The White Man March Was Successful

White Nationalists demonstrate against White Genocide
White Nationalists demonstrate against White Genocide

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The SPLC and the Mainstream Media are having lots of fun mocking the White Man March, but the event was a success for the following reasons:

1.) This was the first time in years that the White Nationalist movement, as opposed to the sporadic actions of groups like the NSM and the Klan, has attempted to launch any kind of coordinated action in the real world.

The importance of the event lies in the fact that it was a break with the status quo. Sometimes inertia can be your greatest enemy. There was already such a low bar to White Nationalist activism that a strong argument can be made that the White Man March on March 15 easily cleared it.

Like the League of the South’s Uvalda rally in August 2013, the full significance of the White Man March might become apparent only in hindsight. It could be a watershed moment where White Nationalists start to feel emboldened and begin to “come out of the closet” and reengage with the real world.

I’ve noticed that a new White Man March has already been scheduled for April 19th. This indicates to me that the White Nationalists who participated were emboldened, not discouraged by the turnout and media coverage, and have “gotten a taste” for activism and want to do it again and improve on their previous performance.

2.) In the South, White Nationalists in Birmingham, ALHarrison, AR, Branson, MO, Knoxville, TN, Richmond, VA, Harrisonburg, VA, New Orleans, LA and Florence, KY participated in the White Man March. Someone drove around Texas with a “Diversity = White Genocide” banner on the back of a transfer truck.

In the North and West, White Nationalists in Centralia, IL, Olympia, WA, San Diego, CA, and Oregon participated in the White Man March. I’ve also seen some reports of activity in New York City and Tempe, AZ. Elsewhere in the Anglosphere, I have confirmed that White Nationalists in Auckland, New Zealand, Birmingham, United Kingdom, Canterbury, United Kingdom, Darwin, Australia, Brisbane, Australia,  Cairns, Australia, and Sydney, Australia participated in the White Man March.

The SPLC reported on their activities … and, surprise, rather than being struck down by lightning by some omnipotent ZOG, nothing happened. Even in the most tense reported confrontation in Knoxville, there was no violence. The importance of this lies in the fact that the reigning taboos were explicitly violated in a public space and there were no negative consequences to the participants who were able to act on their beliefs and overcome their own fears.

3.) It is true that two Klansmen showed up in uniform at the Florence, KY demonstration, but it is clear this wasn’t planned and the organizers of the event had strongly encouraged the participants to dress in business casual. Even when mistakes like this happen, the organizers gain experience and should be better prepared to respond to the hijacking of their event next time.

4.) Immediately, some of the flaws of the White Man March are obvious from the negative media coverage – wearing masks, event hijacking, posting stickers in toilet stalls, some of the signs were poorly made – and constructive criticism is already being used to come up with practical solutions to these problems.

5.) Finally, this is the most important thing: a decision was made that Whites were going to explicitly organize as Whites and stand up on behalf of White interests in the real worldIn other words, there is a possibility that this White Man March could become a regular event, and that White Nationalists can start using the internet properly to build real world social networks that confirm and validate their belief system.

The importance of these real world social networks cannot be exaggerated. Kevin MacDonald scratched the surface of this in a January essay:

 “Encounter: Rambo notes that close personal friendships in the conversionary group are important: “personal relationships are often important in the validation of a new belief system. … Even when a conversion is intellectual in content, the presence of friendships or a system of support provides a critical milieu in which the person can explore intellectual and spiritual issues” (109–110). In coming out as a White advocate, it certainly helped that I had formed friendships with people like J. Philippe Rushton as well as others at various conferences and events.

Interaction: Encounters lead to interactions, which Rambo describes as an “intense and critical” part of the conversion process. Unlike the stereotypes promoted by the media, I found that a great many of the people I was now interacting with were warm, well-adjusted, intelligent people, resulting in relationships that are very personally rewarding. Without these relationships, I very much doubt that I ever would have made a public commitment to White advocacy. Living in a highly populated area like Southern California where the negatives of diversity and White displacement are starkly apparent, many of us look forward to regular social events at the local level with like-minded others.”

It is not enough to “educate” people with abstract ideas, slogans, and memes on the internet. In order to complete the conversion process, real world social networks are necessary for the “converted” can seek out new associates who validate and confirm their new ideas, which allow them to discard their old belief system.

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  1. Just so you know, it wasn’t a march, it was the month of March.

    I think the organizers overestimated anti-White intelligence, because it seems to have gone right over their heads.

  2. Hunter Wallace says:
    March 25, 2014 at 2:37 am

    “I’ve been wondering if “The Mantra” might lead WN off the internet and back into the real world. ”

    It is not intended to lead WN off the net. It is intended to empower ordinary Whites.

