White Man March 2.0

Preparing for White Man March 2.0
Preparing for White Man March 2.0


Over at Radix Journal, Gunnar Davey has written a dismissive article on the White Man March.

I’m going to withhold judgment on the movement until it holds a few more events. In the meantime, I attribute most of the mistakes highlighted in this article to inexperience with activism.

There’s plenty of room for improvement in the White Man March. At this point, I am of the view that almost anything would be an improvement over the status quo in the White Nationalist movement. I think the movement needs to shift away from the internet, which has dominated it for the past twenty years, and back toward the real world. I also see more potential in addressing criticism than more Nietzsche essays.

Here are some practical suggestions for the organizers of White Man March 2.0 which is scheduled for April 19th:

1.) Learning From Experience – The flaws of the first White Man March on March 15, which attracted the bulk of the criticism above, are so obvious that the organizers of the next event are well positioned to improve on their previous outing.

– Don’t wear masks in public while holding a “Diversity = White Genocide” banner. This fatally undermines your moral message and sends a signal to the public that even you believe that your message is morally illegitimate.

– Don’t post stickers in toilet stalls and upload them to event threads on the internet. The only thing this accomplishes is inviting mockery. There are much better targets in public places for stickers than men’s restrooms. The League has posted SECEDE stickers in all kinds of public places all over the South.

– Don’t allow uniformed groups to hijack your event. This will inevitably invite harsh criticism from within the movement. Stick to business casual at public events. Avoid creating unnecessary distractions with flags and attire.

– The “Diversity = White Genocide” banners that were used in the White Man March were clearly visible, but some of the signs that were used by activists were homemade. I’m not sure how these banners are being distributed to WMM activists, but there is no reason why the signs can’t be improved by having them designed by companies like VistaPrint or Signs on the Cheap and distributed in the same way.

Of the previous White Man March events than I have seen, the one in Knoxville strikes me as the best done and should be the model for the next event. Even here, there is some room for improvement in the filmmaking department.

2.) Event Control – This was a problem at the previous White Man March and seems to have been caused by a lack of experience, organization, and coordination. It is mainly due to hosting a global event, which is something that I would not recommend, that was open to any White Nationalist to participate at any location of their choosing.

Here are some recommendations:

– Create a Facebook event for official White Man March locations. Set the privacy settings to “Friends of Guests” or “Invitees Only.” Plan your event well in advance. Make sure your activists are all on the same page well in advance.

– Have a point man in charge of each official location – Knoxville, Harrison, Olympia, etc. – and charge them with the responsibility of enforcing a general set of guidelines. Make sure you have a designated spokesman to talk to the media.

– If you want to hold a roadside demonstration like in Knoxville, don’t do it unless you have a minimum of five people. You will also need someone with a camera and video camera to take photos and video of the event.

3.) Messaging – Personally, I believe “Anti-Racist = Anti-White” is more effective and less hyperbolic than “Diversity = White Genocide.”

I also think that spreading this message in the real world with billboards, roadside demonstrations, and hanging banners from overpasses generates much more publicity and is a lot more effective – particularly when you stand behind your message in public, shoulder to shoulder, with other pro-Whites like in Knoxville – than spamming “The Mantra” in internet comment sections.

4.) Yard Signs – If you are going to deploy yard signs for the White Man March, it needs to be centrally coordinated to ensure the event stays on message. Set up a PayPal account. Raise money. Design your signs through VistaPrint or Signs on the Cheap. Order the signs. Distribute them to your activists like the banners.

5.) Large Metro Areas – If you are going to participate in the White Man March, you need to understand beforehand that the reaction that you will likely get from the public will vary tremendously depending upon your location.

The so-called “anti-fa,” for example, are much stronger in large metro areas like Portland, New York City, Chicago, and Washington, DC than in small and mid-size towns like Harrison, AK or Florence, KY.  They’re much stronger in the Northeast and West Coast than in the South, Midwest, or Interior West.

