White Man March 2.0

Preparing for White Man March 2.0
Preparing for White Man March 2.0


Over at Radix Journal, Gunnar Davey has written a dismissive article on the White Man March.

I’m going to withhold judgment on the movement until it holds a few more events. In the meantime, I attribute most of the mistakes highlighted in this article to inexperience with activism.

There’s plenty of room for improvement in the White Man March. At this point, I am of the view that almost anything would be an improvement over the status quo in the White Nationalist movement. I think the movement needs to shift away from the internet, which has dominated it for the past twenty years, and back toward the real world. I also see more potential in addressing criticism than more Nietzsche essays.

Here are some practical suggestions for the organizers of White Man March 2.0 which is scheduled for April 19th:

1.) Learning From Experience – The flaws of the first White Man March on March 15, which attracted the bulk of the criticism above, are so obvious that the organizers of the next event are well positioned to improve on their previous outing.

– Don’t wear masks in public while holding a “Diversity = White Genocide” banner. This fatally undermines your moral message and sends a signal to the public that even you believe that your message is morally illegitimate.

– Don’t post stickers in toilet stalls and upload them to event threads on the internet. The only thing this accomplishes is inviting mockery. There are much better targets in public places for stickers than men’s restrooms. The League has posted SECEDE stickers in all kinds of public places all over the South.

– Don’t allow uniformed groups to hijack your event. This will inevitably invite harsh criticism from within the movement. Stick to business casual at public events. Avoid creating unnecessary distractions with flags and attire.

– The “Diversity = White Genocide” banners that were used in the White Man March were clearly visible, but some of the signs that were used by activists were homemade. I’m not sure how these banners are being distributed to WMM activists, but there is no reason why the signs can’t be improved by having them designed by companies like VistaPrint or Signs on the Cheap and distributed in the same way.

Of the previous White Man March events than I have seen, the one in Knoxville strikes me as the best done and should be the model for the next event. Even here, there is some room for improvement in the filmmaking department.

2.) Event Control – This was a problem at the previous White Man March and seems to have been caused by a lack of experience, organization, and coordination. It is mainly due to hosting a global event, which is something that I would not recommend, that was open to any White Nationalist to participate at any location of their choosing.

Here are some recommendations:

– Create a Facebook event for official White Man March locations. Set the privacy settings to “Friends of Guests” or “Invitees Only.” Plan your event well in advance. Make sure your activists are all on the same page well in advance.

– Have a point man in charge of each official location – Knoxville, Harrison, Olympia, etc. – and charge them with the responsibility of enforcing a general set of guidelines. Make sure you have a designated spokesman to talk to the media.

– If you want to hold a roadside demonstration like in Knoxville, don’t do it unless you have a minimum of five people. You will also need someone with a camera and video camera to take photos and video of the event.

3.) Messaging – Personally, I believe “Anti-Racist = Anti-White” is more effective and less hyperbolic than “Diversity = White Genocide.”

I also think that spreading this message in the real world with billboards, roadside demonstrations, and hanging banners from overpasses generates much more publicity and is a lot more effective – particularly when you stand behind your message in public, shoulder to shoulder, with other pro-Whites like in Knoxville – than spamming “The Mantra” in internet comment sections.

4.) Yard Signs – If you are going to deploy yard signs for the White Man March, it needs to be centrally coordinated to ensure the event stays on message. Set up a PayPal account. Raise money. Design your signs through VistaPrint or Signs on the Cheap. Order the signs. Distribute them to your activists like the banners.

5.) Large Metro Areas – If you are going to participate in the White Man March, you need to understand beforehand that the reaction that you will likely get from the public will vary tremendously depending upon your location.

The so-called “anti-fa,” for example, are much stronger in large metro areas like Portland, New York City, Chicago, and Washington, DC than in small and mid-size towns like Harrison, AK or Florence, KY.  They’re much stronger in the Northeast and West Coast than in the South, Midwest, or Interior West.

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  1. @ Logan Smith:
    “I just hope they don’t get in with the WN crowd. After arguing with the posters over at Radix, even though I like most of their articles, I have found that WNationlists are a very bad crowd and we should distance ourselves from them. All they want is some weird pseudo-paganistic unified white world. They don’t care about ethnic, religious, and cultural differences between whites, and won’t accept the differences between us. They’re an odd bunch.”

