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Being White In Philly

March 19, 2013 Hunter Wallace 38

Pennsylvania H/T SBPDL The black mayor of Philadelphia is trying to get the “Human Relations Commission” to shutdown the First Amendment over an article called “Being […]

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Northern Suburbanites

July 8, 2012 Hunter Wallace 26

Pennsylvania This is why Mitt Romney’s campaign sucks: “Obama’s support among suburbanites in places such as Philadelphia is tenuous at best, too. If northern suburbanites […]

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“I Am Trayvon”

March 27, 2012 Hunter Wallace 17

Pennsylvania Instead of using the word “thug,” we should use “trayvon” to describe “trayvonish” behavior by the Black Undertow: On Friday night, he stood prominently […]

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A Word From DLJ

January 22, 2012 Hunter Wallace 21

Pennsylvania H/T Kievsky. This was over four years ago … DLJ showed up at a Ron Paul event in Philadelphia. Comedy gold.