Donald Trump Easily Wins Iowa Caucus

Iowa was the first stop on the Revenge Tour.

It is already over. CNN and CBS have called the race for Trump.


    • Funny you should mention that Mr. Smith:

      ” . . . Early life
      Reid was born Joy-Ann Lomena in Brooklyn, New York City.[7] Her father was from the Democratic Republic of the Congo,[4] and her mother a college professor and nutritionist from Guyana.[4] Her parents met in graduate school at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Reid graduated from Harvard University in 1991 with a concentration in film studies.[8][9] . . . In a 2013 interview, Reid recalled that her college experience was a quick immersion into a demographically opposite place from where she lived, from a community that was eighty percent African American to a community that was six percent African American.”

      It seems Joy(less) Reid’s parents are another immigrant success story, making the U.S. worse with every wog who enters the country. She is a walking argument against immigration along with tens of millions of other problems from the Third World just like her.

      Between overwhelmingly White Iowa and overwhelmingly White New England Joy developed a deep loathing for White people even though there is no doubt she and her family were treated well, especially in Iowa.

  1. Trump said tonight that he’s going to scrub the swastikas off of the marble columns in Washington DC so we have that to look forward to, I guess.

  2. “pushing Trump to get more and more extreme.”

    I agree with Brother Nathanael, the establishment doesn’t fear Trump, they fear Trump’s supporters.

  3. What do you’all think of Kristi Noem as Trump’s VP? Ron DeSantis would be good too. These have a track record of delivering the goods.

    Hope he does not pick Kari Lake or Marjorie Taylor Greene or, for that matter, Vivek or Nikki.

    • He will pick Haley because she is rabidly Pro-Israel and he needs the conservative Suburban Soccer Mom vote. Noem’s popularity is pretty much MAGA Boomer Conservitards who like a Conservative gal with a tight ass and a cowboy hat.

      • He doesn’t like Haley, maybe in fact hates her. Furthermore, Kali Yuga War Karen (hat tip to Exaltes Cyclops) is generally disliked in the South to such a degree her pick as VP will likely hurt more than help Trump.

        At this point, Southern Soccer Karens are going to vote for Trump. They don’t need further encouragement. They aren’t going to vote for 4 more years of non-White Irish Niggers like Joe Biden. But, I could see a larger number of Southerners staying home rather than vote for Nimrata as VP.

  4. Zognald has lied to us literally thousands of times. He will say anything to get votes. What he would actually do is unrelated to anything he says. What he actually believes is unrelated to anything he says. Like a Jew, he usually inverts it. We already went through four years of that.

    He is an actor. Actors is what Jesus called the Jews. Hypocrites, which means actors on a stage. That is Zognald

    Anyway, he is taking a fall again, same as last time. He knows he is slated to lose. That is fine with him. Most of his life he was openly a liberal democrat. And he still is.

    • The problem is, even if he is lying, we don’t know for sure. He might not be, but we know 100% that all the other candidates will stab us in the back. With Trump, it’s an open question. He could completely attack the forces of evil and likely prevail, if forceful enough. Even if he doesn’t, we’ve lost nothing because the rest are predetermined traitors. Trump is the only choice that could possibly turn things around. You might not like these choices, but they are what they are, and we can’t change them.

      If, it happens as said in the link I linked above, Trump brought in 10 to 15 thousand dedicated hard core supporters and packed the government full of them, he could get some serious things done. Anyone who tried to stop them, and him, could be crushed.

      • Fair point. Folks just need to keep their eyes open and know what they’re likely voting for. The fact remains that his first term was a failure, a typical Republican knife to the back. Trump was great at talking the talk, but his walk was thoroughly wretched. Still I’m not yet totally convinced that all of this fury and panic directed at him from the usual suspects is merely an act on their part.

  5. Why won’t Trump talk about the Jews killing innocent women and children over in Gaza? Why TF does he make the key point of his victory speech deportation immigrants? Because he is a whore, a dirty filthy diseased whore that’s why.

