Lindsey Graham: We Need To Pass $70 Billion In Ukraine Aid

Obviously, we haven’t purged every villain from the Senate.


  1. Interesting contrast of border policies. “Fix the [US] border” now means just more Border Patrol agents to remove whatever obstacles Texas is putting on the Rio Grande & more beds & more processing capability to speed up the Third World invasion & manage it better. Fixing Ukraine’s border means a million tons of guns, missiles, tanks, airplanes & ammunition to not only defeat the Russian invasion, but spread Global Democracy all the way to the Kremlin.

    • “Fix the [US] border” now means just more Border Patrol agents to remove whatever obstacles …..

      Yep , and to provide better housing and incentives to bring in families.

  2. Nope, nope, can’t spend 20 billion on a border fence, just don’t have the money.

    Tell the goy anything, they’ll believe it.

  3. “And in the wars ‘twixt France and Germany,
    Under pretence of helping Charles the Fifth,
    Slew friend and enemy with my stratagems:”. Jew of Malta

    True 400 years ago, true today.

  4. Any ideas of how a conservative Southern state like South Carolina would elect an obvious flaming faggot like Graham? Perhaps love of war, any war, trumps “homophobia” in that neck of the woods.

    • He was elected back in the George W. Bush era. The problem in South Carolina is that the people there keep reelecting incumbents. Strom Thurmond was reelected for decades. There are other cases that come to mind.

    • I lived in SC for years. You must choose two of five religions (Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, University of South Carolina and Clemson) and at least one of better be a football team. Military worship is arguably a 6th religion though strangely, Veterans Day was not observed at the utility I worked for.

  5. We hate to tell Amurikuns “We told you so” but 10 years ago we/I at OD “told you” what was happening in South Carolina with this lisping, Neo Con, Christian Zionist flaming fag*t lisping Lindsey Graham and the other highest elected officials in the once solid, Conservative Confederate state of South Carolina:

    “What’s the matter with South Carolina”?

    We (I) were canneries in a coal mine. We noticed that South Carolina didn’t have a single heterosexual White Southern male in the offices of US Senator (flaming homo queer Lindsey Graham, Black affirmative action something Tim Scout) and dot Indian governor Niki Haley (real birth name Nimarata Nikki Haley (née Randhawa; all of these South Carolina non Whites, flaming queer are treasonous on border security, the Great Replacement of our people and our culture and all of them are shameless puppets of the Zionist, Neo Conservatives in things like $ billions in foreign aide to Israel and now billions in military aide to that Je* anti Russian President of Ukraine Zelenski. 

    Both the Dot Indian, UN Ambassador (representing the Israeli Likud Party, not us) Niki Haley and Black magic negro Tim Scott are now running for USA President on the GOP ticket basically on the only issue of “vote for me/us to virtue signal that you’re not racist or sexists oh and  you support Israel uber alles and to show that you aren’t a MAGA racist trump voter”.

    Do we have any readers on the ground in South Carolina? How is this all playing down there? Why aren’t there any demos of burning lisping Lindsey Graham in effigy, the same with Niki Haley?

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