OK to Hate Massachusetts

Elizabeth_Warren_Nov_2_2012For most of my early life, a period when I was in the Conservative, patriotic American camp – the State of Massachusetts was always synonymous with the hated East Coast, Harvard, Kennedy family Liberalism so despised by Southerners and other regular working Americans. Massachusetts was Cambridge, Harvard Law, Ted Kennedy – the source of forced busing, the worst of the 1960s. In the 1972 Presidential election between Richard Nixon and George McGovern, McGovern won only Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. Massachusetts even elected Governor Mike Dukakis who gave a weekend pass to convicted murderer Willie Horton, who proceeded to rape a married White woman! Well, times supposedly changed. Ted Kennedy finally died, Pat Buchanan did well in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney was even elected a Republican Governor, the Boston Red Sox finally broke the curse of the Bambino and the New England Patriots have been the most successful White NFL team since Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers! So maybe that terrible bad Liberal Leftist Massachusetts thing was….

A thing of the past?

No, emphatically no!

This week crazed idiot Liberal Massachusetts’ US Senator Elizabeth Warren came out of the closet to do the full monty of destructive, anti White, idiot Leftist, cultural Marxism.

Lizzy embraced the…

BlackLivesMatter movement!

BlackLivesMatter is the Black criminal Leftist “movement’ which grew out of the rioting and looting in Ferguson, Mo., where the 300 pound Black thug Michael Brown was killed after he provoked and lost a violent confrontation with an honest police officer. BLM is heavily infiltrated by Black criminal street gangs and has been linked to ambushes and murders of honest police officers.

Here’s Sen. Elizabeth Warren mouthing anti police, pro Black criminal anarchy lies:

“None of us can ignore what is happening in this country,” she said. “Not when our black friends, family, neighbors literally fear dying in the streets. This is the reality all of us must confront, as uncomfortable and ugly as that reality may be. It comes to us to once again affirm that black lives matter, that black citizens matter, that black families matter.”

Warren also called for major policing reforms, such as de-escalation training and body cameras for all police officers.”

Elizabeth Warren is doing a “shout out” that she’s down with the Black brothers and Black sistuhs in the ‘hood, FIGHTIN’ White privilege, and the evil RACIST PO-LEEECE.

But, a quick Google search of Cambridge, Mass. real estate holdings reveal that Elizabeth Warren is most definitely not living the down in the hood with struggling Black folks. Instead, Warren owns a Victorian home in Cambridge ~ $2.4 Million! Massachusetts Conservatives also exposed Ms. Warren’s finance scam as marketing herself as an authentic Native American Indian spokesman earning $350,000 in one year to teach one Harvard University class. Investigations revealed that Ms. Warren was not Native American Indian, but was just another posturing, lying, 100% White limousine Liberal.

BlackLivesMatter movement !

Now, what is to be done with such creatures as the lying Harvard limousine Liberal Ms. Elizabeth Warren?

I’ll let OD’s readers offer their suggestions before I offer mine.


  1. Denise, do you really not understand you answer your own question? Your posting of some four brief paragraphs contains at least six overt efforts at antisemitism. “The JEW”? Calling someone a “mischling”? Who would speak like that in 2015? Do you note degrees of mischlinge in your everyday life? Do you even know what that word means in German?

    You utilize terminology straight out of Nazi Germany per the Nuremberg Laws. You are fully aware of this and, apparently, see no problem with your comments and conduct. Do you truly not comprehend that Neo-Nazism is NOT calculated to bring anything but revilement and opprobrium to OD?

    Why can you not express yourself in a manner consistent with the rules on conduct for the blog?

  2. Denise you must realize a kind of holocaust did occur but it was a mistake really. What happened is the industrious guileless Germans put up the sign Arbeit Macht Frei at the entrance to Aushwitz and brought in Jews for the war effort. When Jews read the sign they got no further than “Work” and upon that fell over dying instantly. It took the Germans several more attempts before they realized what was happening. At least two hundred Jews succumbed in this horrible manner.

