The White Man March Was Successful

White Nationalists demonstrate against White Genocide
White Nationalists demonstrate against White Genocide

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The SPLC and the Mainstream Media are having lots of fun mocking the White Man March, but the event was a success for the following reasons:

1.) This was the first time in years that the White Nationalist movement, as opposed to the sporadic actions of groups like the NSM and the Klan, has attempted to launch any kind of coordinated action in the real world.

The importance of the event lies in the fact that it was a break with the status quo. Sometimes inertia can be your greatest enemy. There was already such a low bar to White Nationalist activism that a strong argument can be made that the White Man March on March 15 easily cleared it.

Like the League of the South’s Uvalda rally in August 2013, the full significance of the White Man March might become apparent only in hindsight. It could be a watershed moment where White Nationalists start to feel emboldened and begin to “come out of the closet” and reengage with the real world.

I’ve noticed that a new White Man March has already been scheduled for April 19th. This indicates to me that the White Nationalists who participated were emboldened, not discouraged by the turnout and media coverage, and have “gotten a taste” for activism and want to do it again and improve on their previous performance.

2.) In the South, White Nationalists in Birmingham, ALHarrison, AR, Branson, MO, Knoxville, TN, Richmond, VA, Harrisonburg, VA, New Orleans, LA and Florence, KY participated in the White Man March. Someone drove around Texas with a “Diversity = White Genocide” banner on the back of a transfer truck.

In the North and West, White Nationalists in Centralia, IL, Olympia, WA, San Diego, CA, and Oregon participated in the White Man March. I’ve also seen some reports of activity in New York City and Tempe, AZ. Elsewhere in the Anglosphere, I have confirmed that White Nationalists in Auckland, New Zealand, Birmingham, United Kingdom, Canterbury, United Kingdom, Darwin, Australia, Brisbane, Australia,  Cairns, Australia, and Sydney, Australia participated in the White Man March.

The SPLC reported on their activities … and, surprise, rather than being struck down by lightning by some omnipotent ZOG, nothing happened. Even in the most tense reported confrontation in Knoxville, there was no violence. The importance of this lies in the fact that the reigning taboos were explicitly violated in a public space and there were no negative consequences to the participants who were able to act on their beliefs and overcome their own fears.

3.) It is true that two Klansmen showed up in uniform at the Florence, KY demonstration, but it is clear this wasn’t planned and the organizers of the event had strongly encouraged the participants to dress in business casual. Even when mistakes like this happen, the organizers gain experience and should be better prepared to respond to the hijacking of their event next time.

4.) Immediately, some of the flaws of the White Man March are obvious from the negative media coverage – wearing masks, event hijacking, posting stickers in toilet stalls, some of the signs were poorly made – and constructive criticism is already being used to come up with practical solutions to these problems.

5.) Finally, this is the most important thing: a decision was made that Whites were going to explicitly organize as Whites and stand up on behalf of White interests in the real worldIn other words, there is a possibility that this White Man March could become a regular event, and that White Nationalists can start using the internet properly to build real world social networks that confirm and validate their belief system.

The importance of these real world social networks cannot be exaggerated. Kevin MacDonald scratched the surface of this in a January essay:

 “Encounter: Rambo notes that close personal friendships in the conversionary group are important: “personal relationships are often important in the validation of a new belief system. … Even when a conversion is intellectual in content, the presence of friendships or a system of support provides a critical milieu in which the person can explore intellectual and spiritual issues” (109–110). In coming out as a White advocate, it certainly helped that I had formed friendships with people like J. Philippe Rushton as well as others at various conferences and events.

Interaction: Encounters lead to interactions, which Rambo describes as an “intense and critical” part of the conversion process. Unlike the stereotypes promoted by the media, I found that a great many of the people I was now interacting with were warm, well-adjusted, intelligent people, resulting in relationships that are very personally rewarding. Without these relationships, I very much doubt that I ever would have made a public commitment to White advocacy. Living in a highly populated area like Southern California where the negatives of diversity and White displacement are starkly apparent, many of us look forward to regular social events at the local level with like-minded others.”

