Jeff Schoep Presents Daryl Davis With The Simon Wiesenthal National Leadership Award

Speaking of Alt-Right cringe and regrets, I forgot to mention Commander Jeff Schoep, the Nationalist Front and the Hard Right alliance that we maintained after Charlottesville.

In terms of personality, culture, temperament and ideology, this stuff has never appealed to me and I had been critical of it for about 15 years until 2017. I allowed myself to get roped in though due to the tense atmosphere of 2017, NETTR and my friendships with Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach. I thought at the time that we should focus more on our common enemies than our differences.

I still believe this to a degree. I would define a political enemy as someone who is willing to engage in physical violence against you for political reasons. Antifa are clearly our enemies. Neo-Nazis are on the Right. Libertarians are on the Right. It is not my thing, but I don’t think of them as enemies. I don’t see Neo-Nazis or lolbarts as a threat although do I find them ridiculous at times. We do have real differences.

Anyway, I have long noticed this tendency of the loudest, most extreme forms of White Nationalism to attract the most volatile personality types. It always seems to be these people who end up on MSNBC on shows like “Erasing Hate.” It certainly pays better to be on the other side.


  1. Schoep is one of those characters toward whom I have mixed feelings and opinions; I had a chance to exchange emails with him a couple of times in 2019 and 2022/2023.
    On the one hand like I think all of us I am disappointed by his change of course, his abandonment, in the sense that okay you can get out of the NSM because it doesn’t make sense to dress up like Nazis in the 21st century and especially because there are better movements than that……. one can be okay with one being tired of doing activism in the streets and risking jail time, but changing one’s principles and falling into the repentance demanded by the political left that no, I disagree (those on the left never apologize and never repent for their extremism or violence). I saw that Schoep of recently interviewed his former comrade and repentant Burnside.

    That said, I must admit that having been able to speak with him via email I consider him less worse than others: Schoep denounced antifa even after he came out of the movement and did not set out to say that antifa is beautiful and that the extreme left does not exist; another thing when in the Charlottesville trial and after he came out of extremism they asked him to denounce his former comrades he did not name names or even turn over any of his old friends to the police, he did not even abolish the movement but passed it on to Colucci; last thing, he told me that he considers the anti-white teaching practices in schools, the throwing down of momunets and other woke things wrong, he believe that far-left exist and that’s dangerous.

    As i said i’m not happy for his change and his tour with Davis but it could ended worse if we look at McLaren or others like Picciolini: McLaren denounced his old friends on twitter by posting their photo, endorse antifa and hasthag antifa, says that far-left doesn’t exist and that monument can be destroyed.

    • We they ever ‘true believers’ in National Socialism, or any other explicitly pro-White ideology. My guess is that they just rode them to become notorious and edgy because they wanted to been seen by the jewsmedia, and others that ridiculed them for x-amount of shortcomings as ‘bad boys.’ To them dressing up (aka larping) as “Nazis” and (((Hollywood))) White supremacists was just a role they played for dopamine hits.

      That they flipped to the enemy’s team faster than a beach chair in a gust of wind tells you that these misfits were never actual adherents to the actual beliefs of the giants that were “canaries in a coal mine.”

          • Yes, i think so too……i understand the reasoning of November but what makes me believe that Schoep was, in his own way, a true believer is not only the period of time but also the fact that, I repeat, he could have denounced members of his movement, given information about them to the police or anyone else, disbanded the movement, praised antifa, said that all right-wingers suck and supported political correctness……but he did none of that (instead other “former extremists” did exactly everything I said above)

          • These people are obviously federal and/or SPLC type informants. Look, there is a list of prohibited and/or investigatory organizations and movements kept by the US and State Attorney-Generals. These allow those AGs to do unspeakable types of operations against them without warrents or civil procedure due process. The DOJ and its FBI have honed down “national security” counter-intelligence and investigation operations to an art form with these groups, including the NSM.

            One of the favorite types is running the controlled opposition formula. In the past, I’ve given the link to its best example, the Soviet Checklist run “Operation Trust.” The Feds haven’t yet gone full Checkist and actually assassinated political opponents and blaming the rightwing but they’ve gone pretty close. Still, the program is a useful standard to create your own organizational and personal defensive measures and operational security posture to ensure you don’t fall into the Fedtrap.

            The other one, which is overwhelmingly what the Feds and Staties do, is dirty trick campaigns. This includes turning people in the targeted movement or party against one another, or against the leadership, entraping or gaining compromising material on an opponent in the movement or party, and spreading disinformation within and about the movement or party or individual in the aforesaid.