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  1. Allowing Klansmen to photo bomb seemed to me to be the only real error. If that happened at a demonstration I attended, I would either leave or insist to the organizer that we had to move. If I had to I would tell the Klansmen to stay away from me and if they would not, I would file a police report. They are there to discredit white people.

    Radix needs to understand that Amren does more to discredit my people’s cause in the northeast than the Klansmen do, however. I’d like to know how many of it’s authors actually come from the northeast. Amren is full of cowards who wouldn’t dare go out and stand up for their beliefs in public in these parts, or anywhere I suspect. Telling everyone blacks are dumb is totally destructive to our cause. Propagating lies about the jews – that they have higher innate intelligence – rings false and counter-intuitive to the northeastern population.

    I prefer Diversity = White Genocide because Anti-Racism is a Code Word for Anti-White assumes that whites cannot be victims of racism, which paints whites into a corner. I just don’t know about the red printing with such a confrontational slogan. I’ll also add that the southerners may not feel the same pressures on them as diversity has practically taken over in many northeastern territories. On any given weekend in NJ one would be hard pressed to find as many as 15% europeans in most malls.

  2. The title of this post should be , “Hi, I’m Brad Griffin. I’m not a White Nationalist (Wink!Wink!), but here’s some advice for people who are White Nationalists”.

    So far, the only difference I’ve heard articulated between what you and The League of the South are doing and what Kyle’s doing with The White Man March, is that Southern Nationalists can name their ethnostate (Dixie) and tell you where it will be (the Southern United States). Beyond that, there’s not really much difference if any at all. I love this one, “where business casual” as if a Klansmen or a Neo-Nazi in dockers and a polo shirt is somehow different or better.

  3. Hahahaha, file a police report because Klansmen are standing too close, you guys write the punchline to my jokes and I love it. “Officer, arrest this man. He’s standing too close”.

  4. @ Spelunker: your sheer presence here pretty much speaks for itself.

    To add to my previous post, ‘genocide’ is an entirely apt description. The Irish people are literally being told to move out of their country so that africans and asians, gypsies, etc. can take it over. This is their ancestral homeland, not these invaders’.

    The policies of the european nations’ governments fit the criteria for genocide according to international law.

    The media wouldn’t have covered the march if their jewish bosses didn’t consider it threatening, just like Spelunker wouldn’t be trolling this site if he weren’t scared of pro-white activism.

  5. C’mon, Spelunk, can’tcha give a girl a break? I thought racists were misogynists, too? Or are white women only crazy liars when they report black men raping them…?

  6. Re: Spelunker

    1.) The advice given above is sound.

    2.) Here are some books that you can read about Southern Nationalism:








  7. These are things that we have had to deal with in the SN movement. We still have a lot of room for improvement but contrast our pics to those of the WMM and there is a huge difference in professionalism and public appeal.

    I think the WMM is a good idea. As HW says, nearly anything is an improvement over the WN status quo. It is essentially a dead movement in the USA. Any move towards pro-White activism is positive. But if you are going to do something like this then do it professionally.

  8. I don’t know that I would necessarily label all these people as white nationalists. I bet some of these are our people who aren’t yet aware that the League is moving away from its Rainbow days.

    I have mixed thoughts on the WMM activism. On the one hand, it’s good that people are standing for white causes. On the other hand, if they fall under the influence of white nationalists they could become a competing worldview for the hearts of our people. I think most of us here know that many white nationalists are hostile to Southern nationalism.

  9. Instead of fighting with WNs, I want to encourage them to get better organized and more active in their own areas.

    What if that means encroaching on us? Most people will choose one or the other.

  10. Alaska petition to secede to Russia reaches 6k signatures.

    I think things are moving along well, despite the reliance of the economy. Worse really was better!

  11. Long Live Dixie, how do you see WN’s encroaching on Southern Nationalists?

    Because one of the things I’ve crystallized lately is how often southerners take it upon themselves to opine on how things go in the North. There’s a regular poster on Amren from the South who cannot leave northerners alone on the issue of jews. He simply butts his imperialist nose into any mention of jews, particularly into how they act towards whites up in the North, which is bizarre to me.

