Ethnonationalism vs. Eurasianism


I’ve followed this exchange at Counter-Currents and Radix Journal.

I’m left wondering: how would “ethnonationalism,” as Greg Johnson construes it, be applied to the United States? Specifically, would this entail a future White ethnostate renouncing its claim to, say, the Mississippi Delta, Florida, or California on the grounds of the large non-White population that exists there?

In the South, should we fall back to the pristine whiteness of West Virginia? Is this really possible? Could a White ethnostate in the Heartland allow a weak “black ethnostate,” an American version of Haiti, to control the Mississippi Delta? Would a White ethnostate really alienate its own coastline and allow it to become a geopolitical playground for foreign intrigue to satisfy a universal abstract argument?

Are there any coastal cities in the United States which lack a large non-White population? Seattle is 66.3 percent White. San Francisco is 48 percent White. Los Angeles is 28.7 percent White. Are White Nationalists just going to give up those cities? Would White Nationalists act any differently than Putin has in Crimea?

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  1. That’s not why Rudel.

    Who converted the Danes to Christianity? Do you think the processes was a bloodless one?

  2. Good selection, Fr John. Ron Paul is right (as usual): ‘there’s pretty good evidence that the Europeans as well as the American government contrived to overthrow a government’. They surely did, and the contrast between Ron and Rand on this Globalist putsch in Ukraine is stark, and proves why I’ve never been a supporter of Rand Paul. The Neocons such as Romney and McCain whom ‘conservative’ southern white voters preferred over Ron Paul are LEADERS of this undeclared war against the Russians.

  3. “The blending of Y haplogroups”

    Y haplogroups don’t blend they mutate. That chart just shows percentages found in different countries. Perhaps you were thinking of autosomal DNA except that you don’t even know what that is.

  4. What do you call a map that SHOWS the Danes are half a dozen of one and six of another? Blend ain’t good enough? That’s just the men as well.

  5. “The blending of Y haplogroups suggests that the Danes themselves are a result of a huge influx of British/French male bloodlines.”

    Other way round. There’s an “Atlantic” base population along the West of Europe and a “Germanic” population along the North. The region around Denmark, being at the join between the two base regions was 50-50. The Anglo-Saxons first and the Danes later both came from that 50-50 zone (as partly did the Normans).

  6. Take another look at that graphic test2.

    The “German” part looks like it pushed up into the Jutland Peninsular while the Swedish part pushed south and west. Along the east coast of England, Belgium, Holland, Frisia, The entirety of Denmark and the coast of Norway (the habitable bit) you get…more or less the same people. The area looks like it is centered in Holland, possibly Kent and the Northern bit of Germany. This is a population that goes back before Roman presence IMHO on all sides of the North Sea.

  7. I’m sure They’ve been making a supreme effort lately to ‘eliminate’ Putin who is out of control.

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