White Man March 2.0

Preparing for White Man March 2.0
Preparing for White Man March 2.0


Over at Radix Journal, Gunnar Davey has written a dismissive article on the White Man March.

I’m going to withhold judgment on the movement until it holds a few more events. In the meantime, I attribute most of the mistakes highlighted in this article to inexperience with activism.

There’s plenty of room for improvement in the White Man March. At this point, I am of the view that almost anything would be an improvement over the status quo in the White Nationalist movement. I think the movement needs to shift away from the internet, which has dominated it for the past twenty years, and back toward the real world. I also see more potential in addressing criticism than more Nietzsche essays.

Here are some practical suggestions for the organizers of White Man March 2.0 which is scheduled for April 19th:

1.) Learning From Experience – The flaws of the first White Man March on March 15, which attracted the bulk of the criticism above, are so obvious that the organizers of the next event are well positioned to improve on their previous outing.

– Don’t wear masks in public while holding a “Diversity = White Genocide” banner. This fatally undermines your moral message and sends a signal to the public that even you believe that your message is morally illegitimate.

– Don’t post stickers in toilet stalls and upload them to event threads on the internet. The only thing this accomplishes is inviting mockery. There are much better targets in public places for stickers than men’s restrooms. The League has posted SECEDE stickers in all kinds of public places all over the South.

– Don’t allow uniformed groups to hijack your event. This will inevitably invite harsh criticism from within the movement. Stick to business casual at public events. Avoid creating unnecessary distractions with flags and attire.

– The “Diversity = White Genocide” banners that were used in the White Man March were clearly visible, but some of the signs that were used by activists were homemade. I’m not sure how these banners are being distributed to WMM activists, but there is no reason why the signs can’t be improved by having them designed by companies like VistaPrint or Signs on the Cheap and distributed in the same way.

Of the previous White Man March events than I have seen, the one in Knoxville strikes me as the best done and should be the model for the next event. Even here, there is some room for improvement in the filmmaking department.

2.) Event Control – This was a problem at the previous White Man March and seems to have been caused by a lack of experience, organization, and coordination. It is mainly due to hosting a global event, which is something that I would not recommend, that was open to any White Nationalist to participate at any location of their choosing.

Here are some recommendations:

– Create a Facebook event for official White Man March locations. Set the privacy settings to “Friends of Guests” or “Invitees Only.” Plan your event well in advance. Make sure your activists are all on the same page well in advance.

– Have a point man in charge of each official location – Knoxville, Harrison, Olympia, etc. – and charge them with the responsibility of enforcing a general set of guidelines. Make sure you have a designated spokesman to talk to the media.

– If you want to hold a roadside demonstration like in Knoxville, don’t do it unless you have a minimum of five people. You will also need someone with a camera and video camera to take photos and video of the event.

3.) Messaging – Personally, I believe “Anti-Racist = Anti-White” is more effective and less hyperbolic than “Diversity = White Genocide.”

I also think that spreading this message in the real world with billboards, roadside demonstrations, and hanging banners from overpasses generates much more publicity and is a lot more effective – particularly when you stand behind your message in public, shoulder to shoulder, with other pro-Whites like in Knoxville – than spamming “The Mantra” in internet comment sections.

4.) Yard Signs – If you are going to deploy yard signs for the White Man March, it needs to be centrally coordinated to ensure the event stays on message. Set up a PayPal account. Raise money. Design your signs through VistaPrint or Signs on the Cheap. Order the signs. Distribute them to your activists like the banners.

5.) Large Metro Areas – If you are going to participate in the White Man March, you need to understand beforehand that the reaction that you will likely get from the public will vary tremendously depending upon your location.

The so-called “anti-fa,” for example, are much stronger in large metro areas like Portland, New York City, Chicago, and Washington, DC than in small and mid-size towns like Harrison, AK or Florence, KY.  They’re much stronger in the Northeast and West Coast than in the South, Midwest, or Interior West.

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  1. Cap’t, Mosin has no point at all. He’s a heartless bigot, period.
    You’re correct that Jews are “behind the scenes”. Jews and Muslims have always worked together to persecute Christians when it was mutually beneficial to do so. Read Rabbi Newman’s “Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements” and you will see many cases where Jews cooperated with Muslims and other heretics to persecute Christians.

