not free to be a total degenerate like westerners are free to be today.
        There are degrees between libertarianism, an extreme, and Nazism, another extreme, it doesn’t have to be nothing or all.

        • @Karl…

          So very true – there are many degrees and options available, between where we are now and The Third Reich.

          America 1840, or America 1900, or America 1940, or, even, America 1980 – they all are palatable options,.

          We do not have to reinvent the wheel, simply reapply any of our older forms.

          • Right?
            America and the Anglosphere in general were at their best from 1924 or 1933-1963 or 65, if we could just get back to something approximating those days, somehow, before mass immigration, the petrodollar and sexual revolution of the 60s and the neoliberal revolution of the 80s, we’d be alright.
            Unfortunately our ruling class gradually sold us out and we went along with it.

          • @Karl…

            All good points.

            We have had plenty of successful Americas and do not need to import government models, but just use some amalgamation of what we have had before.

            We’ll get there, it’s in the wind.

        • @Karl Logan,

          Orban’s nation is almost completely homogenous. It is much simpler to institutionalize safeguards to folk and nation in such cases. Hungary is not the heart of jewish power in the world, as that shameful designation is America’s cross to bear alone.

          One normie ‘conservative’ soothsayer that loves Hungary and Orban is Cucker Carlson, and his op imo is to keep Europeans open to liberal democracy which is poison.

          To paraphrase Barry Goldwater (ironic, eh?), “Extremism is defense of folk and nation in an existential crisis is not a vice.”

          A lot of people that take issue with a benevolent dictatorship, usually have no qualms with a monarchy, or some form of establishment elite that accomplishes the same, but without the well-being of their country and the people as the foremost goals.

          To be honest, I do not believe White right-wingers have the wisdom, intelligence, discipline, and especially the intestinal fortitude become National Socialists ideologically. They are pathetic cowards that wave “Blue Lives Matter” flags and quote MLK.

          One way or another, they will have to pick a side. The only things in the middle of the road are yellow stripes and roadkill.

          • @Novemrber…

            Yes, you are right – Hungary is 2% Jew, 5% Gypsy and the rest Gentile Hungarian.

            Moreover, Hungarians are, as a group, much more fiercely tribal than any other Western group.

            Orban’s situation is much much easier than ours.

            That said, he still has done a better job than any other Western leader, in memory, other than Vladimir Putin.

            But, as an inspirational symbol for The American Right, Orban and Hungary are valuable, particularly what to expect, as a minimum, from our leaders, going forward.

            Ironically, The Hungarian Nationalists (Mi Hazank Mozgolom) think Orban is a bad joke.

      • “All roads lead to Hitler, ”

        He was simply following good sense.

        Put people to work building infrastructure, there’s nothing sinful about a shovel.

        Put hungry children on farms where old folks need the help of young hands.

        Outlaw the use of potatoes to make alcohol when you have starving people.

        Outlaw advertising alcohol and tobacco.

        On and on.

  13. These groups seem kind of archaic now that all the former edgy positions are now mainstream. Give it time and even the Jewish question will be normalized. If anything, normie Trump supporters are more radical than these people even if they are sincere. They aren’t going to burn the country down for Trump where I feel like some normies have that potential lol

  14. The reason that the Jewish Question has not gone mainstream is that being anti-minority has not gone mainstream. What’s gone mainstream is being anti anti White. Meaning an opposition to reverse racism. Nobody in the Republicans would support open racialism even if it was Jared Taylor racialism that assimilated Jews. For instance nobody is making racialist comments against Vivek.

  15. “I’m not going to wear a swastika in public, ”

    Absolutely !
    It’s been too vilified by controlled media.

    (Beware of even using it in private.
    There are too many cellphones and it could be used against you some future situation. Be very cautious !

    Make your contributions your symbol of solidarity.)

  16. “The NAACP has notably issued an official travel advisory for Florida for people of color.”…….NYpost

    You mean ‘NAZIS’ marching will make Florida safer ? This could start a trend 🙂

    • I got a good laugh after reading that report earlier today. The Slave-Keeping Cannibal-Saints themselves. couldn’t have created a more thorough clusterfuck than the BM’s.