  3. The only other person who laughed when I told him the real deal on the holyhoax was my best friend who is from BOSTON. Today he spent the time in reverie about the good old days in Bean Town when it once exuded the happy sites and sounds of Yankee racism. Which brings us back to Massachusetts.

    • Setting aside any sub-moronic, historical conspiracy theories of certain individuals, there has always been a great deal of hypocrisy in Mass liberalism. Nowhere does this come out better than its sports franchises.

      I believe the Red Sox were the last team in the AL to really integrate, as long as 10 yrs after the Brooklyn Dodgers of NL. The Boston Celtics were extremely careful to maintain an unusual number of White players well into the 1980’s. The Celtics were fortunate to find a run of extremely talented White players which helped to defray criticism. And, of course, I recall the explosion of protest and even violence during the imposition of bussing during the 1970’s.

      In Atlanta my parents generation just gave up on the public schools (leading to a golden age for private schools). In Boston that generation fought very hard and very vocally against integration. In fairness, it was not so much integration that was the problem in Boston, it was a bussing plan in which an elite decided to play social experimentation time with average families. Not their own kids, perish the thought. To some extent it was the same thing in Atlanta, except in Atlanta the business community put enormous pressure on everyone, not just pols, not to engage in any violence.

      If you look at the major Southern cities in the 1950’s versus 40-50 yrs later, the strategy seems justified. Yes, in the 1950’s Atlanta was one of the major cities in the South, but quite a number of cities were competitive. I think cities like Jacksonville, Greensboro, Nashville were close to the same size. Memphis was def larger (helps explain its vital role in R&R music) as was, I think, Louisville. In Atlanta, Birmingham was actually considered a competitor. Fast forward 50 yrs. and metro Atlanta (the metro measure became more telling than just the urban area) dwarfs any of those cities. Even the suggestion of Birmingham being a “competitor” with Atlanta is hilarious. Two of the major reasons, prob the top two, have been the airport in Atlanta becoming the SE hub (the story is Birmingham did not want the honor), and the way integration was handled.

      The most significant desegregation media event was at the Univ of Ga., which is not in Atlanta (at the time it was about two hours away). The airport became vital for a number of reasons, not least of which was the number of travelers who ended up with a short stay, and a good impression of Atlanta. Into the 1970’s there was a widespread impression the South was backwards and uncivilized, and Atlanta being a “modern city” befuddled those passing through. Nowadays, unless you went to one of a handful of schools (Duke, Vanderbilt, Emory, UVa., UNC chapel hill, William & Mary, one or two others are getting close, like Wake Forest, maybe Tulane on past reputation) outsiders just think you’re dumb or uneducated, not uncivilized.

      Btw, I’m not including schools in Maryland (Johns Hopkins, etc.) because it’s become annexed to the North; D.C. (Georgetown, etc.) because in most ways it’s been de-Southernized since the New Deal; Missouri (Washington Univ.) since no one has ever thought of St. Louis as “the South” & Kansas City certainly is not (!); or Texas (Rice, UT, etc.) because “Texas” is its own place. I do include Kentucky as being in the South because in additional to technical reasons (slave state, significant Confeferate support, act of governor during Civil War), for the most part people in Kentucky believe they are Southerners. Outside of some Cincinatti suburbs I’ve always been convinced! However, there is nary a school of higher learning in the Bluegrass State that meets the standards of the North, Midwest or West Coast.

      And no, Denise, despite some social similarities West Virginia def does not count as the South! I speak from experience being snowed in for days (!) in Huntington, friends/acquaintances from WVU, and stays at the Greenbriar.

  4. One of the ironies here is because SJW’s believe in the media’s false version of reality they think police body cameras would show the police acting badly more often than dindus acting badly when the actual reality would show a ratio something like 1:30

  5. Anon – the big problem with SJW’s, and Dindu’s and their Kikenvermin Masters, if that no matter WHAT non-Whites do – it’s always Whitey’s fault. ALWAYS.

