Jewish Power: Campaign Contributions V

I got this link via email:

“If you want to be a conservative candidate, you have to check that pro-Israel box,” he said.

Some GOP insiders also said that Jewish Republicans make up a significant portion of the party’s financial base, and one way for candidates to become more attractive to such donors is to shore up their pro-Israel bona fides. But right now, said Republican Jewish activist and fund-raiser Fred Zeidman, people are thinking much more about the 2010 races than they are about 2012 presidential hopefuls.

This is consonant with every other mainstream source I have seen about Jewish political donations to the Republican Party. It is just not credible to believe that wealthy Jews are 0.144%, 0.234%, or 0.324% of itemized contributors to the two major parties.

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  1. But, he added, maintaining a strong U.S.-Israel alliance is an issue that unites the sometimes disparate elements of the conservative coalition — from neoconservatives to evangelical Christians to economic conservatives.

    Yeah, no shit! Tell us something we DON’T know. 🙄

  2. A few years ago I had suspected that this unholy alliance between Christian Zionism and global capitalism that developed into the modern Reaganite movement could be traced back to Lyman Stewart of Unocal and CI Scofield, but I was always unsure if there was any actual connection between them.

    On a hunch I did a search recently, and what do you know …

    “One of the men who financed Scofield’s great project was Lyman Stewart. Of all the wealthy men who supported Dispensationalism, Lyman Stewart and his brother Milton were the foremost.” Head and heart: American Christianities By Garry Wills p 363

    It’s long been suggested that Scofield didn’t have the education to actually write his famous Bible commentary (the source of American Christian Zionism) and that the heavy lifting was done at Oxford. It seems doubtful that Christian Zionism appearing at the same place and the same time as political Zionism is a coincidence.

    Truman, who recognized Israel, was by all accounts influenced by Scofield’s Zionist views, and thanks to Scofield for the first time in America the White Christians no longer believed that they were “true Israel” and “God’s chosen” but in fact, the Jews were.

    Incidentally, it seems like Lyman Stewart was also involved in anti-Darwinism and the early forms of “creationism.”

    These two men’s influence led directly to the Zionism and philo-semitism of modern American Protestantism. So when Jewish Republican financiers pay someone like Sarah Palin to support Zionism, her fans are already prepped for it.–_dGMSM1HdO7sPM&hl=en&ei=39EOS_HXKoi9lAfxrcCPBA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CAoQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=%22lyman%20stewart%22%20scofield&f=false

  3. Christian Zionism is a serious impediment to WN making inroads among conservative Christians. We are going to have to do something about it at some point.

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