Ethnonationalism vs. Eurasianism


I’ve followed this exchange at Counter-Currents and Radix Journal.

I’m left wondering: how would “ethnonationalism,” as Greg Johnson construes it, be applied to the United States? Specifically, would this entail a future White ethnostate renouncing its claim to, say, the Mississippi Delta, Florida, or California on the grounds of the large non-White population that exists there?

In the South, should we fall back to the pristine whiteness of West Virginia? Is this really possible? Could a White ethnostate in the Heartland allow a weak “black ethnostate,” an American version of Haiti, to control the Mississippi Delta? Would a White ethnostate really alienate its own coastline and allow it to become a geopolitical playground for foreign intrigue to satisfy a universal abstract argument?

Are there any coastal cities in the United States which lack a large non-White population? Seattle is 66.3 percent White. San Francisco is 48 percent White. Los Angeles is 28.7 percent White. Are White Nationalists just going to give up those cities? Would White Nationalists act any differently than Putin has in Crimea?

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  1. plekhanov, in truth, I’m not sure I would call you a yankee. It’s not clear I fit the narrowest definition either, as someone whose grandparent came from Canada after the Civil War, grandmother’s father (I think) came from Ireland to be drafted into the Civil War, and whose other grandparents went into Indiana probably in the early 1800’s. In some ways ‘yankee’ almost mostly means the truly original northeasterners, not even the irish grunt who got drafted, or the midwesterners who came out to the northeast in the early 1930’s. One criterion I use for defining ‘yankee’ is also ethnicity. I suspect since you’re russian you came here to the North sometime after the Civil War (there weren’t many here prior to the recruitment for coal mining laborerers). To really be a sorta yankee I’d think one would have to be both a northwestern european and possibly to have come here prior or during the Civil War.

    I’m not being snotty or snide here, just expressing some truth. I really liked the coal country of Pennsylvania and noted the overall happy integration of groups like the irish, poles, etc. who had come there by the 1880’s. But somehow a slav isn’t a yankee in my book, and I’m not wholly sure anyone is who isn’t original New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and New England.

    Which brings me to another issue I’ll address before moving onto even more compelling ones raised upthread. Because you aren’t ‘White’ in a sociological sense in the US, as opposed to a strictly biologically racial one (I do as I’ve mentioned consider the true or purer slavs to be native europeans and therefore part of a native european or ‘white’ race), you really have no idea how different our political status is in the US. Let’s take the jews…in eastern europe there was profound ethnic frictions between at least some of the jews and the ‘natives’ be they slavs or whoever…in many areas at the least…the word ‘shiksa’ is yiddish for ‘abomination’ or ‘dirty and unclean.’ This was a considerably more common term in eastern europe than in western europe, and in the east it definitely meant native european or slav, usually a blonde or light haired woman. I grew up around many eastern european jews and they are a disgusting lot of people, although I’d make some exceptions certainly.

    In the US your women aren’t really one of these ‘shiksas’ no matter how blonde and blue eyed native slav they might be. I’ve lived in areas with tons of eastern european (and western, sephardic, even some north african) jews and I can GUARANTEE you it is the anglo or germanic celt blonde females they focus their rage on. It is MY men these disgusting jews are killing en masse in their neo-con wars – anglo/germanic celt men dominate the combat positions in our military, which is not to disrespect contributions from other europeans. All over this country it is MY people who are being slaughtered by the week – not yours. Besides that an extreme looking blonde or redhead ‘anglo celt’ is easy to spot for jews and blacks and hispanics living amongst one another, it’s not uncommon for these groups to check names when in any doubt. I’m utterly serious about this.

