The White Man March Was Successful

White Nationalists demonstrate against White Genocide
White Nationalists demonstrate against White Genocide

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The SPLC and the Mainstream Media are having lots of fun mocking the White Man March, but the event was a success for the following reasons:

1.) This was the first time in years that the White Nationalist movement, as opposed to the sporadic actions of groups like the NSM and the Klan, has attempted to launch any kind of coordinated action in the real world.

The importance of the event lies in the fact that it was a break with the status quo. Sometimes inertia can be your greatest enemy. There was already such a low bar to White Nationalist activism that a strong argument can be made that the White Man March on March 15 easily cleared it.

Like the League of the South’s Uvalda rally in August 2013, the full significance of the White Man March might become apparent only in hindsight. It could be a watershed moment where White Nationalists start to feel emboldened and begin to “come out of the closet” and reengage with the real world.

I’ve noticed that a new White Man March has already been scheduled for April 19th. This indicates to me that the White Nationalists who participated were emboldened, not discouraged by the turnout and media coverage, and have “gotten a taste” for activism and want to do it again and improve on their previous performance.

2.) In the South, White Nationalists in Birmingham, ALHarrison, AR, Branson, MO, Knoxville, TN, Richmond, VA, Harrisonburg, VA, New Orleans, LA and Florence, KY participated in the White Man March. Someone drove around Texas with a “Diversity = White Genocide” banner on the back of a transfer truck.

In the North and West, White Nationalists in Centralia, IL, Olympia, WA, San Diego, CA, and Oregon participated in the White Man March. I’ve also seen some reports of activity in New York City and Tempe, AZ. Elsewhere in the Anglosphere, I have confirmed that White Nationalists in Auckland, New Zealand, Birmingham, United Kingdom, Canterbury, United Kingdom, Darwin, Australia, Brisbane, Australia,  Cairns, Australia, and Sydney, Australia participated in the White Man March.

The SPLC reported on their activities … and, surprise, rather than being struck down by lightning by some omnipotent ZOG, nothing happened. Even in the most tense reported confrontation in Knoxville, there was no violence. The importance of this lies in the fact that the reigning taboos were explicitly violated in a public space and there were no negative consequences to the participants who were able to act on their beliefs and overcome their own fears.

3.) It is true that two Klansmen showed up in uniform at the Florence, KY demonstration, but it is clear this wasn’t planned and the organizers of the event had strongly encouraged the participants to dress in business casual. Even when mistakes like this happen, the organizers gain experience and should be better prepared to respond to the hijacking of their event next time.

4.) Immediately, some of the flaws of the White Man March are obvious from the negative media coverage – wearing masks, event hijacking, posting stickers in toilet stalls, some of the signs were poorly made – and constructive criticism is already being used to come up with practical solutions to these problems.

5.) Finally, this is the most important thing: a decision was made that Whites were going to explicitly organize as Whites and stand up on behalf of White interests in the real worldIn other words, there is a possibility that this White Man March could become a regular event, and that White Nationalists can start using the internet properly to build real world social networks that confirm and validate their belief system.

The importance of these real world social networks cannot be exaggerated. Kevin MacDonald scratched the surface of this in a January essay:

 “Encounter: Rambo notes that close personal friendships in the conversionary group are important: “personal relationships are often important in the validation of a new belief system. … Even when a conversion is intellectual in content, the presence of friendships or a system of support provides a critical milieu in which the person can explore intellectual and spiritual issues” (109–110). In coming out as a White advocate, it certainly helped that I had formed friendships with people like J. Philippe Rushton as well as others at various conferences and events.

Interaction: Encounters lead to interactions, which Rambo describes as an “intense and critical” part of the conversion process. Unlike the stereotypes promoted by the media, I found that a great many of the people I was now interacting with were warm, well-adjusted, intelligent people, resulting in relationships that are very personally rewarding. Without these relationships, I very much doubt that I ever would have made a public commitment to White advocacy. Living in a highly populated area like Southern California where the negatives of diversity and White displacement are starkly apparent, many of us look forward to regular social events at the local level with like-minded others.”

It is not enough to “educate” people with abstract ideas, slogans, and memes on the internet. In order to complete the conversion process, real world social networks are necessary for the “converted” can seek out new associates who validate and confirm their new ideas, which allow them to discard their old belief system.