  17. There will be jews, and jewish sympathizers, that will infiltrate groups fighting jews. It’s a fact. They will get funding, organization and publicity. It’s a fact. Infiltrating groups that no one knows about would be a waste of their time, which is why all these noise makers, making the news, are either feds or jews. Think!

  18. As the spokesperson for the GDL I attended this event. These men are pro-White and solid White men standing in defiance of the Jewish-controlled government. If people want to be keyboard warriors that’s their right but don’t talk shit about us when we are doing irl activism. As for Blood Tribe and their leader Hammer he is a committed White nationalist and It was a pleasure to stand side by side with him and his members. For the White victory!

    • What’s accomplished by openly displaying NS symbols ?

      Couldn’t that energy be better used in flyer runs and soliciting donations ?

      Seems that you’re playing into the ((media’s)) narrative.

    • “don’t talk shit about us when we are doing irl activism.”

      I haven’t been talking negatively about you. I just want you to accomplish the most for the energy expended.
      I don’t want you doing anything that is counterproductive to our goals.

      By using NS symbols you’re swimming up a waterfall. The media narrative of 60 years has corrupted American perceptions, they can’t accept hard truths, yet.

      You can probably recruit a tiny segment of young men, then hit a brick wall.

      Good luck.

    • People are governed by self interests, until you tell me truthfully from your heart why you are doing what you are doing and how you benefit, you are a goddamned liar, do you understand me Christ killer?

    • How is what the GDL and Blood Tribe are doing in any way shape or form “standing in defiance” of the government?

      I see a coordinated effort to get attention from media.

      To what end?

    • Azov is being pimped by the US into becoming their tool of NeoLiberal Imperialism. Russia is correctly against NeoLiberal Imperialism. If people like Boneface and that tranny spokesman are the representatives of Ukraine, then obviously we have no need to support them, or their jew leader Zelensky.

      The only good to come of your anti-social bullshit, was your endorsement of Biden and this useless war that is universally despised. In your stupidity, you at least gave us a beneficial smear.

      Now if you can’t grow up, at least fuck off back to the basement.

  19. Something people forget regarding the Bandera movement in Ukraine was that the Germans locked him up at first, then finally let him organize SS Uk. troops to fight Russia…and most of them went out to slaughter Poles. Bandera was even too much for the SS and they locked him up again. So, the Nazi links to the Above types are very tentative.
    I see the whole Ukraine as some kind of nationalist movement that got co-opted very early, and a lot of Ukrainians are just being played…and seem to enjoy it. sort of like if jews came to Missouri and tried to organize the Ozarks as a kind of separate state.

    Ukraine really belongs with Russia. They’re just an extended Russia, a kind of border region. Still, the Ukrainian nation campaign seems effective. I saw a bit chute where a Ukrainian pop singer sang a song bout sending the Russians back in body bags…and a crowd of school children sang along with her.
    I have very little hope for these kind of people.
    Blood tribe seems like a crowd of lost men led by undercover agents waiting to be loosed on someone or something. There are probably untold thousands like that waiting.

  20. I think this Blood and Tribe WWF fake wrestler was probably auditioning for the fictional role as the evil White guy trying to prevent the first all Black swim team from getting in the pool.

    Bill Barr has a very funny routine about this character complete with the vein popping out of the evil racist White guy with the face and neck tattoos and this Hollywood NAZI Christopher Pohlaus – I think he’s gonna get the part!

    Check out Bill Barr’s great comedy routing on this subject:

    • What is the Hollywierd movie about omega-incel whiggers pretending to be whigger nutsionalists and not smart enough when they want beaneress coosh to even go to a Juarez cathouse to get some for 10 ZOGbux.

      Is Wally Cox still alive to play your part as SuperChicken?

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  21. Not a fan of Anglin but he was right about Enoch being Jewish. I left an audio clip above in the comment section with Mike casually confirming this himself on three different occasions. He is Jewish, no doubt about it. In a new article Anglin is accusing Blood Tribe and HT of being feds.

    HT does good work. I doubt he is a fed. I’m not too familiar with Blood Tribe, but I can’t take anyone seriously that supports Zelenski and the Ukraine in this war. They are just moronic, and they look stupid in the outfits and masks.

