White Man March 2.0

Preparing for White Man March 2.0
Preparing for White Man March 2.0


Over at Radix Journal, Gunnar Davey has written a dismissive article on the White Man March.

I’m going to withhold judgment on the movement until it holds a few more events. In the meantime, I attribute most of the mistakes highlighted in this article to inexperience with activism.

There’s plenty of room for improvement in the White Man March. At this point, I am of the view that almost anything would be an improvement over the status quo in the White Nationalist movement. I think the movement needs to shift away from the internet, which has dominated it for the past twenty years, and back toward the real world. I also see more potential in addressing criticism than more Nietzsche essays.

Here are some practical suggestions for the organizers of White Man March 2.0 which is scheduled for April 19th:

1.) Learning From Experience – The flaws of the first White Man March on March 15, which attracted the bulk of the criticism above, are so obvious that the organizers of the next event are well positioned to improve on their previous outing.

– Don’t wear masks in public while holding a “Diversity = White Genocide” banner. This fatally undermines your moral message and sends a signal to the public that even you believe that your message is morally illegitimate.

– Don’t post stickers in toilet stalls and upload them to event threads on the internet. The only thing this accomplishes is inviting mockery. There are much better targets in public places for stickers than men’s restrooms. The League has posted SECEDE stickers in all kinds of public places all over the South.

– Don’t allow uniformed groups to hijack your event. This will inevitably invite harsh criticism from within the movement. Stick to business casual at public events. Avoid creating unnecessary distractions with flags and attire.

– The “Diversity = White Genocide” banners that were used in the White Man March were clearly visible, but some of the signs that were used by activists were homemade. I’m not sure how these banners are being distributed to WMM activists, but there is no reason why the signs can’t be improved by having them designed by companies like VistaPrint or Signs on the Cheap and distributed in the same way.

Of the previous White Man March events than I have seen, the one in Knoxville strikes me as the best done and should be the model for the next event. Even here, there is some room for improvement in the filmmaking department.

2.) Event Control – This was a problem at the previous White Man March and seems to have been caused by a lack of experience, organization, and coordination. It is mainly due to hosting a global event, which is something that I would not recommend, that was open to any White Nationalist to participate at any location of their choosing.

Here are some recommendations:

– Create a Facebook event for official White Man March locations. Set the privacy settings to “Friends of Guests” or “Invitees Only.” Plan your event well in advance. Make sure your activists are all on the same page well in advance.

– Have a point man in charge of each official location – Knoxville, Harrison, Olympia, etc. – and charge them with the responsibility of enforcing a general set of guidelines. Make sure you have a designated spokesman to talk to the media.

– If you want to hold a roadside demonstration like in Knoxville, don’t do it unless you have a minimum of five people. You will also need someone with a camera and video camera to take photos and video of the event.

3.) Messaging – Personally, I believe “Anti-Racist = Anti-White” is more effective and less hyperbolic than “Diversity = White Genocide.”

I also think that spreading this message in the real world with billboards, roadside demonstrations, and hanging banners from overpasses generates much more publicity and is a lot more effective – particularly when you stand behind your message in public, shoulder to shoulder, with other pro-Whites like in Knoxville – than spamming “The Mantra” in internet comment sections.

4.) Yard Signs – If you are going to deploy yard signs for the White Man March, it needs to be centrally coordinated to ensure the event stays on message. Set up a PayPal account. Raise money. Design your signs through VistaPrint or Signs on the Cheap. Order the signs. Distribute them to your activists like the banners.

5.) Large Metro Areas – If you are going to participate in the White Man March, you need to understand beforehand that the reaction that you will likely get from the public will vary tremendously depending upon your location.

The so-called “anti-fa,” for example, are much stronger in large metro areas like Portland, New York City, Chicago, and Washington, DC than in small and mid-size towns like Harrison, AK or Florence, KY.  They’re much stronger in the Northeast and West Coast than in the South, Midwest, or Interior West.

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  1. Silver at 143

    Indeed. Why bother with a test?
    Getting that sort of a test indicates there is a question of some sort in the mind of the test subject.

  2. ” WN is the ides that all Whites are a people and should all move somewhere to create an ethnostate. It is a race based movement and doesn’t take into account religious, ethnic, cultural, and historical differences among European derived peoples.”

