Little Green Fags on Breitbart on Congressional Black Caucus


Charles Johnson is twisting his ponytail over the explicit racism of Breitbart commentators reacting to the Congressional Black Caucus walkout:

Every one of them has been accused, investigated or convicted of a crime.


Looks like a zoo exibit that got loose. Oh, you said criminals, I thought it said animals, oopsy.


I hope they keep walking — right out of the country. A swift kick to their white-hating asses would be in order too.


Which part of BLACK caucus don’t you understand? That’s racist to the max,


When you listen to these folks speak, please take note of the difficulty they each have constructing a single coherent sentence – the best and the brightest, to be sure …

They are good at giving away whitey’s money.


The flying monkeys from Oz.


..and Representative Cummings say, “We iz ded serius – oh yess we iz! Y’all kin tell by how set our faces iz. We meens bidness!”


Then he axed, “were da baffroom be at?”

[…] …

No, they walked out because they heard there was a watermellon truck that over-turned on South Capital street. …

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  1. HAHAHA!!!! Excellent….Race Realism is breaking through….why is Charlene so invested in supporting the Racial Utopianist fraud?

  2. Gosh. Would it even be worth registering uder Little Green Fagelas, just to get blocked immediately?

    FYI – I got blocked by the official Republican website in ONE post. It was a barn-burner, if I say so myself. I should have saved [it] . I really worked on it. Corrected spelling errors, and everything. It was all about Race (no – I did not offer any saultory comments on Herr H. ) I basically told them that they’d better accept their status as the White Party, and start pandering TO Whites, instead of Darkies (I think I write Negroes, or something. I did not use the term “Darkies”) if they want to continue to exist. I was formal, in my verbiage – but DEMANDING.

    One post! I was Hell-banned! Woo HOO!

    I think it took 3, on Brietbart.

  3. I love the comments. Well, they have Denise written all over them. So if some didn’t know any better, they’d think Denise was there.

  4. If these so called “anti-racists” really thought “white racists” were so bad, they would want them in their own countries, safely away from the people of color, they claim to care so much about.

    And yet… they keep demanding unending millions of non-whites, be flooded only into countries that have a white majority and everyone force integrated, until white people disappear.

    None of their demands made any sense, until I read this:

    “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”

  5. “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”

    I actually prefer “Anti-racist is a code word for White genocide”

  6. Snowywhite,

    Seriously – I was blocked from Brietbart ages ago, but…. it don’t matter. I’ll be all around in the dark – I’ll be everywhere. Wherever you can look – wherever there’s a fight, when awakened people can finally “see”, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a feral Negro pack, beatin’ up a lone White guy, I’ll be there. I’ll be in the way guys yell when they’re mad, when they find out about Feral Negro Attack Packs.. I’ll be in the way kids laugh when they’ve been brainwashed, and they know they’ve been brainwashed, and realize they’ve dried the brainwash out, and when the people are fightin’ back, and livin’ in their own communities, and not gettin their hard earned money stolen form Unlce Zog, to pay for the Nigras and Orcs meant to displace and kill them, but instead raisin’ their own kin, and livin’ in the houses they build – I’ll be there, too…..

  7. XYX – the Commnet that will NOT get posted on that Daily Mail article:

    “Why are Jews like Bono and Sachs handing over English tax revenue to Africans? Especially since Bono the Irish Jew has done EVERYTHING he can do to shield his own no-so-hard-earned shekels from the Revenoo-er, and Israel is rounding up their imported African slave workers into concentration camps, in order to toss them BACK to Africa ASAP?

    By the by – the continent of Africa is wildly rich in natural resources, and has half – HALF – of the BEST farmland in the entire world. Average African IQ ranges between 60-70 IQ points (and that’s with dumbed-down tests) – so only Africans could figure out a way to starve on that glorious Continent. ” (H/T Sean, for giving me the opportunity to swip the BEST summarization of Africans, EVER).