It is not enough to “educate” people with abstract ideas, slogans, and memes on the internet. In order to complete the conversion process, real world social networks are necessary for the “converted” can seek out new associates who validate and confirm their new ideas, which allow them to discard their old belief system.

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  1. this is great, i feared that Extremest may attempt to hijack this, While i am a true believer that all men should be equal, I find that being proud of being white has been demonized, This is an atrocity of rights, to people of Euro decent, While everother race has the ability to be proud of there heritage and race the white man has had a boot on his back for too long. I hope this take more root to all of America, be proud of being white.

  2. Well said.

    It does sound like these White man’s marches were asolic success. I like the time before St. Patrick’s day marches, perhaps some green four leaf clovers on the signs would Segway in to St. Patrick’s day support.

    Other ideas for signs:

    “Yeah, the Irish really are White”

  3. Activism is not hard. I organized a bunch of public demonstrations in 06, 07, and 08. Getting people to come is like pulling teeth though.

  4. Unfortunately you get assholes who will try to embarrass you. This think with Klan members showing up in Klan stuff if a re-occurring problem. If you have twenty guys and one person shows up with a Klan belt buckle, the entire media coverage will be about how a guy had a klan belt buckle at the event.

  5. Lots of skinheads, Northwest Front, and Stormfront types were at the demonstrations here on the West Coast organized by the American Freedom Party except that the ones here in Portland were too afraid of the Portland Antifas to do one here despite my imprecations not to pussy out.

    You folks in the South have a more benign environment and an urban population more amenable to hearing your message.

  6. The writer cannot bring himself to ask why do many working men think this:

    60% of working–class white Americans feel that racial discrimination against whites is at least as great as discrimination faced by racial minorities, according to a recent Public Religion Research Institute report. 49% felt that the government had done too much in recent decades to benefit the conditions of racial minorities, while 57% “agree that illegal immigrants taking jobs that would otherwise be filled by American citizens are responsible for our current economic problems.” (This belief in “reverse discrimination” is not borne out by social indicators, which illustrate economic stagnation or loss for the bottom 80% of earners, but a concomitant expansion of racial inequality – with the average white family now having 20 times the average wealth of Blacks and Latinos.) The use of racialized scapegoats to explain American decline, and its effects on white Americans, has clearly been successful. Reading reports and studies of white public opinion, alongside the White Man March’s call to unity – a clear and thick overlap is present. It is a story of white victimhood, a baseless but widespread belief that there is systematic societal and governmental discrimination against whites – a growing belief steeped in anger, fear and ignorance.

    But at least he does admit they think it.

  7. Here’s the kicker for me. These writers will turn around and say that capital exploits the worker, fair enough, but then he bashes the workers who notice stuff about how capitalism actually exploits everyone. Like gangbosses who employ people for cents. Like lawyers who block bust. Bosses who overpromote pet crony negroes. Sinecure work in NGOs … Vanguard of the Proletariat my arse.

  8. It’s staggering that whites have managed to have households worth on average 20 fold that of blacks. If you think about it, you get to lose everything through divorce, sexual harrasment, an AA hire, no scholarships any infraction of polite behavior.
    Most of this must be the result of prudence and genius.

  9. Congratulate Mike King

    Mike King is an Assistant Professor at SUNY-Oneonta. He is currently completing a book on the Policing of Occupy Oakland. He can be reached at mikeking0101 (at) gmail.

    You know what to do!

  10. He’s even quoting Ignatiev

    “The fascists are the vanguard of the white race; however, the big problem right now is not the white vanguard but the white mainstream.”

    – Noel Ignatiev

    That’s not genocidal is it? Christ Almighty.

  11. Two observations:

    Ignatiev, like the dead and rotting Susan Sontag, are Jews. Never forget that.