      • On the numerous allusions or discussion on an alleged Jewish-Black “alliance”: Are you kidding! This is an accusation that might well have plausibility up through the 1967-1972 period, but it is an anachronism. The fact some or a few wealthy Jews may support certain “Black” causes or groups carries no water in 2015. Support from individual Jews no more creates some “alliance” than the far greater number (and aggregate dollars) of, e.g., Catholic individuals supporting such causes and groups creates an “alliance” with the Vatican.

        If we want to have an intelligent discussion on this subject it is necessary to understand the background of why the once close relationship between Jews/Jewish groups and Black groups broke up:
        1. The relationship was based upon the politically liberal proclivities of assimilated Jews from the New Deal on;
        2. The relationship was based upon shared mutual interests during the Civil Rights era;
        3. As assimilation of Jews grew in numbers, as well as because of the progress of time (and law), discrimination against Jews substantially decreased;
        4. Despite tremendous gains, discrimination against Blacks did not (and has not) decrease commensurate with the decline to very little of discrimination against Jews;
        5. There began an increasing tendency now almost universal in the Black community to regard Jews as “White first”, and Jewish thereafter;
        6. Jews began to see themselves as “White first”, as antisemitism and legal bars against Jews fell away. This was accelerated by a key point: Affirmative Action in no way benefits Jews, it only harms them;
        7. The rise of Malcom X, decline and then assassination of MLK, rise of the Black Muslim movement, and general identification of American Blacks with the Palestinian movement were all of great significance;
        8. With the end of substantial antisemetism Orthodox and Chasidic movements grew. These Jews skew conservative, and have lived in urban locations that sometimes abuts Black areas. The large number of Black on Jewish crime often motivated by antisemitism became well-known amongst more politically liberal Jews in suburbia;
        9. Studies indicating far greater antisemitism in the Black community than any other group became well-known;

        Look, I could go on here but I hope my point has been reasonably made. References to a Jewish-Black alliance is an absurd anachronism. All that people have pointed to are individual efforts by individual Jews. This only flies if you subscribe to an international Jewish financial and social conspiracy. Kookism. I know it doesn’t exist because if it does it has skipped over me and about everyone I know who is Jewish.

        I would like to see an opposing view, that complies with OD rules!

  6. I pretty much agree with Warspite’s history lesson about Boston and the South. Except I don t go along with some of his comments about higher education in the South.

    Once strongly Southern Universities like Duke and Vanderbilt are not that way anymore. These “Harvards of the South” became magnets for SJW, people who did bring the politics and racial resentments of Elizabeth Warren Cambridge Mass types to Reconstruct the South again. Look at the Duke Lacrosse team rape hoax how it was used by local Blacks and “progressives” as a power play. The current Vanderbilt chancellor Zappos I think is his name. He is, yes a Jewish SJW formerly a Leftist law professor from University of Wisconsin Madison – U of Wisconsin Madison has been a notorious Leftist University since the 1960s – Kevin Macdonald went there and argues this Liberal Marxist politics were brought in from mostly Jewish New York Students looking for cheaper tuition . So if you are a Southern nationalist around Nashville or Durham NC, having Duke and Vanderbilt get great rankings in comparison to the Ivy League, that s not really a good thing.

  7. Warspite writes:

    “Look, I could go on here but I hope my point has been reasonably made. References to a Jewish-Black alliance is an absurd anachronism.”

    I respond:

    Have you read the book “Broken Alliance: The Turbulent Times Between Blacks and Jews in America”
    by Jonathan Kaufman

    I highly recommend it. The author presents honest, first hand accounts of regular Jewish Americans experiencing the things we all did.

    But, it seems that the 1960s racial revolutions are now inscribed as official religious sacred events. There is even a North Korean style, Stalinist statue of Martin Luther King Jr on the Washington Mall…. to go along with the Holocaust Museum.

