1. Didn’t listen to the original protest song. Definitely won’t listen to what is certainly even more cringey response from the SWPL PMC’s from East Coastia.

    I can’t handle the cringe. It makes me viscerally embarrassed for the person and entirely uncomfortable and just have to turn it off.

    I’ll just assume its dumb. All protest songs are.

  2. Capitalism is the cure for the myopia of government-schooled socialists.

    Just stop being poor bro. Stop being envious. Show me on this doll where a banker has ever hurt you. If you don’t like predatory loans, don’t take them. Instead of lounging around on the internet or writing profanity-laden songs about people north of Richmond, try taking stock of your assets and determining how to make them produce more for you and your family…

  3. I’d rather talk about this,


    This is a pretty straightforward defense of White Advocacy.

    He stabs “conservatism” right in its rock ribs and breaks it off, leaving it to bleed out in the magic dirt.

    This kind of savage and brutal slaughter of sacred cows is the medicine young Whites need. Its past time we gave up on boomers. They are on average too fat/lazy and stupid to be relied upon in difficult times. They just don’t have integrity.

    Difficult times are coming.

    • The writer definitely makes some fine points (especially about the mixture of different white populations and the weakening of old ethno-national ties) but sadly leaves out a massive one: the single most rabid anti-white group apart from jews in the west are other whites, especially younger ones skewed massively towards the females. Note that I am not counting jews as white as they explicitly identify as non-white except when engaged in subversion and other well-poisoning. The old quip about liberals being the type of person who refuses the defend their own side in an argument holds even more so for whites in all of the giant open-air prisons they live in: Murika, EUSSR, Britain, Australia, etc.

      Bad as boomers are – indeed they’re the prototype of the present church of woke and are truly without excuse – the subsequent generations embrace wokeism and virulent anti-white hatred even more than the retarded boomers do. While the boomers were the first generation to be gaslighted en masse by the jewish-run media machine, the percentile of non-thinking automatons who repeat obvious lies broadcast on Talmudvision and its modern social-media descendant has only increased since then. The entire labeling of generations is yet another jewish well-poisoning racket launched in the 1920s (Bernays, Boaz, et al) to split up white families. It’s been wildly successful needless to say.

  4. Those rich Richmond men will save us at the very end.

    It will play out like Soviet coup. Rich men don’t care until they are not affected.

    But when comfort of corruption turn into 1917 style war communism, they freak out and jump the ship so enemy loses their entire apparatus and will be incapacitated.

    This happened in 1991 Soviet Union. Government employees just run away. Or refused to act without written order. Or invented other stunts as precious time for surprise attack passed.

  5. The FBI hasn’t made public why they killed a guy in Tennessee last week. It’s claimed the dead man was a vet with ptsd.

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