    The CofCC has published articles that are complete lies about black on jewish crimes coming straight out of New York City (which can be proven to be so). I believe they are largely a southern outfit, although of this I’m not certain. I know the main moderator on their website is.

    I just notice this goes on fairly regularly, this habit of southerners telling us what is in the north. I’m not saying I haven’t been provocative on here at times by suggesting that certain angles might not be playing that well down in the South, but I’ve done this to question strategy and because I do have relatives in the South and I pick up things from the larger culture. But I don’t commit to specifics like the southerners seem compelled to do at times.

    I see our fates as intertwined, for good or for bad. I know some southern nationalists you might know who feel passionately devoted to their people but who also suspect that our survival is more far more likely if we ally in some way at least.

  12. @ Afterthought –

    Did you know we no longer own the Aleutian Islands and that it’s now some sort of territory of Russia’s?

  13. assumes that whites cannot be victims of racism, which paints whites into a corner

    Oh, hey, it’s calling anti-Whites racist time again!

    Brilliant. You’ve insulted and perhaps confused them by calling them racist. Now what?

    Well, both sides agree that there is such a thing as “racism”, and it is a bad thing.

    So what is “racism”?

    Let’s ask a panel, including a Black, a Hispanic, an Asian, and a White woman, for some perspectives.

    We’ll start with the dictionary definition, “belief that races exist, see also white supremacy”

    White woman: Like sexism and every other ism, racism is part of the systematic oppression that Able White Straight Cis Men impose on everyone else, who they hold in contempt.

    Black guy: Racism is when Whitey says we commit more crimes and are less intelligent. Don’t look at the facts, look me in the eye and tell me that you’re not racist.

    Hispanic guy: Systematic racism is part of the white privilege that allowed the Gringo to build Gringo cities in Aztlan that we are still systematically denied access to.

    Asian guy: Racism is unheard of in Korea. This is a problem that belongs to Western civilization.

  14. . . . how do you see WN’s encroaching on Southern Nationalists?

    If there is a WN movement in the South and a SN movement in the South, then Southern nationalism has competition for members because there is some overlap between the two movements. On the positive side, there are Southerners who can’t be talked out of white nationalism, so a WN presence in the South would make it less likely that those people would enter the SN movement.

    I see our fates as intertwined, for good or for bad.

    I seek to make the divorce final and total.

    . . . suspect that our survival is more far more likely if we ally in some way at least.

    An alliance is a fantasy. Northerners will never get over their liberalism, their hatred of the South, or their desire (whether conscious or not) to control us. Why is everyone on these internet boards talking about a North-South alliance after the whitest areas of the North voted twice to elect Barack Obama?

    As a matter of principle, how can a movement that seeks our independence from the North ally itself with the North?

    I fully support allying with as many European nations as possible.

  15. I spent a little time in Ohio and can say I heard no one speak like Kyle (I’ve seen him on youtube). Neither have I heard any transplants from Ohio speak like him. His accent does not sound northern at all, but I didn’t listen to him that long, so, go figure…

    He still has zero authority to speak on what goes on in NYC or NJ.


    LLD, if you promise to take back all the blacks you foisted on us up here we’d be happy to have you secede.

    This notion that southerners have that we hate them is farfetched. My people come from up here, midwest transplants and upstate NY, into NJ. I have never heard anyone utter anti-southern invective. Please tell me where you get this notion that we hate you. That has been another realization that’s crystallized for me. You guys think we’re bad people. If I had come across this attitude I’d admit it. But in all my middle aged existence I simply have never encountered anti-southern stances in my people, or anyone’s people up here really, those in NY, NJ, Pa, etc. I don’t know as much about New England, but suspect you might be right about *their* liberalism. They could disaffect from the jews, however, and the jews are the drivers behind liberalism.

