The Political Cesspool: 2017 Year In Review

We were proud to be featured for 30 minutes on last Saturday’s 2017: Year In Review episode of The Political Cesspool with James Edwards where our theme was “It could have been worse”

You can access our segment in the last hour from TPC archive page.

In this show, we discussed the best and worst things in 2017 and ended with hope and optimism over the fact that the Chicago-born, Yale Law School educated feminist Hillary Clinton was not elected president and we got such unexpected positive things like a heterosexual WASP appointed to the US Supreme Court.

My pick for Traitor of the Year – American Division was Ivanka Trump. If she had just married a White guy we wouldn’t have Jared Kushner a Lib-Left, Goldman Sachs brown-nosing money changer Zionist dictating our foreign policy and Ivanka throwing temper tantrums and crying in front of Daddy saying that everyone is saying that we are racists and we need more wars against Syria and Russia.

My picks for international Traitor of the Year were that Greek migration minister for the European Union who pronounced there was nothing that could be done to stop or reduce the mass migration of black Africans and Arab Muslims Europe and of course the Muslim bootlicking Pope Francis, and that childless hag Andrea Merkel.

But, let’s hear from some OD readers: what are your picks for the best and worst of 2017? I’m especially interested in putting together an OD obituary section where we celebrate the death and demise of so many enemies and traitors.