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The Continental Army

June 20, 2010 Matt Parrott 39

Last week, I outlined a vision for developing an activist community online which borrows heavily from the successful processes found in the open source software development […]

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Review of Invictus

May 24, 2010 Matt Parrott 45

Clint Eastwood’s latest attempt to school America on racial issues takes place at the very moment in history that South Africa went to the dogs. […]

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RE: Nonsense on Stilts

April 28, 2010 Matt Parrott 10

Gaius Milton recently posted a commendable essay on the specious origin of the muddled “natural rights” concept. His essay asserted what many Traditionalist and non-Western […]

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America Besieged!

April 6, 2010 Matt Parrott 10

There’s an overwhelming amount of data supporting race realism and confirming that our interests are innately White racial interests. Despite our being few in number, […]

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An ARECIBO Message

March 31, 2010 Matt Parrott 48

There are a lot of reasons to be optimistic, but let’s face it: We might lose. Western Civilization might be undermined by Jews, overwhelmed by […]

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The Epiphany

March 16, 2010 Matt Parrott 5

Suddenly, to his absolute horror, ltoro1 awakens to the realization that he’s completely surrounded by angry White people. David Frum, one of the most powerful […]