White Man March 2.0

Preparing for White Man March 2.0
Preparing for White Man March 2.0


Over at Radix Journal, Gunnar Davey has written a dismissive article on the White Man March.

I’m going to withhold judgment on the movement until it holds a few more events. In the meantime, I attribute most of the mistakes highlighted in this article to inexperience with activism.

There’s plenty of room for improvement in the White Man March. At this point, I am of the view that almost anything would be an improvement over the status quo in the White Nationalist movement. I think the movement needs to shift away from the internet, which has dominated it for the past twenty years, and back toward the real world. I also see more potential in addressing criticism than more Nietzsche essays.

Here are some practical suggestions for the organizers of White Man March 2.0 which is scheduled for April 19th:

1.) Learning From Experience – The flaws of the first White Man March on March 15, which attracted the bulk of the criticism above, are so obvious that the organizers of the next event are well positioned to improve on their previous outing.

– Don’t wear masks in public while holding a “Diversity = White Genocide” banner. This fatally undermines your moral message and sends a signal to the public that even you believe that your message is morally illegitimate.

– Don’t post stickers in toilet stalls and upload them to event threads on the internet. The only thing this accomplishes is inviting mockery. There are much better targets in public places for stickers than men’s restrooms. The League has posted SECEDE stickers in all kinds of public places all over the South.

– Don’t allow uniformed groups to hijack your event. This will inevitably invite harsh criticism from within the movement. Stick to business casual at public events. Avoid creating unnecessary distractions with flags and attire.

– The “Diversity = White Genocide” banners that were used in the White Man March were clearly visible, but some of the signs that were used by activists were homemade. I’m not sure how these banners are being distributed to WMM activists, but there is no reason why the signs can’t be improved by having them designed by companies like VistaPrint or Signs on the Cheap and distributed in the same way.

Of the previous White Man March events than I have seen, the one in Knoxville strikes me as the best done and should be the model for the next event. Even here, there is some room for improvement in the filmmaking department.

2.) Event Control – This was a problem at the previous White Man March and seems to have been caused by a lack of experience, organization, and coordination. It is mainly due to hosting a global event, which is something that I would not recommend, that was open to any White Nationalist to participate at any location of their choosing.

Here are some recommendations:

– Create a Facebook event for official White Man March locations. Set the privacy settings to “Friends of Guests” or “Invitees Only.” Plan your event well in advance. Make sure your activists are all on the same page well in advance.

– Have a point man in charge of each official location – Knoxville, Harrison, Olympia, etc. – and charge them with the responsibility of enforcing a general set of guidelines. Make sure you have a designated spokesman to talk to the media.

– If you want to hold a roadside demonstration like in Knoxville, don’t do it unless you have a minimum of five people. You will also need someone with a camera and video camera to take photos and video of the event.

3.) Messaging – Personally, I believe “Anti-Racist = Anti-White” is more effective and less hyperbolic than “Diversity = White Genocide.”

I also think that spreading this message in the real world with billboards, roadside demonstrations, and hanging banners from overpasses generates much more publicity and is a lot more effective – particularly when you stand behind your message in public, shoulder to shoulder, with other pro-Whites like in Knoxville – than spamming “The Mantra” in internet comment sections.

4.) Yard Signs – If you are going to deploy yard signs for the White Man March, it needs to be centrally coordinated to ensure the event stays on message. Set up a PayPal account. Raise money. Design your signs through VistaPrint or Signs on the Cheap. Order the signs. Distribute them to your activists like the banners.

5.) Large Metro Areas – If you are going to participate in the White Man March, you need to understand beforehand that the reaction that you will likely get from the public will vary tremendously depending upon your location.

The so-called “anti-fa,” for example, are much stronger in large metro areas like Portland, New York City, Chicago, and Washington, DC than in small and mid-size towns like Harrison, AK or Florence, KY.  They’re much stronger in the Northeast and West Coast than in the South, Midwest, or Interior West.

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  1. How do Jewish interests clash with the host?

    Re the Ukraine, for those in doubt

    The ex-Israeli soldier who led a Kiev fighting unit
    ‘Delta’ has headed ‘the Blue Helmets of Maidan’ of 40 men and women – including several IDF veterans – in violent clashes with government forces.
    He calls his troops “the Blue Helmets of Maidan,” but brown is the color of the headgear worn by Delta — the nom de guerre of the commander of a Jewish-led militia force that participated in the Ukrainian revolution. Under his helmet, he also wears a kippah.