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  1. Hello again, LibertyLamp,

    As I am sure you know, we had nothing to do with the White Man March. It wasn’t a CofCC or League event.

    It was a WN event promoted by Stormfront and White Rabbit Radio. I didn’t even participate in it myself. I’ve long said though that WNs need to get more active and shift their focus back to the real world.

  2. Lew,

    Spelunker and his friends believe that WNs can be intimidated and forced into a closeted existence on the internet by public exposure with blog posts.

    For over a decade now, WNs themselves have believed that too because the WN movement is dominated by anonymous vBulletin forums like VNN Forum and Stormfront where WNs come online, scare each other to death, and it becomes “common knowledge” that WNs can’t afford to do anything in the real world because the consequences of doing so are just too great.

    Spelunker and Liberty Lamp are poking fun at the White Man March, but they are smart enough to perceive that only a fraction of WNs participated because of that long held misconception. The fact that Kyle Hunt has proven it is erroneous could possibly be of great significance if it begins to dawn on WNs that they are holding themselves back and start to change their behavior.

  3. Brad,
    So, this was orchestrated by T.G. Murdock and Hunt?
    It was really a basement dwelling neck-beard event!

    BTW- did you know that Murdock’s name came up as a paid subscriber to that nasty private spying firm Stratford?

    His name is listed in the released hacks, same gmail account and everything!

    I did know that you were not stupid enough to jump into the MWMM cesspool, but you are spinning it as a success, thus, I do have to give you an amount of butthurt over that.

    A spin is a spin. In reality the event was not a success of numbers, if there was any success at all, I could give you the success of international galvanizing but on such a micro scale in terms of presence the small ray of success could very well be shadowed by the public imagery.
    You cannot spin the imagery put out by any of the photos or videos as encouraging, in fact, they were probably detrimental.

  4. Brad-

    T.G.Murdock is White Rabbit radio. We did some of our digging and that is the man behind the rabbit hole.

    We then did a search on his email addy, and found that his name was in the Stratford hacks.

    Makes you wonder…why would a basement dweller like Murdock want to subscribe to such a shady intel firm like Stratford?

    Oh Lew, …you’re such a cheap date…

  5. 1) Is NYYankees Michael Weaver?

    2) Watch Daidalos run fast from the WMM, run Brad, run!

    “As I am sure you know, we had nothing to do with the White Man March. It wasn’t a CofCC or League event.”

    “I didn’t even participate in it myself.”

    If by writing about it glowingly as a success is your way of saying you didn’t participate in it, OK.

    Don’t forget Brad is merely but a “Southern ethnonationalist”, a completely different kind of a nationalist then a “White” one.

    Wonder what Brad thinks about?:

    “(1) abolishing slavery, (2) making blacks citizens, (3) throwing open our borders to Third World immigration, and (4) overthrowing Jim Crow and passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

  6. 1.) No, Michael Weaver posts under his own name here.

    2.) I’ve repeatedly encouraged WNs here to follow our example and get more active. It wasn’t one of our events. Just a topic to write about.

    3.) If I had participated in the WMM, I would have done so publicly. Instead, I spent that Saturday watching it unfold on Stormfront, especially after I noticed that afternoon that it was trending on Twitter.

    4.) That’s true. I’m a Southern Nationalist. I also strongly believe that racial activism in the North and West and Europe is a good thing.

    5.) I think that the non-Southern majority has a long track record of repeatedly intervening in the South with disastrous results.

    My readers can tell you that my mantra for years now has been that the existence of the Union is the cause of this and that the South would be much better off as an independent nation.

  7. Spelunker- you know Brad knows it was a loser event, he is just playing spin Dr.

    The movement is an embarrassment, they all know it, and for years they have been calling each other out on their poorly executed and attended public bruhahas.

    Although lately they are trying a new thing, and that is biting their lips and pretending to like and support each other so none of us antis will be able to use their lack of unity to our advantage.

    The fact is, it really won’t work, they really don’t support or even like each other and they never will.

    You take fellas like Brad who come from nice clean middle class suburban families, go to good rep schools, and then try to throw them into the ring with the tattooed boneheads … it will never really work.

    Remember how awkward Heimbach looked at the Ericsson rally? He looked like a doughy computer nerd whose mother ripped him away from his video games threw him into a playground of ruffians to finally get some sunshine.