    I went to school in the South, and I can assure you they were 50,000 times more controlling of me as a woman than my northern people are of southerners when they come up here. One reason it took me so long to place racism in the constant attacks I experienced from black men on the streets of a DC (which is just below the Mason Dixon Line) is that up here in NYC black men don’t…

    – grope young white girls’ butts even when they’re dressed intentionally
    – verbally harass young white girls by explicitly describing what they want to . do with their sexual parts
    – walk up to white girls to pretend one solicited their attention for not genuflect
    ing like a good southern lady should

    As for the Texans and Oklahomans, I’m going to punt as it’s late and I don’t need to have bad dreams. There are no words for the absolute evil the elites of those states do to women. Their entire cultures are based on misogyny and the rape of the land that they bullied normal whites off of. There are far more horror stories which come out of northern girls being abused by southerners in the danger zones that colleges were in my era than there are of the reverse. The dean of students at the southern school I went to is semi-famous among northern graduates for her violence to women – and she was southern, I think from one of the Carolinas. This woman is on record for claiming a man couldn’t stalk a woman.

    It was a Jesuit school and the fag priests made it sick, but the southerners made it sheer hell.

    I didn’t let it embitter me towards the decent people of the South, though, as I knew that the spoiled primadonnas who came from there at this university didn’t represent most of the good folk who weren’t raised to be so parasitic and predatory. My half presbyterian dad taught me to respect the working people.

    But the mores that pass for normal down there when it comes to how women get treated shock northerners. I never had any trouble dealing with my anglo celtic northern men, or women.

    Please, sir, keep your menfolk’s hands off our women, thank you kindly.

  16. Don’t feed the trolls.

    We have a growing group of solid, hard working, successful SN activists.

    Decent, solid White Indo Europeans from the Midwest are welcome at League of the South successful protest. Just don’t talk (to the press, to the antis) smile, wave, meet and greet. Our great Southern kinsmen don’t hate us.


    Trolls are trolls.

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  17. The short version of the mantra (diversity = white genocide) is a bit vague (as well as hyperbolic) in my opinion.

    I suggest that if pro-white activists want to make an immediate connection with white people using an issue that white people will be familiar with, then make these rallies straight ahead anti-immigration-reform/anti-amnesty rallies. To their credit the League of the South is doing exactly that and doing a great job of it (though in my opinion the slogan “___ wants to replace us” is still a little vague – but hey, I’m just a keyboard commando so easy for me to say).

    Fighting amnesty is a great opportunity for pro-white activists to go public on an issue where most white Americans already agree with them.

  18. Let me point out two things that are ‘Unfair’

    “Don’t wear masks in public while holding a “Diversity = White Genocide” banner. This fatally undermines your moral message and sends a signal to the public that even you believe that your message is morally illegitimate.

    – Don’t post stickers in toilet stalls and upload them to event threads on the internet. The only thing this accomplishes is inviting mockery”

    But this is what the accursed ‘Antifa’ does ALL THE TIME, and they get away with it!
    Until and unless we point this out, 24/7, and get the commies to ‘out’ themselves, you are not fighting on a level playing field… but then, I hope you already knew that.

  19. “Alaska petition to secede to Russia reaches 6k signatures.”

    Seriously? Oh, this is rich! LOL

    Sigh, but can’t we get the entire coast from San Fran to Seattle (once Russian territory also ) to secede, or have them do a ‘Crimea’ on us? I’ll gladly re-settle Novo CaliforniR (reverse the R, a la Cyrillic) if they took it over….

    I want a WARM white ethnostate, not the freezing tundra of Alaska- might as well emigrate to Vladivostock. (not!) This winter has been waaaay too long.

  20. LLD, if you promise to take back all the blacks you foisted on us up here we’d be happy to have you secede.

    I’m not interested in your people helping us. The South will either be free because Southerners make it free, or it will never be free.

    We have no intention of taking the blacks back. If not for Yankees, the black problem could have been settled generations ago. You reap what you sow.

    Please tell me where you get this notion that we hate you.

    Your people move to our land by the millions, displace our people, change things to look like New York and New Jersey, and sneer with pompous righteousness at the natives – as though we are a simple bumpkin people who benefit from what you bring. We are called inbred, hicks, rednecks, trailer trash, and toothless. I have seen these things many times here and I have lived in the North and seen the attitude there.

    The rest of your post makes no sense.