    I used to work at a jewish-owned business, and these hideous hebes from the shtetls of eastern europe used to talk about Christians behind their backs, right in front of me, in such a hateful fashion. One claimed our faith was all about materialism. This, coming from a jew, no less. They would make snide remarks insinuating I’d experienced horrible ‘adversity’ (when it was from Diversity, like them for starters) because I was weak as an individual. I actually had a jewish ‘friend’ at one point claim catholic girls were weak. This from a pathetic little codependent princess who couldn’t drive down the Garden State Parkway in the brand new sports car her jewdaddy bought her without holding some man’s hand.

    I could go on, and on, and on, with the hatred the jews express towards us (usually focused on us as WASPS or thereabouts), but the point is that I heard this as the obvious attack it was on my White people, and on our culture at large. Because I grew up in intimacy with jews sometimes they would say things in front of me they would never to another White’s face. I would just sit there and say nothing, really, as it was a job and I was bored, but man, was I happy to get out of there after a few years.

    Anyway, their hatred of Christians really is an attack against us, but for me as an agnostic type I processed it as anti-White.

    Many of us in the northern parts of the state had to learn to get along with different denominations of Christianity, whether it was presbyterians, episcopalians, catholics, methodists, etc. I reckon this happened all over the north of the country. We learned to get along and appreciate each other (or sometimes not so much) as Whites, and often as northwestern europeans especially. Our culture in its cold climate and somewhat chillier social boundaries (the northeast especially) might have allowed for this more.

  2. Silver, I am but a confused person just trying to sort this out. Why is it no one wants to answer? If I understand Brad’s position, the difference is SN’s can name the ethnostate, “Dixie”, and can tell you where it will be, “in the Southern United States”, whereas WN’s can’t do that because they are too busy fighting over where that would be and what it would be called. Other then that, both groups consist of White people. Additionally, a bunch of the White people in both groups tend to be Nazis, Klansmen, Skinheads, etc. from time to time. SN has it’s stuff together, whereas WN doesn’t because SN’s understand that if they show up in public with the same banners, flags and messages as WN’s, the exact same message will be better received because SN’s are wearing khakis and polo shirts, while the other guys are wearing robes and bomber jackets.

  3. NYHankies, my purpose here is the same as yours. To post in the comments section of Brad’s blog. That’s the beauty of free speech isn’t it? It works both ways. I am glad that you can speak freely, even if you choose not to and to dress your message up as something else because you’re scared to tell it like it is. I mean, why don’t you all just say you’re Pro-Segregation? Isn’t that what an ethnostate is? Do you deny that? If you draw a line and say you Blacks go on this side while us Whites stay on this side, are you telling me that’s not segregation? A yes or no answer will suffice. Kisses!

  4. Music break.

    Greatest Southern Rock band Lynard Skynard (sp?)

    “Simple Man”


    Not everyone is an intellectual. Most intellectuals are not on our/Southern Nationalist side. Those that are, they are often resented.

    What to do?

    A: Be a simple kind of man.

  5. Hunter, excellent analysis of factors in building a demonstration-oriented movement. I’d like to see more discussion of tactics and experiences in the streets from the people who post here.

    Here are some items:

    * Have materials you can hand out to passersby (flyers, bumper stickers). Explain what the demonstration is about.
    * If people want to join up, have application forms available. People get swept up in an event and that is the best time to recruit them.
    * Record everything on video, especially if you have to take legal action against counter-demonstrators. One thing the left does is train people to be legal observers and record attempts to interfere with the protest.
    * Get allies in the media. Not sure if this has been done or not, but are there talk radio, local TV or online broadcasters who will carry your event?

  6. @ Everyone –

    Here’s where JR’s calls for banning people matter.

    Issues between pro-Whites aside, most posters are at least pro-White in some way. Spelunker is just around to harass and bother people so I don’t know why Hunter can’t attend to the obvious, which is to not allow him here.

  7. Good point.

    If you can’t eliminate a hostile from your blog, good luck with expulsion in the political arena.

  8. The differences between SN and WN have been rehearsed so many times in the comment section here over the previous three years that commentators are incredulous that Spelunker is unfamiliar with them by now.

