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  1. The fundamental tenet of Marxism is that that the basic economic relationships between people defines the nature of their social and political relations. I find nothing to disagree with there. Extreme rightists and communists seem to agree on the basic nature of society, they just come to opposite conclusions about what is to be done (if anything) about it.

  2. Most dirt-eating, godless “new rightists” should keep avoiding marxist works simply because they’d probably become Marxists. The cartoon-like apprehension of a “jewish swindle” demonstrated in this thread would fall off the bone rather quickly upon serious study. We can’t negotiate with Marxists because we’d lose, especially now when the American bourgeoisie has culturally discredited itself in general (and ‘whites’ in particular) since the 1960’s. The Right is irrational and romantic, we can only conquer the Marxist in the streets.

    Aristotle, Politics

    Property is a part of the household, and the art of acquiring property is a part of the art of managing the household; for no man can live well, or indeed live at all, unless he be provided with necessaries. And as in the arts which have a definite sphere the workers must have their own proper instruments for the accomplishment of their work, so it is in the management of a household. Now instruments are of various sorts; some are living, others lifeless; in the rudder, the pilot of a ship has a lifeless, in the look-out man, a living instrument; for in the arts the servant is a kind of instrument. Thus, too, a possession is an instrument for maintaining life. And so, in the arrangement of the family, a slave is a living possession, and property a number of such instruments; and the servant is himself an instrument which takes precedence of all other instruments. For if every instrument could accomplish its own work, obeying or anticipating the will of others, like the statues of Daedalus, or the tripods of Hephaestus, which, says the poet,

    “of their own accord entered the assembly of the Gods; ”

    if, in like manner, the shuttle would weave and the plectrum touch the lyre without a hand to guide them, chief workmen would not want servants, nor masters slaves. Here, however, another distinction must be drawn; the instruments commonly so called are instruments of production, whilst a possession is an instrument of action. The shuttle, for example, is not only of use; but something else is made by it, whereas of a garment or of a bed there is only the use. Further, as production and action are different in kind, and both require instruments, the instruments which they employ must likewise differ in kind. But life is action and not production, and therefore the slave is the minister of action. Again, a possession is spoken of as a part is spoken of; for the part is not only a part of something else, but wholly belongs to it; and this is also true of a possession. The master is only the master of the slave; he does not belong to him, whereas the slave is not only the slave of his master, but wholly belongs to him. Hence we see what is the nature and office of a slave; he who is by nature not his own but another’s man, is by nature a slave; and he may be said to be another’s man who, being a human being, is also a possession. And a possession may be defined as an instrument of action, separable from the possessor.

    Since the industrial recolution we increasingly live in the world Aristotle describes.

  3. Metal Gear has argued successfully against WN for years using HBD, history, and anti-revisionist class-theory. That’s why WN’s hate him.

    That’s ridiculous. Any fair reading of the exchanges between him and various WNs he’s crossed swords could not possibly leave you without the impression that Iceman had his ass handed to him so thoroughly that you have to wonder why he ever bothered to show up. (Give him consolation points for tenacity, I guess.)

    At the end of the day it doesn’t matter that there are some seriously kooky WNs out there. What matters is the mass diversity being served up is a steaming pile of shit and that better living requires putting an end to it and reversing it. It’s really very simple. You don’t even have to be a WN to agree with that.

  4. White Nationalists don’t even really try to debate me. They just try to ban me and distract the threads away with insults.

    The only person who really attempted to debate me was Ted Sallis. He lost. He accused me of promoting Carleyton Coon. Guess what, Coon has regained popularity as has the idea that Jews are an admixed people.

    Ted Sallis lost to me, butt boy. By the way Silver, you are only marginally white.

  5. MG,

    What were your main intellectual disagreements with the WNists that you argued with? Not the personal stuff. The intellectual differences. Jews, diversity, immigration, the morality of white separation? What?

  6. White Nationalists don’t even really try to debate me.

    That’s partly true, but the reason is because you don’t really debate yourself. You just evade the hard questions in one thread only to resurface with the very same recently-refuted blather in the next (half the time completely missing the point of just what was being debated in the first place). Ultimately, you’re just a tiresome pest. This is the reason people became fed up with you and went after you personally (posting personal details etc), not because you were somehow intellectually more than they could handle.

    By the way Silver, you are only marginally white.

