1. Like him or not, President Biden is the ultimate accelerationist, he, unwittingly, doing everything he can do to lead to the political dissolution of the United States of America.

    In spite of him, and all those who have governed like him in recent decades, the nation is still held together, though, not by law or force, but, by the habits of cowardice, sloth, and indifference.

    Of course, loose cannon that the U.S. Government is, there is the troubling risk of nuclear conflagration…

  2. Hunter,

    I have a blog in draft mode ready to go. It’s about the latest J false prophet Konstantin Kisin – the Russian British J comedian who’s now all the rage in the UK, American Conservative Anglo Sphere.

    Like our “American” (yeah right) J Neo Conservatives (also mostly J Russian emigres), this Konstantin Kisin is really good at flattering us, telling us what we want to hear.

    Can you look it over? Unless I hear differently I post in a day. Thanks Hunter


    • @Jaye,
      Don’t you and Hunter have dialogue in a more official manner, behind the scenes? Using a post to communicate looks a little odd and unprofessional to me……..but that’s just me.

  3. I’ll watch this later.

    The only value in national elections is hammering home to the rock headed conservative base that nothing ever changes, because the system is beyond our ability to control through democratic means.

    • Yes, but that’s in national Presidential elections. In other elections you/we can elect White flight oppose the BLM, Antifa, LGBT, ZOG chaos in central cities, inside the Beltway, Harvard and Yale.

      Long Island is now pretty much a White ethno state hostile to NYC and Albany.

      Naperville (Western suburb of Chicago) was voted one of the safest cities in the United States.

      David Duke made Meterie LA (working class White flight suburb of New Orleans) his successful bases of operations.

      Start looking around for such places – don’t think we going to elect some White savior riding in on a White horse USA President and SAVE all of America – can’t be done.

      Even when we win huge presidential landslides Nixon 1972 49 out of 50 states, Reagan ’84 49 out of 50 states, it didn’t change much or anything – anti Whites, especially the Js control the media, academia, international finance etc.

  4. Joetato has to burn it all down and fast or there won’t be any global soviet rule by unelected “expert” apparatchik council.
    Forward! Yes we can, Sí, se puede.
    The Long March comrades will be upset if there is nothing left for Big Mike to burn down and destroy?

  5. The danger is of a scorched earth primary where either Trump retires hurt and a cohort of his followers sit out the election or viable candidates like De Santis are damaged for future contests.

  6. Like Dump’s enemies, with Dump already ruling for 4 years, this time we’ll get the real utopia. He learned stuff folks. “can’t be fooled again”.

  7. Gonna fall back in that ditch? How many hundreds, or rather thousands, of times has Trump lied to us? How can anyone believe anything he says? And he waged open warfare upon America with his Covid martial law and his bioweapon disguised as a vaccine.

    But it doesn’t matter. Jew television networks and Jew megadonors got Dump elected in 2016. They have abandoned him permanently. They lack loyalty. It won’t happen again.

    They all defected to DeSantis. DeSantis has been a good governor. Obviously he is blackmailable, or else the yids would not be backing him. They own him, and that is a problem.

    On the other hand DeSantis might turn on them, the way Stalin did in 1936. In wartime the feds can seize anything. Even the media. God is in control.

    • You really think DeSantis has the inner gangsta to go full Koba the Dread on his biggest donors? This seems highly unlikley but so did Koba’s abrupt move at the time. It’s not as if the Kosher Nosetra doesn’t have it coming with accrued interest… You get my award for the most interesting take on the issue. If we hear Ron start to say things like With a person there is always a problem….

    • Rangewolf,

      A rogue DeSantis would get the fentanyl dart, and a JFK and Jeffrery Epstein type of autopsy. Their tyranny is talmudic and without remorse.

  8. Are goading your readership to jump back on the Zion Don judas train and GOP plantation?

    If so, are you going full on “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” about The Platinum Plan, The American Dream Plan, who he did and did not pardon, his role in egging on the MAGAtards on 1/6/21, firing your hero Jeff Sessions, hiring deep state swamp creatures William Barr and John Bolton, cucking on keeping the government shutdown until he received the funding to build the border wall, not using the Insurrection Act to quell the BLM & antifa riots, co-president Jared Kushner, giving the Golan Heights to Israel, Operation Warp Speed and the vaccine roll out, failing to address “the anchor baby” issue, Mike Pence VP,, giving a ceremonial key to the White House to Netanyahu, green lighting the assassination of General Solemani, not withdrawing from Syria, Nikki Haley UN Ambassador, expanding holohoax education, and a laundry list of other pernicious acts as POTUS.

    I’m sure some of your acolytes and sycophants will follow you blindly in believing that this time Potatus in Cheif really means what he’s campaigning on for 2024.

    Sorry, but this is Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.

    • You seem to be forgetting that the reason that I broke with Trump and was so angry with him is that he attacked Syria in April 2017. He also failed to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan. He tried and caved to Senate Republicans. In the case of Afghanistan, he did negotiate the eventual withdrawal.