  2. The best way Amerikans can rescue the few remaining indigenous Christians in those countries is to stop attacking and robbing their countries. Inviting every persecuted Christian Sudanese, Arab, Armenian, Mesopotamian, Sudanese, Somalian, Nigerian, Montagnard, Malaysian, Indonesian, Pakistani, etc. to come live here with us is NOT the solution — and it plays into the hands of the Multiculturalists, so they get a two-for-one deal, destroying not only those ethnic Christianities but ours as well.

    Only a Roman Global Universalist and ‘one-drop’ Talmudist like Dalton, who thinks the African slave trade and African slavery in the southern states was a good idea, would consider it ‘hateful bigotry’ on our part to help Christians over there with minor assistance that does NOT lead to dependency and NOT assist them to leave their countries that ‘Christian’ Amerika invaded or otherwise meddled in and destabilised and made much more dangerous for them.

    ‘Proving’ that ‘Damnyankee’ Whites north of the Line and Muslims are the chief enemies of Southrons — no wait, don’t forget the RUSSIAN Whites (never trust the Russians not to attack us!) which makes a total of THREE Great Satans — is nothing but a Talmudic diversionary tactic, distraction propaganda.

    I wouldn’t say we’d absolutely REFUSE to take in ANY persecuted Middle Eastern Christians, say out of Syria, perhaps. But our energies and resources are much better spent on their behalf by working here to change the Amerikan foreign policy that puts them in peril.

  3. Dalton,

    There really is no point in housing these refugees. It’s better if they stand and fight.

  4. Cap’t, how are the refuges going to “stand and fight”? They don’t have the resources to fight back in the first place! That’s why the Muslims are killing them.
    Mosin, I fail to see how your twisted version of rescuing is going to help them. It’s like ‘rescuing’ a woman from domestic abuse by ‘helping’ her to stay with her abuser. These folks were already being killed by the Muslims for centuries, long before we were ever involved in the Middle East. Read some Islamic history Mosin, and open your heart to the plight of your fellow Christians.

  5. The Muslims would back off once they face men with automatic weapons, mortars, some armoured cars, heavy explosives.

    Christians are very good at war once they are given the tools.

    I note that the US sided with Muslims against Christian in the Balkans. Making the Christians flee their lands. Same thing is happening here.

  6. Yes Cap’t, a few thousand Christians against millions of Muslims. The odds are about even, no?

  7. No, it was hundreds of thousands (probably a million in Iraq) before the US invaded on behalf of Israel.

  8. It was mostly Roman state church intervention and bullying from the fourth century through the Crusades of the Middle Ages that weakened the indigenous churches of the Middle East and North Africa, and set the stage for Mohammedanism to appear and advance. Even so, the indigenous Christianities remained predominant for centuries in many areas. Most notably the Copts held their ground for thousands of years against both Arabism and Romanism, and still preserve the native language of the Egyptians.

  9. Dalton subscribes to or works for the ‘Muslims are Taking Over the World’ conspiracy theory.

  10. It’s never been written about in context but the Hongerwinter in Holland looks like the same collusion of genocidal rage that doomed the Warsaw Polish uprising.

    The Germans deported about 300,000 Dutchmen as labour. The Americans refused to invest in liberating Holland and hey presto the Dutch got to be murdered and starved by the 120,000 remaining Germans in scenes reminiscent of the Polish stuck between the advancing Reds and the humiliated Germans.

    I have been reading around the subject a little and the behaviour of allied high command looks terribly cynical. The British were desperate to get into Holland but American commanders repeatedly brushed off requests to push into Holland with more aggression with ground forces. could be coincidence and a shite situation but reading between the lines it looks as if the US didn’t mind one little bit if a small European nation got it in the neck. More should have been done to liberate Holland, meaning more fuel and ammo for a push into the area before winter.

  11. ????

    Bosnia went officially Muslim for protection after centuries of being persecuted by Rome.


    This requires an explanation.