    • Its not hard to understand from my perspective.

      I could care less about dead brown people on the other side of the world that asked for what they got (or their parents did in the kids case I guess, idk & idgaf, life’s a bitch, and then you die), when there are millions of other brown people scrambling across the border here at home because we don’t have the starch to forcibly defend our border.

      Gaza isn’t my problem. Israel isn’t my problem.

      Immigrants raping, pillaging and murdering their way through the homeland is. This is a political reality that is too clear to ignore and Trump would be a total dumbass not to see it.

      Cry me a river in gaza. I can’t be made to care. If me and mine were all suddenly massacred for no reason, the war in gaza would stop and both the jews and muslims to take time to celebrate before going back to killing eachother some more.

      You still don’t get it? I can try to put an even finer point on it lol.

      • A morally just people deserve a morally just ruler, and the killing of innocent women and children in your name will have consequence for you and those closes to you whether you see it now or not.

    • ISA is obviously correct. Assuming you are American, 3rd world orc invaders are a much bigger problem for you and me than what is happening in Gaza. Most fatso, retard Americans are pretty much on board with the actions of their beloved Yids. Trump is a clown, but he does have some sense of what voters want to hear. You just don’t seem to have much of a clue about anything, Brownie.

        • You couldn’t be more wrong, Brownie. I’m just telling you the way it is. It’s a sad fact that the innocent always suffer at the hands of the evil in this upside-down world.

    • That’s an easy one. The most urgent issue facing the country (what remains of it) is not a distant war in Gaza but the ongoing invasion of the homeland. Trump knows how to read his audience (or ‘marks’, if you prefer). Trump would be even more of a clown if he decided to make Gaza his number one issue because you already know he’d be wanting to get back to being called ‘Kang Cyrus’ by those carrying out the mass slaughter since they have the money to get 4/5 seats at the game table. How many Palestinians would even proclaim him the finest kaffir they’ve ever known? If Palestinians want Deus-Imperator Cheetohead to make their plight an issue they’d best come up with lots of fellatio backed up be even more cold hard cash.

      • The war is going to come here, either by a direct attack or a false flag type event to get that Irishmen to draft your sons and daughters to fight, can’t you see? The Jews are losing a war in Gaza they can not afford to lose. What are their options?

        • You are right about the Palestinians. You don’t have to love them to not want to see the Jews murdering them genocidal outright, but others are correct that, as bad as this is, it will not move the needle in our Presidential elections to make it a part of his campaign.

          Sad but true.

    • “Hindu boy has dropped out…”

      …making way for Sikh Indian girl (now conveniently evangelical) to come up on Trump from behind. After they really fix Trump’s wagon, I predict that Nimrata will be the POTUS candidate. If not, then she must become the Vice POTUS, or better yet, the next “De facto POTUS” (a strong Secretary of State) like Cheney, Hillary and Blinken.

      But what does it matter, this illusion of choice in an “election”? Running for protection under its far right wing is where the Beast (system) wants you to go. The system will not be overthrown but is CONSERVED by a far right populist-reformist safety valve pressure release such as Trump or Randhawa. They are reactionaries. not revolutionary! Pray for them, don’t vote for them. Be wise as serpents, harmless as doves. Beauty (spiritual not physical) will save the world. Love and truth are strongest and will outlast the buying power of great stolen wealth.

  6. 99 out of 99 counties. Someone also said (hilariously enough) that Trump got 88% of the Vote.


    I don’t care for him, but I do care that WHITE AMERICA is realizing that WE HAVE TO THINK RACIALLY, FROM HERE ON OUT, or we WILL be GENOCIDED by the Antichrists…

    • There are some signs that whites are waking up at least to a degree. Charlie Kirk’s recent take-down of the Cuckservative Sacred-Cow MLK is one sign of this. Kirk used to intone the hymns of praise to the utter reprobate plagiarist-clown.