  21. NYYankees, tell me how you think a North-South alliance is realistic when the whitest areas of the North vote 2:1 for Obama.

  22. But this is what the accursed ‘Antifa’ does ALL THE TIME, and they get away with it!

    Why does it matter what they do? Their target demographic is losers. Ours is winners.

  23. Please tell me where you get this notion that we hate you.

    I should also add that the Northern attitude is typically overbearing. If we were in some sort of pro-white alliance with the North, then the North would end up dominating it (just as they soon came to dominate the original union). Their nature is different from ours. We are a more easy-going people who prefer getting along. Northerners are completely different – they don’t hesitate to push their ways until the other side gives in and they don’t care whom they offend. I think Jack Ryan is a good example of Northern pushiness. He’s not shy about insulting Southern nationalists, lecturing us on changing our ways, and acting as a self-appointed spokesman for Southern nationalism. This is the type of thing we can expect a lot more of if this hypothetical North-South alliance were to materialise.

  24. EDIT: First sentence in the post above should have been in italics. It is a quote from NYYankees.

  25. NYYankees, if a North-South alliance is realistic, how do you explain that Northern students are currently leading protests against the College of Charleston’s new president? They oppose the new president because he has made some moderately pro-Southern statements in the past.

    This is one example of many of Northerners preferring an alliance with blacks to an alliance with Southerners.

  26. No not shy.

    Not shy about encouraging southern Whites to stand up for the legitimate rights of the Southern People, Southern history, Southern culture while respecting other very closely related White Indo European people (Midwesterners, Russians, Ukrainians, Serbs, Germans, Northern Italians, British People’s etc).

    Not shy about confronting traitorous, fake Southern Conservatives, RINOs, Gentile fronts like Newt Gingrich or lisping Lindsey Graham.

    Not shy about encouraging supposedly Southern Nationalists to actually do effective , activism in the real world, not just bitching and moaning on the Internet and doing the LOTR Gollum act “We hates Yankees, nasty Yankees etc”.

    Hey LLD – who’s your County Board Chairman? Your County Sheriff? your chairman of the local school board?

    Talk is less than cheap. Much work to be done.

  27. Southern culture while respecting other very closely related White Indo European people . . ..

    I have no interest in respecting people who are taking my land from me. I don’t care what race they are. It is not your cause or your people, so butt out. What you call “respecting other whites” is actually code for including outside meddlers like you in our nationalist movement. All I see from you is lectures to Southerners to be pro-Yankee. I don’t see you telling your own people to stop being anti-Southern.

    Not shy about encouraging supposedly Southern Nationalists to actually do effective , activism in the real world . . ..

    I’m almost speechless that you continue repeating this lie about me. You must be a pathological liar.

    As you did all day yesterday, you continue glossing over your true thoughts on Southerners which you expressed so clearly at the SNN board. Typical obnoxious Yankee.

    Why do you think it’s appropriate to call a female Southern nationalist “white trash” or to accuse her of being “addicted to black thugs”? Are you going to finally answer that or will you just continue changing the subject?

  28. How about the Celtic/Germanic people in the South start their own civil rights organization that is filled with lawyers? A group of lawyers dedicated to a cause, as jews have already shown, can change laws and totally change the direction of a culture.

  29. Long Live Dixie says:
    March 28, 2014 at 1:32 pm
    Don’t feed the trolls.

    Are you calling me a troll?

    JR replies:


  30. “The whitest areas of the North” DID NOT vote 2:1 for Barack Obama:

    Obama got 66.57% of the vote in Vermont in 2012. As far as I know, that’s his best result in any state except Hawaii. There were only five red counties in all of New England in 2012. The Upper Midwest and the Pacific Northwest also heavily favoured Obama.

  31. LLD

    Please take a hike. Stop trolling.

    Go find somewhere to play, preferably playing in traffic.

    It’s unbelievable that you’re accepted in SN circles.