      If I was that angry with Trump about a few missile strikes on an empty airfield, why wouldn’t I be far angrier with Joe Biden for literally starting a war with Russia and spending over $100 billion on it in less than a year? Relatively speaking, Donald Trump wasn’t as bad on foreign policy as Joe Biden. I was angry about a lot of things that Trump did as president, but what Biden has done is objectively much worse.

      • While Cheetohead didn’t actually go to war with Russia over Jewkraine, he did zero to stop the buildup thereto. When Kosher Nosetra ordered him to kill Solemani (which nearly started a war with Iran) he quickly obeyed in order to survive the impeachment machine. The Neo-Klowns were only ready to launch the full-scale invasion of Dombass, Crimea and Russia itself by early 2022, but were suddenly pre-empted by Russia at the last possible minute – to Russia’s own detriment.

        Also to be considered is the big picture: Which will bring about the collapse of the Murikan evil-empire faster? Trumpstein’s typically Republican pretense of opposing the Globo-Pedo agenda while tacitly supporting it or Shitpants Joey’s pedal-to-metal Thelma and Louise style ride directly into the abyss? The sooner it collapses, the more folks like yourself and your family will be able to survive through to rebuild. There’s no voting our way out of this. The die is cast. Trump has never been, and never will be, on our side. In a very real sense, Lenin’s dictum of ‘worse is better’ holds true here. Before anyone says this is “accelerationism” note that there is a small but important difference between attempting direct action to ‘accelerate’ the destruction process (which often backfires) and choosing to standing aside to not interfere with its course. Put another way, we should not interfere with God’s just punishment upon this wicked empire and its many enablers.

        • “Before anyone says this is “accelerationism” note that there is a small but important difference between attempting direct action to ‘accelerate’ the destruction process (which often backfires) and choosing to standing aside to not interfere with its course. Put another way, we should not interfere with God’s just punishment upon this wicked empire and its many enablers.”
          ^^ As if there is anything whatsoever that any of us can do about it.

      • Zion Don “monitored the situation” in regard to online censorship, until he as POTUS was deplatformed on Facebook and Twitter.

        The Tomahawk missile strikes on Syria because of the Western intelligence agencies blaming Assad for their false flag and crisis actors chemical attack is what broke you from Trump? Well, that was early enough in his co-presidency to leap off the Trump Train. Even some of the TRS guys stayed on after that to their admitted embarrassment.

        Big doubts that Biden will be the democratic nominee in 2024. The deep state is loading up a case (e.g., classified documents and Hunter Biden’s laptop) for his impeachment or resignation.

        Whoever takes the oath of president on January 20, 2025 will be who the deep state choses. The spectacles of the campaigns, conventions, and voting are to gaslight the rubes that fair elections and casting votes still count or matter.

        • I’m hardly on the Trump Train, but I suspect that Ron DeSantis is going to be worse than Trump. I don’t want to fall into the trap of reacting to Trump again and downplaying the threat posed the other guy like I did with Joe Biden in 2020.

      • Hunter,

        On another issue may I ask what do you consider populism to be? I wish to know so that I can condemn or support it. The Mexican president is sometimes referred to as populist yet he is just a communist in my mind.

        If you can please respond before late afternoon for I leave in a few hours.

        I have always wished to know this and finally got around to asking you.

  9. Where does Dump get his votes this time around?

    He governed in a pro-business way, so Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are off the table. Go find a 2024 electoral map. It will be very difficult for Dump to make that up while trying to win back Arizona and Georgia.

    Based minorities are not going to help Dump since they only live in a few states. He needs to win white people. Period. Which means he needs to flip one of these two guys:

    Midwest Meets East Coast (comedy sketch)

    These are stereotypes. However, stereotypes exist for a reason. If a Republican is doing dumb stuff like denying that dinosaurs existed, or is claiming that Diet Clorox kills Covid, East Coast Guy will quietly be like, “I’m out.” He is not going to trust you to get anything right.

    Flipping Midwest Guy is an easier lift. Clean, orderly, diligent, he resembles white people from Central and Eastern Europe. Psychologically, he’s collectively-minded and really doesn’t like uncertainty. So when Democrats push wokeness, runaway immigration, reckless free trade, and BLM rioting, you can flip him, just like 2016.

    Some constraints — Midwest Guy probably feels more secure in a strong organized Germanic state than in a chaotic free-for-all. So whenever Republicans get rowdy or push lolbert stuff, he’s going to be like, “umm I dunnobout dis…” and vote Dem because it is safer. Walleyes, phew.

    Also, while pro-Kremlin garbage might win voters in eastern Kentucky who don’t know any better, Midwest Guy probably doesn’t want to fuck over distant relatives in the old country. (This also partly explains why the GOP underperformed in 2022 in the Midwest.) Remember that Trump won by the slimmest of margins in 2016 in the Midwest and can’t afford to lose any voters, especially after his own Covid disinformation killed thousands of his Boomer fans.

    So 2024 is probably going to be more like 2020 than 2016 the way things are developing.

    • some dude, “Also, while pro-kremlin garbage Might win voters in EASTERN KENTUCKY who don’t know better ” regarding your remark, ” UP YOUR ASS, SIR ! “…

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