  7. If Trump wins, start organizing like your life depends on it. Thats how you will survive the coming years, organizing your community for grass roots political and military action. If he wins, take the opportunity to organize in the safe space created. Meantime, prepare for it by being involved in organizing during the campaign in support of Trump. Thats how you buy influence in the future, whatever influence that is.

    • AGB

      I would be very very careful about organizing for Trump .

      The Js and LGBT , BLM folks running the Biden re election campaign announced they are making the Charlottesville VA “ Unite the Right “ rally and Jan 6 “ attempted coup” will be the #1 focus .

      It will be a witch hunt for White racists organizing for Trump .

      Don t let that BU

      Don t talk to the media or system folks get you to “ talk “ , “butt show”.

  8. If Trump couldn’t get things done in 2016-2020 because the courts negated all his polices (even the military wouldn’t do what he said) then why should we think 2024-2028 will be better?

    • Several of us have asked this question. Attempts to answer fall into roughly two categories: 1) Trump wanted to do the promised things (drain swamp, etc.) but was prevented by Deep-State, Gay Old Poliburo, etc.; 2)Trump was always part of the racket and just an especially skilled liar and con-man. A variant of door #2 is that Trump has always been a grift whose sole purpose is to inflate his own ego and income. Many like to root for him to kind of spit in the face of the shitlib whites, which I can empathize with. He is, after all, hated by all the right people.

      There is no reason I see him acting any differently this time around. For one thing, I note he hasn’t bothered to return to Twitter even though he’s unbanned. Instead he makes his remarks on the retarded Troof-Social where jew-worship is enshrined. If he attempted to appear at a place like Gab, I rather doubt he’d hold up at all as his endless jewfellation would be a topic.

      • I forgot to add, I think Jarvanka hovering constantly over his shoulder had a huge influence. They got rid of all the people that would nudge Trump to do what he said he would do. He only heard advice from those that did not have our interest at heart.

    • I’ve been extremely critical of Trump for a long time. He appeared to have dropped the ball or never picked it up. But there’s real serious effort being made to make his next administration in no way like the first. Trump is spending a lot of money to vett a whole army of people to take over DC when elected. He’s going to boot all the people who stymied him the last time. Now is this true? I don’t know but he is organizing just that. Whether he follows through or not, we will see. A link talking about this below. I do see this as very significant. What you spend money on and prepare for is likely what you are going to do.

      “Behind the Curtain: Trump allies pre-screen loyalists for unprecedented power grab”

      And Trump has this site that list his agenda47

      OMG if he pursues this it’s like a dream come true. Look at the stuff on this site. It’s a major rework and a attack on the pozz that has engulfed the country. If Trump wins, and I don’t think they can steal enough votes to keep him out. People are really pissed, and he’s bringing out voters that never vote. Only 50% of the people vote. If he brings out another 10% to 25% that don’t vote, he will crush Biden. And note that while the House and Senate gave him trouble before, a win like this will put the fear of god in them. It will not be constant waffling. Trump will get a lot of what he asks…or else, and they know it.

      The left will go into mental ballistic freak out. And before anyone says,”we can’t do that because of the courts or the this, or the that”, I’ve covered this many times. If Trump muscles the legislature, they can pick “who” is qualified to elect Representatives in their respective houses. They could destroy the left overnight in fell swoop by just changing the voting rules so that the “mob:” voters, had no vote. They also can tell the supreme court to butt out and take away the ability of them to decide cases on any issue they so desire. The power is there to remake the country, if only we had people with the will to grab it.

      All we need is a just over 50% majority in the House and the Senate and people who will vote for our interest, that’s all. With this we could destroy, completely destroy the left and the Jews controlling interest in our country. It would take only a few years to do so. How, here,

      There’s another that I have mentioned elsewhere, but not sure if I have here.