    I would say that it’s also not too uncommon for slavic and ‘anglo celt’ mixed women to get horrible shit from Diversity, although not quite as common. In NJ and NYC, the groups didn’t mix as much, so many times a natural blonde anglo celt is mostly just that. In my childhood there was still a fair amount of natural clique-ishness to the northwestern europeans, although they’d include a middle or eastern european if they sort of blended well (as in, were not new arrivals and had assimilated in some ways). But newer ones often seemed somewhat marginalized, without there being much real disdain per se. In general, the northwestern europeans aka anglo celts were just into themselves and naturally congregated and loved one another, at least by my childhood in the 70’s. Even in my parents generation growing up in the 50’s only vestiges of issues between the irish and the WASPS and germans, etc., existed, more or less. Most of my aunts and uncles attended fancy catholic colleges, but in their hometowns and adult lives only religion sort of distinguished them. Even before I was born, the tensions between us had evaporated and we were an absolute tribe. Class segregated us to an extent, although not to that great of one. Tribe tended whenever possible to trump class oddly enough. This is the way of the northeast, at least in suburban NJ.

    I have lived in NYC, DC, various sections of NJ, Pa, and Europe. With the exception of coal country Pa, where there simply weren’t many blacks or southern italians and where western and eastern *northern* europeans blended seamlessly in some areas, the rest of these places were incredibly dangerous for my tribe, especially for some reason fair haired women (blondes or redheads). Attacks come from jews and blacks, and to some extent southern italians. I’ll have to say that the eastern europeans do have the reputation of being more sexist than the anglo celts and sometimes their addition doesn’t do any favors for my tribe’s women.

    We are the hunted. Let there be no mistake about that. The jews keep spinning their BS out of NYC but it’s pure spin. Anyone seen the latest about that whitish looking guy who got knock out gamed in NYC recently? Accounts vary as to how the surveillance video was acquired. I’ve heard one claiming the father found it on FB, which has been debunked. Others phrase things so as to avoid locating the source of the video, which at present I believe to be a surveillance camera in the area, although I’m not sure.

    I mention this because as the jews spin away with their hatecrime-hoaxing, they will continue to encounter problems, like, if six fucking jewish women were knocked out in NYC last fall then where was any surveillance video? Are ‘y’all’ so fucking naive as to think there aren’t any in NYC – – the second biggest film capital in the world with a police department that’s essentially Israeli in it’s management (save of course for the token figurehead White commissioner)? Really?! Were there no witnesses to any of them, as in the recent knock out attack on some southeast asian (and who knows if that’s real or a way to splice the asian stuff in…)

    There is no video and no cameras because IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. And plekhanov, understand that your tribe has not been hunted down in these parts and often go unscathed even by the more ‘mild’ but just as insidious violence against us. The jews completely transferred their resentment of eastern europeans onto us in the US. I know this endlessly by their multitude of actions and overt WORDS. Same for the blacks, and also for the hispanics.

    So please, understand that you’re not really a ‘yankee’ in the primary or secondary sense if at all, and that you have little idea of what it is to be one. I don’t intend rudeness here, but I’m getting tired of the lack of acknowledgement in these circles that my people are getting hunted down quite purposely and singularly, at least in the tri-state area. Connie Russo-Carriero is an exception (she was murdered for being blonde in White Plains, NY, about 6-7 years ago – her attacker admitted this was the motivation) as a northern italian. I guess the psychopath couldn’t wait around for a real anglo celt, but in general rest assured that they do, not just for ethnic cleasing murders but for a whole range of violations of us.

    Some on Daily Stormer who note this pattern think we – my tribe – need our own forum within it. This is how dire it is for us, and it’s one of the various reasons your input about the jews in the US bears little significance to me.

  2. DixieGirl, I grew up on a ‘park’ if you will – a reservation in NJ. In the ‘posh’ suburbs of NYC there tend to be beautiful county parks as there is a small mountain range – the Watchung Mountains – which rings NYC (and other lesser ones intersecting to the north of NJ). Morris County is one of the wealthiest in the country, right west of the smaller ones bordering midtown Manhattan, and it probably boasts more large county and major urban center access than any other in the country. It is more dominated by Whites, given that it’s not bordering on the east near NYC and has not traditionally been a first stop for the urban creep out of NYC. These are not municipal parks but large extended ones which one could get lost in although probably in daylight not permanently.