    WNs traditionally claimed the entire territory of the United States, but the demographic tide rising against them so violently that has caused most of them to abandon this goal on the grounds of impracticality. As you obliquely note, abandoning this territorial claim has introduced impracticalities of its own – allowing someone like you to claim that “the white ethnostate” cannot be identified with a piece of territory.

    • The idea of a “white ethnostate” now works against WN because there are no homogeneous White areas left in the United States anymore. Even the Northwest is full of racial minorities. I’m not necessarily against the idea which, in substance, is really just a prettier way of saying that WNs want to move somewhere to create and live in racially exclusive suburbs without the “vibrancy” created by blacsk. There’s no reason why that couldn’t be incorporated in an independent South. New suburbs are already being built here all the time.

  3. Mosin, what was, was. Most farming way back when was labor intensive. The machines that made farming easier didn’t start coming into being until the mid 19th century. You and your fellow self righteous Yankees wanted slavery abolished immediately, without considering the consequences of your ideas. Your idealism led to mass starvation of both blacks and whites, decades long disruption of the economy, people being driven off land they have lived on for decades, and increased enmity between the races. Yeah, abolishing slavery so damn fast really worked out great, no? If the Yankees would have left the South alone to work out it’s own problems, these disasters wouldn’t have happened. Instead, your Yankee ancestors just had to come down here and straighten the South out. and you can’t figure out why so many Southrons consider you Yanks the great Satan?

  4. Senator Spelunkonius, he wanks highwy in Wome.

    The mere thought of believing black people are responsible for their actions (thereby, being responsible for the demise of Detroit and Newark) will cause him immediate nausea and to be immobilized by debilitating white guilt…as space runs out the political lashing out will become more dangerous. We are already seeing it in Greece and Spain. Italy is ready slice off Veneto. They are looking at Lampedusa and are panicking. I strongly suspect the Scots are inclined toward independence because London, Birmingham and Manchester/Leeds/Oldham are so full of blacks and browns. There is no able down south for a quick witted Scottish outsider anymore. Brittany or Normandy could easily sever ties with the Metropol in France specifically to avoid Arabization.

  5. Hunter Wallace says:

    ‘I’m honest about my views.

    I don’t care what goes on in Chad. I don’t get up in the morning and worry about the lives of the people who live there. I feel closer to my pets and would be more upset if one of my pets died.’

    My sentiments as well.

  6. The U.S. government troops and mercenaries ‘serving’ in wars and interventions in Chad and dozens of other other countries, along with you (Sam and Hunter) and the vast majority of other middle class U.S. taxpayers who pay for most of the ‘service’ don’t care what happens to Chadians either. Who cares whether a war is just or not? Who cares who is robbed, disrupted, enslaved in the world, as long as it is not your own family, friends or animal pets?

    Of course charity and concern begin at home, but the attitude that you can do whatever you like and get away with to others beyond your ‘home circle’ is anti-Christian! Examine yourselves now, to see if you be in the faith.

    Now to Mr. Dalton, who says ‘why so many Southrons consider you Yanks the great Satan’: Yes, ‘farming way back when was labor intensive’ (‘too hard’) so they decided to buy Africans from the slave traders to make it less hard, and much more profitable (‘immense wealth’) for some — but it’s NOT true that ‘what was was’. The results of that decision are STILL WITH US — all because, as another commenter here used to say, long ago ‘you wouldn’t pick your own cotton’ — and because Christian influence (‘idealism’) at that time was not too strong, but TOO WEAK.

  7. Golden Dawn marches without incident in New York City: http://xaameriki.wordpress.com/2014/03/30/golden-dawn-new-york-at-the-2014-independence-parade/ ‘The reception from the crowd was great. Individuals would randomly approach us to thank us for our work both here and in Greece, and to encourage us to keep up the struggle. The Greek community of America, other than those unelected individuals that speak on its behalf to an eager and hostile mainstream media, has actively rejected the neo-liberal Samaras and the phony opposition on the Left. Out of the entire crowd, only 2 older women, affiliated with the dirty local plutocracy and Zionist organizations like AHEPA were acting rude (…) Our very existence and the open support from the community has Samaras and his agents in New York very frustrated. Overall this was a highly successful event. We will continue breaking barriers and defying the few at the top in our mission to save our race and culture.’

  8. Spelunker’s DNA test, assuming it is true, shows that he is a White European of British and Irish ancestry, who may have had a Jewish ancestor somewhere in the last thousand years, and that he has no detectable black ancestry, and that race is nowhere near as confusing as “anti-racists” make it out to be.