  12. Mosin, you are wrong on so many levels. What weakened the Eastern Christians was the Arian and other heresies that benighted them down through the ages. Islam was nothing more than the Arian heresy with an Arab accent. Islam constantly hammered at the Eastern Christians until Constantinople fell in 1453. Rome had nothing to do with it.
    Maybe the reason I think the Muslims are trying to take over the world is because they have invaded Europe so many times.
    You question whether the Muslims committed genocide against the Armenians? Hint: put Armenian Genocide into your search engine and find out.
    The so-called Bosnians Church was Bogomil and was ‘persecuted ‘ by both the Roman and Orthodox Church. Like I already said Mosin. your so wrong.

  13. ‘Islam was nothing more than the Arian heresy with an Arab accent’ — according to the spin of your Shoe-‘ding’-bat blog.

    Re: ‘The Romans had nothing to do with it’: Indeed not, they were/are so innocent.

    Yes, the Bosnian Church being in the no-man’s land, battleground space between the Byzantine Romans and the Italian Romans WAS persecuted by BOTH — but the Italians were the greater threat and caused the most harm, until many Bosnians would rather submit to the protection of the Muslims than fall under the sway of the heretical Pope.

    Re: ‘put Armenian Genocide into your search engine and find out’:

    Put ‘Sabbatean’ into your search engine, and figure it out.

  14. I am on another brief break, and will now conclude my part in this long digression from the post topic:

    According to most honest, DISINTERESTED (NOT Papist) historians, the Church of Bosnia was NOT ‘dualistic’ or otherwise heretical at all, but entirely orthodox — but ‘retaining many archaic traits’ from early catholicism prior to the Great Schism. Sadly, most Bosnian Christian writings and other evidence have been destroyed by their enemies, or my thesis would be easily proven and generally accepted.

  15. Mosin, I know all about the Sabbateans. I know they were undercover Jews. But the Sultan gave the order for the genocide, so the Turks were just as responsible for that horror.
    Mosin, I have read one very well documented book and several article on the Bosnian ‘Christians’. They were dualists, all the available evidence from the Roman and Greek sources confirm this. You are so desperate to find your pilgrim church, you’re willing to project your fantasies on to the real history you see in front of you.

  16. Without Talmudist chameleons, there would have been no Armenian genocide, nor any Holmodor, etc. Who cares whether the Sultan, or the Obama puppet, gives an executive order? What matters is who are the masterminds and instigators.

    Your agenda is showing….

    You hubristic Papists believe your extinction of ‘rival’ Christianities is covered up, by your destruction of evidence and skillful domination of ‘the discourse’ and ‘scholarship’ through the centuries. But Dalton, you will wish you had relented on this issue earlier (if Hunter allows this digression to continue, here or on other threads) because your case against the existence of Bosnian ethnic Christianity is NOT solid as you think it is.

  17. Capt John is right. If they stand and fight for their land, instead of retreating to the comforts of the Amerikan welfare state, they will go from strength to strength. A handful of patriots with courage born of conviction will chase great armies of might without right. Then they can turn their attention to the Amerikans, Globalists, Banksters or whatever they may be called, who really CAUSED it all!

  18. The Egyptians fully expected Constanople would return during the first 100 years of Islamic control.

    The Conversion of the Bosnians is a really peculiar moment. Part conquest part opportunism. Hardly evidence of a strong commitment to Christianity was it?

  19. Capt John, I forgot to add to my previous comment: Heavy weaponry would help, too.

    Re: ‘Hardly evidence of a strong commitment to Christianity’:

    England and other European countries becoming majority atheist or agnostic voluntarily, without ANY threat of force, is even MORE hardly evidence of strong commitment! But this was not really true of Bosnia in the fifteenth century. The Bosnians were descended from the Illyrian warrior race, and held territory so rugged that neither Byzantine nor Roman Catholic forces had been able to fully conquer them — so it seems they simply refused to fight (to their utmost ability) for their last Papal-puppet king, whose pleas for emergency RC aid were refused because he still failed to persecute his people’s church sufficiently to satisfy the demand of the Papacy! So the Bosnian Christians seem to have decided they’d rather take their chances under the protection of the Sultan.

    The conquest and conversion were actually gradual and partial, and Bosnian Christianity with its distinctive practices continued vitally into the seventeenth or eighteenth century, with remnants surviving into the nineteenth century, according to records and eyewitnesses.