    You don’t see anti-Whites marching around the streets do you? They just encourage people to shout racist. Its all they have ever done.

  3. Brad- I know you and Parrott don’t always see eye to eye, but I think you might have been on the same page with this one.

    The “montra” crowd has a strange cult element, all they do is repeat the same lines over and over.

    There is a spike in autism awareness and often the symptoms are these disorders are repeating the same sentences over and over, if you have ever seen the movie Rain Man.

    I don’t blame vaccinations for this, but I do believe there are other environmental factors as well as more awareness in dianoses.

  4. Capt John Charity Spring MA- well, you better just line up your my-little-ponies and get ready for that TSHTF puff puff dream, you’re down the hole and in the Wunderland.

  5. Re: JoeP

    I hope it does.

    It seems to be happening too. I think spreading “The Mantra,” or some variation of it, has escaped Whitaker’s orbit and is starting to take on a life of its own. I think it might unintentionally lead some WNs like Kyle Hunt off the internet and back into greater engagement with the real world.

  6. Hmmmm…

    “The patriot who collaborated the event in Florence, Kentucky is Robert Ransdell with close affiliation with the Supreme White Alliance’s own President Richard Kidd. Together the success of spreading white pride was inevitable. We did battle alongside of wholesome groups such as TWK and FOC against the influx of anti-white hate speech levied towards the more gullible of the race.”

    “Members who were in attendance welcomed the support of certain Klan members but according to the SPLC, “Other racists were critical of the Klansmen who showed up to participate at a protest in Florence, Kentucky, organized by former National Alliance leader, Robert Ransdell, particularly since this was one of the few gatherings that generated media coverage. Skinheads Richard Kidd and Jarred Hensley also attended.”

    Article written by “a (Supreme White Alliance) Supporter”

    “I will say this, the two guys labeled as the “two skinheads” that showed up, Jarrod Hensley and Richard Kidd I don’t believe are anything but true blue WN. I have really had no contact with either except at WN related activity and know neither of them real, real well, but I personally see them as good and decent people. Some might not like their appearance but both I know have altered and adjusted their way of going about things and are always first to say “I am in” when some activism project or event takes place. I consider them brothers until and unless credible evidence would say otherwise.”

    Robert Ransdell

    “It really surprised me that we had all this support even after we were joined by the 2 in uniforms. Had the support dropped off and if they would have brought nothing but scorn I probably would have suggested they lose the costume/uniform.”

    “I mean this was really a sight to behold, White people in large numbers not even being scared away or from showing support despite the fact Klan members in costume were there. This is not to say it does not hurt us overall in the long run, we need to keep distancing ourselves from that mode of presentation, but it really was encouraging to see so many of our people on this day just effectively say to hell with all of the media propaganda, effectively saying, “dammit those people are standing for what I have been thinking and saying myself, let me lend them some support”.”

    “I think the sooner we phase out the uniforms and nostalgia that conforms to media stereotypes the better, I just think there is a better way to go about it than being overtly hostile to the folks who still do it. I think we should at least make the effort and take the time to illustrate how they are helping to serve the beast they hate as much as we do.”

    “Fact is we got out there and these folks just showed up, we had no contact with them prior to the event, none of the people there knew them or made an invitation to them to show up.”

    “I cringed at the sight of it as it was not what was intended by the organizers.”

    “I also must say that the two individuals, a lady and a man, were relatively well behaved and did not try to steal the spotlight, they could have been screaming White power throughout, they did not. They could have tried to actively engage in the interview, they did not. I made sure to make clear that I was the organizer (co-organizer to be correct) and spokesman so the reporter would not gravitate to the uniformed folks.”

    “And again, in the short conversation I had with both folks they seemed like decent people, the only problem is how they opt to present things. They were from parts south in Kentucky, we have to recognize that some people who mean well have rough edges that need to be smoothed out.”

    “Now it is a different story if they keep showing up, after we make an effort to speak with them, in the nostalgic uniforms and hurt our efforts.”

    Robert Ransdell

  7. I don’t think much of e-Activism.

    At some point, I think Akismet will come out with a new version which will automatically block The Mantra from being posted on WordPress blog comment sections.

  8. Do you follow the news? This is the era of nationalism. The Putch in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea are harbingers of next few decades.
    Must hurt your sensibilities to see sense break out. Get back to your Jane Austen novels and your 50 Shades of Gay.

  9. Brad- do you really think those photos of sad little banner drops and guys like Kyle Hunt are what really want?

    I think if they were you and TYN would have been there…

  10. Capt John Charity Spring MA- 50 shades of grey is far too boring, and Jane Austen is actual white European literature.