            They also have divisions whose sole role is to be the good cop to the preceeding bad cop divisions. Namely, embracing the wounded individual, empathizing with them, and creating an entire pr campaign to rehabilate them or explain away some sordid activity. This explains the Schoep case.

            For example, think of all the White women and families of White women who have been victimized by niggers. Think of how many times the survivors came out and said, “It was sad what happened, but what would be wrong is to use this to attack Black people.” There is a network of FBI/DOJ agents and lawyers who have contacts throughout the media and encourage the victims to say the magic words. Usually, they explain if they don’t people like Hunter will use the victim as a means to start a meanie baddie White race war against poor George Floyd gentkengian black dudes.

            This being the case, with say the NSM, and it being documented for decades and decades, and with evidence of such activity, why would anyone get involved with the NSM or people like Schoep? I mean thinking about this psychologically too, why would anyone want to dress up with those clothes, short haircut, and look intimidating like a modern day image of the many newsreels the media shows over and over again of Mussolini and Hitler. Its clearly designed to be that way. Only low IQ Ethnic White Papists usually fall for this shit. More so, its probably a a White Papist op from the get go. The FBI is a noted hotbed of Catholic dudes, like Soviet-Russian double agent and traitor to the US, Robert Hanssen.

  2. Just give up your Christ and we can be best buds. Just sell out the guy who died for you, that is all the Jews are asking.

    • As they always have done. At least in the current century, we have their own admission to the crime of Deicide, confirming the Fathers and men like Bro Nate.

      “… the passage [in Gospel of Matthew] suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account … (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)

      ” JEWS inherit the blood-guiltiness of their fathers and are for that reason, for all ages, stained with the blood of Christ. When the Jews stretch forth their hands in prayer, they only remind God the Father of their sin against His son. – St. Basil the Great, 4th Century.

      “INDEED… the DEICIDAL CURSE is still upon the Jew. The Deicidal blood curse is still unrepented of and confirms the Jews in a murderous disposition with the wrath of God upon them. This can be seen in the Jews’ penchant to criticize, to continually find fault, that is, to tear down all existing orders, especially the Christian Order of Western Civilization.” – Br. Nathanael Kapner

  3. HW,

    I know Southerners love them some “Dixiecrat” Strom Thurmon, as exemplified by your current header with the Strom Thurmond for President campaign pin.

    Either you are ignorant to the fact, or hoping that your Southern audience of readers are dimmer than a 5 watt lightbulb, but your beloved Senator Thurmond like other Dixie White supremacists before him was a race-mixing miscegenating hypocrite with a mulatto child.

    There are dozens of other sources, if you or your Neo-Confederate readership refute CNN.

    • “love them some “Dixiecrat”

      Go with the first gov of California, Peter Burnett.

      He made sure California wasn’t a free state or a slave state, he didn’t want blacks in California, in any capacity. He was also instrumental in the Chinese Exclusion Act.

      While an Oregon legislator he passed the Lash Law, any black that attempted to live in Oregon was to be whipped until he left the state. It was illegal for a black to live in Oregon until 1926.

      The kind of men that made the West .

      • The original Republican Party was clearly a White Nationalist party. The party did best when it promoted explicit White Nationalism and NATIVISM. The best example of this was the Half Southern and Son of Confederate Veteran Theodore Roosevelt. Which is why it’s so disingenuous to have Republicans today kiss MLK’s Black Ass and promote non-White immigration like George Bush has done for fifty years. Overall, the days when the Democrats protected the White working man and the GOP protected the White National identity of America, are over. Our effort is to get it back to that orientation. Even if we are successful politically, to imagine there won’t be armed resistance from the other side to such a move, is a fools errand. Prepare accordingly.

  4. Thin-Skinned Spencer blocked me on TwitterX today when I pointed out that his family uses tax write-offs on their farmland that the rest of us schmucks can’t take advantage of I response to a tweet he made about VDARE having problems with their tax-exempt status, their castle in WV and the State of NY. Typical spoiled trust-fund baby.

    • I muted both Richards because I was tired of the hot takes.

      I now see the latest one is cheering on Letitia James in her campaign against VDARE. The pettiness, bitchy attitude and resentment of Spencer is why I grew so tired of him

    • I think Spencer unwittingly misled his audience, and especially the attendees of his conferences. He was the one who coined the term “Alt-*Right*” (emphasis on *Right*), when really, his goal all along was to create, as the cringe Sean Hannity once said, an Alt-*Left.*

      Spencer was always a liberal at heart with a theater kid temperament, and that’s fine. The White Race has all sorts of cliques, and highschool is the jungle where those cliques get sorted out – apparently, it can leave a long term psychological impact (“I’m gonna get back at those dumb jocks that bullied me and called me a faggot!”).