  8. Derry: “If these so called “anti-racists” really thought “white racists” were so bad, they would want them in their own countries, safely away from the people of color, they claim to care so much about…”

    I posted this on SBPDL a few days ago, in regards to an article about white flight:

    This proves that blacks don’t meet any logical definition of the concept of “oppression.”

    When you’re oppressed, you demand autonomy, escape from your oppressors, self rule. Blacks would be demanding that a section of the country be given to them as an independent nation, if they really believed themselves to be both oppressed, and capable of taking care of themselves.

    But no, they follow whites from city to city like parasites. And now, undertake legal action to prevent whites from escaping them. Who, exactly, is oppressed here?

    The group who wants to flee, or the group who won’t allow it?

  9. Hey Denise,

    I have been banned/blocked from The National Post 3 times already! The last time it was a story about Detroit written by some DWL. I went on there and posted up a general note (no profanity or attacks) for people to check out Paul Kersey’s SBPDL site, as well as his book if they want to get to the real truth about what happened to that city. The next day I was banned.

    Funny thing is though, The Post (and other sites I’m sure) can’t even seem to do that good a job of it. Comments there aren’t typically moderated and go on straight up. So it’s a given many saw it before it went down!

    Anyways, when I have a bit more time I’ll spend 10 minutes or so of my life getting a new G-mail address so I can head on back there for more mischief….

  10. My apologies for going OT but too good not to share. Saw this in an anonymous comment at SBPDL.

    According to the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN, the anti-white propagandist agitator Tim Wise lives in a house worth $639,300.

    The neighborhood he lives in, in Census Tract 134, is 97% white and ZERO PERCENT BLACK.

    Tim Wise is a hypocrite.

    Look him up for yourself:

    Current Property Mailing Address
    State TN
    Address 4405 WESTLAWN DR
    Zip 37209

    You can find the racial makeup (97& white, zero percent black) of Tim Wise’s neighborhood in Census Tract 134 by using the “Mapping America” webpage from the New York Times, just enter in his address that I have provided above:

    Tim Wise is a hypocrite. He gets rich off of creating racial division and he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

    “Diversity for thee, but not for me” is Tim Wise’s real motto.

  11. @Van
    If enough whites agreed, that white people have a right to exist AS A PEOPLE, have our own homelands and rule our own countries, blacks, asians, arabs, mexicans, etc, would have no say in it at all.

    The problem we have right now, is many whites agree that non-white groups can have the above rights of existence and self determination if they want them, but they do not accept that white people have the same rights.

    Quite obviously what these white anti-whites want, is genocide for white people and we have got to start calling them out on it.

  12. Tim Wise is such a cretin. I hate the fact that he calls my native town home. I may leaflet his neighbours to let them know they share the block with an unrepentant genocidal racist if I don’t get any job interviews set up next week. That would make for some interesting mailbox chats, lol.

    BTW Long time lurker. Another scion of an old Southron family who had ancestors who wore the grey. I absolutely love this blog, my dear Mr. Wallace, it’s like a high school club that I dreamed about starting. Alas, that was the first Bush (Dummya) term, and as a Dixiecrat I was attending a magnet high school with a big emphasis on leftism and diversity (with minorities who just couldn’t compete with us, their white peers) so I just kept my mouth shut and eyes half-closed. I hear the principal now is a supposedly straight gay “rights” activist who taught at the school then left for a while. I do somewhat despair at the fact that his wife probably is HIV+ from her husband’s cottaging, but that’s the price DWL’s pay. Wish I could go to the LOS meeting here in Nashville but I have other previous commitments. We’re having such dry weather this week, but I hope you enjoy your trip to the Music City.

    Le raciste révolutionnaire

  13. The fact that Tim Wise can say that he wishes for the death of our white mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts and grandparents and still walk freely and live in the South speaks volumes to how far we’ve fallen. Our more honorable ancestors would have “addressed” this long ago.

