House Speaker Mike Johnson Is Standing Like a Rock For Israel

Ladies and gentlemen, WE’VE WON!

The FAR RIGHT has won! The MIGA movement has won! We’re never coming down!

Daily Mail:

Mike Johnson took his first trip as House Speaker to gather with Republican Jews at a conference in Las Vegas on Saturday in the wake of Hamas terrorists attacks on Israel. …

‘It’s not an accident that the first resolution was for Israel, and my first trip was to come and be with you. I want everyone to know where we stand,’ Johnson said as he closed-out the Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Leadership Summit. …

The Louisiana Republican said: ‘This message is to the UN – there will be a ceasefire only when Hamas ceases to be a threat to Israel.’

Let me tell you.

70+ years of Standing With Israel has really blessed us! Just look around!


  1. Don’t bank on Johnson’s words, blood changes everything. And the sight of blood, American Blood is going to make this frivolous rogue, Johnson sing a different tune.

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