      The best plans are ones that do not do too much meddling or require incessant control.

      I have a few that would stop a great deal of the predatory corporate behavior.

      1. All corporations that sell import goods or imported manufactured goods or outsource production, the management can not earn over 20 times what the lowest paid workers earns. So effectively this means minimum wage. The goal is that the interest at the top is congruent with the interest of the middle class. So large corporations would have to make things here in the US. You could start with some lesser percentage of made in USA or it may be that cold turkey would be better. They want to outsource, fine, give the extra profits to the shareholders not to line managements pockets.
      2. The supreme court ruled that corporations are people, so they can give as much money as they want to political campaigns. Fine. Make them choose. If they are people, then they can give money, but they pay “people” taxes, not corporate taxes. No tax breaks that a person couldn’t get. For example, they get subsidies or tax breaks from cities or States, then that’s income. They pay tax on it. If they choose “people” they also lose limited liability. After all, people can not just say that they are not responsible. Corporations do this all the time. Killing people then, they pay a fine. No more of that.

      It’s all there. A play by play to take over the country and run directly 100% for our benefit. Not the Jews, the commies, the corporations or the damn immigrants. Just for us. And to do this, all we need is a majority in the House and the Senate of members that will vote for our interest. All these other things, get a King, become a Christen Nationalist nation, try to defeat the left in a civil war…blah, blah, blah, no all we need to do is take power and refuse the other assholes the ability to decide anything. Just like they constantly are imposing on us, we should do the same to them.

      Here’s one more I recently thought up. Negros are constantly murdering people. Their largest advantage they have is they are able to use handguns to commit crimes. The Democrats are always constantly calling for Federal gun laws, let’s give them one. Any crime committed with a gun, the perpetrator gets instant execution after a trial. So you take a gun to a rob a store and get caught, hang them. You invade a house and have a gun, hang them. There actually used to be this specific law in the State of New York and they had vastly lower crime. The criminals knew they would fry in the electric chair so they didn’t carry guns. Since the shopkeepers knew this they all had a baseball bat and if you tried to rob a store they would pound the hell out of you with the bat. Subsequently, there was very little of the mindless ghetto dysfunction we have now.

  9. “There is no reason I see him acting any differently this time around”:

    He would probably do worse. Note what happened when Lula da Silva the Brazilian people’s choice was locked up on a bogus, trumped-up charge and denied his likely victory in 2018 because he was too socialistic, in favor of the most business-friendly candidate (Bolsonaro), but then was released from prison and given a second chance to run and win in the next (s)election cycle: Lula won, became president a second time and now seems to be keeping promises made to the elites, not the promises that he once made to the common people, evidently in fear and gratitude for being let out of prison and elevated again to the figurehead presidency of Brazil. A second Trump presidency and revenge on Biden will likely go to his head, and he could be easily led to become the most anti-proletarian, business-friendly president in U.S. history, which is saying a lot. The U.sury S,ystem will never have, cannot have, a good president., because as President Calvin Coolidge (“Silent Cal”) once let slip: “the business of America is BUSINESS” (aka usury) not the people’s common welfare.

  10. In the latest Agenda47 announcement, President Trump

    “Every day this proxy battle in Ukraine continues, we risk global war,” President Trump said. “We must be absolutely clear that our objective is to IMMEDIATELY have a total cessation of hostilities. All shooting has to stop. This is the central issue. We need PEACE without delay.”

    “There must also be a complete commitment to dismantling the entire globalist neo-con establishment that is perpetually dragging us into endless wars, pretending to fight for freedom and democracy abroad, while they turn us into a third-world country and a third-world dictatorship right here at home. The State Department, the defense bureaucracy, the intelligence services, and all the rest need to be completely overhauled and reconstituted to fire the Deep Staters and put America First.”

    Now I get he may do none of this but he says he will, and all the other candidates will definitely not do this or even talk about it.

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