    Secondly, can someone come up with a bumper sticker that has ‘Diversity=White Genocide” and sell it, with ALL proceeds going toward these ‘white man marches.’
    Copyright it and only allow one outlet. I don’t care who. But I would have one of those visible during the yearly White Man March in my area, for the day, until more folks awaken to this reality.

  12. When critical mass of knowledge or information is reached, this sort of thing will happen spontaneously everywhere, without organisation or marketing.

    No wait, it’s not information that we need most of all….

  13. It most certainly is. Almost an admission that white people are the problem, almost a call for genocide and also a strong indication that white people are broadly aware there is a problem.

  14. We will get better . We will improve . We will engage .

    They say where stupid but a simple question can remedy this argument :

    Who’s smarter a pro white white or an anti white white ?

  15. Thanks for the support, folks. I have been under heavy fire from our enemies for about a week now, but it seems some of the worst attacks have actually come from alleged “pro-Whites”. I really think this was a massive success that we can all build on from month to month.

  16. Those people want to spend the next 13 years hanging out on the internet and having absolutely nothing to show for it but tens of millions of comments on internet forums. Don’t listen to them.

  17. Have been at our cause my whole adult life. This white world demo was the best ever. I have praised it totally, and all participants, on our daily youtube video DINOSAUR NEWS JOHN BEATTIE (20 minutes Mon to Fri) So cheered up by you all that my twitch is worse, over cheerful nerves. Nothing else on my mind since that victorious date, that is now historic: March 15th, 2014. The Soothsayer in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, tried to warn him about the “Ides of March”…………Caesar did not listen and we all know what happened to him ! Definitely every 3rd Saturday is a brilliant plan. Our race is in serious danger. Once a month surely is not asking too much. Glory to You All !!

  18. The only thing that allows anti-white type people to see “race as the contradiction of america from its inception” (in the article) IS THE REVISIONIST VIEW that america was founded on DOCTRINES (the way something like the catholic group was).

    The constitution says it was “FOR US and our posterity.” The people in what became the “u.s.” DO NOT SEE THEMSELVES AS ‘immigrants.” (As there was NO COUNTRY to “immigrate” INTO.)

    Only the Revisionist View that it was a “doctrinal” country allows people to go on like that (often shifting the importance of propaganda-for-funding pieces, like the “declaration of independence” to the same status as the constitution, as was done by (foreign?) candidates in the last presidential debate.

    The writer was taught a faulty premise regarding the formation of the country.

  19. Trying to pretend the “u.s.” was formed as a “doctrinal” deal, or a “proposition nation,” a NON-ETHNICALLY created country, (like orgs such as the catholic group) IS part of genocidal activity, right?

    To ignore the line in the constitution that stated “for us and our posterity,” would be like going to Israel (a racial nation) or China, Japan, Kenya, whatever—- and saying it was “founded on equality” which means their taxes should bring in tens of millions of South Americans, change their language to spanish, and and create strip malls where they have pan-asian, italian and mexican as their only offering and no Chinese or Japanese foods, any longer.

    To pretend Israel is an “equal country” based in a DOCTRINE (not them as a people) and make matzo balls impossible to get would be called genocide. (obviously)

  20. “Trouble is these things are not working if Antifa don’t show up too.”

    The ideal is where they really want to show up but don’t because they don’t want to publicize it e.g. the way they keep quiet about the Mantra.

  21. “Trouble is these things are not working if Antifa don’t show up too.” Hey Cap’t, the Antifa’s presence isn’t necessary for these demonstrations to work. I’m not a coward, but I wouldn’t want the Antifa’s to show up. They’re a dangerous bunch who don’t hesitate to use deadly force. We have women and children at our demonstrations, and I would not want them to get a steel pipe across the noggin.

  22. I think the biggest coup, was the amount of views they got of their White Genocide message on the Internet. It will probably be well over a million over the next few weeks.

    If you can get past the gate keepers, or trick the gate keepers into spreading your message like they did, that’s a huge victory.

    Why confront 10s of anti-White anti-fa villains in a town square, when if you are clever, you can be reaching millions?

