The False Narrative: Young White Mother Found Shot To Death In Kansas City

Kelsey Ewonus found dead in Kansas City KS (Image Courtesy of Facebook)

By Hunter Wallace

The image you see above was the last image that 22-year-old Kelsey Ewonus of Overland Park, Kansas uploaded to her public Facebook page on June 27th. Obviously, she was supportive of the US Supreme Court ruling on “gay marriage” and used that #celebratepride rainbow photo app on Facebook before her life came to an abrupt end three days later in a parked car in Kansas City, KS.

She was a beautiful young White mother … scroll through her Facebook page and check out all her photos. In particular, I noticed her son Drake was born around June 14, 2014, which would make him 10 days younger than my own son:

Kelsey and her 1 -year-old son (Image Courtesy of Facebook)
Kelsey and her 1 -year-old son Drake (Image Courtesy of Facebook)

Antione Fielder, a paroled drug dealer, has been charged with premeditated first degree murder in the death of Kelsey Ewonus:

Antione Fielder has been arrested and charged with the murder of Kelsey Ewonus
Antione Fielder has been arrested and charged with the murder of Kelsey Ewonus

It doesn’t take Matlock to get a sense of what happened here.

Kelsey Ewonus was described by her parents as “a lost soul” who was “trying to turn her life around.” She was about to enter a six week program “for girls who have various issues.” According to her mother, “She probably had some issues with drugs, we just don’t know the depth of what she struggled with, but she knew she needed to change her life around and go forward and make better choices.”

Here’s the bullshit story she told her mother, “She had gone to Independence to let a dog out for a friend,” she said. “I don’t know my way around that area, so I don’t know if she knew somebody. I just don’t know.” A resident of the Kansas City, KS neighborhood in which she was found heard “three loud banging sounds” before she called 9/11 and drove by and discovered her dead body in her parked car.

I share this here because everything about Kelsey Ewonus struck me as the epitome of millions of stupid White girls in 21st century America. I’ve known countless such people over the years. This is not the first time that one of them has ended up dead on the local evening news in “a father’s worst nightmare.” The system we have today kills thousands of White women like Kelsey Ewonus every year.

Note: The SPLC has condemned the C of CC for spreading a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.” I can’t help but wonder if Kelly Ewonus believed that crap when Antione Fielder opened fire on her while she was parked on the side of the road.


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  1. That’s the first time I’ve heard “trying to turn her life around” for someone not a ‘youth.’ So many lost souls, more than one can count, and rising. R.I.P. Kelsey.

  2. Perhaps the new MTV program on “White Privilege” can do a segment on her.

    I’m a victim of something myself, a complete lack of sympathy for those that bring life’s harshest consequences on themselves. Especially self identifying SWJs that likely hate Southerners, the South, the Confederate flag etc. and promote deviant lifestyles. I’m sure she was a taliban of tolerance that paid for her tolerance with her life.

  3. Classy lady. She was lost long ago. Did her parents fail her, or was she just a bad seed?

    We may mourn what she might have been, but I have no regret over the death of what she was.

    • I think she was just on drugs. It looks to me like a drug dealer murdered her. She probably got into drugs in high school. I’ve seen the same story play out back home.

  4. If it doesn’t kill them outright the system takes young white girls and turns them into bisexual race mixing wh*res such as Hannah Montana and then uses them to seduce other youth.

  5. I don’t blame the parents here, no matter what it is ultimately the surroundings that matter most. Back i the day she’d just’ve been a taciturn, spitfire wife and mother, unable to do much damage beyond being slightly irritating occasionally.

  6. There isn’t a great deal that parents can actually do about the modern world outside their house hold.

    One of the things that pisses me off about Conservatards is that they dodge race questions and move right to “I blame the parents”.

    I’m not going to blame society here but I can certainly blame the law and mass media. The law should be a dragon and the media should be burned.

  7. Nothing again from the parents about “I warned her about consorting with blacks”.

    Here the poor bastards adopt black Talking Points.

    She needed to make better choices…FOR FUCKS SAKE!

    Avoid the Groid!

  8. Younger white men, such as you, Mr. W., might not realize there was a time when a woman’s voice was never heard in public–not from public-address systems in, say, airports; not from automobile dashboards; and not in news broadcasts, whether via television or radio. I vaguely recall the first time I heard a female voice from a dashboard, in the middle or latter 1970s. It was a shock.

    Now, the murder of a young white woman is announced by a female news anchor who begins the story by informing us that “A one-year-old boy will grow up without his mother.” Doesn’t that bring a tear to your eye? Let’s go to the female reporter, who will interview the female mother and the female father on their female porch, while the female stars-and-stripes fly in the background.

    Death by estrogen.

  9. Captain Obvious John Charitard,

    Did you expect the parents to make introspective public comments in their time of grief?

    Have you ever made a worthwhile comment?

  10. From the WND article linked above, by countenance:

    “This religious freedom component [of Christian resistance to same-sex marriage], I believe is the Confederate Flag of religious bigotry, being flown long after the fact,” [Kansas City Mayor Mark] Holland said….”

    That didn’t take long.

  11. Perhaps this is being written out of frustration, but consider this query: is the resultant white race stronger or weaker after this tragedy?

    There is something Darwinian afoot, as the dysgenic effects of liberalism are being reversed by white genocide.

  12. White Druggie Girl murdered in Kansas City by a Negro simple crime. Negro murdered by Redneck in Selma Alabama in 1965 thats a Hate Crime. Both are murders yet one is more important than the other? Does this make sense to you? Of course it doesn’t but in our Jew Slave Society this is how it is. #SECEDENOW

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