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Impossible Standard

October 29, 2009 Hunter Wallace 4

Guy White has resorted to whining about how the evil anti-Semites are demanding he meet an “impossible” standard in his Jewish power series. In fact, […]

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Powerless Jews

October 28, 2009 Hunter Wallace 69

Guy White is doing a series on Jewish power. In light of his well known tendency to censor his critics, I will be running a series of […]

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Elite Punditry

October 2, 2009 Hunter Wallace 30

Hat tip: Tanstaafl. An excellent post by Steve Sailer has revealed that 50% of America’s most influential pundits are Jews. As Tanstaafl notes, the list understates […]

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Poor Roach

October 1, 2009 Hunter Wallace 20

Browsing VFR, I see that Lawrence Auster is claiming that Chris Roach is an “anti-Semite.” He is “bent out of shape,” “nuts,” “insane,” has descended […]

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Jewish Warmongers

October 1, 2009 Hunter Wallace 14

Here’s another reason to love our Jewish friends: A majority of American Jews support military action against Iran to prevent the Teheran regime from obtaining […]

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Irving Kristol, RIP

September 18, 2009 Hunter Wallace 28

The “godfather of neoconservatism” is dead. In Neoconservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea, Kristol wrote how he was taught as a child “to hate the […]

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Letter of Recommendation

September 14, 2009 Hunter Wallace 16

If you’re from the Mossad, AIPAC, ADL, American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, Simon Weisenthal Center, SPLC, or the JDL and happen to monitor ‘anti-Semitic’ […]

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G.W., Liar

August 10, 2009 Hunter Wallace 37

A few hours ago, I arrived home from Florida and fired up the computer. Over the past three days, nasal philo-Semitic race realists from the Northeast […]

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Fifth Column

August 7, 2009 Hunter Wallace 45

Lawrence Auster has made a passing reference to this site. As for being a “fifth column” within the American racialist movement (not my usage), I […]

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Cornpone Nazism

July 28, 2009 Hunter Wallace 61

James Howard Kunstler’s paranoia about ordinary White folks is segueing over into his writing again. In the latest example, he trembles at the thought that a […]

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Guy Whine

July 24, 2009 Hunter Wallace 91

I had no intention of mentioning this nobody for quite a while, but I logged on this afternoon to discover that Guy White is citing […]

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Two Minute Hate

July 21, 2009 Hunter Wallace 23

In the New York Times, Frank Rich (Jew) is foaming at the mouth with venom, and unleashes a two-minute-hate against the White race over the Sotomayor […]

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Jews and Politics

July 15, 2009 Hunter Wallace 21

Guy White is toying around with the strange notion that Jews are “particularly bad” at politics. This one is sure to elicit uproarious rounds of […]

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Sans Jews

July 12, 2009 Hunter Wallace 57

If Jews had never immigrated to the United States, we would undoubtedly be much better off than we are now, but we would still have […]

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March 12, 2009 Hunter Wallace 48

(chuckles) Check this out. I wonder if Larry will apologize to Tanstaafl now that even he is saying Jews seek to undermine our immigration laws. […]

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The Jews First Conference

February 9, 2009 Hunter Wallace 10

Briefly Noted Apparently, the purpose of organizing the “Preserving Western Civilization” conference was specifically to create a forum for the discussion of racial differences which […]

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January 17, 2009 Hunter Wallace 3

Auster has a new thread up at VFR attacking Lindsay Wheeler and the other “anti-Semites” at Majority Rights. It’s an instructive example of a trait we […]