    • It is more likely that Nick Fuentes is a fed.

      Look at what just happened to the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers including people who never stepped inside the Capitol. How did Nick get away with ordering his followers to storm the Capitol and disobey the police?

    • Once again, Enoch is not Jewish. The Jewish media people turning his life inside out back in 2017 tried their hardest to prove this by thoroughly investigating both of his parents and their lineage.They went to their homes and interviewed them personally. The Jew responsible for the big bombshell article admitted on a taped phone call that Enoch wasn’t Jewish.
      It’s not 2017, you need to stop with the repeating the dumb things you hear online that were clips from 6-7 yrs ago that mean not what you think.
      It makes you look ignorant.

  22. So I watched the amren with Laura Loomer. I see you got rid of necro-commenting a while back. I searched “Laura Loomer” on Occidental Dissent.

    To make Ted Sallis angry, I understand that most Jews happen to have to a degree a Mediterranean phenotype. But she has it to the extreme. Ted Sallis closed his blog down, but he chimps out on anyone talks about Northern Europeans as opposed to Mediterraneans.

    A true class based leftism would actually target big tech. The problem is that class based leftism has been replaced with liberalism and reverse racism.

    This is a bit off topic, but nobody posts on topic anymore.

  23. The ADL is rightfully under attack and suddenly all these “Nazis” show up, getting huge publicity. Coincidence, I’m sure. BTW, why does the left never have any optics problems?

    • The smell of stinking gefeltefisch just hangs in the air wherever these nazis show up. Kind of like the grand waffen-nazi marsch through Skokie which the (((ACLU))) heroically sued to ensure the Jewish city would allow. Jew-owned Pedowood even managed to slip it into the pot-boiler movie The Blues Brothers at around the same time. The leader of the fake-and-gay Skokie nazis turned out to be one of the tribe (surprise!) as did most of his followers. That little event would be a good topic for a write up from Mr. Ryan, who probably knows the neighborhood well, being from Illnoize as he is.

      • @Exalted Cyclops,

        I believe there are photos of a youngish Rahm Emmanuel (Obama’s first chief of staff, and later mayor of Shitkago) with a jewfro protesting the la kosher nose “Nazis” led by half jew Frank Collin (son of Max Simon Cohen/Cohn).

        Harold Covington was a member of Frank Cohen’s American Nazi Party (ANP). Covington found photographic evidence of Cohen being a pedophile (wow! What a surprise), called 5-0, and moved the ANP to North Carolina.

        The jews really do take Lenin’s concept of leading the opposition to heart.

        • @November…

          “Harold Covington was a member of Frank Cohen’s American Nazi Party (ANP). Covington found photographic evidence of Cohen being a pedophile (wow! What a surprise), called 5-0, and moved the ANP to North Carolina.”

          I did not know that about what brought Covington to Raleigh, in the late 1970s.

          What I can say is that he repelled all of Raleigh, while his constant over the top rantings and ravings.

          As teens we used to call up his headquarters just to get into hysterics about his latest taped message.

  24. According to RT (Russia Today), ‘Bone Face’ works for the CIA and has connections with the Azov Battalion/Ukrainian Nazis, just heard that on RT live.
    I believe it, Blood Tribe/Goyim Defense League are obvious Feds, Laura Loomer magically appearing and why else would you support Jewkraine?
    These are fake Nazis ran and protected by the deep state.

  25. Somewhere there has to be a balance point, a “sweet spot,” between “Fuck optics!” and “We must never, ever, under any circumstances, do anything to offend the delicate sensibilities of the White bourgeoisie.”

    Perhaps something along the lines of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Sweden. See their Englsih-language website:

    • What is the benefit of public demonstration like this?

      Does it help fundraise? No..

      Does it make people more receptive to a White Positive message? No…

      Is it a chance to grow a network of White folk through outreach? No…

      What part of the 14 words is furthered by this behavior?

      Why then? What is it about “demonstration” that appeals to people? Why does giving your opinion more loudly than usual in a public place in constume and before cameras appeal to anybody?

      HW! I don’t understand this autism.