    Delta, a Ukraine-born former soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, spoke to JTA Thursday on condition of anonymity. He explained how he came to use combat skills he acquired in the Shu’alei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the Givati infantry brigade to rise through the ranks of Kiev’s street fighters. He has headed a force of 40 men and women — including several fellow IDF veterans — in violent clashes with government forces.


  2. The vast majority of Anglo whites in the fifty states still have no African DNA. Talmudic heritage may be more widespread.

  3. Mosin Nagant is another proof (besides Denise) that some people have an unhealthy obsession with the Joooos.

  4. Spelunker,

    The test shows that you are White, mostly British and Irish, and have no black ancestry. It’s possible that you have a remote Jewish ancestor, but your ancestry is overwhelmingly European.

  5. @Hunter: Caring nothing for the lives of Chadians is perfectly consistent with your approval of African slavery, which used them (or related tribes nearer the seacoast) as ‘farm equipment’ to ‘create immense wealth’, for a few elite whites and Talmudists.

    @Dalton: Psychologising (i.e. ‘unhealthy obsession’) is a Talmudic trait and tactic.

    • I’m honest about my views.

      I don’t care what goes on in Chad. I don’t get up in the morning and worry about the lives of the people who live there. I feel closer to my pets and would be more upset if one of my pets died.

  6. They didn’t last long as farm machinery in some Golden Circle locations far from Christian influence.

  7. ‘It’s possible that you have a remote Jewish ancestor, but your ancestry is overwhelmingly European’:

    Proven Talmudic ancestry is just a minor issue, especially if comes from good, solid, SOUTHERN Talmudic sources. But if he has much ‘Yankee’ WHITE ancestry, well, THAT’S a serious problem!

  8. Faking concern for strangers is a very liberal trait. That Chink gun runner selling or buying from Moros. He was shedding crocodile tears about inner city gun violence.

    I really don’t identify with an abstract humanity. I certainly don’t emote much in a sentimental way.

  9. I’m more worried that he buried his British identity like that and listed the semite part of himself.

    That’s where the heart is obviously.

  10. I love my own son, wife, and family more than anyone else in the world. I don’t value the lives of all human beings equally. There are people who say that, but their actions show their true feelings.

  11. “I don’t value the lives of all human beings equally.”

    I don’t think it’s meant literally that you love all humans as much as you love your son or daughter. I doubt that many people mean it that way. I’m pretty sure you’re intellectual enough that you know that too.

  12. NOW you seem to be saying you don’t value all human beings EQUALLY! That is NOT the same as choosing not to regard whether others in distant lands are being murdered and robbed every day by the Global enemy in our name using our tax dollars, or to have no pity for every soul who is lost without Christ. But OF COURSE it is natural and right, and Biblical, to feel the greatest care and affection for one’s own family and kin, and neighbours and state. Charity must begin at home.

  13. Surely you are intellectual enough to know that there is a difference between sign and signified? May I direct you to “This is not a pipe?” By Magritte.

    We are not literally white. Nor are blacks actually black. Additionally the blackness of someone’s skin isn’t precisely the problem here either.

  14. “Your AncestryDNA results include information about your genetic ethnicity predictions and provide you with DNA matches, linking you to others who have taken the AncestryDNA test.”

    “It predicts your recent genetic ethnicity. Thanks to advances in DNA technology we’re able to compare your DNA to samples from around the world, to find out more about your family’s background and ethnic history—not ancient history, but the people and places that matter to you.”

    “The information is more relevant and recent—targeting your family history a few hundred or even a thousand years ago, as compared to the Y and mtDNA tests, which have a 10,000 to 50,000 year time focus.”

    “Your family tree may go back hundreds of years, but there could be more to your family’s story that’s just out of reach of paper documents and conventional research. AncestryDNA can reach back hundreds, maybe even a thousand years, to tell you things that aren’t in historical records—things you might have never known otherwise.
    Although our ethnicity algorithms and prediction models will continue to improve over time, there are a few reasons why your ethnicity may not be exactly what you expected: 1. Your genetic ethnicity may go back further than your family tree. 2. While your ancestors lived in a certain country, there may have been genetic influence from other places. 3. You don’t necessarily share common DNA with all of your ancestors.”

