Establishment Ed Loses Virginia Governor’s Race

I’m not surprised that Ed Gillespie lost the Virginia governor’s race.

I never trusted or supported Establishment Ed and expected him to lose. The only real surprise was that it wasn’t even close. Gillespie is a former RNC chairman and amnesty lobbyist for Tyson Foods. The idea that he suddenly cared about Confederate monuments and MS-13 violent crime was always laughably implausible. If he had won the election last night, he would have forgotten his campaign rhetoric by this morning and would have gone on to do lots of favors for big business.

The Washington Post exit polls showed that Confederate monuments would have won in a landslide. By 57% to 38%, Virginians thought that Confederate monuments should be left in place. 71% of those voters went for Gillespie while 27% of them went for Northam. Among the 38% of voters who thought Confederate monuments should be removed, 91% went for Northam and 8% went for Gillespie. In other words, voters who supported keeping the Confederate monuments found other reasons to vote for Northam who locked up the anti-Confederate monument vote. The NBC exit polls showed Virginians supported keeping Confederate monuments by a 60% to 36% margin. This included 95% of Republicans, 73% of Independents and 26% of Democrats. Confederate monuments was a losing issue for Ralph Northam who won the election by focusing on other issues.

Of the five issues that mattered most in the Virginia governor’s race, 39% said healthcare, 17% said gun policy, 8% said abortion, 12% said immigration and 15% said taxes. Northam had a 55 point advantage over Gillespie on healthcare. Immigration was a winning issue for Gillespie. He had a 48 point advantage with the 12% of voters who considered immigration their most important issue.

In the end, the 22 point gender gap with women sunk Gillespie. Whites were 67% of voters. Gillespie only won them by 57% to 42%. Non-Whites were 33% of the electorate. Northam won them by an 80% to 19% margin. The non-White vote in Virginia isn’t particularly large and the margin wasn’t remarkable. Instead, it was the suburban, college educated, female White voter living in places like the NOVA suburbs and Hampton Roads who was the decisive voting bloc. In the other Southern states, Republicans dominate statewide races because they win such a larger share of the White vote.

Hispanics and Asians were 6% and 3% of the Virginia electorate. Gillespie won 32% of Hispanics. Just 4% of the electorate were Hispanics who voted for Northam. If he had won the vote of every Hispanic in Virginia, he still would have lost by 5 points. 32% of voters were White women and they only broke 51% to 49% for Gillespie. If he had performed as well with White women as he did with White men (the pro-Gillespie margin was 63% to 36%), he would have won the election easily. Clearly, gender was more important than race and immigration in this election.

The moral of the story: Confederate monuments was a winning issue for Republicans, but White women care more about issues like healthcare than Confederate monuments and voted for Ralph Northam. It was Ed Gillespie’s TrueCons agenda which lost the election.

Note: This was the contrast in message which decided the election.

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  1. Women, especially single young woman alwausvote for open borders, bigger government, more taxes and more welfare. That is why I think women voting has been a disaster for our race.

  2. Tax paying, land owning free White males of good character. That’s it. Democracy should not be a synonym for mobocracy, jewmocracy or idiocracy.

  3. Wouldn’t disagree with this analysis, but…

    1) If 33% of VA’s electorate is non-white it’s pretty much in line with the US population.

    2) Immigration did play a role. Even if you factor in the poor showing amongst white women, were VA’s population at 70% white, Gillespie would have made it. More to the point, the Dems swept the board — Gillespie was not the only loser.

    3) I’m no southerner, but I did live in Northern or Occupied Virginia as my southern friends call it. The spillover from the toxic swamp of Washington has poisoned the northern part of the Old Dominion, and this poisoning will continue (Obongo took VA twice and Nurse Ratchet took it in 2016).

    In short, while you’re right about Gillespie, the problems are a whole lot bigger than him.

  4. The demon-crap party set that this is a clear sign that ‘the bigotry’ is over. As Andrew Anglin said on his website, it hasn’t even begun yet.

    We will bury the Liberals -literally or figuratively, one way or another -we will have victory.

    God be with the Right!
    Damn all Democrats to hell!
    Hear us, o Lord.
    Hear us, good Lord.

  5. another Republiscam bites the dust. Hundreds of Cogresscritters, gubnors, etc. still remain.

    hey southron idiots:

    everytime you vote you are validating the (((System))).

    matters not who wins, you lose.

    cf: Trumpenthal.

  6. Elections bore me now.

    I can already predict the main issue for all forthcoming elections– nationally and in most states: Racism/sexism/transphobia/xenophobia/Islamophobia.

    It certainly won’t be foreign policy since Israel calls the shots in both parties, not only in the Mid-East but also in Europe and even North Korea.

    The economy? Goldman Sachs calls the shots.

    Too bad younger white women, especially unmarried ones, are so strongly on the other side.

  7. Btw you don’t want Virginia in your “new Confederacy.” It belongs with New York and New Jersey now.

    • Leave Virginia behind?! No way! Just break the rotten bits off and keep the pieces where real Virginians live.

  8. Maybe the Democrats just stole the election. They tried to with Trump but didn’t steal enough votes. Maybe they made sure this time.

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