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The Real Midwest

October 7, 2011 Hunter Wallace 56

American Midwest In the minds of White Southerners, especially those in the Deep South, the “Yankees” are the people who live in the Northern States, […]

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August 23, 2011 Hunter Wallace 16

District of Corruption Poseidon has shaken the Beltway! He was offended by the MLK statue that was unveiled on the National Mall yesterday. It was […]

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Q Who?

August 15, 2011 Hunter Wallace 5

The Future Q is the funniest character in the Star Trek universe. He has no patience for political correctness or proper procedure from pious progressives. The […]

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Second Chance

August 9, 2011 Hunter Wallace 2

New York City In New York City, they now realize that everyone deserves a fair hearing, and that democracy and republican government can be practiced […]

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December 8, 2010 Hunter Wallace 111

District of Corruption Pat Buchanan has drawn my attention to the latest scandal brewing in the culture war between Red America and Blue America. This […]

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The End Times

December 7, 2010 Hunter Wallace 70

The End Times The long awaited collapse of the system has become an article of faith among alienated vanguardists. Strangely enough, I rarely see James […]

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Yearning for (the other) Zion

January 24, 2010 Matt Parrott 129

National Geographic has written a relatively balanced and comprehensive article on the FLDS (Fundamentalist Mormon) communities throughout the American Southwest. They’re explicitly racial, have one of […]

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Aggregate Correctness

January 4, 2010 Matt Parrott 100

Nothing evokes an eyeroll in many WN circles quicker than mentioning Christian Identity. Their peculiar interpretation of the Christian Bible strikes those of us indoctrinated […]

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Minarets and Locusts

December 2, 2009 Hunter Wallace 41

Here’s a news item worth sharing with the local philo-Semites: JERUSALEM (JTA) — A vote in Switzerland banning the construction of minarets on new mosques […]