    As for private property, middle and especially upper middle class (or filthy rich) suburban NJ is filled with large properties. Connecticut is rife with larger estates, and just a bit west in NJ you’d find plenty. Your sense of this area just isn’t accurate at all. How on earth you call us provincial I couldn’t begin to guess. How I wish we were. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Are we myopic in some ways? Sure, but most in NJ learned to find their ethnic enclave and navigate from there which can make us seem myopic. Most northwestern europeans especially are also insulated from the harshest conditions of Diversity in that they tend to have at least middle to upper middle class money and are also being purposely strung along by the Feds to remain unaware. We know we like our tribes, and get along to get along where necessary, but most don’t have a full idea of how bad things are outside their bubble. One thing we do tend to know is that the jews have problems (those closest to them often know they are a problem). Coastal dwellers like in NJ, NY, California, etc. often are kept insulated from the harshest economic punishments of Diversity Cult. But provincial we’re not. There was a profound shift that took place at exactly the point in time I mentioned. I suspect you’re too young to fathom it.

  3. plekhanov says,”… I don’t see a Jewish presence as an obstacle to this dream…”
    One big glaring hole in your kiss, kiss love fest with the Jews. On 9/11 building #7, which was not hit by a plane, fell at the speed of a rock falling in air for around 108 feet. The Jews own all the media and don’t see anything unusual about this completely impossible behavior of a building. The results of this were the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the rise of the surveillance state, homeland security and now the overthrow of the Ukrainian government. More to come.
    As far as what to do with Blacks. End all affirmative action and/or discrimination laws. Keep the welfare state alive but if you’re on welfare mandatory birth control shots. Should clear things up in about twenty five years. Even better raise the payments to welfare, providing they get the shots every three months. This would really crank up the low time preference effect in a positive way for once.

  4. For those who have an opportunity to talk and convince outside the narrow circles of like-minded people, here is useful starting point:

    with a grim OO reading pointed to at the bottom — that OO article is a must-read, to be brought in front of many eyes in a friendly, educating way — it is often easier to stimulate a fair look and candor while talking and thinking about far lands.

  5. As the ‘love fest’, as Sam2 described it above, continues day after day with little dissent and without official correction, it proves this blog is truly ‘Mainstreaming’.

  6. Crimea brings up interesting questions. For me it’s good that Russia blocks Turkish exploitation of the Black Sea. Ukraine won’t be able to do so. Making the Turks filter more slowly into Europe is a key demographic issue.

    I don’t see how it’s possible to interpret a weak Ukraine as some sort of Bulwark against the Middle East. The river cities there jut seem to be ripe for migration up from the various deltas into the interior.

    Now how might a Dixie secessionist interpret these things. Arguably Dixie is vulnerable to Cuban, Latin and African patterns of colonization too. In the case of America is a Dixie more likely to accelerate or decelerate brown out? Is the USA helping to preserve the white population? Or would a Dixie help whites gain breathing room.

    The arguments that Putin makes appear to indicate that he sees Russians in Crimea as Russ. Would BRA see whites in Alabama as American or as a population to be extirpated?

  7. On the face of it OD can celebrate and promote white only secessions. Possibly white Christian secessions and whatnot.

    Is Ukraine a plausible opponent to Turkish and other Levantine expeditions? Shouldn’t Russia be allowed a qualified free hand with Turkey and warned away from the Baltic and Poland? Putin acts predictably enough.

  8. I do not see how it is possible for the strategic port of Sevastapol to be anything BUT a Russian possession. It’s more Russian than California is American for example. Been that way for longer and the population is more national than.

    This is probably a foretaste of what is going to happen in California and Florida too. All the Mulatto, black and Hispanics in the south could be shoved into Florida and walled off.

