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I Have a DREAM

December 2, 2010 Hunter Wallace 26

District of Corruption It seems Luis Gutiérrez is flirting with the idea of making life easier for White Nationalists. He is so emotionally invested in […]

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Bleeding Red

October 26, 2010 Hunter Wallace 30

Southern Mississippi The Democratic Party is hemorrhaging a peculiar type of voter. This is fairly easily to establish. Wherever the Democrats have a foothold in […]

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Jacksonian America

September 26, 2010 Hunter Wallace 35

Clinton Country In The Weekly Standard,  Jay Cost draws my attention to an article by Sean Trende published last year at RealClearPolitics about the demise […]

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A Pict Song

June 7, 2010 Albert Jackson 22

Since my post earlier this evening offended most, I deleted it.  Apparently, I have issues. Duly noted. Since my own words have failed me today, […]

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Hitler Admirers

March 6, 2010 Hunter Wallace 183

Guy White recently coined the term “Hitler-admirers” to describe White Nationalists who aren’t Neo-Nazis, but who don’t agree with the total demonization of Nazi Germany. I’ve been […]

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Haiti: Fun Fact

January 15, 2010 Hunter Wallace 40

The U.S. didn’t extend diplomatic recognition to Haiti until 1862. The memory of the extermination of the White population by the negro rebels lingered on […]

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December 12, 2009 Hunter Wallace 65

In light of friedrich braun’s recent comments, I have finally decided to address this subject. Guy White has also accused me of ducking the issue […]