    I think it is sad that he has rejected his own ancestors and has no concern for the welfare of his own people and their descendants. That’s true of all liberals though who elevate ideological abstractions above their own family.

  9. Re: Spelunker

    Dr. Hill spoke at much greater length about the definition of Southern Nationalism in his speech at the League’s Alabama State Conference. I’m sure that Cushman will post the video soon when he gets settled back in South Carolina.

  10. Hunter,

    I agree, it’s a shame he’s turned his back on his own illustrious ancestors.
    All in all the British Isles are a source of greater good than bad.

    (If Lynda shows up talking about the City, I presubmit! Uncle!)

  11. Spelunker, who said this:

    “If Israel had not come into existence after World War II then I am certain the Jewish race wouldn’t have survived.”

    Benjamin Netanyahu
    David Duke
    Hunter Wallace

    Perhaps you could dispute the existence of race with the author of these comments instead of being an ethnomasochist.

  12. Mosin Nagant says:

    ‘Of course charity and concern begin at home, but the attitude that you can do whatever you like and get away with to others beyond your ‘home circle’ is anti-Christian! Examine yourselves now, to see if you be in the faith.’

    Hunter had nothing to do with events in Chad, neither did I.

    Negroes destroy Whites and civilization. They are as dangerous to us as the Ebola virus is to flesh.

    Makes no difference what their religious beliefs are.

    I simply do not care what happens to them … at all.

    I had to put down my 15 year old dog last year. She was a great companion.

    Yes, for her I shed tears and still think of her.

    Just the way it is.

  13. Spelunker is as European Caucasian American as Tim “white like me” Wise or the internet commentator Whiskey. Spelunker isn’t European Caucasian American. He is a Jew.

    If people read enough of these jewish commentators on the internet, one can see a pattern in how and what they write. The jewish commentators who attack European Americans have a certain style in how they present their points and how they argue. Spelunker fits that Jewish style.

    The internet commentator name Whiskey has posted for years claiming to be Scots-Irish. Whenver someone writes about the role of jews in anything, guess who shows up to deflect attention away from jews and towards another ethnicity or religion? That’s right, the guy who claims to be Scots-Irish. Why would a Scots-Irishman spend his time year after year constantly deflecting attention away from Jews? Because they ain’t Scots-Irish, that why.

    Claiming to be European-American or Christian is the new strategy that Jews are now using in the comments section at websites. Everyone should realize this. I just wanted to let you know Hunter. Spelunker has been doing this at the Trad Youth website also.

  14. ‘small town Southern Jews who are probably the least obnoxious Jews on the planet’:

    That is quintessentially SN thinking.

  15. ‘Claiming to be European-American or Christian is the new strategy that Jews are now using in the comments section at websites. Everyone should realize this. I just wanted to let you know Hunter. Spelunker has been doing this at the Trad Youth website also’:

    Yet they can’t resist admitting ‘just one little drop’, that was ‘probably thousands of years ago’ as Hunter opines.

  16. I think it’s totally awesome that all it takes for me to become a Jew is to post in the comments section at OD.

  17. Spelunker says:
    March 31, 2014 at 7:30 pm
    I think it’s totally awesome that all it takes for me to become a Jew is to post in the comments section at OD.

    If you are not Jewish then your ethnomasochist routine is sick.

  18. If Spelunker’s results are accurate, then he is certainly not Jewish. Not even the Third Reich would have considered him Jewish. Again, this is assuming the results here are true.

  19. I’ve known too many self hating White liberals to believe that anyone who disparages their own people is necessarily Jewish. I believe that Liberty Lamp is Jewish because he or she has said so here in the past.

  20. Re: Mosin

    Southern Jews haven’t traditionally been antagonistic toward the White majority here. Of course this no longer holds because most Jews who live in the South today were born elsewhere.

  21. It’s like totally awesome that all it takes for snarky teens to turn on their own bloodlines is a few fantasy concepts like “Equality” and “we are all the same.”

    It’s taking the natural condition of rebellion and twisting it into cultural and ethnic suicide.

  22. Hunter and the new Southern Nationalism of OD take the premise that ‘SOUTHERN Jews haven’t traditionally been antagonistic’ — whereas Tom Watson and other southerners with experience and wisdom have NOT taken that premise.