  9. Mosin, I have been at a loss in the last few days to fathom how southern anglo-celts decided their yankee brethren were such demons. Okay, sure, the Civil War *happened.* But who engineered it? It featured the highest desertion rates in the history of any american war. The irish staged the Draft Riots in NYC to avoid going. Non slave-owning southern men really wanted to fight and die for the concept (and yes I know states’ rights, etc., were at stake as well). It was a war fought for the very rich’s interests (aren’t most wars…)? I won’t opine too much because I’ve only superficially studied it, but…I have researched the Civil Rights Movement, and it’s shocking to me that so many southerners don’t realize the extent to which it was zionist and jewish-orchestrated. People know Noel Ignatiev, I assume? He’s the psycho jew who called for the extermination of the white race, and who had pal’d around with Ted Allen in his early years. Ignatiev originated the ‘White Privilege’ hoax. He used Allen’s anti-classist activism to riff off of in the service of Jewish Supremacy. Allen was going around trying to point out that big business interests were oppressing poor whites in the South, by keeping people segregated so that labor couldn’t organize. Whether you hate socialists or not, he actually advocated the exact opposite of what Ignatiev and his huckster half jew protege Wise promote, which is the total subjugation (genocide being indivisible from that) of Whites.

    Damned Yankee got used. When I first encountered the videos and reports of middle class White men attacking pro-Whites in Indiana, like TradYouth, etc., I assumed the jews were paying them off. And I was mostly right, I’d think, except that I also began to sense that these White largely middle class men (I’m guessing) had their own initiative. Perhaps they believe that defending White people means a resurrection of a feudal system in which some Whites (and of course jews even though they’d scream otherwise) held all the wealth in concentration while the majority lived in poverty.

    As a ‘yankee’ I was socialized by the mainstream media, and by my own people’s northern protestant (and catholic) people’s emphasis on industriousness, to believe that the Civil Rights were ‘the people’s’ right to a middle class life. King of course claimed to advocate for all the poor, black and white, while the jews greased everyone’s palms.

    But everyone didn’t mean most White yankees at all, and I sense that many here don’t appreciate how resentful most northern Whites were of Affirmative Action, in that it penalized not the descendants of the rich and powerful, but the middle and lower class Whites. We truly believed that the majority of Whites in the South were ‘oppressed’ by the small number of uber-wealthy.

    It was all a big scam devised by jews, blacks and perhaps a very small number of northern Whites, although LBJ screwed all of us over far more than JFK planned to. Dick Cheney has just continued the fine tradition.

    Some are planning to elucidate more thoroughly the dynamics of jewish violence towards Whites and general scamming in the North. Jewish plotting is sort of taken for granted in the northeast in a micro level, but it’s the full extent of it (and of their depraved violence towards Whites, usually acted out indirectly through other stooge ethnicities, like blacks, or sicilians) and of the macro level which need to be illuminated.

    Besides plekhanov’s blissful ignorance and insulation from jewish violation, there is this absolute inability on here for the southern people to understand that the vast majority of their White brethren in the North not only didn’t intend or even fathom the destruction that ‘yankee’ meddling wrought upon them (and eventually us), but that we – in our anglo celt non-landed people of the land ways – felt our struggle to be the same.

    For me in my early middle age, it’s absolutely mind-boggling. The only divisions we felt were of social issues unrelated to race. We don’t like the social issues meddling of the southerners. We don’t like people appropriating God – not just yours but ours – to whatever busybody purpose seems to suit you.

    That is the nature of our differences, ultimately. If southerners indeed wanted a healthy middle class-based economy and society (which we assumed you did), then the only things dividing us were either imagined or essentially adjunct. It remains for us to portray to unaware Whites that jews, blacks, hispanics and White mercenaries seek to subjugate all of us, and that White Liberation is a political movement for economic relief and justice, not solely a racial or biological one. The only societies which have succeeded in approximating economic justice have been those based on a homogeneous racial make up, like Sweden.

    But if hollow ‘racial’ solidarity with no commitment to social justice, as opposed to social issues totalitarianism, is the guiding ethos then perhaps I was wrong all along. My observation is that my message resonates powerfully with some southerners, especially to the jew-savvy. On here I am an imperialist demonized yankee, or some depraved dehumanized ‘creature,’ according to Jack Ryan.

    The jews are okay, depending on which ones and which region, but your northern tribespeople are evil.


