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American Tradition

June 24, 2010 Matt Parrott 44

Real world advocacy is critically important, but to engage in a political struggle without acting in accord with overarching meta-political considerations is to thrash around […]

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A Pict Song

June 7, 2010 Albert Jackson 22

Since my post earlier this evening offended most, I deleted it.  Apparently, I have issues. Duly noted. Since my own words have failed me today, […]

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RE: Nonsense on Stilts

April 28, 2010 Matt Parrott 10

Gaius Milton recently posted a commendable essay on the specious origin of the muddled “natural rights” concept. His essay asserted what many Traditionalist and non-Western […]

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Hitler Admirers

March 6, 2010 Hunter Wallace 183

Guy White recently coined the term “Hitler-admirers” to describe White Nationalists who aren’t Neo-Nazis, but who don’t agree with the total demonization of Nazi Germany. I’ve been […]