    If you were an real white European, you’d be well read in literature, understand how to use etiquette, know which fork you use with salad and which fork you use with shrimp.

    You’d know to keep your own racist views to yourself and never show yourself as a lout in public or attempt to start a row.

    I have read all of Austen, Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters, George Sand, and Flashman.

    I have been to Europe several times, had low tea at Harrod’s, been to the opera in Brussels and dined in France.

    Now, why don’t you tell me about your “White European” experience….

  11. @Hunter Wallace

    Just so you know Whitaker is not WN, or any organization, he is just pro White. If anyone will get on message against White Genocide, he encourages them to do so.

    As for e-activism, he just works with what people are willing to do. Most are too scared to break the law to write graffiti, let alone go out in the street.

    Getting creative is encouraged though. During the WMM, one man hired a delivery van and drove it over parts of Texas, with a White Genocide message on the back. He got lots of support from Texans and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

  12. I’ll buy you a ticket to a St Petersburg Zenit match. Or perhaps a Chelsea FC game. I might throw you into the Kop end at Anfield with a “ManU til I Die” shirt on your back.

    Then I’ll scrape you off the Tarmac like a pound of strawberry jam and feed your sloppy guts to a pig farm.

    I could also dump you in Bricklane wearing a Yamulke and a levite prayer shawl.

  13. I have read all of Austen, Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters, George Sand, and Flashman.

    You slipped, Flashman is a character not the novelist. And if you’ve read all that you’d know that Bronte’s Heathcliffe was an interloping racial outsider. AKA a Lascar, that the lady in the attic in Jane Eyre was a mix breed creole, that Shakey was a nationalistic lout with a penchant for antisemitism and that Austen was a hypergamous dried out spinster. Fraser? That dude was a racist son of a bitch too.

  14. Lampedusa,

    Go suck some African Asylum seeker’s left tit. You were made for it.


    The Commander of the Balliol

  15. Capt John Charity Spring MA – you think just because you throw some Flashy around I am supposed to be impressed?

    Sit down, remove your hat, and if you’re a good boy I’ll pour you a cupper…

  16. Poor Capt John Charity Spring MA, all that poisoning from cheap ink has damaged his brain and they won’t let him join any clubs.

    So, he is left crying in his biscuits while trying to insult women on the internet…

  17. As per the jewish supremacists ‘Jooz’ comment, perhaps the following most recent quote on Daily Stormer regarding this issue can shed some light:

    “Another daily increase in Alexa. Starting to increase ranking against after brief leveling off.

    Today: 38,514

    American Reniassance: 62,091 (!) Look how the gap has widened in less than 90 days.”

    Seems like exposing Jewish Supremacy isn’t such a dud after all, huh Spelunker?

  18. NYHankee… What’s the population of the US again? Let me know when your adding machine catches up.

  19. NYHankee, read your own story. I read about three sentences. That was enough to conclude the writers entire argument on the popularity of Golden Dawn hinges on the “doctored polls”, which I’ve seen no evidence of. Whatevs… Post your links all day long. Even if Daily Stormer has a million hits a day, it doesn’t matter because yallzzzz sorry bags of bones can’t muster more than 50 other pathetic “Nationalists” on any given day. Looks like the yokes on you again.

  20. When you catch a Jew red handed with their hand in the biscuit tin it’s a fucking joy to behold.

    She collapsed immediately after poking Starkey about his taxes. Then he fucked her up good.

    She’s about as British as a B’nai Brit Mohel.

  21. What point are you trying to make by pointing out whether or not someone is Jewish or not? In what way is it important to, or does it affect your life?

  22. What point are you trying to make by pointing out whether or not someone is Jewish or not? In what way is it important to, or does it affect your life?

    What do you know about the origins of the slave trade?

  23. Also watch the video of Starkey play the identity game to perfection.

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    White man pwns the bitch and she starts crying.

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  24. Treat these two Antifa just the same as Starkey treated the filthy whore.

    What do you know of the Atlantic slave trade?

  25. Spelunker,

    If you agree that evolution exists, along with Charles Darwin, why do you BELEIVE that it magically stopped 70,000 years ago and that evolution has had no effect on cognition?

    What do you know of the origin of the Altantic slave trade?

  26. What bearing does Aaronovitch’s Jewish identity have to do with what this man is asking about before he walks out of the studio?

    Was Aaronovitch baiting the guy into saying:

    “Fuck you, you slimy Jewish Toad!”

    “Even if you see it happening in front of your eyes” as Aaron the high priest says”doesn’t make it true.”