    You say it as though I’ve ever claimed otherwise. Can you really have been under the misapprehension all this time that I, personally, am a WN? I support WNs because I look favorably on what the end result of the ‘racial rearrangement’ of the world might look like (in the more plausible scenarios, not the ‘race war’ or ‘exterminationist’ sicko scenarios), but otherwise I don’t want anything to do with WNs or even non-WN whites (of their kind, if you follow me). Grow up dude, you don’t have to like WNs to agree that they’re basically on the right track.

  7. The intellectual differences. Jews, diversity, immigration, the morality of white separation? What?

    -Whether European Caucasians and non-European Caucasians are one race.
    -The genetics of Jewry (a debate I have won, the latest studies back what I said).
    -The “cause” of diversity.
    -Whether or not Jews in general are hyperethnocentric, or whether just a few are.
    -The importance of markets and capitalism.

    Silver is talking about thephora.net.

    I had my information posted there (and then retaliated by outing 21 different people) because they conspired to gang up on me, not because I acted a certain way and was dealt the appropriate punishment.

  8. That’s interesting. I quit reading the phora 10 years ago. From what I know about him, Ted Sallis deals with topics that I don’t much care about. I’m generally more interested in the political, ethical and cultural questions around WNism than the biological ones, issues like should Whites organize politically to protect their interests, or not, etc. With Jews, I don’t much care if Jews do what they do because of culture or genetics, what matters to me is that they do it.

  9. “your average Jew is not “hyper-ethnocentric” but truly liberal (this is where Kevin Macdonald is wrong). Your average Jew actually believes the liberalism, whereas only the ring leaders are hyper-ethnocentric”

    So the average Jew in America believes in unlimited mass immigration and diversity for Israel?

  10. Caldwell – Fritz Weaver as Lear? Wow. What was that like? MeTV runs episodes of “The Fugitive” every Sunday night. A recent episode featured Weaver….I’d say he was approx 40-44 is, at the time. He was actually kinda hot. I can’t imagine him as Lear, though.

  11. Goner – Duurrr! Smacking forehead for descneding into Yankee literalism. I see oyur subtle point, now.


  12. -Whether European Caucasians and non-European Caucasians are one race.
    Depends on how you define race. I tend to do define it closer to ethnicty, so I would say decidely not.

    -The genetics of Jewry (a debate I have won, the latest studies back what I said).

    Significant admixture with common core, and two major strains (sephardic, ashkenazi)

    -The “cause” of diversity.

    Intense Jewish networking and activism, promoting the cause amongst naive and ignorant gentile morons; particularly minorities.

    -Whether or not Jews in general are hyperethnocentric, or whether just a few are.

    The extent of the promotion and implementation of “diversity” as a blessing to humanity rather than a symptom of corruption and decline, cannot be explained as the work of a few but the work of a highly connected and massively supported 5th column. This is the Jewish community; not “a few jews”.

    -The importance of markets and capitalism.
    Capitalism and Communism are promoted as the only options available to a successful economy. This is a false dichotomy as both systems taken to their extremes produce self-destructive and exploitative results.

    These facts cannot even be argued. Those who try are dishonest, malevolent, and oblivious to the patterns of human nature and social well-being.

  13. Denise-Weaver was perfectly competent as Lear, but as to whether he was hot , or how hot, I will happily leave to your better judgment. He is now, however, approaching 90 years of age. Tempis fugit and all….

  14. Just to reinforce a point – it is indeed true that the majority of the people who don’t like me don’t like me because they can’t debate me. There’s no question about that. Tonya Harting didn’t like the fact that Nancy Carrigan beat her. Instead of stepping up her game, she used another method.

    Now, it’s also true that I’m dishing out blows now. That’s too bad. For a long time I took attacks. I tried to avoid insulting for the sake of genuinely caring about the greater good. I’m telling you with an attitude like that you just get walked over. My approach has changed. I think what Heimbach did was dumb. He interfered with an organization to push his narrow agenda (not saying I support homosexual activism or anything) because he wanted to get attention.

  15. “So the average Jew in America believes in unlimited mass immigration and diversity for Israel?”

    Yes, they do. Much to the consternation of Israeli Jews.

    test is right on the mark. Know your enemy.

    Deo Vindice

  16. “They support those policies for different reason than the dedicated Jews.”

    That’s quite possible.

  17. “He’d have us believe that Jews “caused” multiculturalism (rather than technology and ‘progress’) and that Whites and non-Whites have opposite interests. That essentially to be pro-White, you have to be anti-Black, etc. How is this good for organizing workers?”

    So why are communists and soulless corporate raiders both pushing amnesty? Some kind of match made in hell? Or is there something else at play? Because mass amnesty WILL hurt the worker and depress wages even further.

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