    Hunter says ‘not even the Third Reich would have considered him Jewish’ — but the Third Reich did not accept the one drop rule, and was thoroughly vitiated.

  23. One of Watson’s explanations of their influence, on our culture, a century ago: http://theamericanmercury.org/2014/03/tom-watson-the-rich-jews-indict-a-state/ ‘Jews take it upon themselves to acknowledge the Italian Pope as the true and only “Head of the Church of Christ.” All Protestant churches are mentally obliterated. There are no Christians save the Romanists. Waldensians, Greek Catholics, and Armenians (…) are left with the heathen. Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Adventists, etc. are mere trash (…) The Pope is the earthly embodiment of Christ, the Head of the Church, the one potentate empowered “to arouse Christendom” in behalf of the poor, down-trodden Rothschilds, Belmonts, Guggenheims, Warburgs, Strauses, Ochses, Pulitzers, Abells, Schiffs, Kuhns, Loebs, Montags, Seligs, Dannenbergs, Waxelbaums, and Haases (…) There is no longer any doubt that the Roman priests and the Jews are allies’!

  24. The concept of a white ethnostate is based on much more than the desire of WNs to live in racially homogeneous suburbs, though of the course the convenience of avoiding entanglements with diversity is considered an important feature. I don’t believe WN is such a threat to your SN that you must mischaracterize it in order to ward off its influence.

  25. Mosin, the Jews that wrote that letter to the Pope were sucking up to him. Their real feelings about the Catholic Church (and the Protestant spinoffs) can be found in the Talmud and other Jewish literature. Tom Watson, like so many Americans in the past, was merely parroting the old Anti-Catholic canards that most Protestants have blindly believed about the Catholic Church since the Reformation era. For a more realistic appraisal of the RCC in history by a Non-Catholic see http://shoebat.com/ and put Catholics into the on site search engine.

  26. I don’t see WN as a threat to us.

    It’s basically the idea that White people should be allowed have racially exclusive communities. Why couldn’t we build those? There’s no shortage of land here and new suburbs are always being built.

  27. @Mosin “singing Nigger”: Well Mosin, if they more to Pennsyltucky , that would be fine with me. You Yankees need a little diversity to bring some ‘vibransity’ to your back woods life! Yee-Haw!

  28. Hunter/Brad, please do not tell me about the northeast.

    Do you really think you are in a place to do that? You think you know how we feel up here about the jews?

    CofCC has either wittingly propagated jewish lies or gone along with them.

    I demand to know: where are the videos for the six jewish women who were knockout gamed last fall allegedly? Why weren’t there even one or two? There are cameras all over NYC

    Recently when a european was truly knockout gamed, voila, a video appears. But the jewmedia tried to blur how it materialized, saying in one article that the father of the victim tracked it down and on another using the passive voice to describe it’s surfacing.

    Yup. The jews are afraid because they couldn’t repress the video as the victim was real and has family who are demanding answers and perps. The father even asked if anyone could identify them in one less-coordinated article.

    So when an actual european as opposed to a yid gets attacked, they have to deal with the fact that when they faked it last fall there were NO videos of allegedly SIX jewgirls.

    Not even on, when there should have been at the least three.

    You, Brad Griffin, are busted.

    I’m not sure I’ll be commenting here again if you don’t either refrain from ever endeavoring to tell me about how whites europeans feel about jews in the northeast. And an acknowledgement of jew propaganda being exactly that would be nice as well.

    I’d contemplate moving down south except for the jew issue. I could probably make my way more happily among my own people, the anglo celts, even with southern neuroses on social issues.

    But for this jew-indulgence.

    A DS poster said the yankees understand the jews but not the negro while the southerners understand the negro but not the jew. He was southern from the beginning of ‘the south’ and became ‘yankee’ in the last generation.

    Wise words indeed.

  29. Mosin, Didn’t you read the other articles on the Shoebat blog as well? Also, are you aware that Shoebat and his son Ted are rescuing Christians who are being persecuted by the Muslims? And most of those Christians are Orthodox and Catholics? Fr. John, I’m sure, would appreciate the rescue of the Orthodox. BTW, Shoebat thanks God for the Catholic Church, for if it wasn’t for the Catholics taking up arms in times past, we would all by Muslims now. Yep, you would be hollering Allah Akbar in Pennslytucky now if it wasn’t for us sons of the so-called Great Whore!