  15. Spelunker and other ‘Impure DNA’ propagandists work to shake our resolve and overcome our common sense.

  16. I seldom agree with anything Capt John has to say, but in this case I certainly do. Based on his behavior, the odds are excellent that Spelunker is a Jew. Anytime you see way-over-the-top race-denial combined with claims that the person is British you are within your rights to suspect a Jew up to his old tricks. I cannot recall one instance of imbecilic anti-white race-denial in which the denier was eventually revealed as Jewish that he hadn’t earlier claimed to be “British” or “English” or “Anglo-Saxon.” I’ve never seen them claim anything else. (It’s possible the ones who claim to be other ethnicities are better at hiding their Jewishness – ie reining in their race-denial to believable levels – but I doubt it.)


    “I identify with being human.”

    If you’re not Jewish, I identify you as a pinhead. If you are Jewish (which is what I heavily suspect – and I’m not known as a name-the-Jew type of poster) then you need to work on your spiel. You begin half-way believably, but you move too quickly into overt aggression. It’s a dead giveaway.

  17. Genetic Ethnicity…is that PC for Race?

    … those races nearest to the southern half of the axis are of lower stature, with swarthy complexions, curly hair, black eyes, and little blood, on account of the sun. This poverty of blood makes them over-timid to stand up against the sword … On the other hand, men born in cold countries are, indeed, ready to meet the shock of arms with great courage and without timidity.” Vitruvius.

    It’s highly accurate. Crude to our precious ears but accurate.

  18. Mosin, obsessing about Southron whites with some remote Jewish ancestry, and our alleged approval of slavery is a Welsh trait and tactic.

  19. “NOW you seem to be saying you don’t value all human beings EQUALLY!”

    No I’m not. I said that I don’t think that most people who say they love all humans equally mean that they love their neighbor as much as they love their own child. I did not indicate how I feel at all. I was speaking about others.

    As for how I feel about other humans, I have compassion for other humans. That doesn’t mean there aren’t humans I don’t feel compassion for. Child molesters are one group of human I generally don’t have compassion for.

    “We are not literally white. Nor are blacks actually black. Additionally the blackness of someone’s skin isn’t precisely the problem here either.”

    I never said anyone was literally White. I said that no one is pure “White”. That Brad’s stepfathers test indicated he was 100 percent European is not an indication that he is not mixed with another race. If he took the same test that I did, they are predictions and estimates. They also deal with the more recent past as opposed to the ancient past. Do you want me to believe going back over 3,000 years or more your ancestors don’t have a little something else in them? That’s absurd. Therefore, you’re not White either, it’s just a classification that you choose to embrace. You’re a mixture of a bunch of crap. Just like me. Its crazy for you to call anybody “your people”. Each of you likely has a different “people”. To say “your people” are “European” is a misnomer. Your people are very likely European, plus some “other stuff”. You’re lobbying to tell some of the “other stuff” to go away, I don’t want to be around you. Me thinks that’s kinda funny because you are part “other stuff”. Going back through the generations you’ll get closer and closer to the “other stuff”. Do you hate your grandparents for having less watered down DNA?

    I also don’t believe you dislike Blacks dependent on the blackness of their skin.

  20. In re: differences between the North and South, look at what Lothrop Stoddard wrote about Bolshevism in his 1920 work, “The rising tide of color.”

    “Bolshevism is, infact, as anti-racial as it is anti-social. To the Bolshevik mind, with its furious hatred of constructive ability and its fanatical determination to enforce levelling, proletarian equality, the very existence of superior biological values is a crime. “


    (scroll down to Page 220)

    Fanatical determination to force equality? Does this not describe Yankees to a tee? Lets ask Paul Goodman:


    I’m not sure if Stoddard himself realized it or not, as I’ve not read any of his work start to finish and am not familiar with his attitudes toward U.S. history, but the Yankees were the first Bolsheviks. What Stoddard described here is IDENTICAL to what White Americans from the North were advocating publicly and without shame by the 1830s. Sure, it wasn’t actually called Bolshevism, and it wasn’t bankrolled by families like the Rothschilds, but so what? The ideology was EXACTLY the same. The real world results were EXACTLY the same.

    I read Pages 201-221 from the above Stoddard link today, and for most of those pages he explains how White Solidarity on the European continent was shattered thanks to WW1 (“Armegeddon,” as he calls it). Here’s a choice excerpt from 208:

    Before 1914, as we have seen, imperialistic trafficking with common race-interests usually roused widespread criticism, while even more, the use of colored troops in white quarrels always roused bitter popular condemnation. In the darkest hours of the Boer War, English public opinion had refused to sanction the use of either black African or brown Indian troops against the white foe, while French plans for raising black armies of African savages for use in Europe were almost universally reprobated. Before Armageddon there thus existed a genuine moral repugnance against settling domestic differences by calling in the alien without the gates.