  26. Yea, these guys work for the CIA, here’s proof from RT:

    “Behind Pohlhaus in the video stood Kent ‘Boneface’ McClellan, a Floridian Nazi who fought with the Azov regiment and other extremist militias in Ukraine. In an interview last year, McClellan admitted to participating in atrocities in the Donbass region, and claimed that the CIA helped him join the regiment.

    Many online right-wing commentators have proclaimed Pohlhaus a “fed,” and Blood Tribe a government-run entrapment operation. The organization has been active since 2021 and has shown up at more mainstream right-wing protests throughout this year, for example performing Nazi salutes at a ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ event in Ohio in March. Conservatives picketing the LGBTQ event say that the neo-Nazis showed up to tarnish their image.

    According to a report by the Maine Wire, Pohlhaus co-owns a property in the state with Fred Ramey, a former Democratic Party activist who campaigned for current Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg when he ran for president in 2020. Pohlhaus had federal drug charges against him dismissed with no explanation in 2012, while Ramey’s criminal record was redacted in the early 2000s.”

  27. Last week here on Occidental dissent I ended up running off a fake beaneress pretending to be a catlike skrule girl for the benefit of thirsty incels noted before for trying OD pretending to be very smart — enough to set policy for the hard times ahead of the Collapse of ZOG. Lying-Ryan even called for me to be banned while whining like a pussy sans pussy about open jews doing the same thang to whiggers.

    Reading the full articles and comments above I see how that I wouldn’t have much if anything to do with us working together. Unlike Lyin’-Ryan I don’t care much for pearl-clutching because I have nothing to prove to anyone — my advocacy of violence is well known to both the bowel Movement and jews of whatever flavor. I don’t have a problem with random whigger kids simply acting like whiggers and killing a few randumb niggers. It took over 30 years to arrive politically and morally to my present condition.

    So let us allow that both these groups are working together and are likely ZOGbots in fact. My point? What of it? We cannot create new Revolutionaries by ourselves, they must create themselves. Someone makes the point that Dr. William Pierce disdained “toxic activists joining the National Alliance as being pure poison.” Katja Lane, David Lane’s wife would bitch to me about “phone booth fuerhers who got $400,000 in ORDER money but couldn’t do anything to free David Lane from Florence SuperMax. Pierce croaked and gave it to Erich Gliebe who timbered $300,000 from Pierce’s farm and around Oct. 2018 Will Williams sold 305 acres to West Virginia Coastal Timber Company according to Pocahontas tax records. Pierce paid $95,000 to pay off the bank note. Pierce ran an Elohim City for CreaTards, and reconditioned the jewboy bagel bakester with jew ass-GAIDS Rabbi Linder. Did that destroy our Movement?

    Having a few jewboy nutzi ZOGbots won’t destroy our Movement thang any more than having some young whigger gun down 3 niggers at randumb in a Dollar General Store or 9 of them in a Nigger Church. Let the tards play — and rather than get all butthurt over it like your two crypto-kikes or jew Lying-Ryan with a case of blue-balls because some 300-lb green-haired lesbian decided to self-deport because you let me run wild.

    Let’s understand something. ZOG/Babylon is doomed and soon it will implode taking much of the nigger, jew and whigger population with it because trade and food supply will break down. So rather than worry about it, time to go with the flow of history wherein ZOG is like a dead carp picked apart by crawdads and maggots, and you work on your own blog to help bring it about. Cheeto-jesus the ZOG-Emperor might even win and get to take his seat as Prez-o-dint. Probably not, but maybe. Rather as when our ancestors were getting theys’ ass kicked they would run off back to theys’ business and let the kings play theys’ game of kings. It was over 500 years from Exodus until Ramesses II’s son put up a stele saying that Israel was destroyed.

    Those who are scared of a few ZOGbots showing theys’ asses shouldn’t be. Such making ass-clowns of theysselfs gives ZOG the signal that ZOG has thangs well under coontrol — while they do not.