  23. Brad, hope you don’t mind but we used one of your quotes from Stormfront about the definition of White Nationalism:

    We noticed that you had also encouraged other WN’s to participate in the next WMM, especially since nothing bad will happen to them for it. We think the best way for you to prove it Brad, is to show them. So we’ve invited you to come out in public with your profession and employer as a token of good faith, just to prove how harmless participation in the event would be. Brad, we know that you have been dying for the chance to prove it to the world and we want to eli you do it! So write us back Brad. 🙂

  24. Kyle did an amazing thing. I am so proud of him coming from the northeast, and spreading the message across the world. The more of us step forward to be counted publicly, the sooner change happens.

    Diversity feeds off of our fear. Without it, they’re powerless.

    I want to share with folks an update. Anyone remember that anti-white jewish judge who attacked me on behalf of a black cop, who broke a very serious NJ law which violated my basic rights on behalf of this gross ghetto hispanic woman?

    Well, nothing happened. I was set up by the black cop’s buddies (probably in fear of a lawsuit from me) in the instance of a very minor traffic violation (really a parking issue) to be attacked by the judge who has a rep for being nuts, and anti-european (he works in the most jewish-run county in the state, in an almost all jewish and black town).

    The judge abused his contempt of court power from the second I walked up to the bench, and socked me with the maximum fine a municipality can issue. For various reasons no one could get my bail when I called (my BF was just out of surgery 50 minutes away and my other BF is scared s**tless of the system, one other didn’t get the call that night). So I was released instead of being sent to their ghetto county jail where I wouldn’t last five minutes.

    I appealed and when I went to get the transcript from the instigating incident with the hispanic and her black cop friend, sure enough it had been altered. While in the county courthouse a WHITE (anglo celt) middle aged lawyer told me while I waited for the elevator that this was ‘not a court house you want to be in.’ I asked him about audio tapes being altered and he told me it was easy to do technically, and, that friend of his had run into that, as he walked out of the elevator and stared purposefully at me.

    So I was screwed. I refused a black public defender in the appeal of contempt and she refused to step down. So in oral argument which aren’t even something that happens ME requesting them my appeal was ended.

    I refuse to pay a jew, a black, a hispanic (or anyone) to violate me. Not happening. And guess what? The fee payment date came and went, and no arrest warrant was issued.

    My father went to Viet Nam; his first cousin, a tall redheaded WHITE man, came home dead. My mother’s brother went and came home okay.

    There’s just so much they can do without making things worse for them. Had something happened to me in their ghetto jail it would have gotten all over the state, that a hateful unprofessional nutcase jewish judge had sent me there *because he was mad at me.* in the context of a hispanic and black pulling such a racket that no european person in the state would have believed them (the jews, blacks, and hispanics). I even pointed out that this case would ultimately be decided in the *court of european opinion* regardless of what this corrupt jew and black run county decided.

    So that’s that. In court that day, the judge tried to make out that I could be deemed a threat to the community after I pointed out that a jew was harassing a white woman (he had already attacked me and even had me handcuffed for doing nothing but freezing after being unjustly accused on behalf of the black cop). I guess his own argument was so weak that in spite of the derisive mutterings of the blacks and a few hispanics in the court, he changed his mind not only that night but permanently.

    I stood up to being called anti-semitic with no one to stand with me, knowing, however, that the european people of my state would go batshit if this psycho had the nerve to further endanger and persecute me. A fair haired anglo celtic woman is a threat to a county of jews, blacks and hispanics (there are a couple towns of italians to the north)…hmm…even funnier is the idea of jews fighting in the military. Ha ha ha…

    Stand up, my people, while we still have a european majority to defend and be defended by. Hiding in the shadows guarantees our doom. Diversity Cult is composed of pure cowards, and the minute you have the spine to stare them down, and call them out for what they are, they back down. We have just so much time. Use it or lose it.

  25. Correction:
    “So I was screwed. I refused a black public defender in the appeal of contempt and she refused to step down. So in oral argument which aren’t even something that happens ME requesting them my appeal was ended.”