    The Great War, however, sent all such scruples promptly into the discard. Not only did the belligerent governments use all the colored troops they could equip, but the belligerent peoples hailed this action with unqualified approval. The Allies were of course the more successful in practice, but the Germans were just as eager

    Amurrika set the precedent for this racial suicide pact with it’s War Between The States from 50 years earlier. Here’s what Jefferson Davis wrote to Robert E. Lee:

    We find ourselves driven by our enemies in their steady progress towards a practice which we abhor and which we are vainly snuggling to avoid. Some of the military authorities of the United States seem to suppose that better success will attend a savage war in which no queer is to be given and no sex to be spared. For the press we renounce the right of retaliation on the innocent and shall continue to treat the private enlisted soldiers of General Pope’s army as prisoners of war, but if, after notice to the government in Washington, these savage practices are continued we shall be reluctantly forced to the last resort of accepting war on the terms chosen by our foes, until the outraged voice of the common humanity forces a respect for the recognized rules of war.


    And what were those savage practices that Yankee troops inflicted on their own kin?

    Another development in the course of the war which shows something of the barbarity with which it was waged is the famous incident involving Benjamin Butler in New Orleans. General Butler was one of the most ruthless and cruel Northern generals. When he occupied New Orleans he embarked upon a course of insult and abuse toward the civilian population. There were hardly any males of military age left in New Orleans. They had all been sent off to the army, so that the women were deprived of their sons, husbands and fathers to protect them. It was apparently inconceivable to Butler that these women would not welcome their Northern conquerors under the circumstances of the war and he took umbrage at the fact that one Southem lady spat at a Northem soldier who persisted in making advances toward her. When Butler heard of this he issued his Order Number 28 which read as follows:

    As the officers and soldiers of the United States have been subject to repeated insults from the women calling themselves “ladies” of New Orleans in return for the most scrupulous non-interference and courtesy on our part [it is to be noted that there were Negro troops among the occupying army] it is ordered that hereafter when any female shall by word, gesture or movement insult or show contempt for any officer or soldier of the United States she shall be regarded and held liable to be treated as a woman of the town plying her avocation.

    This in essence was a “right to rape” order which he issued to his troops and he undoubtedly, given his personality, was gratified by the effect it worked upon the civilian population. I assume that he was also astonished at the outrage that it aroused around the world, because the order redounded to the great discredit of the United States. Palmerston, the British Prime Minister, wrote to Charles Francis Adams, the U.S. Minister in London the following concerning Butler’s order

    I will venture to say that no example can be found in the history of civilized nations till the publication of this order of a general guilty in cold blood of so infamous an act as deliberately to hand over the female inhabitants of a conquered city to the unbridled license of an unrestrained soldiety.

    Later he said to the English Parliament: “It is a proclamation to which I do not scruple to attach the epithet ‘infamous.’ Any English man must blush to think that such an act has been committed by one belonging to the Anglo-Saxon race.”

    Bolshevism as Stoddard describes it was first advocated for and implemented in the United States

    By Yankees

    A fratricidal civil war that destroyed White Solidarity and made the very notion a permanent laughingstock first happened in the United States

    Thanks to Yankees

    The strategy of teaming up with non-whites to defeat a White enemy was first made morally acceptable both in politics and in war

    By Yankees

    Verdict: Southerners like Long Live Dixie are fully justified in their contempt of Northern White Americans. Those who would wine and bitch about SN’s viewing “whites” North of the line as the Great Satan don’t have much of a leg to stand on. (I put “whites” in quote because when the behavior of an entire ethnic group of whites becomes indistinguishable from the Bolsheviks as documented by Stoddard, then those whites are spiritually, culturally, socially, and morally dead; they exist to serve their stomachs and their genitals, nothing more).

  21. “odds are excellent that Spelunker is a Jew”

    Well, I posted my DNA results, can you read? They are not Photoshopped or altered in any way. Tell me dear reader, how Jewish am I?

  22. Re: ‘our ALLEGED approval of slavery’:

    An endless number of OD articles may be cited as evidence to PROVE that approval, and appreciation, of the legacy of the institution of African slavery in the southern colonies and states and other ‘Golden Circle’ locations. ‘Yankee’ Whites who do not share in the approval are the Great Satan, the worst enemies of Southrons.