      What’s not fine is when a liberal like Spencer sets out to recruit his own kind but then uses language and rhetoric like he did from roughly 2010-2017 that any reasonable person would interpret as “critiquing the Right *from* the Right.” The 2011, 2013, and 2015 NPI Conferences, as well as the multiple mini-NPI events of that era, and the cuckservative internet blowup in the summer of 2015 that put the Alt Right on the map, were all examples of this.

      In his heart, Spencer wanted to recruit his own kind. He wanted NPI conferences and the Alt Right rank-and-file to be filled with White people who look, think, and talk like San Francisco bicyclists, Manhattan joggers, or Napa Valley wine attendees. That’s his people. He wanted upper class Whites with a temperament that reflects his own. He wanted his clique to become the new base of his version of White Nationalism.What he got instead were ankle biters, nerds, and incels. (Among other misfits).

      He also got True Believers such as myself that quickly saw the obvious need to deconstruct Conservatism Inc. from the Right. As he himself said about a year ago, we are “Conservatives in a hurry.” That was never Spencer. But he nonetheless facilitated the deconstruction of the Right *from* the Right. 10 years later, and Paleoconservatism has replaced Tru Conservatism (Reaganism) as the locus of Republican Party rhetoric and Con Inc. talking points. I don’t even consider this to be a good thing, as my goal is to drag the Overton Window to the point where the 14 words become hegemonic, but its certainly a start.

      Something I appreciate about Walt Bismarck’s new work is he isn’t pretending to recruit all White people. He’s specific in which clique he wants to attract. As much as I disagree with Walt’s takes these days, I think he’s onto something with the difference between “Imperial/Faustian/Change The World” Whites, and “Hobbits/Middle Americans/Leave Us Alone” Whites. That dichotomy explains most of the schisms in American and European politics.

      The problem with the Hobbits is they don’t have the temperament to pick up their swords and wield it like Aragorn or Arya Stark. The problem with the Imperial Whites like Spencer and Walt is they can’t or won’t mind their own business. Changing the world requires telling others what to do, and well, the Barbarians that sacked and destroyed Rome certainly don’t like being told what to do. We Hobbits don’t need rulers. We need guardians.

      I’m not convinced being docile and libertarian in temperament is inherently a bad thing as long as our place in the world is secured. To me, saving the White Race is indeed about making our Comfort and especially our Safety permanent and everlasting. Long term stagnation resulting from such a state of affairs is a valid concern, but coming from the likes of Walt, it’s just Concern Trolling. Struggle is ultimately something to be overcome. Whether Walt or Spencer or any other Imperial White finds that “boring” is irrelevant.

      • To take one example of the kind of absolutely irresponsible (even treasonous) thinking exhibited by Spencer and Walt Bismarck, among others, note that both advocate support of Globo-Pedo colonies on Russia’s border and in the middle-east while our own borders remain wide open to an ongoing mass invasion. The time for all foreign imperial adventures is over. All white countries are under invasion and their rulers insist not only on open borders but military imperialism worldwide (invade the world, invite the world, e.g. IW/IW). These are not two different issues but two aspects of a single issue whose thrust is genocidal. It’s a useful litmus test for sifting out clowns like Spencer, who are really enemies of whites every bit as much as Pope Noseferatu and the Church of Woke.

        The only possible argument for Spencer’s position is the accelerationist one: Support of more IW/IW will bring about the required collapse of the Globo-Pedo system that much faster. I don’t get the impression that Spencer et al are taking up Lenin’s worse is better argument here. They’re way too fond of trying to become Globo-Pedo mandarins.

        • Imperial Whites such as Spencer and Walt possess an irresistible urge to vicariously identify with power, since they possess no real power of their own. Just like the contards insisted 20 years ago when Dubya was in charge that the CIA and FBI was filled with American patriots on their side, fighting for their values, Spencer does the same thing with the likes of Biden and Emmanuel Macron, while Walt appears to do want to do the same with Conservatism Inc. institutions, hence why he is now spouting their talking points that could just as easily be found in an AEI report or a Heritage report.