  9. Brad, I feel as if I am familiar with them now. Just waiting for you to confirm if I am understanding your position on the differences between SN and WN.

    Do you largely see the difference between the two that one brand can name the ethnostate and the geographic area where it will be located?

    Do you agree that both brands are made up almost exclusively of Whites?

    Do you agree that in both brands you’ll find those that either are or were part of other factions we will loosely call Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, Skinheads, etc.? (It’s not an indictment of SN to admit the last one, it would just be the truth)

    While Brad has spoken about these topics in the past, even recently, just trying to get a feel today where he stands, as his beliefs seem to be in a constant state of fluidity.

  10. And I almost forgot, would you agree that if the ethnostate model was a reality, would that be equal to segregation?

  11. 1.) Southern Nationalism is a form of ethnonationalism that got its start in the early nineteenth century. It saw itself as a parallel to contemporary European nationalist movements in Greece, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, and Germany.

    2.) SN is rooted in history, culture, and ethnicity. This manifests itself as political polarization within the United States. It is really just a logical extension of the belief that the Northeast and the South have little in common and would be better off in separate nation-states.

    3.) WN is the ides that all Whites are a people and should all move somewhere to create an ethnostate. It is a race based movement and doesn’t take into account religious, ethnic, cultural, and historical differences among European derived peoples.

    4.) Polish nationalists are White. That doesn’t mean that I am a Pole or could ever pass myself off as one.

    5.) It’s true that marginalized people migrate between subcultures and groups and shift their affiliations. This is just as true of the Left as it is of the Right.

    6.) SN is a natural home for me because it is an extension of my traditional culture. The only reason that I got caught up with WN is because the League spent its first 10 years accommodating Rainbows.

  12. I don’t know that any set label totally fits me. I seek to free Europe generally, and my anglo celtic people specifically. Sweden would have been the coolest country to live in based on various criteria, but the weather might not be the best. I loved pre-colonized England but Ireland is the closest I’d have to a technical european homeland.

    As for America all I know is that we stole the truth and the breath from our european brethren and it is our duty to use our american rights and might to return it to them.

    I used to love New England until it became the seat of New Kenya. All of America is the seat of making the planet eretz Israel and that must be stopped.

    Still don’t know why you tolerate Spelunker’s trolling. Surest bet is he’s trying to sow seeds of division between North and South.

    Don’t let him. We have enough issues trying to fashion a future for ourselves without his parasitism.

    Take it to Israel and your jew comrades, Spelunker. And before you start gloating that ‘WN’s’ are all paranoid about jews, I’ll say I know you to be even worse – a self-loathing anti-white (the title jew presupposes anti-white).

    It’s not the northerners in any majority who hated southerners. It is the jews as a group no matter how much the southern ones dissembled, and a slender element of whites both north and south who traded honor for 13 pieces of silver.

    Get him outta here Brad. Do we as a race have time for his shenanigans?

    I don’t, and the dozens of whites who will die in the next month or two don’t either.

    We’re at war if you haven’t noticed.

  13. ‘WN is the idea that all Whites are a people and should all move somewhere to create an ethnostate’????

    The SN of OD is the idea that Whites living or originating north of the Line are the REAL Great Satan….

  14. Unlike most forms of WN, the SN of OD also involves, essentially, the idea that African slavery (‘that created immense wealth’) was a GOOD idea!

  15. There’s a cultural difference between the Northeast and the South.

    The Whites who live in the Northeast have been pushing democracy, equality, and centralized ggovernment to ever greater extremes since even before the last shots of the American Revolution were fired.

  16. The SN of OD is not a truly ETHNIC national movement. It is still a ‘melting pot’ union concept, only slightly less mixed ethnically and religiously than the original Union of the thirteen original states — and longs for the renewal of ‘Golden Circle’ pan-Caribbean and Mesoamerican colonisation (imperialism), wealth and power.

  17. ‘The Whites who live in the Northeast have been pushing democracy, equality, and centralized government to ever greater extremes since even before the last shots of the American Revolution were fired’:

    Comparing the present population of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut to the colonial population is apples to oranges, Hunter. The predominant ethnicity in Rhode Island now is Roman Catholic Italian, for example. The descendants of the Puritans and Baptists are a small minority now.