  8. @Jack Ryan:

    Yours is a legitimate complaint. But, I think Warspite was on topic, then others starting going off topic bringing in all sorts of Anti Semitic, conspiracy mongering nonsense and then Warspite just responded in kind. Again, the OD comments guidelines should be known and respected by all here. OD is a positive, pro Southern, pro White blog – kindness means being kind to our own kind. There are others in the world including all kinds of Jewish, somewhat Jewish people – we wish them the best, but also understand that we are not Jewish and we reserve the right to defend our people, our culture, our right to exist in North America or anywhere on planet earth. 14 Words.

    Warspite started out on topic, but in the next paragraph, then proceeded to chastise this blog for “Anti-Semitism.” Reading this, I was like, whoa! What does criticizing Fauxcahontas have to do with “Anti-Semitism?”

    Mind you, I take no pleasure in a lot of the Jew-baiting that exists on Pro-White blogs, because it, in turn, represents its own form of distraction from any topic concerning White race traitors executing an Anti-White agenda.

    Much as many Pro-White blogs like to sneer at Blacktivists, I really envy their overall success in roping in enforcing collective adherence by the Black Community to their positions. Lurk at any Blacktivist blog and you rarely to never see Blacks naming any Shadowy Forces who might be bankrolling Blacks who’ve strayed from the Collective. What you will see is the wrath of the entire Black Community being roused against the heretic himself. If he is not muzzled and marginalized, he is neutralized by more draconian methods.

    White race traitors are never punished. They are lionized, enriched, and have post offices and presidential libraries erected in their honor. That is on us. We make excuses for our renegades, much like some Queen of Denial Mommy blaming Little Billy’s delinquent behavior on Sidney’s bad influence. No matter what the influence, Little Billy has made his choice and should be forced to pay the consequences. The issue of whose payroll they are on is far less important to me than exposing, neutralizing and even punishing, wherever we can and as harshly as possible, White race traitors.

  9. Kansas City is in fact part of Dixie…northwest Missouri is rich with confederate history and confederate pride. Southwest Missouri where I live along with Arkansas consider ourselves to be part of Dixie, our history and loss of immediate family during the war demand it. Kansas City has an immigrant and negro problem but so does Atlanta, Memphis and Dallas…as for st Louis give it back to the Yankees or send them all to hell

  10. Warspite, you sound like every closed-minded liberal it has been my misfortune to know. When I was in Germany on tour this summer, the tour guide took us through a “Jewish area ” and the Hollow Hoax and all the ‘oy vey’s’ started from both the Jewish members of the audience as well as some of the most liberal non-Christian folk- I was surprised, becase I would have expected it from the Dispensationalist Heretic Crowd, but the LIBERALS?!

    Truly, your aversion to Denise’s spot-on name calling has no merit, for Denise is merely re-iterating what the Church, History, and scientists PRIOR to the WWII ‘make the world safe for democracy’ BS. We Orthodox call the Jews, ‘Deicides’ as a matter of course. It means ‘Christ-killers.’ No one can remove that anathematizing label from them- no one, least of all a godless Cultic head, like a Pope. Jack Ryan and I disagree, but your level of invective against common terms that the JEWS decided are not ‘kosher’, merely means you serve a Master I consider to be both sub-human (cf. Michael Bradley’s two books, “Chosen People from the Caucasus” and “Esau’s Empire: Chosen People from the Caucasus”- and he’s part Jew. http://www.michaelbradley.info

    Then there’s Benjamin Freedman (“Jesus was NOT a Jew”) and Schlomo Sand “The invention of the Jewish People”-and all three of these are Deicides!!!

    No, it is you who are behind the times, who are operating under a Judaized worldview, that cannot stand ‘calling a spade a spade.’ Just sayin’…

    • Who is this kook? You’re off topic boy, and have nothing to offer. I’d recommend a time machine trip to a KKK rally circa 1937, but that brings Physics into play. I know you think that’s a “Jewish science” and all.

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