  10. @Dixiegirl

    “You can walk across NYC in an hour.”

    You can walk across Manhattan in an hour but NYC? Don’t make me laugh. One would hard-pressed to drive across NYC in an hour unless it was 3 o’clock in the morning or on Sunday. In fact it is even physically impossible to walk from the Tottenville neighborhood to Riverdale while staying within the city limits (or even the State of New York) and even if you could it is well over 20 miles by foot. You have absolutely no clue about geography or the size of New York (hint: it’s huge.) What a terrible education you must have endured where you can’t even grok a Google map.

  11. “In some ways ‘yankee’ almost mostly means the truly original northeasterners”

    To foreigners, a Yankee is an American.
    To Americans, a Yankee is a Northerner.
    To Northerners, a Yankee is an Easterner.
    To Easterners, a Yankee is a New Englander.
    To New Englanders, a Yankee is a Vermonter.
    And in Vermont, a Yankee is somebody who eats pie for breakfast.

  12. “Cut certain public funds.”

    It does not follow that blacks in the Deep South are somehow going to go North under your scenario. By the time you get enough power to control your own destiny the federal government will by necessity be bankrupt/defunct. What makes you thing Whites in other parts of the country are going to be welcoming refugee Negroes? They don’t now, even in the big cities they are kept in ghettoes and are funded by the feds. People in Montana can’t afford it and Negroes don’t like cold weather.

  13. ‘a Yankee is somebody who eats pie for breakfast’:

    ‘Yankee’ is a silly word, Indian-derived. ‘Dixie’, Negro-derived, is also silly — and ‘America’ is Italian-derived! Let’s use good English names that suit us.

  14. ‘I have been at a loss in the last few days to fathom how southern anglo-celts decided their yankee brethren were such demons’:

    DixieGirl, I was at a loss too, but I’m fully resigned and resistant to it now. Note that some of them identify with the Normans, the tyrant enemies of ‘common’ Anglo-Celts. Well, we oppose, not appease, these ‘Normans’….

  15. In the spirit of Zulu he should be Jones 22 or Willams 40.

    Although, Rudel is a bit odd.

  16. What is ‘silly’ about the rifle, Rudel? And it’s a MUCH Whiter name than ‘Dixie’ or ‘Yankee’. Besides, Hereward Saxon already owns the most English ‘handle’ possible, don’t you think? That woman in ‘iconic’ trousers looks tough.

  17. ‘Kolomoyskiy is President of the European Jewish Congress. Only a few days ago Putin called him “an incredible swindler”. This Jewish oligarch has seized power in Dnepropetrovsk which happens to contain the biggest Jewish center in the whole of Europe. It also contains the giant Yuzhmash industrial complex where the USSR’s intercontinental missiles were made, among them the dreaded “Satana” which could completely alter the face of New York. As for Taruta, he is one of the financial sponsors of the “antisemitic” Right Sector and extremist Svoboda party. Donetsk, one of the richest industrial areas in Ukraine, has now fallen into his rapacious hands. (With full ackkowledgements to my learned friend “Asthor”, an expert in all things Russian). Washington’s strategy is to arrest and deep-six the leaders of the secessionists so that there are no authorities left to request Putin’s intervention (…) If Putin lets Washington retain the Russian provinces of eastern Ukraine, he will have demonstrated a weakness that Washington will exploit’:

  18. The Ukraine situation just may be a win-win situation:

    Rightist/nationalists have been able to carve out a power base in the new Ukraine government.

    The New World Order/Globalist/EU strategy has taken a defeat as it proved unable to deal with Putin’s move into the Crimea.

    By the way, has anyone in the American Alternative Right made any attempt to contact the Ukrainian Right to get some “lessons learned?”

  19. The wrinkle in your theory is that Stalin was a Georgian with Jewish henchmen, like the Jewish-Ukrainian Oligarch Kaganovich (Kiev Shoe factory owner/foreman).