  20. The southerners keep lying about jewish orchestration of anti white up here.

    Can we expect them to change?

    Probably not.

    • The Northeast has always pushed for racial equality. They were doing it even before the American Revolution was over. They were known for doing it in Thomas Jefferson’s time.

  21. Moswin, your so-called “Ethnic Christianities” are actually heretical groups that denied the central teachings of the Christian faith. No real scholar of ancient or medieval history believes any of these groups practiced anything remotely Christian. I’ve read at least three or four books on these groups and several articles, written by men of various religious biases. All of them agree, whether they are for or against these groups, that none of them practiced anything close to any form of Christianity. that’s why the Orthodox and Roman Churches kept these groups under close watch, their ideas about dualism and the corrupt morality that flowed from them were a danger to the received faith.

  22. Whether fully intentional or mostly misinformed, that’s outright falsehood, Dalton — like so many of your statements on other issues — especially about the findings of unbiased, non-RC-oriented scholarly historians. The indigenous, ethnic church of Bosnia was in fact irreproachably orthodox in its doctrine, with archaic practical traits from ‘the age of catholic unity’ preceding the Great Schism, but not willing to submit to outside rule by either Western or Eastern Rome.

    None so blind as will not see, and who would also make others not see….

  23. Mosin, when I was in the Armstrong cult, they claimed these groups you tout as “Ethnic Christians” as their spiritual ancestors. Years later, I discovered certain Baptists and other Evangelicals claimed the same people as their spiritual ancestors. Then I started to read the actual histories of these groups, and discovered none of them, (with the exceptions of the Hussites and the Waldensians ) were even close to any Christian belief. They were gnostic, dualist sects. The Protestant, Evangelical Scholars(?) who claimed them as Proto-Protestants deliberately distorted their history to turn them into Protestants before Protestantism existed. So I’m not the liar or deceived one here Mosin, you are.

  24. The first of the nineteenth-century Balkan revolutions against the Turks actually began in Bosnia, which was STILL majority Christian after four centuries of the most brutal persecution of any Balkan nationality, being on the front lines all that time. The mostly Orthodox Bosnian patriots would have gained their independence, but the Global powers handed them back (nominally) to Turkey, under effective control of the Roman Catholic Austria-Hungarian Empire — so nothing had changed for them, but they could still maintain their folkish and religious freedoms as before in remote mountain fastnesses, where Crusaders, corrupt native rulers, Turks and Austro-Hungarians could not find them to tax, enslave and murder them, and take their boys for soldiers.

  25. Eveyone up here knows you can say the truth about the jews more easily than you can that of the blacks. Ask any public prominent White Liberationist from the northeast.

    Our whole philosophy is grounded in an abstract concept of universal values – and choice. The jews choose their values; they could leave if they wanted. Their values are mercenary and imperialist and ethnically supremacist. To effect them they employ cunning and deceit, it is their essential posture towards ‘the other.’

    Northeasterns will only come to recognize the reality of black depravity when they are able to fully comprehend the truth of the jew. Most already see some of the dots, but other ones need to be drawn and then connected.

    Since the jew cultivated and then imposed the depravity of the blacks on us, it is the source of the problem that will allow Whites to fully reckon with what blacks are.

    I am not the only on up here who knows this. Ask people like Jim Rizoli, or maybe Kyle Hunt, or the AFP who network all over the north.

    I would help you because I firmly believe our fates are intertwined whether we like it or not. But I cannot help people like the CofCC peddle jewish lies which effect the murder of my people.

    I don’t think any of us will. I’d venture that if we were able to come to some meeting of the minds on the jew issue, freedom would be almost inevitable. No one could take it from us.

    But we can’t apparently.

  26. Tom Watson ‘nailed it’ when he said the Jews and RC are allied, and the Jews want to make RC the only valid form of Christianity. He recognised the threat of your cult to White Christian civilisation.

  27. Brad can you please explain this sense that you have that the northerners somehow forced blacks into your region? With proof?

  28. Northeners don’t even think about southerners in the manner you guys do…you calls us yankees and we have no idea what that means. As far as most of us know it’s what people outside of the us call American citizens…so to us you are saying you are an outsider.

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