          Some White people just can’t handle the existential horror of realizing that we are all alone in this world, and that no one in charge – not a single politician or bureaucrat or federal agent – identifies with us, or even sympathizes with our plight. We are not citizens to them, and we aren’t sovereign either. We are the system’s resources. Someone like Macron, Justin Treudu, or whichever pathetic worm runs Germany…they all see us as pawns in their global chess game, which doesn’t even have the glory or splendor of Game of Thrones. Plenty of blood is shed, but not by them directly. The blood is shed in the modern warfare meatgrinders of East Ukraine, Gaza, Iran, Syria, and eventually, Taiwan. The cruelty of the contemporary system and its enablers knows no bounds.

          Imperial Whites (Coastal Whites and urban dwelling Whites) want to feel that they matter. That the world reflects their values, and their temperament. They apparently just don’t get how professionally sociopathic and cold-blooded the global ruling elite is. And I’m not just talking about the Jews. I’m talking about their Goy lap dogs such as Macron.

          Biden was at least a man of good instinct, hence why he vigorously opposed forced busing in the 70s, but, like all elected politicians in a Representative Democracy – the worst form of government ever devised; the ideal form of government for Jewish power and dominance – Biden long ago sold out to the system in order to protect his political ass and advance his own ambitions. For Spencer to identify with such a man as “the best President of my lifetime” is just as pathetic and factually wrong as contards who insisted that Barack Obama was the worst President ever or that Biden himself is the worst President ever. All that rhetoric does is enable the system to keep on grinding along under the false delusion that “you must vote for X to keep Y out of power!”

          On and on it goes.

  5. I’m not surprised when a far right activist begins to do that. The RIGHT (conservatives of the system) and Talmudo-zionist materialistic supremacist racism belong to each other. In fact, there is something not quite “right” (pun) about those who CALL themselves “the right” (conservers of the system) but DON’T identify with and submit themselves to the very head of the system. It is inconsistency. As the Scripture says, be ye hot or cold, not lukewarm somewhere in between.

    Re: “I would define a political enemy as someone who is willing to engage in physical violence against you for political reasons. Antifa are clearly our enemies”:

    You probably (I hope) agree with me that the system that produces the likes of Antifa is the real, worst enemy, which obviously engages in violence against millions of innocent people all around the world but less obviously so in its “homeland” (the states).

  6. Forget your left/right divisions and join the Trump train, where there is no left/right and all are faggots, except the lesbians.

    Follow the Trump Train to Mar-A-Lago, this April 20, graciously hosted in Zognald’s very own Sodomite palace, as the Log Cabin Republicans gather, to do whatever it is that faggots do. Former Slovakian prostitute and former prostitute working for Jeffrey Epstein, yes and Trumpenstein’s very own third wife Melania Trump will be the main attraction and main speaker. This April 20. 4/20. Be there.

  7. I swear the White racialist movement has more drama than a teenaged stripper! I thought Schoep was head of the National Socialist movement and not the National Front. (whatever that is) Anyway we are a nonconformist movement which attracts nonconformists who are often mentally unbalanced. This is also true among radical left movements and groups like the Church of Satan or the Satantic Temple. As things stand now very few groups do background checks on incoming members. That needs to change. I knew a group that did polygraph examinations on perspective members in addition to background checks. Bottom line is if a person is not successful in life, he will be a detriment to the movement.

  8. IMO

    “ Right “ and “ Left” are meaningless terms , they come from the days after the French Revolution where people stood in the French General Assembly based on where they stood politically and religiously :

    Those who favored a Catholic Christian hereditary monarchy stood on the far Right , those who favored no religion , universal sufragáge , “ Liberte , Fraternite, Egalite” stood on the far Left those more moderate who didn t want to murder the French nobility , but didn t want to give Je@s or women the vote stood in the center , somewhere in the middle .

    Does anyone here in patriot, nationalist , White identity politics or religious anything want a hereditory Catholic monarchy ?

    Who would our royal family be ? The Kennedies ?

    This world view is so dated . Might as well obsess about Protestants vs Catholics in Ireland and Britain . Southern Baptists obsessed about John F Kennedy Catholic candidates or Mitt Romney LDS Mormons not being real Christians .

  9. “those more moderate (…) stood in the center, somewhere in the middle”:

    Reacting against the common people’s revolution by “standing in the middle” led first of all to Bonapartism, and then to restoration of the Bourbon monarchy (who had been protected by those who stood in the middle) and to the establishment of the capitalist bourgeois “republic” that continues to the present day. There can be no middle ground between truth and falsehood, good and evil, being alive or dead, food and poison, and heaven and hell.

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