    They pretended at that rally to all be buddies, but aside from Parrott’s patty-cakes with Brian James, you know there isn’t any real connections between the nerds and the boneheads that will ever jell into anything. And nobody wants anything to do with the dress-up Nazis anymore, and any real attended KKK event is done on the DL with a hillbilly crowd that these college boys cannot relate to.

    Thus, they got a small handful of neck-beards to do a banner drop here and there and are trying to pass it off as a “march”.

    Brad…who is very careful about his own public image knew from the start this was going to be an embarrassment, so to make up for it and to give the appearance of being a “team player” he wrote up this swill of propaganda to show he supports the smelly aspies while bowing out at having to play one on TV.

  8. Why are you encouraging White Nationalists to do anything? You’re not a White Nationalist, you’re a Southern Nationalist, right? What’s the difference? Is there any difference? Are there any Black Southern Nationalists you’re aware of? How about Asian Southern Nationalists? Jewish Southern Nationalists? Would you say an overwhelmingly large number of Southern Nationalists are White? Would you say all Southern Nationalists are White? If you were forced to admit that almost or all “members” (this does not literally mean member as in formally joining a group) who consider themselves to be “Southern Nationalists” were White, how is that any different than being a “White Nationalist”. Do you think there are any people that would consider themselves to be “National Socialists” that are also “White Nationalists”? How about “National Socialists” that are also “Southern Nationalists”? Isn’t this all just a game of “one term sounds better than another so I’ll go with that today, until that term sounds bad tomorrow and then I’ll go with something else”? If you feel so strongly about your beliefs, then why write, “White Nationalists must work within the system to move the mainstream closer to our position on race. We must convert the vast majority of conservatives and moderates to our point of view.” Do you consider your affiliation with The League of the South to be “working within the system”?

  9. “Oh.

    I’ve heard of White Rabbit Radio.”

    I bet you have. I bet you’ve even heard of David Duke once, or maybe twice. Like anyone thought you’d never heard of White Rabbit Radio before. Funny stuff Brad, how long will you be at the Improv?

  10. Quite honestly, I haven’t followed it all that closely.

    I’m aware of White Rabbit Radio, Bob Whitaker, and “The Mantra” though. We have people coming over here all the time to scream “Anti-Racist Is a Code Word for Anti-White” in the OD comment section.

    Lately, I have noticed that “The Mantra” has started appearing in the real world on overpasses. It made the news in Birmingham last year around the time that I was getting married in Missouri. I think I saw on the CofCC website that someone had unfurled a banner on an overpass in Knoxville not too long ago.

    I had never heard of Kyle Hunt or the White Man March until someone told me about it the weekend before in Tallahassee.

  11. Spelunker,

    Yes, I have heard of both David Duke and White Rabbit Radio. I’ve listened to one or two of their podcasts, but I haven’t followed White Rabbit Radio all that closely. I know that Horus the Avenger was pushing this though because Stormfront was posting photos from it and sourcing it to his Twitter account.

  12. Brad’s having a little touch of “White Nationalist amnesia”. He’s still very fuzzy on all the facts, but it’s slowly coming back to him. Hahahaha.

  13. Spelunker – oh let’s cut Brad a break. He has a lot to juggle here. He has his own standards of life that are not shared by about 75% of this movement.

    He knows his ideals are part of a much larger circus tent with players that he would rather not give the time of day to.

    I don’t blame him, do you?

    Would you want to stand on a bridge holding a painted sheet with two other people that you would normally ignore in RL?

    Every time one of these Bozos rants about their conspiracy theories of JooooZ, chemtrails, and Illuminati space aliens…poor Brad cringes inside.

  14. 1.) I think it helps us here in the South to have other people doing positive things in the North and West and overseas in Europe.

    2.) Yes, I am Southern Nationalist, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t sympathize with White people who live elsewhere.

    3.) No.

    4.) Yes.

    5.) No.

    6.) I’ve never met one who wasn’t.

    7.) In Europe, there are German nationalists, French nationalists, Greek nationalists, and so on, and they are focused squarely on events in their own countries, even though they cooperate with each other in the European parliament where they have common interests.

    8.) Yes, I know people who claim to be National Socialists and White Nationalists.

    9.) Vox Gladius and Nathan Schroeder who have been arguing with us on Facebook for the last week or so.

