Joe Biden Defends Our Democracy From MAGA Republicans

It has been a year since the Dark Brandon speech.

Over the past year, the most notable thing that has happened is that Donald Trump has made a stunning political comeback since the midterms. Trump’s resurrection in both the Republican primary and general election polls has been entirely driven by the perception that the judicial system has been weaponized against him. We have all watched as the “Get Trump” bullshit has multiplied.

Pretty much everyone in Trump’s orbit has been punished in some way by the judicial system. Steve Bannon was arrested and sentenced to four months in prison. Peter Navarro was recently convicted of contempt of Congress. Roger Stone was arrested and sentenced to prison. Hell, even Ricky Vaughn was indicted and convicted for posting a meme on Twitter. Vaughn was indicted by Joe Biden’s Justice Department for being more influential than Stephen Colbert in the 2016 election.

What should we make of this?

From the beginning, Trump has always been mired down in political bullshit. It started with the FBI spying on his campaign and the Russia Hoax. Throughout his entire administration, I largely ignored the bullshit and focused squarely on policy questions. Trump lost my support due to his failures. I judged him on the basis of his performance and record, not on the basis of the Mueller Report.

At some point since Trump left office though, the bullshit began to multiply and cloud out everything else. The bullshit has become the most important issue, not Trump’s record on immigration, foreign policy or the economy. Joe Biden gives speeches about “defending democracy” while criminalizing his political opposition. We are invited to believe that all of this is just “the rule of law.”

At least in my case, I realized that this is a much bigger problem than whatever I might have against Trump or Steve Bannon or Ricky Vaughn. I don’t like Trump, but I am supporting the Revenge Tour which is justified. We are all far right chuds and fascists and just the enemy to the people in charge. They don’t care about the microscopic distinctions that we draw between ourselves.

Trump is now leading Joe Biden in the RCP average. Ironically, it is because Joe Biden and the Democrats are perceived as the greater threat to American democracy. Trump has the mugshot to prove it. The great threat to democracy has been arrested four times and faces nearly 1,000 years in prison.

Note: Democrats assume this is going to work for them because of how the midterms played out. All of these indictments and arrests of Trump though have happened in 2023.


  1. Perhaps my skepticism has deteriorated into paranoia, but how can I be sure this isn’t more horse and pony? I’ve stated before that Those That Be want individuals on our side to think the US is still worth fighting for, and Trump’s Revenge seems like part of that scheme to make some of us believe the country is salvageable.

    • Trump himself was once involved with Vince McMahon and the “Pro Wrestling” scene. His wife, Melania, and his children – with the exception of Don Jr. – have said absolutely nothing in public about The Don going to prison and being out of their lives forever. And on policy, we saw how Trump governed his first term, which was effectively what we would have gotten if Mitt Romney won the 2012 election.

      We’re being played. It’s all part of the act. Since their absolute victory in 1945, the Jews and anti-racists in power have done everything they can to not only replace us, but to make our lives as miserable as possible. Their cruelty knows no limits. Voting for Trump and voting for the Republican Party is playing into their tricks.

      I’m tired of playing the con game. Progressivism and anti-racism are clearly the future. Its what the White population wants. I say we go along with the curve instead of fighting it futilely. I’m considering voting for Joe Biden in the 2024 election, and I’m also considering voting straight Democrat. Out of spite, malice, and accelerationism. And also because the Democrat Party is more likely to do something acceptable for regular Americans than the Republican Party. Gretchen Whitmer went balls to the wall this summer fixing the roads in my state. Republicans let everything they govern go to rot.

      I don’t care anymore child trannies, immigration, or any other stupid red meat issue. None of that matters, and none of it effects my own bottom line. The White population is going in one direction, and the “Pro-White” Movement is going in a direction that is assimilated by Charlie Kirk.

      • @DP

        “Progressivism and anti-racism are clearly the future”

        If you made this statement in 1960, you would have been right

        In 2023, it’s the opposite – Anti-racism and Progressivism having past their apexes and are beginning a long ride down.

        There is more conservatism amongst those who are 20 years of age than there has been in 20 year olds for a very long time.

  2. There is an inate inability in Irish blood, Jack Smith, Joe Biden, to treat others in a manner they themselves would like to be treated. It is the blood that is the problem. Lets go pull some novenas down by the Catholic church shall we? Prayer is worthless repeatative mumblings without connecting it our your time here on earth. Meaningless.

  3. The truth is, the ideals someone symbolizes to others is more important than their accomplishments, or lack thereof. Martyring them only increases that reality.

    A certain failed, destitute, mediocre painter from the early part of last century went on to thrust the entire world into a war (that arguably never really ended) after writing a book in prison.


    “At least in my case, I realized that this is a much bigger problem than whatever I might have against Trump or Steve Bannon or Ricky Vaughn. I don’t like Trump, but I am supporting the Revenge Tour which is justified. We are all far right chuds and fascists and just the enemy to the people in charge. They don’t care about the microscopic distinctions that we draw between ourselves.”


    Apart from your guts, in the defence of The South, what distinguishes you from others is your ability to get outside of yourself and see things from all the angles.

    Your ability to cut through the smoke of battle and get a plain, and personally unbiased, view of the battlefield continues to be very impressive, and it gets better with the passage of every year.

    It’s not an accident that you are here, at this time in our history.

  5. Check out Cernovich’s twitter. He is saying he’s going to be murdered by the regime after the GOP gets routed in 2024. Dark stuff.

  6. For whatever it’s worth, America’s pulse as measured at the New Jersey shore …
    (“Are Jersey Shore boardwalk shirts getting more wholesome?”)

    “Every summer, up and down the Jersey Shore’s most popular boardwalks, T-shirt merchants check the vibes, see what’s popular, and press it on cotton faster than anyone in Paris or Milan.

    “Store owners hold the scales, blindly, like Lady Justice’s cousin, Miss Capitalism: two shirts of Donald Trump’s ‘mug shot’ positioned together, with ‘guilty’ written on one shirt, ‘not guilty’ on the other.

    “In the Ocean City store selling the dueling Donald Trump shirts, an employee who asked not to be identified said the ‘not guilty’ shirts have outsold the “guilty” shirts by a big margin.

    “’In fact, I think we just sold our first “guilty” shirt this weekend,’ the woman said.”

    (Article is behind a paywall that I somehow got past. Is from late May, i.e., just before the Memorial Day start of the shore season, so the mugshot mentioned in the excerpts above isn’t the actual mugshot that recently became popular.)

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