  14. I noticed the address also. Let’s mail him a new testament then he’ll grow fluffy white angel wings just like us white Christian folk– and we’ll all go to heaven for saving a soul– and a “hebe” soul, too boot. We will sit on the very right hand side of The Father for that.
    Deus Nobiscum, quis contra?
    ( God is with us, who can be against us?)

  15. @Wayne
    If you feel so strongly about the matter– then why don’t you go do something about?– instead of goading other people on to do what you think needs to be done.
    Go do whatever you think you have to do.
    I hope you don’t anything violent ,however. That would be horrible. Stop goading people on.

  16. Face it, Joe. BRA is doomed.
    You and your buddy Tim Wise might want to rethink your plans for the cruise.

    Then again, you don’t have to go down with the ship.
    Your parents already guess what you think they might know.
    Such a clever fellow, really you are.

    Deo Vindice

  17. I never said that BRA wasn’t doomed. I told Wayne to stop goading people on to ay kind of violence.
    You’re trying to deflect from THE POINT.
    I’ll think and/or rethink whatever I please.

  18. ” The Anger Agenda:Don’t Fall For It ”
    Excellent article at “zengardner” ( .com) website.

  19. The great and powerful Joe has spoken!

    Hey Joe, every time I type the words Deo Vindice, it is as a prayer for the deliverance and victory of my people.

    Every time I type the words Deo Vindice, God kills a small family pet from an anonymous Yankee family with a little girl who just loves her new kitten.

    Give us some more. Wayne was whupping you pretty bad. I like to see that again.

    Deo Vindice

  20. Is Joe The Jew still around? I thought he would be busy rounding up blacks in Israel for deportation.

  21. Johnson was on the wrong side of the War on Terror. And after his rekindled liberalism he’s on the wrong side of racial issues.

    Charles Johnson is the personification of the descent of New World Whites and correspondingly so, their politics. For he is a perfect failure. A born loser with an audience of fellow losers that call themselves lizards.

  22. Re: photos.

    If that’s what passes for a McMansion these days Obama has screwed things up worse than I thought. “McMansion” used to mean something. Tim Wise lives in a barn with a semi-smart kitchen.

    #Toll Brothers

  23. “The discussion is over as far as I’m concerned. I said what I had to say.”


    Really? You really have nothing more to say? Gott sei Dank.
    (Thanks be to God). unsw.

  24. “Tim Wise lives in a barn with a semi-smart kitchen.”

    Really. The 1% lives in better digs than that middle class suburban stucco dream.

  25. Everytime I read “Deo Vindice”, I think : “obscuris vera involvens”.
    ( the truth being enveloped by obscure things).

  26. Everytime I read “Gott sei Dank”, I think: “Er ist ein Dickkopf”!
    ( He’s stubborn as a mule)
    ……. seems there’s been some talk lately concerning the “Dickkopf” …….

  27. I’m sure LGF is up in arms about all the lefty twitter posts calling Clarence Thomas an “uncle tom nigga” and other variations for daring to vote against obamacare.

  28. Geeez. I’m not impressed with Unwise’s abode. Very nondescript.

    The kitchen at 4901 Park Avenue is fabulous!

  29. Who’s the guy with the rickshaw collection? Is that tiny tim, or is that the other one? You know, the SPLC guy who planned the Oklahoma City bombing.

  30. @ Tamer of Savages

    It’s in one of those old, trendy neighbourhoods. I wouldn’t exactly say gentrified because West Nashville near Vandy has always been able to keep the negroes out through high home prices and ever-vigilant policing. It’s right next to McCabe Golf Course, and there are some trendy, high end restaurants and bars just around the block from his house. For an academic vampire like Tim Wise, it’s perfect because of it’s location near Vandy, Downtown and the hotels. The real, obscene McMansions are south of Nashville in Williamson county. By obscene, I mean million+ dollar houses that are less than 10 yards from one another with just green sod grass in between. Trees and high fences make for true comfort.

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