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September 21, 2012 Hunter Wallace 113

Mississippi The ex-slave Charlie Davenport remembers slavery during the Great Depression: “Insisting that “us didn’t b’long to no white trash,” Davenport, like many slaves and […]

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Slavery and Ireland

September 20, 2012 Hunter Wallace 32

Ireland This is a great point. I’m reading about how James Henry Hammond attacked the British abolitionists by pointing out how the same philanthropists full […]

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Lincoln (2012)

September 14, 2012 Hunter Wallace 118

BRA I notice that Tommy Lee Jones is playing Thaddeus Stevens, the leader of the Black Republicans in the House, who was so radical that […]

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9/12 Embassy Attacks

September 12, 2012 Hunter Wallace 85

Libya and Egypt Well, it looks like “Arab Spring” has been great success, and Amurrica is more popular than ever in the Islamic World.