  27. Second answer first. Not much. To be perfectly honest I don’t bring up or talk about slavery much, if at all.

    First answer second. I’m not sure if I agree or not. I’ve never really given much thought to evolution, what’s your opinion?

    “She’s Jewish jewing it up winking at the nig and interrupting the white man.”

    What exactly is “jewing it up”? Is “nig” a slur or term of endearment to you?

    Why are you fixated so much on whether someone is a Jew or not. All part of the grand conspiracy against “you”?

  28. As for your second video, homeboy is dressed way to nicely to be “homeless”. Something’s rotten in Denmark, and I think it’s his story that he’s applied for a hundred jobs in the railway. I don’t buy it.

  29. Something is rotten at the BBC when a fat fuck toad tells a man not to BELEIVE the evidence of his own experience.

    Aaronovitch’s parents should have been sent back to Germany and whatever fate awaited them. I get to say that, even though the audience member didn’t. Aaronovitch was dangling it in front of the poor bloke, fortunately the fellow upstaged him.

    Aaronovitch is braid oh speaking correct. I don’t blame Pakistanis and blacks for taking advantage of the fair play and instinctive altruism of my people, I do however blame toads like Aaronovitch for ethnic cleansing in London, Birmingham, Bradford, Luton, Leicester, Bristol, Barking, Manchester… And increasingly places like Cork, Wexford and even Belfast.

    Aaronovitch’s day of reckoning approacheth.

  30. First answer second. I’m not sure if I agree or not. I’ve never really given much thought to evolution, what’s your opinion?

    So you are an ignoramus?


    Here we we see why it is extremely dangerous to have blacks and Asians around.

    Off the 90 convictions for gangrape over 60 convicts were blacks. Most if the rest Pakistani and Afgani. The white convicts were either in or around ethnic gangs but ply amount to 16 assailants. To put this in perspective it’s understood that gangrape was virtually non existent before the introduction of blacks and Pakistanis into Britain.

    The only exceptions: Times of Civil Warfare.

  32. 92 gang rape convictions. 66 blacks 13 whites the remainder Paki or Asian.

    That’s the tip of the Goldberg. The report is from before the Pakistani gangs trafficking white girls ages 11-18 were exposed. The court reports suggest girls have been murdered, gang raped and destroyed by the enrichment foisted on white people, largely by PC lunatics like Spelunker and Lampedusa and explained away by Jewish wretches like Laurie Penney and David Aaronovitch.

  33. Well you are assuming those were really his experiences. He is the most nicely dressed homeless person I’ve ever seen, so unlike you, I’m assuming he’s full of crap.

    Ignoramus, yes, that’s me, along with whatever else you’d like to call me. No put down could ever be too brutal for me to laugh at you. As for my intelligence, I’d be the first to admit to not being overly intellectual, well read, etc.. I don’t see any shame in that. I’ll tell you what I have learned a lot about. White Nationalism. You know what that is right? It’s that mythical thing that never seems to exist whenever it’s being applied to you.

    There is a lot of crime in the world. Blacks commit a lot of crime. So do Whites. Sometimes the types of crimes each respective group commits is different. What’s the point? I don’t like criminals no matter what “race” or “color” they are. I guess in that respect we are quite different.

  34. Blind fish grow in caves.

    Don’t BELEIVE what you see. Even though the TRUTH is a subjective construct anyway.

  35. The UK might have had 5 gang rapes every year (perhaps in some years zero) before the advent of the Afro Carribean and African immivasion that has demographically and financially wrecked the UK. Now London coppers expect dozens of cases every year. 90% of the convicts are either black or Paki.

    Take your simpering negrophilia and excuses elsewhere.

  36. I could buy you a house in Newark or North St Louis. Then you can actually practice what you preach about criminality.

  37. Can’t or choose not to?

    “Take your simpering negrophilia and excuses elsewhere.”

    OK then, I’m taking my toys and going back to the sandbox. Toodles. 🙂

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  39. ‘First answer second. I’m not sure if I agree or not. I’ve never really given much thought to evolution, what’s your opinion?’:

    That’s NOT a matter of opinion, or taste or fashion. You don’t even understand or appreciate science!

  40. Capt John, Starkey’s take down of Penny isn’t half as funny as Penny’s take down of herself…sooooo funny…

    Figured she’s Chosen, thanks for confirmation. Even if you hadn’t that video would 🙂

  41. Spelunker is a dolt.

    All good fun. The reason I posted both videos is to show you the tricks of the Chosenites. Use these dark arts, but also note the cleverness of the aware Christian man: Starkey is fully aware. The QT audience guy was 90% aware, if he was tempted to tell the Aaronovitch to shut his Jewish pie hole he sensibly refrained and instead concluded the argument with good theatre.

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