  18. ‘There’s a cultural difference between the Northeast and the South’:

    One of the main difference is the ‘martial’ mindset that causes southern electors to always choose the most martial (Neo-‘conservative’) and imperialistic candidates, Romney over Ron (Paul) for example.

  19. ‘The absence of slavery in the Northeast goes a long way toward explaining why Yankees lost their minds on race’:

    That slavery makes or equals sanity (‘racial sanity’) and the LACK of ‘the slavery experience’ causes loss of racial sanity is yet another essential component of SN of OD philosophy, or sophism. What else could make the difference? The whites north and south of the Line came originally from the same fatherland, but the northern climate was too cold in winter to work the African slaves efficiently all year round. They work most efficiently in the Africa-like conditions of the Caribbean and Deep South. So it was climate that created a cultural division among Britons, who are now bitter enemies, never mind what the Bible says.

  20. Apparently slavery was extremely common in northern states but generally the slave was a personal manservant.

    In the south you had many more slaves in the hands of large plantation owners.

    See Graeme Donald’s Loose Cannons.

    Chapter on Slaves Knaves and Scoundrels .

  21. Ordinary whites in the south didn’t own slaves at the same rate per capita as northerners.

  22. 72% Great Britian

    14% Ireland

    These two states are effectively the same. The populations are virtually interchangeable. The fellow who stormed of the set of Question Time when Aaronovitch screamed racist! Could have passed for either a Paddy or John Bull or Jock. I might add Taffy bears a resemblance.

    Your admixture of Jew is very important though. You can’t fight the satan in your blood.

  23. I’ll take your word for it on that. DNA obsession is his thing. He took great joy in that video of Cobb getting back his “results”.

  24. The formulation of 75 Brit 14 Irish as Mutt is one that I have heard on here before from certain quarters.

  25. I chose to highlight the African and Jewish percentages because all of yours would likely show something similar, which is the hilarious thing. I realize the Ireland and Great Britain percentages are for the most part equal and chose to highlight those to prove the point. I am what you would call “White” but even so I have trace amounts of African and Jewish roots. Your DNA probably looks just as mixed as mine or even more. You are not pure. You are not White. White is just a classification. I don’t really identify with it. I’ve never asked to be classified as such. When I fill out paperwork I choose “other” if it is offered as that is a closer description of what I am. I identify with being human. I am assuming you too are human? White genocide is a myth. You must first have White people. They don’t exist. Show me a pure White person. It doesn’t exist. There is no such thing, period. Therefore, there is also no White genocide. Brad, what’s going on in those little genes of yours buddy? Any idea? How much African and Jewish do you have swimming around in your bloodstream? How about Michael Hill, any guess? How about you NYHankies? C’mon, one of you “White” people speak up.

  26. The Neanderthal flips from modern human to a separate species every few decades. The blacks in Africa are admixed with another hominid X.

  27. Different breeds. Different speciating organisms with separate destinies. The funny thing, we would probably relate more to Neanderthals than Pigmies culturally and physiologically.

  28. “Name the Soviet Commander standing next to Guderian as they watch a victory parade.”

    Don’t Know

    “For bonus points tell me the religion of the Soviet General in question, and the religion of the Katyn Poles.”

    Don’t care.

  29. Krivoshein was also in Berlin when the Reds raped their way through the women there. Krivoshein mysteriously shows up like a Jewish Flashman, when there are whites to murder.

  30. This is the basic blind spot of the unaware.

    Krivoshein was at the Van of the Soviet assault into Poland, Guderian likewise.

    Both men and regimes had done exactly the same thing: dismember Poland.
    One regime becomes mysteriously enough the recipient of an allied declaration of war. The other is IGNORED. Krivoshein was party to the Katyn massacre. 20,000 or so Polish Catholic officers murdered.

    Jewish, check, leftist perfect utopia Tikkun Olam, check.

    Spelunker, you are no different.

  31. Why did you list your test in that order?
    I’m curious to know.

    Generally you’d list them in descending or ascending order.
    For some reason you lead off with one origin, jump randomly to another bury what you are (mostly Briton) then finish with a fake-ish distinction of Irish. Shit the two Islands are virtually indistinguishable. They were also unified polities for most of the millenium.

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