  32. Iowa is an interesting case because you can see the how Yankeedom fades the further west you go in the state.

    Iowa is also interesting because every single county along the Mississippi is blue (these are overwhelmingly white counties), so of course you would expect this trend to continue into Missouri. Yet, when you click on Missouri you see that the blue stops on the Iowa side of the border. It’s as though the state line precisely represents the North-South divide.

  33. Romney won Indiana (but lost Virginia).

    At least the southern third of Indiana was settled by Southerners. Virginia is filled with Northerners.

  34. Fox News was talking about “anti-whites” last night, which is a good sign. I believe the main stream is starting to wake up, and I think these protestors and Fox News are proof of that. They just need a little guidance, is all. Maybe they’ll join Southern Nationalism and the LS, since they all seem Southron.

    I just hope they don’t get in with the WN crowd. After arguing with the posters over at Radix, even though I like most of their articles, I have found that WNationlists are a very bad crowd and we should distance ourselves from them. All they want is some weird pseudo-paganistic unified white world. They don’t care about ethnic, religious, and cultural differences between whites, and won’t accept the differences between us. They’re an odd bunch.

  35. Can some please explain the difference between what Kyle Hunt and The White Man March are advocating for and what Brad Griffin and The League of the South are advocating for? Is there any difference. Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?

  36. Spelunker, aren’t you supposed to be some sort of “professional anti-racist”? How then can you possibly be so poorly informed about the differences between racialist groups? It’s understandable that the average wild-eyed anti-racist kook sees no difference between one “racist” and the next, but a pro really ought to be able to distinguish between the distinct varieties of pro-white political views.

  37. LLD, I scrutinized the electoral results map and it pretty much confirmed what I thought, which is that it’s a harder fall in NJ to have to be an anglo celt in terms of the possible risks, but that there is also more awareness in whites/europeans in general in the area of how oppressive Diversity is. New Hampshire comes out okay, but Mass, Conn, NY (NYC of course tips the scales, NY State is fairly different) and Vermont suck. They’re extremely insulated from the horrors of jewish and black rule, and from hispanic invasion.

    So I can see your point. I’m trying to defend our rights up here and in the US where we have free speech that our people have fought and died for in so many wars. I hope that helps Europe as I’ve often thought of going there (before I realized the northwestern countries were being just as genocided as we are).

    One thing to consider is how much economics factors in. Middle class whites vote for economic relief, which the democrats mostly pretend to offer. Many I know just didn’t vote as the choices were equally appalling.

    As for Jack Ryan, he can be abrasive and short-fused it seems. I imagine he gives a fair amount to the cause, and perhaps means well. But northerners come in all stripes just like southerners.

    That protest at CofCC shocks me, frankly. I’m early middle aged, and I know some northerners, mostly my ethnic group, who went to college in the South, like Vanderbilt or UNC Charlotte, UVA, etc. Maybe we were simply taught to be more respectful of people generally and of our own kin in the South, because I only heard reports of it being a bit of an adjustment to get used to this or that, without any complaints or feelings of license to impose themselves. The adjustment wasn’t that major and no one really felt it their right or even need to accuse white southerners of evildoing by remaining separate. If anything, it was the social issues once again, like my cousin deciding to sort of mold her sorority a bit at Vanderbilt upon being voted president, that impacted them more dramatically.

    Another cousin I had got transferred for her husband’s job to North Carolina, and has lived there for around 12 years or more. The only thing she ever reported was on occasion she got called ‘damned yankee’ without there being too much rancor to it, and that her daughter called her ‘Mama’ which we of course found sort of funny and cute. Her two girls have blonde hair and blue eyes and look like southern belles.

    So I don’t know what’s with these crazed satanists (I’m not overly religious but there doesn’t seem better words for them). They really shock me to have such hubris and disrespect. I don’t know what to say, other than they don’t seem like my people (meaning my very large extended family) or even the people I grew up around who are ‘my people,’ meaning anglo celts. I used to sort of date this guy who went to Washington and Lee and when he came back up to NJ he refused to drop his southern twang, thinking it made him a ladies man or something…but then again, he’s around my age so perhaps the youth have been totally brainwashed.

    I highly doubt these interlopers come from my home state.

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