    Thank you Brad for fulfilling your role in this bowel Movement of ours. That of putting up commentary for display and allowing all parties to comment. I won’t thank you for Lyin-Ryan or the 2 crypto-kikes, but a state of stasis is good enough for now,

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  28. To paraphraise Donald Rumsfeld, the Deep State Department of Defense burrocrat who fucked up the ZOGs War on Ragheads, let’s understand that inevitably we need to fight this Civil War with the ZOGbots we have given to us mainly by ZOG and the shitty social order, not the ZOGbots we want to have, i.e., mentally unstable and violent “Lone Tards” who will do the shit we want to add to the chaos and anarchy while we blame ZOG for programming them like Timothy McVeigh as part of a COUNTELPRO MKUltra scheme. Back in the 1990’s while running two militia groups I would say the ZOG wound up Little Timmy Tuttle and sent him off to Elohim City with the rest of the ZOGbots to wait until ZOG made him a truck bomb. You ALWAYS blame ZOG for creating the social order detritus which inevitably snaps and acts like a wind-up doll, especially if it is part jew like Dickie Spencer, Mike the Kike Enoch, Bryan Reo, Mattoid Chaimbach especially given that none of us want to bear any responsibility for perverted, fucked-up-in-the-head ZOGbots who are majority jew and nigger in any case. It is like getting a case of hand grenades which got dropped off of the truck. These hand grenades were made by ZOG, I don’t see why they can’t be used as long as you make sure that they can’t be traced back to you, and if they are, remember ITZ ALWAYS ZOGs FAULT that you were driven and forced to becum yet another freedumb fighter for the White Race and not just another mad domestic terrorist.

    This is what I’ve always tried to tell Bradifer. Stop apologising for when some “Lone Tard” like Dylann Storm Roof or Peyton Gederon guns down some “good niggers.” No such thang as “good niggers.” Only sub-animal Beasts of the Field needing the White Man to gibs dem dat shit niggers love like KFC, Grape Drink, mentholated cigarettes, and fat whiggress gorda pussy or else these Beasts of the Field will overpopjewlate the ZOGland and take down gliberal whiggers — which is fine by me. There is no “Honorable Mention” for being a ZOGling whigger pussazoid.Every Resistance fighter should want to be feared rather than try to be loved. Being loved is for losers. Being known as a cold-blooded sociopath who will make regime-criminals eat theys’ spawns’ nuts and having you very own wood-chipper you are just really wanting to use real bad on ZOGlings means you got 40% of the 2d Civil War won.
    (Actually the video was made back in the 1990s by a cute little gookess. Down Wile E. Hibernigger)

    Right now I am trying to politicise Lone Tard shootings such as Robert Bowers who killed 11 jews and shot 5 ZOGpigs. I’m trying to get him protection under the 4th Geneva Coonvention as a combatant for the Aryan Nations “White Army Faction” as opposed to awaiting texecution like Dylann Roof. What is necessary is to achieve political action to where domestic terrorist activity such as Lone Tard shootings can be made into Revolutionary Direct Action and thus protected political activity necessary to carry out a successful insurgency. Whining like ZOGtarded pussazoids don’t achieve such results.

    Always leave the general population who is becum-cumming radicalized in the moral darklands to where the question as to the origin of the latest ZOG violence can’t be pinned down directly and the matter becomes: What side are you on? ZOG’s or YHWH’s Servant Nation of Aryan Christian Israel’s survival?

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt

    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  29. Dear Fearless Leader William Pierce:

    Don’t go off on “violent freaks”. Some of them gave you $400,000 so you could buy a compound and several Ukrainian women, so you could give it to another sucession of parasites who soon after your death would log off your farm and later sell it to the West virginia Coastal timber company. Running an Elohim Shitty for CreaTards didn’t work out too well.

    Also, why did you resurrect a gut-sick jewboy with jew ass-GAIDS to run your Internuts forum and web page? Yes, you had the ORDER-ZOGbux but you would have been better served by buying a herd of goats to take care of eating the weeds.

    You should have used your P.O. Box 666 to alert the FBI to Whiggerswill Welas and Kevin Alfeard Strom as being tards and willed your farm to your brother Saunders instead of giving it to Erich Gliebe. Just saying.

    The good thing about whigger “violent freaks” is that usually they don’t get off in acting like jews with money, even if you got it from violent freaks.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt

    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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