    Putin is a fairly reasonable Russian, implicit nationalism, rhetorical support for Christianity and western traditions… Stalin was a ruthless judge of subordinates and a quick psychologist who lorded it over the Russ. Until he was threatened by the SSPanzer Divisions outside Moscow he was still suppressing Russian nationalism.

    And Dalton, who is going to keep Johnny Turk out of the North side of the Black Sea? Schlomo Timshenko? US General Wesley Clark? John Kerry?

    Flood the Crimea with Russians says I. Send the poor of St Petersburg and Moscow there to seal the demographics.

  20. “Rudel is a bit odd.”

    Not so odd that I misappropriate an honorable military rank based on a fatuous romanticism based on novels written for juveniles.

  21. “What is ‘silly’ about the rifle, Rudel?”

    It doesn’t have what is called a “controlled feed” of the cartridges from the magazine like the Mauser action and its derivatives.

  22. ‘Jews and Ukrainian nationalists are fighting on the same side; they have a common enemy just like the Finns and the Jews did in WWII’:

    What kind of ‘Finns’ DID you descend from?

    Is that just like Marrano ‘Southerners’ supporting Anglo-Celtic Southerners against ‘a common enemy’– against white people north of the Line?

  23. @Mosin
    -snip Russian propaganda film-

    They usually had really crumby iron sights. It’s a good thing too as some gook missed my head by mere inches with one from about 150 yards! He was quickly dispatched to that great rifle range in the sky.

    Happily I’m still here to bedevil you at every turn.

  24. The musket was ubiquitous on the Continental side.

    My fave was the Patrick Ferguson rifle anyway. Or the Baker a little later on.

    The fear the officers in the Continentals would have had of course was a well aimed shot in the back from Bolshie volunteers. That’s why the rifle wasn’t military issue until later. If your own men are too accurate they might just hit the Captain and end the action before it starts.

    😉 a nudge is a good as a wink to a blind man.

  25. It wasn’t a military title in this case. A slave ship Captain. Disgraced Balliol Don.

    Take it for what you will Rudel.


    Given the facts one might conclude that North America speaks English because of the Bess. A mass produced standardized musket that dates back to the Spanish Succession Wars. A Standardized tolerance tested firearm.

    Intesting article, because it suggests that the poor reputation of the accuracy is largely based on barrel worn models pressed into service decade after manufacture and decades in storage.

  27. ALL smoothbore muskets have limited accuracy. The undersized ball loaded in the Brown Bess was unlikely to stay on a man sized target past 40 or 50 yards max.

    BTW, those Southron militiamen with their rifles at Cowpens marked the beginning of the end for Britain in the colonies and further besmirched the reputation of that notorious murderer Tarleton. (Not that a commission in the British Army had anything to do with merit in the first place.)

  28. Yes, they are little more than shotguns. But there isn’t a practical way to outfit 20,000 men with rifles until you get to the 1810-20s. Even then…

    Tarleton’s Dragoons were by and large irregular Tories. A large proportion would have had rifles as their personal weapons along with a saber and a pistol or two.

    Tarleton was more of a slaver too.

  29. It’s fascinating that you’d bring up Tarleton.

    The men he commanded were loyalists from Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey. 200 infantry 250 cavalry. Their descendants live in Nova Scotia. Tactics and abilities of the unit are notable. The recruitment and esprit de corps remind me of a German Kampfgruppe or an SS regiment raised in Norway sent to the Caucasus.

  30. Cap’t, it does mean a damn thing to me than Uncle Joe or Lazar weren’t Russians. They sent Russian troops into the land of my maternal ancestors, that’s all that matters.
    “Putin a reasonable Russian.” Well, I suppose for a stone cold ex (?) KGB man he can be quite “reasonable”. Those folks who’s relatives and nations that were swallowed up by the Russians would probably disagree with you.
    If the Russ want to smack down the Turks, more power to them. Just leave the nations they wiped their boots on in past the hell alone!
    If they want to flood Crimea with their kind, fine and dandy with me. Just keep those backward peasants out of places like the Baltic States and Finland.
    Mosin, I’m ethnic Saami Finn on my Mom’s side. And as far as Finns and Jews fighting a common enemy, it’s better than the Jews fighting for the other side in either the WBTS or the Winter War. BTW, with that remark about the Northern white, you betray your Yankee bias.