  23. Brad thanks for the link. I found this interesting:

    “The overall European gene pool is predominantly a mix of Paleolithic hunter-gatherers and Neolithic farmers, and each of those ancient groups in turn were derived from other populations. A reasonable computational analysis asserts that going back several thousand years, everyone has ancestors from all racial groups”

  24. Re: ‘“NOW you seem to be saying you don’t value all human beings EQUALLY!” No I’m not’:

    I was quoting Hunter, not you Spelunker. It was Hunter who said first that he cared nothing for Chad, and then said he doesn’t care for all human beings EQUALLY.

  25. This sophistical argument made by Hunter and Spelunker against the purity of blood is kin to the Devil’s argument that no one can be righteous.

  26. Hunter,

    “I don’t. If my dog or cat died, I would be genuinely upset, but I don’t give a fuck about what happens in, say, Chad.”

    Comments of this nature were the first thing that stood out to me when I first began reading one of your old blogs (I think you were posting as “Scimitar” back then). I was disturbed by it at the time, though I’m sure this feeling was exacerbated by your racial assertiveness, which also troubled me back then. The thought played on my mind for weeks afterwards, but I eventually calmed down enough to admit to myself that, deep down, I too felt the same way. (The very thought of me caring about anything that happens in Chad makes me chuckle.)

    Bear in mind, however, that while almost all people care much less than they publicly claim to, people who care as little as you or I do are almost certainly outliers. When the 2004 tsunami struck I had no problem shrugging my shoulders the second I realized it had nothing to do with people like me. When I shared these feelings with friends, however, I was greeted with horrified reactions. Stupidly, I challenged their reactions, arguing that deep down they scarcely cared any more than I did. They didn’t relent and I developed a reputation as a cold-hearted bastard, which later on hampered my efforts to urge them towards a political racial stance.

  27. Spelunker,

    Just go marry and multiply with a statistically average African from Congo.
    Test your own bullshit with your own flesh.

  28. Spelunker,

    As far as I am concerned, the fact of prime importance about you is that you are complete nitwit. Beyond that I could hardly care less who or what you are or claim to be. I am curious, though: you claim to identify with all of humanity, so what on earth motivated you get to get a DNA test? After all, your kind claims there is only one race, the human race.

  29. Silver,

    I sent a tenner to Sri Lanka. I’m not uncharitable. But I didn’t shed a tear or Nything like that. Most people detest their nearest coworkers. The boss is a pain and subordinates are lazy…

    It doesn’t MOVE me in any way.

  30. Slimer. I took a DNA test to see what the results would be because I wasn’t afraid of them. Just because I see myself as “human” first and foremost does not mean that I would not want to know my families history going backwards through time. My view that I am human and do my best to ignore all of the other “classifications” is because I don’t see them as relevant to my place in this world or anyone else’s place in this world. I don’t see anything at all wrong or bad about wanting to know where you came from. Nor do I have a problem with being proud of what you are. If you identify with being White and are proud of that, great, I’m happy for you. Round these parts, most “proud Whites” spend most of their time talking about how Blacks have nothing to be proud of, make no contribution to the world, have lower IQ’s, the list goes on and on. Round these parts proud Whites see themselves as “better” than other “colors” or ethnicities or races or however you are choosing to categorize peoples.

    Would you believe one of my grandfathers died in February of 1862, part of the ??th Alabama, right around the time of the Battle of Fort Donelson? Would you believe another one of my grandfathers was named after Jefferson Davis? Would you believe one side of my family migrated from Spartanburg, SC to Alabama? All true facts. Does that make me part of the Southern nation? I live in Baltimore, MD now. Don’t I share blood with the Southern nation?

    Dr. Hill says, “borders that distinguish a people. A blood people. The Bible talks about nations, and it means peoples. Tribes. Klans. Groups of individuals that are connected by blood. So when we talk about the Southern nation, we’re talking about not, political entities, we’re talking first and foremost about “our people”. And who are “our people”? Our people are White European Southerners.”

    Are you talking to me Dr. Hill?

  31. “There’s no such thing as a “pure” race or ethnic group. These tests measure your relatedness to different populations.”

    When it come to racial identity and racial politics there’s really no doubt that the standard of “close enough is good enough” accounts for the vast majority of cases. Racial relatedness – not racial purity – is what people racially react to in society. A Swede may grumble about a few Poles or Italians moving in but it’s nothing compared to his reaction to a few Nigerians or Sri Lankans. That’s true even for PC anti-racists: their racial piety never reaches greater heights than when they’re declaiming on behalf of the “rights” of black niggers.

