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Into the Light

October 8, 2009 Hunter Wallace 64

I’m going out of town tomorrow and won’t be back until Sunday. Don’t expect any new posts through the weekend. I can’t discuss the details, but I […]

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Cyber Racism

October 6, 2009 Hunter Wallace 13

At Mississippi Learning, MSU sociologist Matthew Hughey is impressed by an interview with Jesse Daniels about her new book, Cyber Racism. As a pioneer of web […]

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The Fire Eaters

September 29, 2009 Hunter Wallace 17

I have long wondered why the Fire Eaters have attracted such little attention from American White Nationalists. For those unfamilar with the term, the Fire Eaters […]

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The Belleville Protest

September 27, 2009 Hunter Wallace 26

Yesterday, the National Socialist Movement held a protest in Belleville, Illinois to draw attention to the now infamous savage black-on-white beating on a school bus. The rally […]

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The Cyber Police

September 26, 2009 Hunter Wallace 33

Michael Gerson is worried about White Nationalism invading “respected institutional spaces on the Internet” and calls for censorship to squelch all of this “hate” before […]

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Most Interesting

September 22, 2009 Hunter Wallace 13

It seems that someone over at Takimag is a fan of Revilo P. Oliver who famously broke with William F. Buckley and his conservative phonies. […]

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Why Bother?

September 19, 2009 Hunter Wallace 25

1.) Why do I spend so much time writing about race? 2.) Why do I vigorously defend White Nationalism? 3.) Why do I hold such […]

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Change We Can Believe In

September 17, 2009 Hunter Wallace 7

David A. Love (negro) is dishonestly lumping together White Nationalists with the militias, birthers, tea baggers, corporate lobbyists, and Minutemen into a generalized MARs movement against […]

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Little Green Footballs

September 15, 2009 Hunter Wallace 32

Until this morning, I had never bothered to visit Little Green Footballs, a worthless neocon website by reputation. I had only heard about Lawrence Auster, Robert Stacy McCain, […]

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Banal White Nationalism

September 13, 2009 Hunter Wallace 28

“Banal White Nationalism” is a concept used by the anti-Confederate, SPLC affiliated activist Edward Sebesta. He uses it to describe White Americans with a vague, unarticulated […]

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August 18, 2009 Hunter Wallace 32

OneSTDV, another HBD/RR blogger, on EGI: First, I have absolutely no vested interest in the success of the larger white racial collective. I care exclusively […]

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August 17, 2009 Hunter Wallace 44

In my absence, Vanishing American has written a long post about divisiveness within the pro-White movement, which was undoubtedly inspired by the previous thread here. […]

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Imagine 2050

August 14, 2009 Hunter Wallace 20

This website has been running a series of articles about White Nationalism. The writers there are dishonestly trying to link us to the Birther movement […]

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Comrade Lindsay

August 11, 2009 Hunter Wallace 32

Robert Lindsay is hurling epithets (insane, lunatics, total losers, psychos) at White Nationalists who want to eliminate legal immigration and deport non-White U.S. citizens. He […]

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Guy Whine

July 24, 2009 Hunter Wallace 91

I had no intention of mentioning this nobody for quite a while, but I logged on this afternoon to discover that Guy White is citing […]