  31. Krajina is etymologically the same word as Ukraine. Frontier, waste, borderland.

    There is no nation there. The limp response of the Ukrainians to the Crimea Putsch tends to confirm it.

    Are you Jewish, Dalston?

  32. Do you anticipate a Russian March on Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia or Finland?

    I don’t see it on the cards Dalston. Highly unlikely. If Putin did that he’d probably be assassinated or resisted violently by any and all of the states, followed up by strong allied reinforcement.

  33. Cap’t, if you mean “Are you Jewish, Dalston?” that I practice Judaism or belong to a political movement controlled by them, the answer is no. If you mean ancestry, I;m largely Scot-Irish, Clan O’Neil, but I had Jewish ancestors who married into that clan. For the record, I never knew I had Jewish ancestors until about 13 years ago. Also, I find the Jewish Talmudic and secular culture to be Anti-Christian, and Anti-anything that’s not “Jewish”. So I have no use for it as a Christian or as a Gentile, which I am for all practical purposes.
    I don’t know if Putin has designs on those countries, but I stand by my maternal grandpa advice about never trusting the Russ.

  34. You are a bit confused. The O’Neils ran off to Spain as good Catholics. Definitely not Scots-Irish. The Scots-Irish shoved the O’Neil Earls out of Ireland.

    You’ve probably got an excellent convoluted explaination for it though.

  35. Your Jewishness is like that of Christopher Hitchens I suspect. “Discovered” late and enthusiastically.

  36. Hunter, with due respect — and this is your blog: don’t you think that Capt MA and Mosin’s clownade here and elsewhere don’t help the cause?

  37. “Do you anticipate a Russian March on Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia or Finland?”

    Given that all three Baltic States are now members of NATO such action would precipitate World War III.

  38. “The recruitment and esprit de corps remind me of a German Kampfgruppe or an SS regiment raised in Norway sent to the Caucasus.”

    His brutality towards the civilian population of the South resembles more closely an SS-Einsatzgruppen.

  39. Rudel,

    That’s exactly my point. Dalstone rather stupidly tries to drag the Baltic states into discussions about Russian activities in Crimea. Dalstone is an incredibly gullible or disingenuous fool.

    Plekanov, okay kid, what you got? What’s your point? You don’t like Putin? Go grab a gun and join the Ukrianians and see what you can do. The US sure as shit won’t move on Russia over the Crimea.

  40. Rudel,

    Do you actually believe the worst about him? I thought better of you. The American column refused a surrender demand, was caught in a battle line, fired a volley THEN threw down their arms after dehorsing the Legion’s commanding officer.

    It’s very dangerous for infantry to surrender to cavalry after loosing off a volley. Many of them did infact survive. I’d have killed all of them quite frankly. No survivors like at King’s Mountain.

    Your hyperbole betrays you.

  41. Isn’t there a manual written by a cheeky IDF soldier about the right way to surrender successfully? I remember seeing it on the book shelves in the late 1990s. It had illustrations. It’s recommended to not throw up your arms right after you fire at an opponent and expect mercy.

  42. “The Scots-Irish shoved the O’Neil Earls out of Ireland.”

    Utter rubbish. In point of fact many titled O’Neils previously migrated to Scotland and evolved into MacShanes (from Sean O’Neil), MacNeils and Johnsons (Anglicized Sean/John again) only to return to Ulster leading the plebeian Lowland and Borderer trash who colonized it. There are descendants of the O’Neill nobility who can rightfully sport baronial arms all over Scotland, Ulster, Eire, the Caribbean, and Europe to this day.

    Get thee a book of heraldry.

  43. “The US sure as shit won’t move on Russia over the Crimea.”

    Of course not. The Obongo administration is all talk. The Crimea and a most of the Ukraine has been part of Russia or its sphere of influence for three centuries as you Brits once found out the hard way.

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