    I meant oral arguments must be requested by the defendant in these types of appeal. I made no request but it was arranged knowing I wouldn’t show up, as I refused to allow Essex County Court blacks and hispanics to alter another audio. The black public defender refused to step down from the case in spite of my written warning to her that she had no right or power to represent me.

    The municipal anti-european jewish judge ‘won’ in the eyes of the jews and their divers minions, aka blacks and hispanics, but would never prevail in the rest of the state, especially among my own people. Whites like that lawyer would confirm my report about audio tapes being altered. In NJ in the last couple years numerous WHITES NOT JEWS have been murdered or maimed by blacks and hispanics in pure hate crimes.

    Also, I’ll add here that the pro-Whites who think that playing along with the jewish propaganda coming out of NYC is some kind of strategy need to take heed from pro-White leaders up here. There will be no compromising with the architects of White Genocide. CofCC has actually helped the jewmedia lie on a couple of occasions and they need to know northerners will not shake their blood-drenched Judas hands if they continue. Up here it’s call out the jew or bust.

  26. SpelunkerX is just another member of the Knock Out Gang in Coats and Ties.

    When any White man stands up for his people, the Knock Out Gang in Coats and Ties appears, to ruin and make them destitute. Doesn’t matter if they have young families to support, they put the entire family including children, out on the street to starve.

    These so called “anti-racists” never do this to non-Whites, when they stand up for their people. They only target White people and they are doing it in all White countries and ONLY White countries.

    They are not fighting “racism” at all, they are the definition of hardcore racism. They are committing GLOBAL GENOCIDE against 600 million Whites.

  27. Joe, I’m not here to make anyone destitute, you see, I do not have the power to do that. I’m only here to urge Brad, because he’s so sure that there are no repercussions for participating in an event like The White Man March to lead by example. Brad seems like he wants to be a leader, so me thinks he should do just that. Remember, nothing bad is going to happen to any of you, that’s the reason why you all use pseudonyms. Tee hee hee! If your views were so wildly popular, you’d be out there showing your faces, plastering your real names all over the place to prove you act with integrity. By the way, I fancy myself more a tshirt and jeans guy myself.

  28. Name, address, pictures of the enriched neighborhood where you live to prove you’re not just another hypocrite who’s all talk when it comes to embracing enrichment on a daily basis, hand-written timestamp, exif data.

  29. Spelunker darling, if there’s such horrible punishments awaiting whites for defying Diversity Cult, then why am I not in jail?

    My name is public in the matter I describe above. I myself made it so.

    What is also known among europeans is that jews, blacks and hispanics unite to exploit and hate us. This explains why absolutely nothing has happened to me.

    Your cult can create all the fictions it wants about whites. That won’t change what we know to be the truth.

  30. And while we’re doing show and tell, what’s *your* name, Spelunker? Don’t bother telling us how you make your livelihood; we know you cash a monthly jewcheck.

    But are you willing to face the gathering hordes who don’t believe that Diane Zaleski was ‘arguing’ with an illegal alien who stabbed and strangled her in Union, NJ, when in fact he stalked her and snuck into her house while she took out the garbage so that he could rape her? How about the farmers in Iowa who will be greeting Sessions Harper if he succeeds in gaining early release for the lynching of Holly Michael? Do you really think even the most extreme brainwashed liberals there will allow that? Do you think they don’t know Holly wasn’t the slightest bit *involved* with Harper but was instead followed home by him and raped, then tied up, doused with gasoline and lit on fire? Do you think the jewmedia fooled her townspeople when they lied about her alleged romantic affiliation with this animal? Do you think they don’t know about how she suffered for two weeks, screaming in pain because morphine can only be administered to burn victims sparingly, as all of her limbs were amputated?

    The court of european american opinion has not yet adjourned, my friend.

  31. To my knowledge, there were no repercussions to participating in either 1.) the League’s rally in Tallahassee or 2.) the White Man March.