    Ted Sallis’ essay on “purity” is okay, as far as it goes. He errs greatly, however, in failing to argue for an adjustment to racial attitude based on racial relatedness. It completely undermines his case that “purity” is not at issue. If his attitude towards, or his treatment of, his racial next-of-kin (ie the closest racial outsiders) does not change then, for all intents and purposes, his position is indistinguishable from that of the purists. The purists argue that either a man is wholly in or wholly out, and that if he is wholly out it doesn’t matter by what margin he is out – someone a figurative “inch” out will be treated the same as someone a figurative “mile” out. By failing to argue for attitudinal adjustment Sallis is doing no more than enlarging the circle of inclusion; he has not safeguarded racial politics from the attacks of anti-purists because anti-purists can simply switch from attacking racial politics on the issue of purity to the issue of arbitrariness.

  32. Spelunker, okay, calm down.

    You’re entirely correct that the behavior of most self-confessed WNs consists of precious else besides belittling other races – particularly blacks – and threatening them with retribution. Much of the fault for this lies with the reprehensible leadership of the earliest WNs. Nutcases like George Lincoln Rockwell and William Lucifer Pierce set the tone for WN by convincing their disciples that their way is how one “does” WN, and WN’s minions have mindlessly followed suit ever since. It’s only been in the last few years that viable alternatives which reject the Rockwell/WLP model have sprung up and begun to help break conditioned habits. SN, from what I can tell, combines aspects of this new model with the rehabilitation of traditional southern nationalism (insofar as such a thing actually existed). There are, however, other racialist positions which are not SN and not WLP-style WN either. All these movements are in their infancy and it’s far too early to tell which, if any, will predominate. To tar all these with the brush of “klansmen, skinheads, and neo-nazis” is the mark of a low intellect.

  33. Spelunker, if there is no ethnicity/race of jews then perhaps you need to go tell the local synagogue of inbreeding. Or National Association for the Advancement of Censorship and Profiteering. And La Raza.

    They need to hear your noble words.

    As for the irish/wasp mix, I just heard there was KKK active in South Jersey up till the 80’s, and that blacks had to take a bus around certain environs of Philly where the mics lived especially…a couple years ago I hear the same word from Boston, the irish ain’t takin’ shit from your homies.

    Go’on Spelunk, maybe you can blend in with the yids and call yourself ‘schplunk,’ you’d fit right in with ’em.

    Trying to come here and act naive so you can divide people won’t work, but it’s OKKK with this irish wasp ‘mutt.’

  34. Do you think that Romans in late antiquity scoffed at the formation of France or Vandalia? Burgundy? This clusterfuck can’t go on forever and buck history.

  35. Silver, what do you call the CofCC? They belittle blacks all the time, but most of their belittlement involves plans for retribution. I don’t know that they call themselves ‘WN’s’ I think they mostly go by ‘pro-White.’

    Southerners at Amren use the N word all the time and then get deleted for it. This is not typical of northerners at all.

    We despise the jews….their ‘race’ is indivisible from their creed, so it’s still PC, and it’s what most of the european world from Greece to Ireland to the US does too.

    Yup, we belittle their delusions, but simply defend our race.

    Don’t fall for Spelunker’s ploys. He’s just got daddy or mommy issues or an ugly mug no white girl will say yes to.

    • Re: NYYankees

      1.) The CofCC covers black crime better than almost anyone. It is an important problem.

      2.) Screaming “nigger” has always been frowned on in the South. Even during Jim Crow.

      3.) The typical Northerner has no problem with Jews. That’s why there are so many Jews in Congress from the Northern states. It has less to do with a Jewish conspiracy than a common commitment to leftist ideology and the Democratic Party.

      4.) It’s true that Northern WNs are more obsessed with Jews than Southern WNs. 4/5th of Jews live outside the South and most of those who live here are transplants concentrated in South Florida, Northern Virginia, or urban enclaves. Insofar as the ordinary Southerner has any experience with Jews, it is usually the rare and dying breed of small town Southern Jews who are probably the least obnoxious Jews on the planet, or the legendary ancient Israelites that they hear about in church.

  36. WN’s revere Pierce because he went after the acute and the chronic problem, blacks and hispanics being the acute and jews being the chronic one.

    I disagree with some of what Pierce said and did, but he dug the truth out of the shit the jews try to cover it with.

    Schplunk, here’s your ship going down, dude, the self-loathing loser against pride and dignity, Scheuer taking it to the took King:

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