  30. If I understand my natural history, the prevailing story is that modern humans evolved from more primitive hominid species over the course millions of years, and gradually became more intelligent and cooperative as cranial capacity increased, which allowed more intelligent humans to displace and wipe out their rivals.

  31. ‘Catholics’ is a broad term indeed, Dalton. I did scan the rest of the suggested search on Shoebat.

    You exaggerate about Muslims.

  32. Hunter, at what point in hominid history would you say the image of God comes into existence — when God creates man in His image?

  33. We support a small ministry that aids Christians including ‘catholic’ and orthodox in Muslim lands, but NOT assisting them to come here as refugees! The more Globalists interfere in those countries, the more the Christian remnant suffers.

  34. The archaeological record shows that there have been multiple versions of what is called “humanity” and recent advances in genetics have proven that these “species” (Denisovans, Neanderthals, Homo erectus, and countless others still unknown to us) were less distinct than previously thought.

    Just a few years ago, it was believed that Neanderthals made no genetic contribution to modern humans, but now we know that non-Africans, particularly Europeans, interbred with Neanderthals and have some degree of Neanderthal ancestry.

  35. Mosin, the Christians in those lands are being tortured and killed by the Muslims. Even if we were not over there, the Muslims would still kill them.They will suffer to death if they aren’t rescued. And as for my “exaggerating” about the Muslims, are you daft? The Muslims have been trying to wipe out the Christian faith since day one. Look at the horrible pictures on Shoebat’s website, and do a web search for Muslim atrocities against Christians. Millions of Christians, who have been murdered by Islam since ol’ Moham’s time, would laugh you to scorn about “exaggeration”. And I’m doing it right now.

  36. ‘Even if we were not over there, the Muslims would still kill them. They will suffer to death if they aren’t rescued’:

    YOU kill them with your ‘rescue’ wars and greedy meddling. The more you Globalists continue to ‘rescue’ them, the more they suffer and die over there, or else immigrate here, as ‘refugees’ from your endless war — the final ‘rescue’, out of the fire (and depleted uranium) into the Amerikan melting pot.

  37. Mosin, you, common sense and mercy parted company years ago. You’re so hung up on your twisted ideology you can’t show compassion toward Christians who are being killed by the Anti-Christ Muslims. Oh, you and your fellow Pharisees will ‘help’ them, as long as they stay in their own countries, and run the risk of being killed by the heartless Muslims, but you will be damned if they come here for refuge! Hey, I’d love for them to stay in their native lands, but the murderous Muslims are making that impossible. BTW, I hope a bunch of these refuges settle in your neck of the woods. You need to see what real Christians are like. I wonder if Fr. John would sponsor some Orthodox ones?

  38. Spelunker,

    The word Mongrel doesn’t describe things as they are or were. It’s bad journalism and it is bad PR from scientists looking for research approval.

    Neanderthals were thought to have been a separate species until a few years ago according to certain cruder DNA tests me outside of Africa modern humans were understood to be extremely closely related to blacks and that modern humans killed off and displaced the Neanderthal. This idea has been completely overturned and we Europeans have Neanderthal ancestors. Asians do as well, with a dash of Denisovian. The point isn’t that we are Mutts or all closely related: Europeans are quite clearly distinctive both physically and culturally. So much so that our languages came up with the word in English “race”, “ethne” in Greece and what the hebes called “goy” and the Latins “gens”.

  39. Heads we are Mutts tails we are Hybrids? Someone with an overwhelming amount of British Isles DNA is a “Mutt”. Furthermore, if our migrating ancestors from the Out of Africa event mated with the Neanderthal we are “hybrids”. Instead of being a distinctive breed or subspecies ourselves. Yet we are all “Human” and race doesn’t exist (unless we are Netanyahu)

    Are these two words “mutt” and “hybrid” on some checklist for dimwit PC merchants?

    And must thus accept the subnormal black population and happily welcome demographic displacement level migration?

  40. While I disagree with the idea of barring “fellow” Christian refugees, Mosin does have a point. Christians though dwindling in population had been doing ok in the Ittoman Milet, they had been doing okay under Saddam and Assad. Mubarak looked out for them.

    Suddenly a bunch of Jew advisors get a hard on for invading Iraq destabilizing Syria and Egypt and the Christians there are turned into targets as never before.

    I see the hand of Muslims in it, but I also detect Jews behind the scenes.

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