    10.) No, it’s not.

    As proof, I will cite all the arguing the OD comment section about the issue.

    11.) I’ve said all kinds of things over the years. My views on various issues have changed over the years.

    12.) Obviously, I don’t.

  15. The interesting thing is that we silly little lefties attend each other’s rallies all the time, we don’t have assigned rally seating.

    I guess when you call yourselves “segregationists” you really mean it!

  16. You could also look up David Ike, he even makes money selling his videos!

    I blame the pot culture on the growth of this paranoid conspiracy quackery.

    This is why our group is XXX aka SXE.

  17. Yeah, we saw that in Murfreesboro.

    In Murfreesboro, we were confronted by the Radical Sparkle Collective, the Radical Faeries, the Tennessee Transgender Coalition, Occupy Nashville, Solidarity US, etc. We still laugh all the time about that.

  18. Brad- at least it’s a party with fun. I like the LGBT groups at protests.
    On the 501C3 and policy group level they throw the best events and have good food.

  19. The Big Fag military is going to throw the most amazing military defeat in American history.

    The various factions in the US that emerge from the disaster are going to be interesting in their judgement about what went wrong.

  20. Liberty Lamp says:
    March 25, 2014 at 1:12 am

    “He knows his ideals are part of a much larger circus tent with players that he would rather not give the time of day to.”

    Are Nazis the only ones against White Genocide?

  21. Capt John Charity Spring MA says:
    March 25, 2014 at 1:57 am

    “The Big Fag military is going to throw the most amazing military defeat in American history. ”

    I’m looking forward to witnessing history’s next Battle of Teutoburg Forest.

  22. JoeP – I am not going to wallow in the bottom feeder buzzword BINGO.

    There is no “white genocide”.
    If your wet dreams of a match game Lebensborn are not coming true, it is your own damn fault.

    Look at Brad, he is a fairly intelligent white boy who found a fairly intelligent white girl and know are about to give birth to a white baby, who.. statistically given the odds of his parents … is going to be fairly intelligent as well.

    Nobody stopped them and they are doing what they believe in.

    If you cannot find a white girl who wants to have your babies, it is most likely because you are a loser and YOU are “white genocide”.

  23. Liberty Lamp says:
    March 25, 2014 at 2:11 am

    “There is no “white genocide”.
    If your wet dreams of a match game Lebensborn are not coming true, it is your own damn fault.”

    Anti-White says, “White Genocide isn’t happening!”, but he will be first to call any policy that would end it, “Eeeeeevil”.

  24. When we talk about the anti-White demand, that unending millions of non-Whites, be allowed to flood into all White countries and only White countries and everyone forcibly integrated, until Whites as an identifiable national group disappear, without a vote or discussion allowed…

    Anti-Whites try to change the subject and make it about individuals, because they don’t want to discuss their GENOCIDAL policy that only targets the White race.

    Anti-Whites are not making these demands of any non-White country. Non-White countries have immigration at their leisure.

    Are they anti-racist, or are they anti-White???


  25. The funny part is, you want a “white nation” and you can’t even get more than 10 aspie neck-beards together to come out to protest for your fantasy white my-little-pony world.

  26. Then these same anti-Whites will deny the existence of the White race, while simultaneously only targeting countries, where this non-existent social construct, just happens to be majority.

    Are they anti-racist, or are they anti-White???


  27. Lamedusa,

    Currently the Italian Republic looks set to lose Veneto.

    Precisely because Africans are swamping the Sicily and the heel and toe of the Italian peninsular. The Milanese and Turino will follow suit. The Scots are about to break away because they see the demographic disaster in England unfold and want no part of it. The FN in France are now the opposition and the Socialists are in open alliance with UMP.

    This reformation to the right in Europe is a direct result of a perceived and very real genocide.

    It’s already happening you stupid Leftie simpleton. Cut your fucking hair, get a real fucking job and stop sucking your own cock.

  28. Don’t expect Liberty Lamp to address any of my point about his anti-White pals deliberately targeting ONLY White majority countries, because he knows it is true and he supports it.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  29. WN is at a low ebb.

    I’ve been wondering if “The Mantra” might lead WN off the internet and back into the real world. I noticed through the SPLC link that Bob Whitaker was critical of it on his website for the bizarre reason that it wasn’t gender inclusive enough.

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