    I know that Heidi Beirich called a woman in Florida, someone who is familiar to the SPLC, but wasn’t familiar to us, and informed her secretary that she was going to be writing a really mean blog post on the Hatewatch. She told them to get lost and call her attorney. Nothing ever came of that.

    She also called at least two other people, one of whom wasn’t even there, and sent me an email. As promised, Heidi published an article on Hatewatch. We read it with great amusement. In fact, Michael had repeatedly tweeted photos of the Tallahassee rally at the SPLC on the night after the rally. He had also contacted every sociologist at Florida State University in the hope of getting a group like the “Radical Sparkle Collective” to counterprotest us in Tallahassee.

  32. Spelunker,

    Why don’t you tell us your real name, your employer, your address and phone number, and post a photo of yourself here that can be verified? For someone who enjoys digging into the personal lives of others, I notice you have been quite circumspect in revealing information about yourself.

    Tee hee hee!

    • Laughs.

      What’s your name? You already know my name, my phone number, what I believe, what I look like, and things I plan to do in the future. Seeing as how you have nothing to hide, right, I think it is fair to ask you tell us your real name and show us what you look like.

      What’s the matter? Are you chicken? Are you afraid that something might happen if we snoop into your life?

  33. Well I am certainly glad this is a mutually gratifying relationship, in that I can provide you with comic relief, and you mine, in that I enjoy great laughs at seeing photos of your “rallies” in which the most support you can muster is 50 people. Good stuff.

    For the record, my information is hidden for one reason, and one reason only, and it’s not because of embarrassment or shame in my beliefs. You fellas run along now and get those Diversity is Genocide signs together. Make sure you smile pretty for the cameras! 🙂

    • Why am I not surprised?

      My position is that “anti-fa” are ineffective, especially in the South, particularly so in the Lower South, and the power of groups like the SPLC has been wildly exaggerated. This was on display after the Tallahassee rally when the SPLC sent out emails and made several phone calls about a “story” that Heidi Beirich was writing in a blog post on the Hatewatch. We read the story, laughed about it, and just like the previous four times, nothing happened, and no one cared.

      And then, the following weekend, the WNs held the “White Man March” that Stormfront had been talking about for several weeks. What followed was a bunch of snarky articles on websites like Salon and Gawker, a SPLC article, lots of ribaldry on Twitter, but most importantly, NOTHING. Once again, the “anti-fa” was exposed as a paper tiger. Even in the Northern states, places like Washington State, the event seems to have went off without incident, and NOTHING happened as a result of it.

      WNs don’t have to be bottled up and closeted on the internet. It’s a choice. The “White Man March” proved that. Hopefully, that realization is starting to dawn across their movement.

  34. Even half-awake Tea Partiers who protested fracking and related crony capitalism in this state were investigated by an Israeli firm hired by then-governor Rendell and put on the terror watch list. Even questioning environmental destruction can get you in trouble, because EVERYONE is under investigation in Amerika in ‘2084’.

  35. “Make sure you smile pretty for the cameras! :)”

    Your genocidal hatred of White people spurs us on.

  36. Oh Spelunker, I’m feeling so…left out…marginalized…oppressed!

    Can’t I play chicken with the boys?

    Or are you afraid of a yankee whose great grandfather freed the african slaves, whose great uncles freed the jews, whose father and uncles and cousins fought in Viet Nam while the jews and blacks sucked off the european middle class back home (or in the case of some blacks, in non-combat positions)?

    Where’s the KKK now? The ‘neo-Nazi?’

    You’re the only one who won’t deal in real names here.

  37. Spelunkler is dumb as a box of rocks too. Even his taunts are lame. Don’t let him waste your time. This clown is stupid, hypocritical and cowardly all at the same time. If you want practice rhetoric against anti-white opinions, go elsewhere. Try reddit. He and his Jewish booty buddy Liberty Lamp were tag teaming each other with ass-to-mouth on Matt Parrott’s site a few months back and from what I saw generally succeeded in getting people to waste their time.

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